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Gbe Scottiab Geyt Society 


Original Chronicle 



Gbe Scottish Geyt Society 


Original Chronicle 



The Collotype facing the Title-page is a full-size reproduction 
.offol. 142a of the Cottonian MS. 






. . THE 

Original Chronicle 

V* s v OF 


Printed on Parallel Pages from the Cotton ian 

and Wemyss MSS., with the Variants 

of the Other Texts 



by :;;;; -;;; : 

f. j. amours -'— - :/ \ ^ 

* : - - :- -A- 

:•; : :-..- •-:-: 

• . .»-* -- -- 

•-;•; Hid - *- :- 

VOL. III. ':}•• •"••: :: ;-: 

Texts: Books IV., V. [Ch. i..xii*] ::>/ --: "- 

^rintefc for tije Societg fag :: ..y : 




All Rights reserved 


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(Left-hand Page.) 


XL VI. How J* autour in plesand dyte 

Maid this buke to draw delite .... 2 
The proloug ...... E 2 

XL VII. Quham throu ]?at Rome wes foundit first 

Heire may $e fynd gif J?at $e list E 2 8 

XL VIII. Quhen Consules were chosin in Rome 

To be haldaris of law and dome . • E 2 16 

XL IX. How Babilone wes first distroyit 

Throu Cirus king of Perft anoyit . . . E 2 20 

L. How Syni8 can King Cressus sla, 

And how his dochter tald him sa . . E 2 28 

LI. Off Syrus king of Persis dede 

And of his ost slane in )?at stede . . E 2 36 

L1I. How Daryus king wes discomfite 

And syne ^eid to J?e batall tyte . . E 2 48 

LIII. How Cerses with vii. hunder thousand 

Wes vincust baith on se and land . . E 2 54 

LIV. How lang J?e Scotis were in Scotland 

Befor the Pightis thare in wonnand . E 2 82 

LV. How Rome had neire bene won and takin 

Na were a gayner }>at thar cou]? wakin . . E 2 88 


OF BOOKS IV., V. (Ch. i.-xii.) 

(Right-hand Page.) 


e In ]ris chapter behald and luk 
The prolouge of J?e ferde buk 

R, L, E, A 


pe chapteris of J>e ferd buk • 

R, L, E, E* 


In >c chapteris of ]>e ferd buke 
Is syndry storys quha will lnke 

. A 


Qwhen Reyme & Remul J?e cite 
Off Rome fyrst gert biggit be 

. R, E, A 



Qwhen eftyr kyngis consules 
In Rome fyrst chosyn was . 

R, L, E, A 


III. Now how )>e town of Babilon 

Was broucht to confusion . . R, L, E, A 21 

IV. pis chapter tellis how Cirus 

Wan of were )>e kynge Cresus . R, L, E, A 29 

V. pis chapter sal 30W tel 

How )>e ded of Cyrus fel . . R, L, E, A 37 

VI. How Daryus throw his succudry 

Was discumfyt in to Sythi . . R, L, E, A 49 

VII. pis chapter tellis how Xerses 

Darius son discomfit was . • R, L, E, A 55 

VIII. pis next chapter folowande heyre 

Tellis qwhen Scottis and Peythis were . E, A 83 

In this chapitere yhe sail here 
Qwhen the Scottis beset be Peychtis were R, L 

IX. Off Brennyus now sal ^he heyr 

In J?is next folowande chapteyr . R, L, E, A 89 



LVI. Off a felloune mortalite 

That fell wijnn Romys cete 

L VII. Off Alexandre the conquerour, 

How he raift to stait and honour • 

LVIII. How the Carentynis faucht 

Agane ]>e Romania wij> gret maucht 

LIX. How the Romanis were discomfite 
WiJ? }>aim of Cartage and AfFrik . 

LX. How ]>e Franc he men in batall 

Were vincust wij> ]>e Romanis haill 

LXI. How Hannaball throu aventure 

Wincust of Rome alhale )>e floure 

LXIL How Hannaball agane in fecht 

Vencust of Rome alhale the mycht 

LXIII. How Hannaball wes wincust sone 
Efter with )>e bondis of Rome 

LXIV. How Hannaball wes vincust agane 
Ane oj>er tyme and put to pane 

LXV. How the Pightis come in Scotland 
First to be J>arein wonnand . 

LXVI. Off the first distructioun 

Off Cartage )>e noble tovne . 

LXVII. The autour heire devisis rycht 
The natur of gentrice and hycht 

L XVIII. How Cartage wes biggit agane 

Throu the Romanis mekle mayne . 

LXIX. How the Romanis with seire nationis facht 
And vincust ]?aim for all thare maucht . 

LXX. How )>e Romanis wi]?in ]?are tovne 
Faucht felly and slew oJ>er dovne . 

LXXI. How Iulius Cesar wes done to deid 
Throu tressoune in his awne steid 

LXXI I. Off Octoviane )>e emperour 

And of his hap and his honour 




















































X. Off a pestilence J?at fel 

And how in Rome men mycht se hel R, L, E, A 91 

XL Qwhen Alexander )>e mychty kynge 

Begouyth to ryse and mak sterynge . R, L, E, A 95 

XII. How )>e Carentynys hail 

Agane )>e Romanys mowit batail . R, L, E, A 101 

XIII. How qwhen Hannybal qwhit 

Wasin Civile discomfyte . . R, L, E, A 103 

XIV. J)is chapter tellis \>at sl flude 

Neyr }>e cite of Rome our jhuyde . R, L, E, A 109 

XV. Qwhen Hannybal )?e Romanis qwit 

Fyrst in batal discomfite . • R, L, E, A 1 1 1 

XVI. How thre bollis of rengis weyr 

To Cartage sende now sal jhe heyr . R, L, E, A 117 

XVII. How Hannybal with schowris snel 

Was lettyt of his purposse fel . . R, L, E, A 123 

XVIII. Now qwhen Ajithiocus kynge 

With )>e Romanys made anynge . R, L, E, A 131 

XIX. Qwhen )>e Peythtis in Scotlande 

Coyme and in it was regnande . R, L, E, A 135 

XX. How Cartage of counsail 

Was ordanyt to be wndoyn hail . R, L, E, A 141 

XXI. How J>e Romanys wan 

Coryne and Akay J?an '. R, L, E, A 145 

XXII. Qwhen J?ai of Rome gert biggit be 

Agayne of Cartage J>e cite . . R, L, E, A 153 

XXIII. How mony Romanys slayn wes 

And women rynnande in woidnes • R, L, E, A 155 

XXIV. pe next folowand chapteyr 

Tellis of fel takynnys seyr . . R, L, E, A 1 59 

XXV. In to Jris next chapteyr 

Of Iulyus Cesar $e may heyr . . R, L, E, A 167 

XXVI. Off Octowyane jhe sal heyr 

Next folowand in Jris chapteyr . R, L, E, A 181 


L XXIII. Heir male is ]x auttour mencioun 
Off twa suerdis in }>e passioun 

LXXIV. Heir it tellis of Cristis byrth 

And of seire mervallis als tharewith 

LXXV. How Tyberius wes successour 

Nixt till Octoviane the emperour 

LXXVI. Off the emperour Claud yus 
And of his successour Gayus 

L XXVII. Off Nero and of his wickitnes 

That he did till he regnand wes . 

LXXVIII. Off Wespasiane and of Titus 
And of J?are lifting vertuouse 

LXXIX. OfFJ?e wedow )>at maid hir mayne 
To the rychtuise emperour Trayiane 

LXXX. Off the emperour Schir Adryane 
And of Antone the myld as ane . 

LXXXI. How Pasche day wes ordanit to be 
One the Sonday solempnyte 

LXXXII. Off Marcus Antonyus 

And of his bro]?er Aurelyus 

L XXXIII. Quhat tyme Brettane tuke Cristindome 
Throu Eleutherius, pape of Rome 

L XXXIV. Off ane woman wes maid abbat 
And defamyt throu ane aid trat . 

LXXXV. Off sindry papis successive 

And of seire emperouris in thare live 

LXXXV I. OfFjje first emperour ]?at tuke 
Cristindome as sais J>e buke 

. E* 


. E* 




. E» 


. E* 




E*, A 


E», A 


• Et,(A) 


E«, A 


. A 




E*, A 


. E», Au, A 




Pe tabil of >c fift Buk . . R, L, E, E 2 , A 203 

Prologue 207 

Next followand yhe sail luk 

The prolong off the fyft buke . . R, L, A 

I. Heyr next folowand jhe sal reide 

Of Cri8ti8 byrth and his bamheide R, L, E, A 211 

II. pis chapter sal 30 w tel 

Quhat in Tyberyus dayis fel 

III. Off J* emperour Claudyus 
Next successour to Sir Gayus 

IV. Of Nerois tyme and his dede 
And qwha next ras in his steide 

V. Off Titus and Wespasyan 

Sanct Clement and Domycian 

VI. Of Anaclete and als Traian 
And Ewarist contemporane . 

VII. Off Alexander and Adrian, 

Sixt, TelefFor, and myld Antan 

VIII. Off )>e pape Pyus jhe may heyr 
Next folowande in Jris chapteyr 

R, L, E, A 229 

R, L, E, A 24 1 

R, L, E, A 251 

R, L, E, A 267 

R, L, E, A 285 

• R, L, E 297 

. E 317 

IX. Qwha pape and emperour was ]ran 
Qwhen fyrst conuertit was Brettan 

. R, L, E 323 

X. In Jns chapter sal jhe se 

Quhat emperour fyrst tuk Cristiante . R, L, E 345 


L XXXVII. Heir it tellis for quhat ressoune 

Sanct Lowrens tholit passioun . E 2 , A 376 

LXXXVIII. Off sindry papis and emperouris scire 

And of J>are lif now may }e heire . . A 384 

E 2 389 

L XXXIX, How the gud emperour Constantyne 

SaufHt J?e innocentis fra pyne . . E 2 , A 402 

XC. Off >e fell Dioclesiane 

And of his fallow M aximiane . • A 426 

E 2 ,Au 435 

XCI. OfF J?e gud Athanasyus 

And of }>e erratik Arryus ... A 444 

XCI I. How our Lady gert a ded knycht sla 

Iuliane the Appostata (E 2 , Au, p. 457) . A 448 

Heir it tellis of Constantyne, 

And of )>e arratyk Arryus syne • E 8 , Au 

XCI II. This chapiter tellis trewly 

Quha maid first Gloria Patri . . E 2 , Au, A 460 

XCIV. Off a ferlifull barae borne, 

Off sic ane wes nane sene beforne . E 2 , Au, A 466 

XCV. Off Theodo8yus }>e gud emperour 

That Sanct Ambroft brocht fra errour E 2 , Au, A 470 


XI. Of Siluester J>e pape syne 

And of J* emperour Constantyne . . R, L, E 403 

Off ane tyrane • ..... L 427 

XII. Off >e Emperour Theodose 

And ye doctour Sant Ambrose . . . R, L, E 471 






CHAPTER XLVI.«. How >e autoup in plesand dyte 

Maid this buke to draw delite. 

TULLIUS, >at of Rethorik 
A tretift maid to be publik, 

In forme of dyte and fairer speking, 

Plesand till wft and till hering, 

A garland gettin with gret perill 
f. 70 b. Grene suld lestand be lang quhile, 

Vnwallowit throu ony interwall 

Off tyme, bot ay in vertu haill. 

Be this clerkis auctorite 

A garland as a crovne suld be 10 

Wnderstanding with all rycht, 

For taking of worschip, stait or hycht. 

A crovne wes givin for victory 

In auld tyme ; sanct Paull forthy 

Timotheum fairdy prechit 

Off him self quhen he }>us techit : 
Venus. Bonum certamen certaui, cursum consummate', 

Fidem seruaui, de rdiquo reposita est mihi corona iusticie, 

Quant reddet michi Dais in ilia die, iustus index. 

" A gud strif," he sais, " I began, 

And to gud end I brocht it >an ; 

For quhy I faucht ay for the faith, 

And ay I kepit it in graith ; 20 

Forthy J?ar* is hecht to me 




f. 3i b. In >is chapter behald and luk 

Pe ppolouge of >e ferde buk. 

TULLYUS, >at of Retorik 
A tretis made to be publik, 
Furme and dyte and fayr spekyn, 
Pleyssand til oysse and til heryng*, 
A garland said gottyn wij?e gret perile 
Greyne sulde lestande be lang* qwhile, 
Wnwalewit be ony interwalle 
Oft tymys, bot ay in uertu haile. 
Be [>is] clerkis auctorite 

A gerlande as a crowne sulde be 10 

Wndirstandyn wij?e al richt, 
A takyn of worschep, state or hicht. 
Pe crowne was gyffyn for wictory 
In auld tyme; sancte Paule for ]>i 
Tymotheum fayrly techit 

Prol. — Heading of Prologue in E a : The proloug. The heading of A has 
no number, behald and] Je sal L. 

3. and dyte] off dyte R, of enditt L. 7. be] of L. 

4. til al wse E ; and hering EE S A. 9. \>u C. 

5. said om. R. 11. And vndirstanding E 9 A. 

6. Grene sould be haldin a lang 13. gyffyn om. E. 
quhile E*A ; lange] grete L. 


The crovne of rychtuisnes full hie, 
The quhiik he >at is iuge verray 
Sail 3eild me apon domysday." 
The hew of gret delite oftsyfc 
Oyft or plesance signifyis* 
Quha the crovne >an will hald grene 
Off thaim J>at has befor )>aim bene, 
Draw >aim delite to heir* or reid 
Thar* famouft werkis done in deid ; 30 

Sa, for excite ^our delite, 
I haue set me for to write 
And to trete in Jris volome 
Quhen biggit wes be Romule Rome, 
That his brother Remus slew, 
f. 71 a. First to lordschip quhen he drew, 

With o}>er storyis incedentis 
Plesand till jour reuerencis, 
That jarnis thir* tretyft to heir* or reid. 
In till part gif je proceid 40 

Fra end till end je sail weill ken 
Be preif or gret douchty men 
That the Romanis wan J>e crovne, 
And had in thaw subiectioun 
All }>e world oblist }>an, 
And haill subiect till a man, 
Octoviane J?an emperour, 
Quhen Crist wes borne our Saluiour 
Off the makleft Madin brycht, 

Now crovnyt queyne in hevinnis hycht. 50 

Till hir sueit virginite 

16. he )ms] thus he R, he \ns E 5 , 24. now] for E. 
that he L. 28. worschep] that lordschipe R, 

18. ay] as E, om. RLA. that lord L. 

21. >ai] thar R, >ame £ S A. 29. storys and RL. 

22. Fayr] Thare RL. 30. Plesandly to L. 

23. Jour] thair L. 


Off hym self qwhen he Jms prechit : 
Certamen eertaui, cursum consummaui; 
De reliquo reposita est michi corona. 

Pe greyne hew delyte oftsyis, 
Oysse or pleyssance ay signyfyis. 
Qwha J?e crowne J?an wil halde greyn 
Off )>aim J>at has befor >aim beyn, 20 

Draw >ai delyte to here or rede 
Fayr famows workis don in deide ; 
Swa, til excite ;our delyte, 
I haf set me now to wryte 
And to tret in )>is wolum 
Qwhen biggit was be Romule Rome, 
Pat his broJ?ir Remus slew, 
Fyrst til worschep qwhen he drew, 
Withe o}rir storeis incedens 

Pleyssande lik to }our* reuerens, 30 

Pat ar }nr treteis til here or rede. 
In to >is parte gif ^he procede 
Fra ende til ende }he sal weil ken 
Be prowes of gret douchty men 
Pat ]>e Romanys wan J?e crowne, 
And had in til subiecciom 
Al J?e worlde oblist }>an, 
And hail subdit til a man 
That was Octoviane emperour*, 
Qwhen Crist was born our* Salwyour* 40 

Off >e makles Madyn bricht, 
Now crownyt qweyn in hewyn on hicht. 
Til hir suet virgynyte 

31. |rir treteis] this tretys RA, this 33. weil om. E. 

trete E. Between 31 and 32 L has 34. prowes] power R ; gret] richt E 9 . 

an extra line : Thir famouft werkis 35. crowne] towne A. 

done in deid. 42. hewyn on] hewynnys all, 

32. >is parte] Jrir partis E. 


This tretift [I commend and] me, 
Till end my purpoft so to bring 
That all redound to hir loving. 

5a. W. and com mend and. 

46. radowne] redwne R. 
Chapters. Heading in A :— 

In J* chapteris of pe ferd buke 


II. J« om. all. 
III. om. E*; Off *m. 
v. dedis R. 
VII. om. LE. 

XIII. Of Hynnyballis discomfitour E. 
xiv. Of a fluid in Rome E ; Off] 

With E». 
xvi. Ofthre bollis of rengis E. 
XVii. Of Hennyballis purpos letting 

E ; How] Quhen E 2 . 
XVI II. Of the king Antiocus E ; the 
kyng R ; anytj anexit L. 
XIX. Of the Pechtis cummyn in 
Scotland E. 

Is syndry storys quha will luke. 

XX. ordanyt om. E. 
xxi. The wynnyng of Akay E. 
xxii. The bigging of Cartage E. 
xxiv. Quhen wemen Jeid woid E a A. 
This chapter is a part of 
xxiii. in RLE, thus: . . . 
and women fell wode RL, 
and mony went wod of the 
wemen E. 
xxv. syndry om. E. 
xxvi. Of Iulius Cesar >e empriour E 9 . 
xxvii. Of Octoviane pe emperour E, 
Off Octavyane J« gude em- 
priour E a . 


pis tretis I comraende and me, 
Til end my purposse swa til bryng* 
Pat al radowne in hir lowyng*. 

Ps chapteris of >e ferd buk. 

i. Qwhen Romulus and Remus made Rome. 
ii. Qwhen >e consules gouernyt Rome, 
in. Off >e distinction off Babilon. 
iv. Qwhen Cirus wan J?e kyng* Cresus. 
f. 3 a a. v. Off Cirus dede. 

vi. How Daryus was discomfyt. 
vn. How Xerces was discomfit, 
vm. Qwhen )>e Scottis war befor ]>e Peychtis. 
ix. Off Brynnyus and Bellynus. 
x. Off a fel pestilens. 
xi. Off Alexanderis fyrst risynge. 
xn. How ]>e Tarentynys warraide ]>e Romanys. 
xiii. Qwhen Hannybal was discomfit, 
xiv. Off a flude J>at ]>e cite neve ou^huyde. 
xv. Qwhen Hannybal discomfit ]>e Romanys. 
xvi. Off thre bollis of rengis sende to Cartage, 
xvn. How Hannybal was lettyt of his purposse. 
xviii. Qwhen Kynge Anthiocus anyt wi|?e }>e Romanys. 
xix. Qwhen first ]>e Peychtis come in Scotlande. 
xx. Qwhen Cartagis was ordanyt to be wndoyn. 
xxi. Qwhen J>e Romanis wan Akay. 
xxii. Qwhen >e Romanis gert Cartage be biggit agayn. 
xxiii. Qwhen mony Romanys war slayn. 
xxiv. Off feil women gangande woide. 
xxv. Off syndry takynnys that fel in Rome, 
xxvi. Off Iulyus Cesar*, 
xxvu. Off Octoviane. 



Quham throu >at Rome wes foundlt first 
Heire may 36 fjrnd gif >at $e list 

SEVIN hunder winter and fyftene 
Or God wes of ]>e madin clene 
Borne, and Olimpias 
The sext ordour regnand was, 
That in to Grece J>an wes ]>aie dait 
In all ]>e scriptouris at thai wrait, 
Off Rome ]>e gret cete wes maid, 
And of it haill the lordschip had 
Romule, that his brother slew 

Sone fra he to lordschip drew, 10 

And efter his awne name gert he 
Rome be callit that cete, 
And till him self that lordschip haill 
f. 71 b. He tuke and in till gouernall, 

And wallit it rycht weill without 

With mud wall and with faill about. 

A hundreth men he chesit of eild, 

That waik wer* wappinnis for to weild, 

Bot for wit and gud counsall 

To thai he taucht ]>e gouernall 20 

Off the commone estait, and he 

Gert thaim senatouris callit be. 

Syne he chesit a thousand haill 

3oung and manly to batall, 

And knychtis he gert call all thai ; 

Chap. I. (XLVII. in AE 2 ).— No heading in L. E*=W. J»t Rome] 
Rome E*. 

4. regnande] rynnand R. om. E 9 . 

5. in] in to RL ; >e] thar RL, 6. In til al] In all the RL. 



Qwhen Reyme & Remul >e eite 
Off Rome fjrrst gert big-glt be. 

SEWYN hundyr wyntyr and fifteyn 
Or God was of ]>e Maydyn cleyn 
Bom, and of Olympias 
Pe sext ordyr regnande was, 
That in Grece than was J>e date 
In til al charteris J>at thai wrate, 
Off Rome ]>e gret cite was made, 
And of it hail the lordschipe hade 
Romule, )>at his bro^ir slew 

Son fra he to lordschipe drew, 10 

And eftyr hym syne gert he 
Rome be callyt J>at cite, 
And til hym ]?at lordschipe haile 
In profite tuk and gouernaylle, 
And wallit it richt weil about 
[Withe] dik of fail and mude withe out. 
Ane hundyr men he cheyssit of eylde, 
Pat waik war wapynnys for to weylde, 
Bot for wit and gud consaile 
To J>a he lipnyt \t gouernaylle 20 

Off J>e common state, and he 
Pa senatouris gert callyt be. 
He cheyssit syne a thousande haile 
3ong* and lik to bide batalle, 
And knychtis he gert cal al ]>a ; 

10. drew] grew A. in R. 

12. J»t] J* E a A. 16. A wicht C ; dykis RL. 

15-16. about, withe out reversed 24. lik to bide] lykly to RLE. 


Thai* name in Latyne soundis sa. 

Romule of eild wes xx. jere 

And twa quhen he begouth to steir 

In Rome, and regnand wes xviii. 

3eris in till dedis kene, 30 

And syne efter he perist wes 

Throu fell tempest and sodane caifc. 

Efter that deid wes Romulus 
Newma regnyt Pamphelyus 
Ane and fourty 3eris, and he 
First gert ordane knychtis fee. 
Befor him Marche wes, but weir*, 
The first moneth of ]>e }ere, 
Bot he gert ]>e monethis twa 

Ianuar be >e first of thai, 40 

The secund February but let, 
All wayes befor Marche be set. 
In his tyme Ejechias fre 
Wes king regnand in Iude. 
Sybile ]>an Erucea 
Wes in the tyme of this Newma. 
Efter him regnyt Tulius, 
f. 73 a. Be surname callit Hostilius. 

In till his tyme wes Manasse, 

Wes king regnand in Iude. 50 

He vsit mekle for to weir* 
Purpura, silk and browdit geir*. 
Befor his tyme the Romanis haill 
Liffit in pece foroutin batall 
A weill lang tyme, bot efter he 
Gert till his lordschip bowsum be 
The Albanys, that in that quhile 

3a ful] regnand R, and ma L. 36. ordand E*A. 

31. And om. £. 39. gert om. L. 

35. om. E 2 . 


Par nayme in Latyne sowndis swa, 

Romule of elde was twenty jher 

And twa qwhen he begouythe to ster* 

In Rome, and regnande was auchteyn 

^heris ful in dedis cleyn, 30 

And syne hapnyt he perist was 

Throw harde tempast and suddan casse. 

Eftyr >at dede was Romulus 
Nvma regnyt Pompulus 
Ane and fourty ^her, and he 
Fyrst gert ordane knychtis fe. 
Befor hym Marche was, but were, 
Pe fyrst begynnyng* of J>e 3her*, 
Bot he gert }>e monethis twa, 
Ianuar J>e fyrst of >a, 40 

Pe secunde Feuerjher, but let, 
Alwayis befor Marche be set 
f. 3a b. In his tyme E3hechias fre 

Was kyng* regnande in Iude. 

Sybile ]>an Eryttia 

Was in ]>e tyme of ]ris Nvma. 

Eftyr hym regnyt Tullyus, 
Be surnayme callyt Hostylyus. 
In til his tyme Manasse 

Was kyngi regnande in Iude. 50 

He oyssit mekyl for to wer 
Purpura, silk and browdyn gtte. 
Befor his tyme \>e Romanys haile 
Liffit in pesse withe out batale 
A lang* tyme, bot eftyr he 
Gert til his lordschip bowsum be 
Pe Albanys, J>at in J>at qwhile 

40. fyrst] first was E a . 53. Befor] In til L. 

41. And >e E 9 A. 55. A lang*] A welle lang RL. 

42. be] was E s , orn, R. 


The Capitole he first gert ma, 

And be name it callit sa, 90 

For, as J>ai were ]>e ground rypand, 

Off a deid corps >e heid thai fand 

Foroutin body, quharfor thai 

The Capitole it callit thai ay. 

In Rome he regnit xxx. jew, 

And aucht jeris to thai passit were 

Quhen Ioachim in to Iude 

Wes king and held J?at ryalte. 

Efter him regnyt Serwyus, 
Callit be surname Tulius ; 100 

He gert be drawing dykis deip 
About }>e wallis, at thai mycht keip 
The toune, gif ony wald assaill 
Thame with salt or with batall. 
He wes ]>e first king, as thai say, 
That gert J>e Romanis custum pay \ 
Befor his tyme sat thai so fre 
That thai wist nocht quhat toll suld be. 
Syne wes slane this Serwyus 

Throu ane callit Tarqueneus no 

The prowd, and quhen ]>at he wes deid 
He regnyt as king in his steid. 
In till his tyme Sedechias 
King of Iuda regnand was, 
And Nabagbdonosor, he 
f. 73 a. King ]?an regnyt in Caldee, 

Maid ]>e gret confusioun 
Off Iowis in J?ar* distructioun. 

Now the ferd eild heir* endis, 
The quhilkis of 3eris full expendis, 120 

89. fyrst om. R. ay om. L. 

9a it om, R. 96. attouw] owte oure tha R, 

92. the om. R. thairto L. 

94. )>ai om. REE 9 ; )ai it callit A ; 100. nayme] surname RL. 


Pe Capitole he fyrst gert ma, 

And be nayme it callyt swa, 90 

For, as ]>ai war \t grounde ripande, 

Off a man the hewide ]?ai fande 

Wi]?e outtyn body, qwharfor J>ai 

Pe Capitole it callyt ]>ai ay. 

In Rome he regnyt thretty jhere 

And aucht attoure passit cleyr*, 

Qwhen Ioachym of Iude 

Had al J>e lande in propyrte. 
Eftyr hym regnyt Serwyus, 

Callit be nayme Tullyus ; 1 00 

He gert be drawyn dikis deipe 

About J>e wallis, }>at )>ai mycht kepe 

Par towne, gif ony walde assayle 

Paim wi)>e seige or wi)>e bataile. 

He was )>e fyrst kyng*, as >ai say, 

Pat gert J>e Romanys custum pay ; 

Befor his tyme ]>ai war sa fre 

Pat )?ai wist noucht qwhat tol sulde be. 

Syne slayne was ]ris Serwyus 

Throw ane was callyt Tarquenyus no 

Pe proude, and qwhen ]?at he was dede 

He kyngi was regnande in his stede. 

In to Jris tyme Sedechias 

Kyng* in Iuda regnande was, 
f. 33*. And Nabugodonosor, he 

Kyng* }>an regnyt in Calde, 

Mad ]>e gret confusion 
Quart* etas. Off Iowis and ]>ar distruccion;. 

Pe ferde eylde heyr endis, 

Pe qwhilk of 3heris contenys 120 

104. seige] assawt R, segis E a , assege 117. And maid E 9 . 
E ; Onther be sault or batail;e L. 118. Quarta etas in margin E s A t 

1 10. was 0/7*. EL. in the text E. 
116. panom.L; regnand R. 119. Now >e E, and pe E*L. 


As the Hebrewis comptis cleiw, 
Four* hundreth and thre jer* ; 
The sevinty clerkis sais }it our 
Four* hundreth jeris fourty and four. 


Quhen Consoles were ehosin in Rome 
To be haldaris of law and dome. 

AFTER >e deid of Seruyus 
- In Rome >is proud Tarquineus 
Regnyt, and ]>an Cirus king 
Had of all Perft ]>e gouerayng. 
He wes a man of gret fellony, 

And vmbethocht him increly 130 

With quhat torment thai mycht be 
Punyst for |>ar* iniquite, 
As fetteris or presonyng, 
Stokkis, boyis or bannysing. 
He wes exild in his dais 
Off Rome, as Frer* M^rtyne sais, 
For his sonnis iniquite, 
That had deforsit a lady fre, 
A gentiil woman and of gud fame, 
Lucritia wes her proper name. 140 

Scho plen3eit till hir husband sone 
Off the defoull ]>at wes hir done, 
Till hir fader and hir kyne, 
Till all syne at scho mycht wyne, 

1 21 -2. transposed RLE. 124. thre skoyr* A. 

123. fe] And |>e E 1 , And A. 

Chap. II. (XLVIII. E*A).— In] In to R. No break in E, the heading 
being written as part of the text. E"= W. To] For to E a . 

126. ]>e proude E a A. 130. And him vnbethocht E a . 


Four hundyr wyntir and thre }here, 

As ]>e Ebrewis reknys cleyr ; 

Pe sewynti clerkis sayis our* 

Four hundyr jherc four scow and four*. 


Qwhen eftyr kyngis consoles 
In Rome fyrst chosyn was. 

EFTYR >e dede of Serwyus 
In Rome proude Torqwynyus 
Regnyt, and }?an Cirus kyng* 
Off Pers had al J>e gouernyng*. 
He was a man of gret fellouny, 
And wmbethoucht hym inkyrly 130 

Withe qwhat turmentis men mycht be 
Punyst for J>ar iniquite, 
As fetteris or prisonyng*, 
Stokkys, boyis or banyssyng*. 
He was exilit in his dayis 
Off Rome, as Freyr Martyn sayis, 
For his sonnys iniqwyte, 
Pat had deforssit a lady fre, 
A gentil woman of gud faym*, 
Lucrecia was callit hir nayme. 140 

Scho pleynjeide til hir husbande son 
Off )>e defoule was til hir don, 
Til hir fadyr and til hir kyn, 
Til al syne scho mycht to wyn, 

133. As] As with E 9 ; or] or oJ>ir E. 143-4. om, L. 

135. in] in til E. 143. and til] and R. 

137. sonnys] sonnis gret E 2 . 144. scho] that scho R; Till o>ir al 

138. lady fre] fair ladye E. >at scho mycht wyn E, And syne till 
141. hosbandis R. all scho mycht to wyne E*. 



And leid hir a quhill in pyne, 
And slew hir self for sorow syne. 
f. 73 3. And quhen J>is proud Tarqueneus 

Saw >at he wes exilit thus, 
He knyt him >an to >e Tuskanis, 
And with thaim werrayit the Romanis, 150 

And with his oste apon a day 
To Tyber he come in gud array, 
And quhen thai saw his gret powers 
The Romanis affrayit were, 
Bot syne it happinnit )>aim to be 
Accordit weill be fair* tretie. 

Thir sevin kingis regnand were 
Twa hunder full and fourty }ere; 
And fra thir kingis }ms can ceft 
In Rome thai chesit twa consules, 160 

And thai regne suld bot a }ere, 
For dout gif thai regnand were 
Langere tyme, )>at )>are suld ryft 
In lordschip on sa hawtane wift 
That the commonis willausly 
Suld be greiffit throu ]?are mastry. 
And twa wes ordanit for ]>\s skill, 
That gif J>e tane wald set his will 
For liking mesoure till exceid, 
The to]?er argew suld his deid, 1 70 

And sagatis chastyit he suld be 
Fra his wilfull iniquite. 
Consules )ms gatis thai maid twa, 
Brute and Lucyus callit were ]>ai. 

150. J>e] on the E*A. 159. Jrir] the R, om. L; pus] syne 

158. A hundyr fully] Twa hundyr L. 

foure R, Tua hundreth full L ; E adds 164. on swa] in swa R, of ane E 9 , 

two lines — on ane A ; And the commonis syne 

The sewynty clerkis sais our suppose L. 
Four hundreth ?er* four scor<? and four. 


And led hir dayis a qwhile in pyne, 

And slew hir self for sorow syne. 

Syne Jris proude Torquenyus 

Saw )>at he was exilit Jms, 

He knyt hym to ]>e Tuskanys, 

And warrayide wij>e ]>aim }>e Romanys, 150 

And wi]?e his ost apon a day 

To Tiber he coyme in gud array, 

And qwhen ]>ai saw his gret power 

Pe Romanys al effrayit weyr, 

Bot syne it happnyt J>aira to be 

Accordit weil be fayr trete. 

Pir sewyn kyngis regnande weyr 
A hundyr fully and fourty $her ; 
And fra J?ir kyngis }ms can ceft 
In Rome J?ai chessit twa consules, 160 

And J>a twa reng* sulde bot a jherc, 
For dowt gif ]>at ]?ai regnande wer* 
Langar tyme, ]>at ]?ai sulde rysse 
In lordschip on swa hawtan wysse 
Pat ]>e commonys willausly 
Grewit sulde be throw ]>ar mastry. 
Pan twa was ordanyt for Jris skyl ; 
Pan gif ane walde set his will 
For likyng* mesour til excede, 
Pe tojrir argu sulde his deide, 170 

And chasteit swa sulde he be 
Fra foulle lust and iniqwyte. 
Consules )>an J>ai made twa, 
Brute and Lucyus callit war )>a. 

165-6. cm. L. 171. sua chasteid £ ; And swa 

166. throw] by E*, be A. chastyid he suld be RL. 

167. fan] And RL, Thai E 8 , fa A, 172. Fra his lust and his iniqnite L. 
twa am, L. 174. callit om. L. 

168. fan] That RL. 


That tyme in Rome Pictogoras, 
And >e wift clerk als Socrates 
The venome drank and poysonit wer*. 
There cornykillis tellis >e manerc; 
And Arestotill of eild >an wes 
f. 74 m. Neir* xviiL jeris, withoutin less, 180 

And vnder Plato the witty 
Studyit in to philosophy. 


How Babilone wes first distroyit 
Throu Cirus king of Perft anoyit 

SEVIN hunder ^tre and viii. beforne 
Or God wes of }>e Madin borne, 
The first of J>e consules, 
That Brute be name callit wes, 
The Sawynis in to stout array 
Maid }?aim ]>e cete till assay ; 
The Roman is )>an a dytour* maid 
That our* J>e laif }?e mastry had, 190 

And }?e consules be fer 
He suld exceid in to power*. 

In till J>is tyme }?at I reherft 
Cirus, ]>at wes king of Perft, 
Wan a gret part of Sythy 
And mony landis in Asy ; 
Syne with his oste he come onone 
For till assege Babilone ; 
Bot the ryver* )>an of Eufrait 

177. als] alsua RLE. 182. herde] lerit L. 

Chap. III. (XLIX. in E a A).— E a =W. anoyit] and noyit E a . 
187. in] in to R. 189. a] than a E'. 


Pan in Rome Pittagoras 
Deit, and Anexagoras. 
Pat tyrae als Socrates 
Pe wenum drank and poysownyt was. 
Aristotil ]>an, but weyr, 

Was of eylde bot xviii. $her*, 180 

And vndyr Plato )>e wytty 
Studeit and herde philosophy. 


f. 33* Now how >e town of Babilon 

Was broucht to confusion. 

FYWE hundyr jhere and aucht beforn 
Or God was of ]>e Mayd)rn born, 
Pe fyrst of }?e consules, 
Brute be nayme callit was, 
Pe Saybaynys in stowt aray 
Mad ]>aim ]>e cite til assay ; 
Pe Romanys a dytour made, 
Pat our }>e laif \t mastry hade, 190 

And )>e consules in feyr 
He sulde excede in all power*. 
In ]ris tyme ]>at I 30 w rehers 
Cyrus, ]>at was kyng* of Pers, 
Wan a gret part of Sithi 
And mony landis of Asy ; 
Syne wi]?e his ost he come onone 
For til asseige Babilon ; 
[Bot] }?e rywer* off Ewfrate 

191. in] be RL, in to E 3 . 198. assegrr A. 

196. of\ in RL. 199. J>at CE. 

197. he om. R. 


Wes sa reich waxin with spait 200 

That he mycht nocht the toune cum neir*, 
Bot worthit byde with his power*, . 
Till thai welland wallis kene 
Suld in part haif swagit bene. 

Sa wes in till his oste a knycht 
3oung and ioly, bald and wycht, 
Fair* of fassoune and fetyft, 
Off proweft pruffit and of pryft, 
Off Capadoce callit Alarike. 

In all that oste wes nane his like, 210 

Sa fair* of fassoune nor sa fre, 
f. 74 b. And gentill in till all wes he. 

He luffit per drury Dame Sybile, 

That J>an wes lady of Pamphill ; 

He poramouris sa straitly luffit 

That all playis perelluse lie pruffit. 

Apone a courser* pommill gray 

Adressaly he sat )>at day 

In till a sariot schapin wyde, 

Off fassone sle bot sadill syde, 220 

With brokin letteris on |>at govne 

Breiffit weill with J?is ressoune 

Susais Ieta, that suld be, 

Leif at counsaill, think on me ; 

And browdin weill in his pennovne 

Off gold a reid rampand lyoune 

That set wes in till asur* brycht ; 

His harnes flawmand fair* to sycht. 

Thus all the oste thar* huffing maid, 

And swageing of the watter baid. 230 

200. of] on R, ]>e E a ; Was sa greit 204. a part] in a part E a A; asswagit] 
rissin of spate L. have swagyd RE. 

201. na mycht] mycht noucht 207-8. om. L. 
RLE". 207. fetys R, fetase A. 

203-4. om. L. 209. Alaryke R. 


Swa reiche ]>an risande was of spate 200 

Pat he na mycht J>e towne cum new, 
Bot worthid to byde wi)>e his power*, 
Qwhil )>e weltrande wawis keyn 
Sulde a part asswagit beyn. 

Sa was in til his ost a knycht 
3ong; and ioly, baulde and wicht, 
Fayr of fasson and fetasse, 
Off prowes pruffit and of prysse, 
Off Capadoce Schir Delarik. 
In al ]?at ost was nane hym lyk, 210 

Sa fayr of fasson and sa fre, 
And gentil in til al was he. 
He luffit perdrowry Dame Sabil, 
Pat lady was J>an of Pamphel ; 
He peramowris sa straytly luffit 
Pat peralousse playis for hir he pruffit. 
Apon a curssour pombil gray 
Adressely he sat J?at day, 
In til a gowne ewyn scbaply wide, 
In his rewel bot sadill syde ; 220 

Withe brokyn letteris on J?at gowne 
Billit weil was his ressori, 
Susus geta, that sulde be, 
Es of consail opyn ]>e ; 
And browdyn weil was the pennOwn, 
Off golde rawmpande a lyone 
He bar in til asur* bricht ; 
His ger was flawmande al at richt. 
Pus qwhil }?e ost ]>e huffyng* made, 
And swagyn of }>e wattyr bayde, 230 

214. then wes RL. 223. Susus geta] Sususe go to L. 

216. That perelys as playis he 225. the] his R. 
pruwyde RL ; for hir] oft EE'A. 227. asuw] his asur L. 

217. pombil] poumle R, pomely L, 228. He had his gere all at richt L. 
pompyll E a . 229. >e huffyng*] thare howyng RL. 


He thocht prowdly )>at he wald prufe 
For hir quham on he set his luf ; 
The coursour* hardnyt he with spuris, 
And wallopand our* flosche and furris 
Fer* beforne J>e oste he raid ; 
There stend for stend the courser* maid, 
And at the bra all nerrest wes 
The furd quhar* men vsit to pas, 
The horft he hardynit yrously ; 
The coursour lap deliuerly 240 

All our* J>e bank in to J>e flude, 
Till ]>e stour* our* }>ar* hedis stude. 
The waw wes wod, the watter deip, 
Be na forse mycht the knycht him keip ; 
Bot, for to tell 30W schortly ]>an, 
f. 75 a. Thar* drownyt wes baith horft and man. 

Than Cirus, at J?is sicht has sene, 
For anger of hert and huge teyne 
That sa his knycht he lesit had, 
Gret athis suore and wowis maid 250 

Till all his goddis, 30ung and auld, 
That wynd and watter had in wald, 
That he suld of J>at watter be 
Revengit in to sic degre, 
And sa schald it suld be maid 
That a woman suld it waid, 
And, for na wethyr*, spring nor spait, 
Hir kneis for it suld nocht be wait. 
Than gert he draw J?at ryver* all 
In four* hundreth and sexty small 260 

Narow swyrlis throu landis braid ; 

233-4. om. L. bra £. 

234. furis] flurw EE 2 A. 242. fer our] attour L ; stude] Jude 

236. Quhair stedis and stering his L. 
cur sour maid L. 243-4. om. L. 

241. And] All RA ; bak] bank R, 246. Jwir om. EL. 


He thoucht prowes for to pruffe 

For hir }>at he lent on his luf. 

Pe cursour* he straik wi]?e J>e spuris, 

And walapande our floys and furis 

Al befor ]?e ost he rade, 

Qwhar stende for stende J>e cursur* made, 

And at >e bra qwhar nerrast was 

Pe furde qwhar men oyssit to passe, 

Pe hors he hardnyt irusly ; 

Pe cursour lape delyuerly, 240 

And our >e bak in to ]>e flude ; 

Pe stoure fer our )>ar hewiddis stude, 

Pe wawis war woide, ]?e wattyr deipe, 

Be na way mycht J>e knycht hym kepe ; 

Bot, for to tel }ow schortly ]?an, 

Drownyt was J?ar bathe hors and man. 

Pan Cirus, J>at ]ris sicht has seyn, 
For angyr of his hart and teyn 
Pat swa his knycht he lesit hade, 
f. 34 m. Gret athis swor* and wowis made 250 

Til al goddis, pngi and aulde, 
Pat wynde and watyr had in walde, 
Pat he sulde of J?at wattyr be 
Rewengit in til sic degre, 
And sa schawlde it sulde be made 
Pat, set a woman sulde it wade, 
Hir kneys of it sulde noucht be wat 
For nakyn waw, spryng* na spate. 
Pan gert he draw }?at rywer all 
In to four hundyr and sexty small 260 

And narow swyrllis, throw feyldis braide ; 

247. has] had E*L. waid L. 

249. he om. RL. 257-8. om. L. 

251. al] all his RLE 31 , all >e A. 258. waw] weddare RL. 

252. walde] hauld E 9 ^ 260. to om. E 9 . 
256. That a barne sold it wele 


That gret rever* sa schald he maid 
Rynnand throu deip slyk and clay 
Wnto J>e see J>e nerrest way ; 
And thar* lay with his power* 
Till he the cete wan but weir*, 
And gert cast all the wallis doune 
Off Babilone, baith tour* and toune, 
That chemys wes of Assyry, 

And biggit at poynt properly, 270 

In till a land of fresche fawour, 
And hailsome air*, and gud sawour, 
With wod and watter all about, 
Plesand and fair*, foroutin dout. 
A hundreth jettis of irne gret 
It had forout ]>e mekle 3et, 
And ma postremys mycht reknyt be 
All about that gret cete ; 
And fra that mekle 3et befor 
F. 75 *. Four* hundreth stadiis and four* skor* 280 

It had in vngang all about, 
And J?ai to rekin ar*, but dout, 
Ane and fyfty mylis and mair*, 
And all about }?e wallis ar* 
Fife and twenty elnys of breid, 
With sekyr syment maid, but dreid, 
And ane hundreth elne on hycht, 
All at poynt perfidy dicht ; 
And, as ]?e clerk Orosyus 

In his cornikillis tellis ws^ 290 

That wer* bot fawtui ■able, 

262. schaulde] small L. Bb] p>ecis L. 

263.4. om. L. (that R. 

267-8. om. L. ■ myclu] mycht |kt E^Al* 

270. of] but R; Till pe ciete Wf Bgei^j Itadys R } ..tadib U 

wonnyn but weir L. M*- elwyn] elne R~ 

274. All at AL. pir] his RL. 
275.6. transposed E*A. 




Pat gret rywer swa schaulde he maide 
Pat slyk and clayc mycht J>an be seyn 
Qwhar wattyr deip befor had beyn. 

Pan ]?e ost, but mar* habaide, 
Par passyng* to J>e cite made 
Throw J>e deip slyik and \>e claye, 
Haldande on ]>e nerrast way ; 
And ]>ar he lay wij>e his power*, 
Pe cite qwhil he wan of wer*, 
And gert cast al \>e wallis doun 
Off Babilon, bath towr and town, 
Pat chymysse was off Assery, 
At al poynt biggit propyrly, 
Set in a lande of fresche flewour/, 
Off haylsum ayr and swet sawomz, 
Withe wod and wattyr al about, 
Pleyssande, fayr, wi]>e outtyn dout. 
A hundyr jettis of irn gret 
Fra befor >e mekil jhet, 
And ma jit mycht reknyt be 
Al about >at gret cite ; 
And fra >at mekil jet befor 
Four hundyr stageis and fourscot* 
It had in wmgang* al about, 
And >a to rekkyn ar, but dout, 
Ane and fyfty mylle and mar, 
And al about >e wallis war* 
Fyfe and twenty elwyn braide, 
With sickyr syment sadly made, 

Withe a hundyr elwyn on hicht, 

\i alkyn poynt perfytly dycht; 

as }*e clerk Orosyus 
Lai our comykyl tellis w^ 
par bot fantumlyk and fabil, 





And nocht till all men }it trowable, 
That manis vertu or his wit 
Mycht ou^er do or vndo it, 
As of Babilonis toune or tour* 
It wes sa huge as of valour. 


How Syrus can King Cressns sla, 
And how his dochter tald him sa. 

QWHEN thus wes wonyng Babilone, 
Cerus with his oste onone 
In Lydis past with plane batall 
The king Cressus ]?an* till assaill. 300 

This Cressus, }?at I now reherft, 
Held Lydis of the king of Perft, 
Bot ay till him he wes rebell 
In weirr, and in to counsall fell ; 
Bot for he wen? in dedis stout 
Cyrus of him ay had gret dout, 
For riche and mychti ay wes he, 
And in all dedis avysee. 
He prayit till his god Appolyne 
To grant him wittering quhat kin fyne 310 

Suld fall of J?at weir* and discord 
f. 76 a. That wes betuix him and his our lord. 

[Than] writtin wes till him this werft 

313. W. That. 

296. to tel al] till al men R ; al ;it] abill L. 
Jit al E ; And to sum men vntrow- 298. ouJ)ir] euer E. 

Chap. IV. (L. in E 2 A).— how of L ; the om. R. E 2 = W. can] couth E 1 ; 
sla] ta EK 


And noucht to tcl al jit trowabil, 
Pat mannys wertu or his wit 
Micht ou>ir do or vndo it. 


Pis chapter tellls how Clrus 
Wan of were >e kynge Cresus. 

QWHEN }ms was wonnyng* Babilon, 
Cyrus wij?e his ost onone 300 

In Lidis past wi>e playn batail 
Pe kyng Cresus til assayl. 
Pis Cresus, )>at I 30W rahers, 
Helde Ledis of >e kyng* of Pers, 
Til ay til hym he was rabel 
[In] were, and in al consail fel ; 
Bot for he was in dedis stout 
Off hym ay Cirus had gret dout, 
For riche and mychty ay was he, 
And in al dedis awise. 310 

He prayit til his god Appolyne 
To grant hym wittyng* qwhat fyne 
Sulde fal of ]?at gret discorde 
Pat was betwix hym and his lorde. 
Pan wryttyn til hym was J?is wers 

302. til] for till E a A. him wit quhat kyn fyne L. 

305. Til] Bot RLE* A. 313. Last suld fall off that discorde 

306. AndC. RL. 

307. Bot] Bay}> E 9 . 315. fan om. A ; til hym was] was 
310. om. L. tyll hym R ; Writtin till him )>an was 
312. fyne] kyne fyne R ; To get J>is werse E a . 


In Latyne, that I sail reherft : 

Crcsccns perdit [A/in] transgrcssus maxima regna. 

The cressandis sail gret landis tyne, 

The watter our* passand of Alyne. 

This wes the sentens of this werft }>ar*, 

For the king of Lydis bair* 

Off goullis in to siluer brycht 

The cressantis in his armes dicht 320 

This ansuer* Cressus thocht rycht gud, 
For vther wayes he vnderstude ; 
Than efterwart the gammyn jede, 
Or werd or weris proffit in deid, 
And said : " The landis gif I sail tyne 
Ar Cyrus landis, and nocht myne, 
That I sail with my oste our* ryde, 
To fell his ogart and his pryde." 
His ost than sone and hastely 

He semblit, and syne in gret hy 330 

Our that watter he passit onone 
For to suppowell Babelone ; 
Thar* Cyrus lay, as 3e herd eir*, 
Assegiand it with his power*, 
And thar* he schewit him on a hycht 
His oste arrayand to the fecht, 
Bot quhen he saw on quhat kin wift 
That vincust wes >e Babelonyft, 
And l?e cete wonyng neir*, 

He changeit purpose and maner*, 340 

And turnyt bak and tuke the flycht. 
The Persantis lyngit on at rycht, 
Followand fast and egerly, 

314. W. dim. 

318. wattynC; passande] passit L. 327. And] He E a . 

319. I>e, J>e] This, this R. 329. fat] Bot E*A. 

323. richt] full E a . 335. he C ; ew] here RLA. 

326. in] off RL, ok AE 2 . 336. asseigM CA 


In Latyne, >at I wil rahers : 
Crescens perdet Alyn transgressus maxima regna. 
f. 34 b. Pe cressande sal gret landis tyne, 

Pe [wattyr] our passande of Alyn. 
Pe sentens of J?e wers was J?are, 
For ]>e kyng* of Lidis bare 320 

Off gowlis in to siluir bricht 
Thre cressandis in his armys dicht. 

Pis anssuare Cresus thoucht richt gude, 
For olrir wayis he wndyrstude ; 
Pan eftirwart ]?e gamyn 3heide, 
Or werde in were pruffit in deide, 
And said : "Pe landis }?at I sal tyne 
Ar Cirus landis, and noucht myne, 
Pat I sal wij?e myne ost our ryde, 
To fel his ogert and his pride." 330 

His ost J?an son and hastely 
He assemblit, and in hy 
Our ]>at wattyr he past onone 
For til suppowale Babilon, 
Qwhar Cirus lay, as [}he] herde ere, 
In til [asseige] withe his powere, 
And }>ar he schawit on ane hicht 
His ost arrayit til his sicht, 
Bot qwhen he saw on qwhatkyn wyse 
Wencust war \>e Babilyis, 340 

And ]>e cite wonnyng* nere, 
He changit purpose and manere, 
And turnyt bak and tuk }?e flycht. 
Pe Perseyis lyngit on at richt, 
Folowand fast and egrely, 

337. schawit] schawyd hym R, 340. Babilonys R. 

schew him L. 344- lyngit] lyggid RL; on at richt] 

338. arayand R ; til his sicht] to J* our at sicht £. 

sicht EE 8 , to the fycht RLA. 345. And followit L. 


Chasand him dispitously, 
Slaand his men doune heir* and )aur, 
F. 76 b. Quhar* euer at thai ourtakin wer* ; 

Himself has eschapit narrowly, 
And sawf wan fra that iuperty. 

This Cressus efter this affray, 
As he a nycht in till his bed lay, 350 

And dremyt in his sleip that he 
Wes in a crop set of a tre, 
Quhar* Iupiter with rane him wet 
And Phebus quhill wi]? sone him het. 
Him thocht in till his dremys swa 
That he wes stad betuix ]?aim twa, 
All J?e tyme ]>at he thaw lay, 
Quhill on the morne that it wes day ; 
Than Phanua, his dochter jing, 
He callit and tald his dremyng, 360 

For scho be sciens vsit to tell 
Off seir* thingis befor thai fell, 
As wychis dois or nygramanceris, 
Devydand thingis on thaw maneris, 
And throu the deuill dissauit ar ]?ai 
That neuer the seker suth will say. 
Bot throu }?aim quhen at he is sa 
Travalit at he mon ansuer* ma, 
The ansuer* at he to }?aim mayis 
Oft dowbill vnderstanding in it has; 370 

And sa it hapnit at men ar* 
Dissauit oft on }?at maner* ; 
For thingis }?at ar* for to be 
To wit is Goddis prevate ; 

346. hym] him richt E 9 . 354. Set in a crop wes L. 

347. men] men down RL. 356. Quhill god Phebus wi> sone 

348. euir om. L ; at om. EE 9 . him bett E a . 

351. fe C. 358. was om, R. 

352. lay] he lay A. 


Chassand hym dispytusly, 

And slew his men her and )>ar, 

Qwhar euir at }>ai our takyn war*; 

Hym self eschapit narowly, 

And sauf was fra J?at iuperty. 350 

Q)is] Cresus eftyr ]?is effray 
On a nycht in his bed lay, 
And dremand in his sleip thoucht he 
Was in a crope set of a tre, 
Qwhar Iupiter withe rayn hym wet, 
God Phebus qwhil wij?e son hym het. 
He thoucht in til his slepyngi swa 
Pat he was stade betweyn ]?a twa, 
All }?e tyme }?at he J*ar lay, 

Qwhil on est J?at it was day ; 360 

Pan Farywa, his douchtyr 3yng*, 
He callyt and taulde hir his dremyng*, 
For scho oyssit for to tell 
Thyngis seyr befor J?ai fell, 
As wechis dois or nygramenseris, 
Dissawande men on }?ar maneris, 
And throw J?e dewil dissawit ar ]?ai 
Pat neuir }?e certan suythe can say. 
Bot throw J?aim qwhen ]?at he is swa 
Tribulit ]?at he mon anssware ma, 370 

Pe anssware ]?at he to }?aim mayis 
Oft dowbil wndyrstandyng* has ; 
And swa it hapynnys at men ar 
Dissawit oft on ]>at manerc ; 
For J>e thyngis ]?at ar to be 
To wit ar Goddis prewate ; 

360. Quhille on the morne day R ; 366. Dewisand E. 

Till on pe est Jat it wes day E ; Quhill 368. fat neuir] Than neid R. 

on pe morne eft it was day E*; Quhyll 370. Trawalyd R, Troublit E. 

ofi eftir >at it was day A ; Till on pe 372. Oft om. E. 

morn that it wes day L. 376. prewate] propyrte REE a A. 

362. hir] all R, to L. 



And forthy thariof )>e certane 
Is nane can tell bot he allane. 
3it neuer>eleft )ris damycell 
Tald hir fader J>at efter fell, 
That Cyrus suld him tak in yre, 
And swak him in a bimand fyre, 380 

f. 77 a. And thar* he suld be brynt, but dout, 

Bot gif the rayne the fyre put out. 

Sa Cyrus with his oste onone 
Fra he had wonyng Babelone 
Passit in Lydis till assaill 
The king Cressus haill batall ; 
Quharc, efter mony iuperdyis, 
And diuerft changeit victoryis, 
The king of Lydus, ]?is Cressus, 
Wes tane and brocht qwik to Cyrus, 390 

And he gert cast him in a fyre 
Off fagottis birnand brycht and schyre. 
There brynt he nocht bot tholit payne, 
For it laid on sa fast of rayne 
That he vpon na wift mycht bryne 
All the tyme he lay tharcin. 
And quhen of Perft the king Cyrus 
Saw how it hapnit with him }ms, 
Out of J?at fyre in hy gert he 

Him till his stait restorit be ; 400 

And syne throu tretift and throu chans 
Thai wer accordit of that distans ; 
And quhen on this wift king Cressus 
Wes fre deliuerit fra Cyrus, 
He tald the taft and the maner* 
Till Phanua, his dochter deir*. 
Thar* in hert he tuke sic pryde, 
For he eschapit sa that tyde, 

377.8. om. L. 378. God] he R. 384. J»t] the RE 9 . 


For ]>i )>arof }>e certane 
Is nane can tel bot God allan. 
3hit neuir]?cles }>is damyseil 
Taulde hir fadir >at eftyr fel, 380 

Pat Cirus sulde hym tak in ire, 
And swak hym in a brynnande fyrc, 
And ]?ar he sulde be brynt, but dout, 
Bot gif J>e rane }?at fy re put out 
Sa Cirus wi]?e his ost onone 
Fra he had wonnyngi Babilon 
Past in Lidis til assayle 
Pis Cresus kyng* withe playn batalle. 
Par, eftyr mony iuperdysse, 

And syndry changyng* off wyttoris, 390 

f. 35 a. The kyng* of Lidis, ]?is Cresus, 

Was tane and broucht qwhik til Cirus, 

And he gert cast hym in a fyr* 

Off dry fagotis brynnande schyr*. 

Thar brynt he noucht bot tholyt payii, 

For it laid on sa fast of rayn 

On nakyn wyse ]>at he mycht bryn 

Al ]>e tyme he lay ]?ar in. 

Off Pers }?an ]>e kyng^ Cirus 

Gert qwhit deliuer ]>e kyng^ Cresus 400 

Out of ]?at fyre, and be trete 

Hym til his restoryt he. 

Apon ]?is wyse qwhen Cresus 

Was fre delyuerit fra Cirus, 

Til Phanwa, his douchtyr deyr, 

He taulde }>e case and >e maner, 

And in his hart he had gret pride 

Pat he eschapit swa )>at tyde. 

387. in] in to R. 397. That he on na wyfl L. 

389. mony] mony gret E 9 . 400. j>e] this RL. 

39a changyng^ off] changyd RL. 403. king Cresus E*. 

392. quyk brocht EE 9 . 407. And] I>at E. 

395. tholand L. 408. swa] was E 9 A. 


That he trowit na mischans mycht fall 
Fra thin fur}? >at him fordo sail ; 41 

Bot scho at saw his hawtane cheri 
Vpon* >is wift maid him ansuer* ; 
Scho said, J>ocht he with slycht }ms slyde, 
f. 77 b. " 3our lattyr day jit mon je byde, 

And forouth >at on na wife 
3e suld your fortoune happy pryse, 
For at ]>e evin of the fair* day 
Men prysis it, the suth to say, 
And quhen >e lif of man tais end 
Than is it tyme him to commend." 42 

And quhen at scho had said him thus, 
Scho bad him be war* at Cyrus 
At him suld nocht sa greiffit be, 
That he suld hing him on a tre, 
Quhar* no]>er rayne for mekle weit 
Suld saif him na }it sone for heit ; 
And as scho tald him sa it fell, 
That were our* prolixt now to tell. 


Off Sypus king of Persls dede 
And of his ost slane In >at stede. 

SONE efter }?at J?e king Cressus 
Wencust wes and fordoune thus, 43 

Cirus, ]>e king and lord of Perft, 
Off quham befor I maid reherft, 
Past with his oste, as man of weir*, 

409. )»t (2)] his RL, this EA. je slyde L. 

410. hym om, CA. 416. ay om. E*A ; prisis ay] sul 

411. slichtis swa] slycht R, sic pryft L; Men wsis to prise )>e foi 
slychtis E*; With slicht suppoft sa gait day E. 


Bot scho }>at saw )>at hawtane fere, 

Apon ]ris wyse made [hym] anssuer* : 410 

" Withe slichtis swa suppose ^he slyde, 

3hour lattyr day $it mon }he byde ; 

Befor ]>at day on nakyn wysse 

3he sulde jour forton happy prysse, 

For at J>e ewyn, or eftyr, ay 

Men prisis ay ]?e fayr day, 

And qwhen ]?e lif of man tays ende 

Pan is tyme hym to commende." 

And eftyr scho had taulde hym Jms, 

Scho bad hym be war }?at Cyrus 420 

At hym sulde noucht sa grewit be, 

Pat he sulde hang* hym on a tre, 

Qwhar* neuir rayn wi>e mekyl wet 

Na nakyn son mycht sauff wij?e het. 


pis chapter sal 30W tel 
How >e ded of Cyrus fel. 

EFTYR >at ]?is kynge Cresus 
Wyncust was and wonnyng* ]>us, 
Cirus, lorde and kyngi of Pers, 
Off qwham befor I made rahers, 
Past withe his ost, as man of were, 

419. scho] that scho R ; hym om. L ; Jms] this E a . 

Chap. V. (LI. in E*A).— This nyxt chapter A, This ilk cheptur E; Now 
this chapitere sail tell R. E a = W. 


Our* Araxis, that gret ryver* 
That oft on heid ay rynnand is 
Betuix Silyte and Lidys. 
Dame Tannys J»t tyme wes lady 
And quene regnand of all Sythy ; 
And quhen scho herd at J>e gret oste 
Off Cirus come all bolne in boste, 440 

Hir counsall gaif hir to ger brek 
All hir briggis, and all hir furdis steik, 
Bot let J?aim passage to haif fire 
With sic ane oste in hir cuntre. 
f. 78 «. Scho assentit to }?is counsall, 

But scho gert all ]>e briggis be haill, 

And let ]>aim our* Araxis fre 

Within hir land to mak entre, 

And in straittis neuv thar* by 

Scho gert hir sone be prevely, 450 

His awantage for to se, 

And byde his oportunyte 

Him to defend or till assaill, 

For vre is [wauerand] of batall. 

And quhen Cyrus wes cummyn in 
The land of Sythik for to wyn, 
For meit thar* foreouris }?ai send, 
And pavillionis thai gert distend 
And all thar* tentis sone in hy, 
Be likiynes to tak herbery, 460 

Trumpand all }>e day on hycht ; 
And quhen it neir* drew to }?e nycht 

454. W. wonnand ? 

430. Our*] Attoure E 2 . 436. coyme] tyme L ; bolnande] 
431-2. om. L. bolnyd RL. 

431. hewide] heid sa E. 437. for] hyr RE 3 . 

434. regnyt] regend R, regnand E a ; 439. passage RE; And let J>ame 

in] all RL ; A quhen scho regnyt in till hame passage fre L. 

Sythy E. 440. hir] |»ir E a . 


Our* Araxis, ]?at rywere 430 

Pat on hewide rynnande is 

Betweyn Sithik and Lidis. 

Dame Tarmys ]>at tyme was lady 

And qweyne regnyt in Sithi ; 

And qwhen scho herde J?at ]>e gret ost 

Off Cyras coyme bolnande in bost, 

Hir consail gaf for to ger brek 

Pe briggis, and al J>e furdis stek, 

And lat ]?aim passagis til haf fre 

Withe sic ane ost in hir cuntre. 440 

How euir it likyt J?is consaile, 

Scho gert bath brige and furde be haile, 

And let )?aim our Araxis fre 

Withe in J?ar lande mak )?ar entre, 

And in to straytis new J?ar by 

Scho buskyt hir richt prewaly, 

Hir awantagis for to se, 

And bid hir oportunyte 

To defende or to assayle, 

For werde is wauerande of bataille. 450 

And qwhen Cyrus was cummyn in 
Pe land of Sitik it to wyn, 
For met }?ar forreouris J>ai sende, 
And pawillyonys J>ai gert discende 
And )>ar tentis son in hy, 
F. 35 b. Be lyklynes to tak herbery, 

Trumpande al )?e day on hicht ; 
Bot qwhen it ntxe drew to }?e nycht 

441. it] hyr RLA ; Bot how euir he RL. 
lykit E*. 447. Hir] Hys RL ; avantage all. 

444. Jar] hyr RE 9 ; In till hir land 448. hir] his RL. 
haue j»ir entre L. 451. qwhen cm. E. 

445. in to] to >e A, in Jwur E a . 454. discende] distend A. 

446. Scho gert hyr sone be prewaly 456. tak] mak E 9 . 


All thaw fyris )?ai gert bald, 
As >ai wald still \zxe berbery hald. 
Off wyne >ai drew and rostit flesche, 
And eit and drank thaim to refresche, 
And syne devodit prevely ; 
And leit within thaw tentis ly 
All thaw wittalis sa assayit, 

As thai had bene fra it affrayit. 470 

The Sythikis J>an J?at in the hycht 
Had lying all ]>e day to nycht, 
Thocht till haif funding vnarrayit 
The Persantis haill and vnpurvait, 
And thocht ]>aim sa for to supprise 
Quhen thai were slepand on J>is wift, 
And thocht to haif )?aim at thaw will, 
And thus ]>aw purpoft to fulfill. 
f. 78 h. The Sy thykis come with thaw batall 

The Persantis sodanely till assaill 480 

Within thair tentis, as thai thocht 

At all suld at ]?air will be wrocht. 

Off the Persantis nane J>ai fand 

Within ]>e tentis >an sterand ; 

For quhy thai all remuffit wew, 

As I 30W tald a litill aiw. 

Than thir Sythikis tuke berbery, 

And eit and drank rycht gredely ; 

Off the wittaill thai assayit 

Thai tuke and eit and litill payit 490 

Bot or the gammyn wes all gane 

Thay payit mare na twa for ane. 

Wyne and flesche }?ai had at will, 

459. gert] gert mak E. 471. And] That L. 

460. J>e] Jwur EE a R. 473-4. om. L. 
463. And syne dewoydid all ; richt 474. Al] And E 2 . 

priualy E 2 . 475. The Sytikis come for till 

470. vnprowait E. assailje L. 


Al )?ar fins }>ai gert baulde, 

As >ai walde stil ]>e herbry haulde. 460 

Off wyne J>ai drew and rostyt flesche, 

And et and drank )>aim to refresche, 

And dewoydit syne prewaly ; 

And let wij>e in ]?ar tentis ly 

Al J>ar wittail swa assayit, 

As >ai had ischit al effrayide. 

Pe Sitikkis )>an )>at in >e hicht 

Had biddyn al ]>e day qwhil nycht, 

Thoucht til haf fundyn wnarrayide 

Pe Persoys hail and wnpurwayide, 470 

And sa ]>ai mycht )>aim best supprysse 

In sleip or J?an sum 6\>ir wysse, 

To tak or sla al at ]?ar wil, 

Al ]ms J>ar purposse to fulfil 

Pe Sitikkis come wi)>e )>ar batalle 

Pe Persois derfly til assaylle 

Wi)>e in J?ar tentis, qwhar J>ai thoucht 

Pat al sulde at ]?ar wil be wroucht. 

Off J>e Persois nane J>ai fande 

Withe in )>e tentis }>an sterande ; 480 

For hail )?e ost remowit were, 

As I 50W taulde a litil ere. 

Pan >ar >e Sitikkis tuk herbery, 

And drank and et richt gredely ; 

Off J>e wittalis J?at was assayide 

Pai tuk richt fast and litil payide. 

Bot or )>e gamyn was al gane 

Pai payid mar J>an twa for ane. 

Wyne and flesch )>ai had at wil, 

476. The Perseis in tiU hard 481. hail] all E a L. 

batail?e L. 483. >ar om. RL. 

478. That all Jair will J»i suld 484. And ete and drank RL. 
haue wrocht L. 485. assayide] graythyt A. 

479-80. transposed E 3 . 486. tuk] eit E. 

479. Off J>e] Bot of the L, Off R. 489-92. om. L. 


And thai* of thai take a huge fill, 

That thai* wes quhene wist of his awne 

How mony akeris he had sawin, 

Bot >aim self forget full quyt ; 

To drink thai had sic appetite 

That all vnwachit sodanely 

Thai fell on sleip rycht hevely. 500 

Off the Persantis J>an )>e spyis 

Tald to Cyrus on quhat wifi 

He mycht his purpose weill fulfill, 

And haue the Sythikis at his will, 

For all J>e tyme ]?ai wer* Jwrim neiir, 

And saw \>are manerc and }>ar* powers. 

With J>at )>e Persantis hastely 
Come on J>e Sythikis sodanely, 
And fand the Sythikis all lyand 
Within \nxe tentis all slepand ; 510 

And \>zxe )?ai stekit )?aim as scheip, 
And slew >aim doune haill in >ar<? sleip, 
f. 79 a. That few eschapit fra J?at place 

For to tell how it hapnyt was. 
The quenys sone in to that steid 
In thai tentis wes slane to deid, 
That 3oung and avenand wes and fair*, 
And till the kinrik prince and air* 
Off all the landis of Sythy. 

Forthy J?e barnage wes sary 520 

Off his dede, and neuerj?eles 
His moder tuke vp sic stoutnes 
And dissymylit hir dule wes done, 
And arrayit hir oste but hone, 
And ordanit )>aim in battallis seiir, 

491. fat] Bot E. )>air scheip L. 

495. all suddanly A. 509-10. om. L. 

504. Arrayit and come one £ s . 510. how] all how R, how >at A. 

508. And slew jiame thair in as 


Par of }>ai tuk sa gret a fil 490 

Pat qwheyn wust )>ar of his awyn 

How mony akeris he had sawyn, 

Bot forjet J>aim self al qwyte ; 

Til drynk thai had sic appetyte 

pat wnwachit suddandly 

Pai fel on sleipe richt hewely. 

Off >e Persoyis J>an J>e spyis 

Taulde til Cyrus on qwhat wyse 

He mycht his purposse weil fulfil, 

And haf ]>t Sytikkys at his wil, 500 

For al tyme J>ai new >aim war, 

And saw ]?ar manerc and ]>ar fare. 

Withe ]>at J>e Persois hastely 
Arrayit )?aim and coyme suddandly, 
And fande }>e Sitikkis al lyande 
Withe in J?ar tentis, stil slepande ; 
Par }?ai )>aim stekyt in ]?ar sleipe, 
And slew J?aim downe as J>ai war schepe, 
Pat few eschapit fra )?at plasse 
To tel how it hapnyt was. 510 

Pe qwenys son in to J?at stede 
And in J>at presse was slayn to dede, 
Pat 3ongi and awenande was and fayw, 
And til his modyr nerast ayr* 
Offal >elandis of Sithi. 
For \>\ J>e [barnage] was sary 
Off his ded, and neuirj>eles 
His modyr tuk vp sic stoutnes 
And dissymblit sorow son, 

And hir arrayit wi}>e outtyn hoyne, 520 

In hir ost wi}?e batellis seyr, 


presse] place E* ; to] and E 2 . 

517-8. om, L. 


and (1)0*1. EE 9 L. 

519. And] Jit sche L; dissimulit 


al om. L ; of] haill of L. 

E a . 


bamagij C. 

521. In] Wyth RL ; wi)«] in RL. 


And spyit quhar/ >e Persantis wer/; 
And hir avantage kest to se 
How scho mycht best revengeit be. 
Hir oste scho scaillit heir* and thar/, 
And schupe as scho affrayit war/, 530 

And leit the Persantis with ]>arf pryde 
Ryote hir landis and our/ ryde ; 
Bot scho neir/ persewit ay, 
Till at J?e last apon a day 
Scho saw )>aim in J?e straittis \zxe 
Quhar* all hir ostis about >aim war/ ; 
Than scho in hir enbuschement 
That thocht to cum till hir entent 
Gert trump vp tyte, and sodanely 
Brak on the Persantis hawtanely 540 

With all hir ostis on ilk syde. 
Sa vmbeset thai wer* )>at tyde 
With the Sythikis that nane mycht 
Fra >e batall ta >e flycht, 
He behuffit on neid to byde 
f. 79 3. Quhar/ thai laid on on ilk syde, 

And J>ar/ sa felloun wes J?e fycht 
That mony dour/ to deid wes dycht, 
Mony hawberk and mony scheild, 
And mony seir/ funding in feild; 550 

Bot there the Sythikis douchtely 
Wan alhaill the victory. 
Twa hundreth thousand than? wes deid 
Off Persantis lyand in }>at steid ; 
The king Cirus of Perfi >at day 

522. And waytand R ; And watit E ; Hyr/ landis ryot all our/ ryde A, 
L. Hir landis ryote and all our ryde E*. 

523-6. om L. 532-4. om. L. 

523. awantage RE a A. 532. )»im] hir E\ 

524. How scho mycht best E. 535. Than gert scho trump vp 

525. For oft] Hyr ost REE'A. sudanely L. 
528. landys] land R ; our/ ryot] riot 


Ay waytande qwhar J>e Persoyis weyr*, 
And hir awantagis for to se 
How best scho mycht rawengit be. 
For oft scho skalyt her* and than, 
Lyk as scho effrayit war*, 
And let ]?e Persoyis withe J>ar pryde 
f. 36 a. Hir landys our* ryot and our* ryde ; 

Bot nere scho persewit ay, 

Qwhil at ]>t last apon a day 530 

Scho saw }>aim in ]>a strayttis J>ar 
Qwhar al hir ost about )>aim war ; 
And scho ]>an in hir buschement 
Pat thoucht to cum til hir entent 
Gert trump vp, and suddandly 
Brak on J>e Persoyis hawtanly 
Withe al hir ost on ilka syde. 
Sa wmbeset J>ai war J>at tyde 
Withe J>e Sithikkys J>at nane mycht 
Fra J>e batale tak }?e flicht, 540 

Bot on neide behuffit til byde ; 
Par J>ai laid on on ilka syde, 
And sa fel }>an was J>e ficht 
Pat mony dour* to dede was dicht, 
Mony a hawberk and mony a scheylde 
Was al to fruschit left in feylde ; 
Bot J?e Sittykkis douchtely 
Wan al ]>e hail wictory. 
Twa hundyr thowsande ]>ai fande dede 
Oflf Persois lyande in J?at stede ; 550 

Pe kyng* Cyrus of Pers )?at day 

536. Brak] Raik A, And L ; 545-6. om. L. 

halUndly E*. 545. a . . . a am . E, and om. R. 

54a Fra] Be ony way fra L. 546. left in] in the E S A. 

541. til] hyme A, >ame L. 548. Wan] Had L ; J>e hail] hale 

542. on om. RL. the REL. 

543. }an] thare R ; And sa fele 550. lyande in] in to L. 
slew in pat fecht L. 


Wes slane in feild, amang >aim lay. 

The quene, >at thocht )ris mekle gud, 

Gert fill a fat full of >arc blud, 

That slane lay and in J>e feild levid, 

And syne gert stryke of Cyrus hevid 5< 

And in )>at fat gert strike it in. 

•• Drink now thi fill or euer Jk>v blyn," 

Quod scho, " for xxx. jeris and mare 

Ay roanis blude }k>v has thristit saiw ; 

Now has )>ov fundin J>aw }ri fill, 

Drink or leif, quhe)?er euer Jk>v will." 

Efter J?at Cirus slane Jms wes 
His sone succedit Cambises ; 
He muffit in till Egipt weiw, 

And raid it throu with his power*; 5; 

Thaw all tempillis he kest doune, 
And fordid thaw religioun, 
And at thaw aid cyrymonyis 
That thai vsit apon thaw wift 
Thaw custumis of deuocioun 
He had abhominacioun. 
Twa spamen syne put him to deid, 
And J^ai succedit in his steid, 
k. no n. And maid fame kingis of J>at land, 

At thaw liking it sterand. 5$ 

His sone Daryus raift )>aim agane 
And has )>aim baith in batall slane. 

552. \k\\] slayne KL ; and om. R. cast L. 

553. )mi] than K 9 . 559. for] for f>ir E 1 . 

554. fill om. EL; And gart a fat fyll 561. or] now or E 1 . 
of jKiir blude E ,J . 561-2.— 

555- 1*0 Than E 8 ; J»t] >e E a L ; Thare thow nowe may fynd thi fill, 

J>an] war E a L ; pat slayfi \mn in J»t Drynk or lewe, quhcthyr evyre the 
feild lewid A. wylle. RL. 

557. And] And in EA ; swak] 


Was J>ar, and amang* J>aim lay. 

Pe queyne, J>at thoucht J>is melle gude, 

A fat gert fil ful of thar blude, 

Pat slayn in to J>at feylde ]>an lewit, 

And syne gert strik of Cirus hewide 

And ]>at fat gert swak it in. 

" Drynk )ri fil now or J>ow blyn," 

Scho said, " for thretty jhere and marc 

Ay mannys blude thow thristyt saw; 560 

Drynk or leyff, qwhej>ir euir J>ow wil, 

For now J>ar may }?ou fynde thi fill." 

Eftyr J>at Cyrus slayne was 
His son succedit [Cambises] ; 
He mowit in [to] Egipte were, 
And raid it throw wi}?e his power* ; 
Par al ]?e templis he kest doun, 
And wndid J?ar religion, 
And at J>ar aulde serymonyis 
Pat J>ai oyssit on syndry wysse 570 

In to J>ar deuociofi 
He had abhomynacion. 
Twa spa men syne put hym to dede, 
And }>ai succedit in his stede, 
And mad )>aim kyngis of }>e lande, 
At \mr likyng* it sterande. 
Syne Daryus rase J?aim agayfi 
And bath J>a [has] in batale slayn/. 

563. slayne] slane Jkut E. 570. on] in L, em. E ; syndry] 

564. Tambises C. mony A. 

565. to om. C. 572. had] hade all E a . 

566. his] grete R. 575. J>e om. R. 

567. J>e] thare RLEA. 578. has he C ; And hawe thai 

568. all Joir L. bath R. 

569. And at] And all E', At all L. 



How Daryus king wes diseomflte 
And syne ?eid to >e batall tyte. 

FOUR hundreth winter and twenty 
Or God wes borne of our* Lady, 
Consentand all )>e barnage haill, 
Daryus tuke J>e gouernaill 
Oflf all Perft in properte, 
And regnyt in gret ryalte. 
Quhen he recouerit had Assyry 
And Babelone alhalely 594 

Agane }>e stout king Amprotyr, 
Oflf Sythy J>at tyme lord and syre, 
He raissit oste and rauffit weir*, 
And come on him with his power*, 
For cauft J>at Amprotyr, the king 
Off Sythy, maid him plane warnyng 
Off his dochter till his wif, 
And for this cauft begouth this strif. 
The oste of Perft wes nam it J>en 
Sevin hundreth thousand armyt men, 601 

That for the luf of >at lady 
Set )?aim alhaill in iuperdy 
Off gret perellis and dout of deid, 
And oft disparit of remeid ; 
For, as thai throu J>e cuntre past, 

Chap. VI. (LII. in E a A).— his om. A 5 in to] in RLE. E*= W. 

579. thris] twift E a , om. L. 588. ))an om. R ; Of ail Sythy lor 

583. in] in to E a A. and syre L. 

584. J»t C. 591. J>at om. R. 

585. Quhen recouerit was AsseryE 2 . 593. be om. CL. 
587. kyng*] king of E a . 594. >is] his E a L. 



How Daryus throw his succudry 
Was discumfyt in to Sythi. 


*OUR hundyr wyntir and thris twenty 

Or God was born of our Lady, 580 

Consentande al J>e barnage haile, 
Daryus tuk J>e gouernaille 
Off al Pers in propyrte, 
And regnyt in [gret] ryalte. 
Qwhen he recoueryt had Assyry 
And Babilon al hallely 
Agane J>e kyngi Amprotyrc, 
Of Sithi }?an bath lorde and syre, 
He rayssit ost and mowit were, 
And coy me on hym wij?e his power*, 590 

For causse J>at Amprotyr, J?e kyng* 
Off Sithi, mad hym playne warnyng* 
Off his douchtyr til [be] his wiff, 
Qwhen he hir askyt ; for J>is stryff 
F. 36*. And )ns were Schire Daryus 

Mowit apon Amprotyrus. 
[The ost] of Pers was nemmyt J>en 
Sewyn hundyr thousande feychtande men, 
Pat for }?e lust of a body 

Was set al in to iuperdy, 600 

And ]>q ost in gret dout of dede, 
And al dispayrande of ramede ; 
For, as )>ai throw J>e lande past, 

597. I>at C ; nemmyt] nomerit E a , 601. fee ost] offt R, als E, ost L. 
namyd R. 602. And cm. RLE 9 ; dyspayrid 

598. feychtande] armyd RL. RL. 

599. body] lady E 9 AL. 603. For as throu J* prefl past E. 



The Sythikis handillit )>aim so fast, 
Conwoyand )>aim on ilka syde, 
That nane durst fra the batall byd 
That the Sythikis mycht ourcta, 
Than thai but ransoun wald thairo sla; 610 

And sa be sindry iuperdyis 
f. 80 & Fourty thousand reknyt twifc 

Darius myssit of his men, 
With iuperdyis at slane were }>en, 
And him self all prevely 
Fled of the kinrik of Sythy, 
For dreid thai suld behind him streke 
The furdis and J>e briggis brek 
Off Danuby, }>e gret ryver* 

That mercheand is to Sythy neinr. 620 

Off \>e scaith J>at he had tane 
He maid bot litill cain? or nane, 
And thocht J^at tinsall wes bot small 
For to rekin his costis all ; 
Bot me think now J>at quha suld tyne 
Sa mony of gud men and fyne, 
That he were nocht of litill mycht 
That had sa mony folkis to fycht 
Vpone a day in till a feild 

With wicht men wappinnis for to weild, 630 

As Daryus tynt in till Sythy 
Throu his hawtane succudry. 

Throu Asye syne he past onone 
Quhen he had dauntit Macedone ; 
Wenys IpaX neir* is be J>e se 
With his navyne werrayit he, 
And J>e folkis of Athenis haill 

605. Constayand R, Constarand 608-9. om. L. 

E, Waitand E a A, Assailjeande L. 608. ranson] refrene £. 

606. bataile] ost L; byde] ryde 610. Fourty] Four« A; reknyt] 
E a A. novmerit L. 


Pe Sitikkis handlyt >aim sa fast, 

Costayande )>aim on ilka syde, 

Pat nane durst fra J>e bataile byde 

Pat J>e Sitikkis mycht our ta, 

Pan )>ai walde J?aim but ranson sla ; 

And swa be syndry iuperdisse 

Fourty thousande reknyt twysse 610 

Daryus myssit of his men, 

Wi]?e iuperdisse J?at slayn war }>en, 

And hym self al prewaly 

Flede of >e kynrik of Sithi, 

For dreid J>ai sulde behynde hym steik 

Pe furdis and }?e briggis breik 

Off Danoye, J?e gret ry were 

Pat marchande is to Sithi new. 

And of J>e skaythe )>at he had tane 

He made bot litil dule or mayne, 620 

And thoucht that tynsale was bot sraalle 

For to rekkyn his costis all ; 

3 hit was he noucht of litil mycht 

Pat swa mony couythe ger* dicht 

Apon a day in til a feylde 

Off wicht men wapynnys for to weylde, 

As Daryus tynt in til Sythi 

Throw his hawtane succudry. 

Throw Asy syne he past onone 
Qwhen he had dawntit Massidon ; 630 

Yonas new by J>e se 
Withe his nawyne warrayide he, 
And J>e Athenyens hail 

615. dreid] dout L ; behynde] be 628. hawtane] awne L. 

R. 631. Ionas J»n E*. 

618. That merchis to E a . 632. nawyne] powere E ; warrayide] 

620. mayne] nane L. arryvit E 3 , it werrayt L. 

624. ger*] gere be EA, gar RE 9 . 


Raift to mak ]>aim suppowall ; 
Forthy Darius movit weir* 

Aganis >aim with haill power*; 640 

And thai )>aim purvait for defens 
And maid agane ]>aim resistens, 
And with >ar<? awne cumpany 
With sowdanis of Spartany, 
And bot xi. thousand but mail? 
In till ]>e feild he semblit }>ari 
f. 81 a, Agane vi. hunder thousand haill 

Off Persantis ordanit for batall ; 
In to that fecht Melchiadeft 

For J>e Athenis chiftane wes. 650 

Thar* baith thai ostis sone onone 
In to the feild of Marrabone 
Togidder assemblit hastely ; 
Bot of J>e fechting wes ferly, 
For quha that neirc ]>aim by had bene, 
He rnycht J?e ta part weill haif sene 
In batall dourely men slaand, 
The to)>er as bestis thar* deand. 
Twa hundreth Persantis thar* 
Slane in the feild funding wer*. 660 

Darius thus gatis discomfite 
Chassit fled till his schippis tyte, 
And with his navyne in sic affray 
Vnslane bot chaissit as that day 
Held till his land of Perft, and thar* 
He semblit sone all his power* 
In J>at en tent for till haif bene 

635-6. am. L. 638. hym] thame RL. 

635. For] For thi RA, For caufl 641. weyr* C. 
E 2 . 642. J*rC. 

636. haU] his E 2 . 646. a om. RLE 3 . 

637. As C ; of] for E 3 . 649. melland E. 


Rasse to roak ]?aim suppowalle ; 

For Jus Daryus mowit hys were 

Agaynnis >aim wij>e hail powers ; 

[And] )?ai )?aim purwaide of defens 

And made agayn hym resistens, 

And withe J>ar awyn company 

And sowdeouris of Spertany, 640 

Ellewyn thousande men but [mare] 

In to )?e feylde assemblit [ware] 

Agayn sex hundyr thousande haille 

Off Persoyis ordanyt for batale ; 

In to J>at ficht Miltyades 

Off Athenyens a chiftane wes. 

Baythe }& ostis sone onone 

In to )>e feylde of Maryton 

To gedyr mellyt hastely ; 

Bot of Jjar feychtyng* was ferly, 650 

For qwha J?at new had by J?aim beyn, 

Pa mycht \>e ta part weil haf seyn 

In batalle derfly men slaande, 

Pe tolpir as bestis ]?ar deande ; 

Twa hundyr thowsande Persoyis ]>axe 

Slayne in }>e feylde and fundyn war*. 

Daryus swa J>ar discomfyte 

And chassit flede til his schippis qwyt, 

And withe his nawyn in effray 

Wnslayne eschapit as J>at day 660 

In til his lande of Pers, and J>ar 

Assemblit son a gret powar^ 

In til entent for til haf beyn 

651. >at]sa L; by]toL; Forquha 657. Darius >an >air sua discomfyt 
pAt nere >ame by had bene EA, Bot E 2 . 

quha )»t euir had by thame bene E 2 . 658. And om . RLE a ; qwyt] tyte 

652. WHeL. RLA. 

655. thowsande om. R. 660. as] has E. 

656. and om. RL. 


Revengeit of his fais kene ; 

Bot in his oste he deit throu caft, 

And his purpoft fal^eit was. 670 


How Corses with vlL hunder thousand 
Wes vineust baith on so and land. 

FOUR hundreth sevinty $ere and sevin 
Or Mary baire the King of Hevin, 
His sone Cerses in his [steid], 
Quhen Darius, as 3e herd, wes deid, 
In Perft succedit king regnand, 
And gouernyt with his lawis }>at land, 
And )>e weire held v. ^eire 
That his fader in gret steire. 
f. 81 b. In till his land of Persantis >en 

He had vii. hunder thousand men, 680 

Armyt at all poyntis clenely ; 

Thre hunder thousand of >aim suthly 

Were wageouris armyt at rycht, 

In to thaw harnes flawmand brycht ; 

Twelf hunder schippis gret of tour*, 

And of smallar thre thousand oure, 

With men and wittaill thare gert he 

Be stuffit weill and laid to se. 

His gret oste J>us assemblit there 

Doutit gif ony watteris were 690 

673. W. deid. 

665. Bot in] And of E a . 666. failjeide] lettyt A. 

Chap. VII. (LIIL in E a A).— E 2 =W. vineust baith] discomfyt E 9 . 


Rewengit of his fayis keyn ; 
Bot in his ost he deit of casse, 
And swa his purposse fai^eide was. 


f. 37 «. pis chapter tellis how Xerses 

Darius son discomfit was. 

FOUR hundyr wyntir sewenty and sewyn 
Or Mary bur* >e Kyng* of Hewyn, 
Qwhen Darius, as ^he herde, was dede, 
His son Cerses in his stede 670 

In Persse succedit kyng* regnande, 
And gouernyt wi}>e lauche J?e lande, 
And )>at wer* helde vp v. 3her* 
Pat his fadyr in Grece gert stew. 
In til his ost of Persoyis >en 
He had sewyn hundyr thousande men, 
At al poynt armyt cleynly ; 
Thre hundyr thousande he had by 
Off wageouris armyt al at richt, 
In to )>ar ger* al flawmande bricht ; 680 

Twelf hundyr schippis gret of tourc, 
And of lesse thre thowsande oure, 
Withe men and wittale )>ar gert he 
Be stuffit weil and laid to se. 
[His] gret ost swa assemblit }>ar 
Dowttyt giff ony watteris ware 

667. wyntir] yhere R, om. E 2 L; rycht clenly E, full cleirlie E 2 . 
sewenty] xvii E ; and] Jere and 679. al at] at all R. 
AEE^. 684. weil om. L ; se] >e sey L. 

672. lauche] his lauch R ; And 685. He CE ; swa] he E*. 
governit all \oX land L. 686. wattir E 9 A. 

677. armyt] anarmyt L; cleynly] 


Off haboundance or plente 

That to thame all J>ar* drink mycht be, 

Or gif ony erd large wes 

To than batallis for to pass, 

Or to thar«r navyne ony se 

Mycht rovme enewgh or large be. 

Sic ane oste, 3e may weill trow, 

Is weir* for to be gaderit now 

Than it wes )>an for to supprift 

Be batall or be iuperdyift. 700 

Off Spartany Leoniedes 
King and lord all J?at tyme wes ; 
He with viii. thousand men ]>at quhile 
Lay in the stratest of Teronapill. 
Quhen Cerses >ar* of had wittering, 
In to dispyte and pur* hething 
That sa few for thar* defens 
Durst mak agane him resistens, 
He gert array his gret batall 

In purpose thame for till assaill ; 710 

Bot thai sped ]>aim befor onone 
In to the feild of Marratone, 
f. 82 a. That in his fader tyme had bene 

The cauft of this mischeif bedene, 
Forthy to assal3e his innemyis 
With batall or with iuperdyis. 

And thai rycht sa, schortly to tell 
As in J?at fecht )>e fortoune fell, 
The begynning thai were haill, 

And of J?at fecht the first tinsall ; 720 

And quhen this gret oste with Cerses 
Wnto the batall cummyn wes, 

687. or] and sic RL. 692. larg/V A. 

690. largw] large RLEE 2 ; wes] 695. was than RL; is nowCEE*A. 
>air waS E a . 698. in om. E*. 

691. ony] on \>e see A. 


Off sic habundance or plente 

Pat to J?aim al ]>ar drynk mycht be, 

Or to J>ar batale for to passe 

Ony erde to largw wes, 690 

Or til )>ar nawyne ony se 

Micht rowme inewche or large be. 

Sic ane ost, $he may weil trow, 

Is wer for to be gaderit now 

Pan it [was than] for til supprice 

Be bataile or be iuperdisse. 

Off Spertany Leonydes 
Kyng and lorde in J?at tyme wes ; 
He wi)?e aucht thousande men }>at qwhile 
Bayde in til straytis of Termopyle. 700 

Qwhen Cerses J?ar of had tythyng*, 
In til dispyte and pure heythyng* 
Pat sa fewe for }>ar defens 
Durst mak agan hym resistens, 
He gert arraye his gret bataille 
In purposse >aim for til assayle ; 
Bot )>aim he spede befor anone 
Pat in )>e feylde of Marytone 
In til his fadyr tyme had beyn, 
And )?ar )>ar freyndis slayne had seyn, 710 

For til assayl >ar innymys 
With bataile or wi)>e iuperdysse. 

Off J?a schortly for to tel 
As in [the] feycht }>e forton fel, 
Pe begynnyng* )?ai war haile, 
And of >at fycht )>e fyrst bataile ; 
Syne J?e gret ost withe Cerses 
Son to )>e batel cummyn wes, 

699. He with saxt hundreth men annone E 3 ; Bot thame befoir he sped 
E*. on one L. 

700. in til] in the RL. 714. the om. CE. 

707. Bot |«me before he hade sped 716. bataile] tynsalle RL. 


Thai vmbeset on ilka syde 
The Spartanyis with Leonyde. 
The fecht raift sone baith ferft and fell, 
And the batall rycht cruell, 
Quharc nane raycht heir* bot dusche for dusche, 
And rappis rude with mony rusche ; 
Mony scheild and mony speir* 
To fruschit and to brokin wer* ; 730 

Of on basnettis burnyst all brycht 
Men mycht se seir* wappinnis lycht, 
And stedis strayand throu )?e meid 
With woundis wyde at fast can bleid. 
In sic a thrang, withoutin dout, 
The fechting thre dais lestit out, 
But trewis taking or departing, 
Or ony maner of amesing, 
That nane of bak the flycht mycht ta, 
Na nane mycht pass to purcheft ma. 740 

Thai were in to that fycht sa thik 
That nane had rovme o)>er to stik, 
And sa fortyrit in that thraw 
That nane had mycht his aynd to draw. 
Off slane bodyis funding war* tharc 
Heipis hie vpstandand were, 
f. 8a b. That quha sa had )>aim J?at tyme sene 

Wald nocht haif trowit bot thai had sene 

Twa batallis of seir* nationis, 

As hapnis betuene regionis, 750 

719. vmbeset] enbuschit L. 728. Thair men micht se E 2 . 

720. and] and J>e A. 730. ran] wan E. 

723. Quhair micht men L. 732. Thre days pc batell lestyt 

724. a om. EA. out L. 

725. a ... a om. E ; and mony] 733. tail] takyn R, taking E 9 L, 
mony R, and L. takywning A. 

726. and] and all RE 9 A ; fruschit] 734. aineyssyng R; amesing 
ruschin L. EE a AL. 

727. psit schynand EE 2 A. 


And vmbeset on ilka syde 

Pe Spertanys and Leonyde. 720 

Pan rasse J?e fecht bathe fers and fell, 
And al >e bataile richt cruelle ; 
Par men mycht hew bot dusche for dusche, 
Rappis ruyde withe mony a rusche ; 
Mony a pennowne and mony a spew 
To rewyn and to fruschit wer* ; 
On bassenettis schynande bricht 
Men mycht se pollaxis licht ; 
Par morel, bayerde, don and gray, 
Withe wondis flyngande ran away ; 730 

In to sic presse, wij>e outtyn dout, 
Pe feychtyng* thre dayis lestyt out, 
But trew tail or departyng*, 
Or ony kyn o)?ir mesyng*, 
f. 37 b. Pat nane a bak J?e flycht mycht ta, 

Na nane mycht passe to purches ma, 

Na nane had nymmylnes for to strik, 

pai war in to ]>at fecht sa thik, 

And sa fortyrit in }>at thraw 

Pat qwhayne had toy me J?ar aynde to draw. 740 

Off slayne bodeis fundyn )?ar 

Hepis hye vp skalyt war, 

Pat qwha )>at had >aim J?at tyme seyfi 

Walde noucht haf trowit thai had beyn 

Twa batellis of seyr nacyonys, 

As hapynnys betweyn regionys, 

735. a bak] off bak R, one bak quhofie A, fewe E ; toymc] come R, 

E*L. twme E a , tome A, tyme L; ]»r] 

737-8. om. L ; reversed in R — his R. 

Thai war in to that fycht so thyke 742. vp skalyt] wpstandand R, J»ir 

That nane had nymbilnes to stryke. Hand E 3 ; Ilepis richt hie fundin wer L. 

737. for om. E. 743-6. om. L. 

739. Thay wer sa tyryt L, And for 744. thai] at thai R. 

tyryd R ; in] in to RE 2 !* 746. betweyn] oft betaen E, betuix 

740. qwheyne R, quhene L, tua E 2 . 

60 CHAPTER Lin. 

Bot of alkyne natioun, 

As pestilens or deid felloune. 

The ferd day quhen Leoniedes 
Saw how he with his fais set was 
He callit till him his wageouris, 
His freyndis and his sowdeouris ; 
Out of the press of the batall 
He thrang and said : " I gif counsall 
That je remufe out of the fycht, 
And draw 30W to 3one hill on hycht, 760 

3ow to refresche and talc J?e air*; 
And quhen it nedis syne to repair* 
Fra that je refreschit be, 
For better 3U I think to se ; 
For I will with the Spartanyis 
Pruf sum vther iuperdyis, 
Suppoft I happin to be slane 
And for to de in to >e payne ; 
For quhy it is my honest det 

For my land my lif to set, 770 

And set nocht by my lif a fle 
Quhill I haif gottin my land all fre, 
Na I compt nocht na hurt a peir* 
My honour and my land to weir*. 
Forthy to 30W, my feris all, 
I gif to counsall quhat euer fall 
That we na langer hover heir*, 
Bot to 3one gret ost lat ws steir*, 
And set 3our lif in iupertye 

For to distroy our* innemy, 780 

f. 83 a. Na comptis nocht )>e dayis lycht, 

747-8. From R ; not in CEA. 754. He] And RL. 

747. kyn] of ane kyne E a . 758. Jour] owre RLE* ; to] yhe R. 

748. Pestilens] Distroyit be pesti- 759-6o. om. L. 
lence E 2 . 761. wil C. 

750. set was] wes set EE a , set R. . 767-70. om. L. 


[Bot off all kyn natyoune 
Pestilens, or ded felowne]. 

Pe ferde day qwhen Leonyda 
Saw wi)>e his fais he set was sa, 750 

He callit til hym his wageouris, 
His freyndis and his sowdeouris 
Out of J>e presse of )>e batel ; 
He said : " I gif 30W for consaille 
Pat ^he ramuffe out of }?e feycht, 
And drawis 30W til 3on hil on hicht, 
3ow to refresche and tak )>e ayr, 
And at jour neid syne to rapayr 
Fra J?at jhe refreschit be, 

For bettyr ^hit I thynk to se ; 760 

And [I wil withe] my Spertanys 
Pruff sum o)>ir iuperdisse, 
Supposse I hapyn to be slayn, 
And for to de in to )>e payn ; 
For it is myne honest det 
For my lande my lif to set, 
And of my self to be rekles 
Qwhen I haf gottyn my lande in pesse ; 
Na I prysse na payne a pew, 
Myne honour is my lande to were. 770 

For )>i to jow, my falowis hail, 
Now I gif jow for playn consaile 
Pat in lang* [hoyne] ^he houir noucht, 
Bot on jour worschep set 30UW thoucht, 
And set jour lif in iuperdy 
For til supprysse 30ur innymy, 
And bidis noucht ]>e dayis licht 

768. Quhyll R. 773. hayme CE, home R, hoyne E*, 

769. Na] Nor E ; na] nocht E. hone A. 

770. is] and R. 774. on Jour] in to L ; set] $e set 
772. Now] Here L ; jow om RLE 3 ; E 9 A. 

for] my L. 777. And] Na all 


Na ;it till }our fais be dycht, 

Bot on the nycht gif we may se 

That ony hap may ouris be. 

Within thaw tentis quhar; thai ly 

Cum we on )*aim sodanely ; 

For sa slepand best we may 

Put J*aim to sa hard assay 

That, for out perell, ma sail de 

Than sail be bovne to fecht or fle, 790 

And our worschip na may nocht be 

Commendit of mare honeste 

Than to be fundin togidder all, 

How sa euer }>e fortoune fall, 

Ou)>er with fais within thar; tentis, 

Or in plane feild or in buschementis ; 

For honour artis ws till assaill, 

Anil aventur* may oft availl, 

And prowes puttis till perill, 

And efter hope happinnis quhile ; 800 

And Jms be fell opunyons 

Koroutin excusations 

We salbe savit fra all blame, 

And kepit salbe our gud fame." 

To )>is )*ai assentit all, 
And did his counsall, gret and small, 
And gert tharr spyis ta gud keip 
Quhill ]>at ]>e Persantis wer on sleip 
Within thaw tentis quhar* thai lay. 
And J>an, schortly for to say, 810 

Leoniedes with his cumpany 
Come on )>e Persantis sodanely 

781. Withe in] Withe om L, in 786. be] beis E 2 , sail be R. 
om. E a . 787-92. om. L. 

782. Cum] Pass L; on] vpon E a ; 791. amang^] wytht in R; Jaur] 
|ian] sa A, om. RLE. omic A. 

783. For] And A. 793. our] honowr RLE 2 ; til] ws 

784. in] in to E*. till RL. 


Na 30m* fais til >ai be dicht ; 

Bot on J>e nycht gif we can se 

Pat )>e hap mycht ouris be, 780 

Withe in }>ar tentis qwhar J?ai \y 

Cum we on J>aim Jwtn suddandly ; 

For swa slepande best we may 

Put J?aim in swa harde assay 

Pat, but perel, ma sal de 

Pan be bowne to feicht or fle, 

And our* renawne may neuir be 

Commendit of maw honeste 

Pan to be fundyn to gedyr all, 

How sa euir )>e forton fal, 790 

Amangi our fais, amangi )?ar tentis, 

Par pawillyonys or J?ar buschementis ; 

For our awise til assayle 

Awentur* oft may awaile, 

And prowes pynys al perille 

And eftyr hope hart hapnys qwhylle ; 

Swa sal gret oppynyownys 

Mak for ws excusacionys, 

And we sal sauffit be fra blayme 

And als weil defende our nayme." 800 

To Yis J?ai assentyt haile, 
And wroucht al eftyr his consaile, 
And gert >ar spyis tak gud kepe 
Qwhen J?at )>e Persois fel on sleipe 
Withe in )>ar tentys qwhar )>ai lay. 
To }ris, schortly for to say, 
Leonyde withe his company 
Come on )>e Persois suddandly 

794. Awenturc] And awenture RL, hard A. 

Peraucntour E 8 ; oft may] may offt 797. Swa] Than swa R. 

RE 8 , may oft tyme L. 798. ws] our* A. 

795*6. om. L. 80a als weil] sail welle R, wele sal 

795. al] or E 3 . L ; nayme] fame R. 

796. hope] hap E 8 ; hart] hape R, 


Quhen >ai wen sadly falling on sleip, 
f. 83 «. And stekit j>ame as >ai wer* sheip, 

That sum with woundis walknyt were, 
And sum were gaspand, granand sair*, 
And sum sa stekit stakerand stude, 
And sum lay bluberand in J?ar<f blude ; 
And ]>us in woundis as thai wauerit 
And stekit sa with stokis stauerit, 820 

The Persantis ilkane stekit were, 
Sparand noJ>er freynd nor bro}>er, 
For )>ai wer* of sic multitud 
And sa thik togidder stude 
That nane mycht myft quhare he wald mynt, 
Na nane to deid gaif double dynt, 
And mony smorit and lossit the lif 
Foroutin straik of suerd or knyf. 
And )ms }>e Spartanys but chas 
Wencust )>zre fais neirc in that place, 830 

For fra )>e glomyne of the nycht 
Till on )>e morne >at day wes lycht, 
And till ane hour* efter J>e none 
Or )>at the fecht wes fully done. 
Quhen }>at J?e king wes socht 
And funding in J?e feild wes nocht, 
Sex hundreth thousand Persantis >are 
In to J>e deid funding war*, 
And slane in to that iuperdy, 

With sex hundreth anerly 840 

Off Spartanyis J?at in J>at tyde 
To batall come with Leoniyde, 
That slane with him in batall wes ; 

809. fallyn] all L. 813. J>ar om. A; stakrand stikit E 2 , 

811. And] That R. stakerand stekyt A. 

812. p&x] lay E, war* A; granyt] 815. Al] And E 3 . 

granand LA. 818. noufrir] nane A; freynde] 

813-6. om. L. fadyre R. 


Qwhen ]>ai war sadly fallyn on sleipe, 
And stekyt >aim as J?ai war schepe, 810 

And sum wi)?e wounddis waknyt ware, 
And sum J?ar gaspande granyt sari, 
f. 38 a. And sum )>ar stekyt stakrande stude, 

And sum lay bullerande in J?ar blude ; 
Al )?us in wodnes as thai waueryde 
And stekyt sa withe stokys staweride, 
Pe Persois ilkan stekyt o)?ir, 
Sparande nou))ir freynde na brojnr, 
For J>ai war of sic multitude 

And sa thik to gedyr stude 820 

Pat nane walde mysse qwhar he walde mynt, 
Na nane to ded gaf dowbil dynt, 
And mony smoryt lossit )>e liff 
Wi)>e outtyn straik of suerde or knyff. 
Pe Spertanys wi)?e outtyn chas 
Par fais wyncust in )>at plasse, 
For fra )?e glomyng* of )>e nycht 
Til on >e morn )>at day was licht, 
And ane hour was eftyr none 
Gane fully or J>e feicht was don*. 830 

Qwhen at ]>e kynge of Persse was soucht 
And fundyn in J?e feylde was noucht, 
Sex hundyr thousande Persois )>ar 
In to )?at feylde ded fundyn war, 
Discumfyt in }>at iuperdy, 
Withe sex hundyr anerly 
Off Spertanys ]>at in )>at tyde 
To batale come wi}>e Leonyde, 
Pat slayne in to }>at batel was. 

821. walde (1)] mycht RLE ; 828. ]»t] quhill R, J>e E 3 . 
wald (2) om. E. 835. J»t] that ilk E a . 

822. Na] Tha R ; to] for E a . 836. anerly] allanerly A. 

823. And] Bot E. 837. ]»t in] in to E ; in] in till E a . 
826. Vincust >ar faes E ; Thare fays 838. come] pat come E. 

all wencust R. 



And >us discomfit wcs Cerses, 
And, as of neid than him behuffit, 
Till his schippis he him remuffit, 
f. 84 «. And with his navyne Jwm thocht he 

That all Grece suld distroyit be. 

In till )>is tyme Tymostocles 
Off Athenis that chiftane wes, 850 

That is in Grece a gret cete 
And mast famouft in that cuntre ; 
Quhen he )>c Yonis saw alhaill 
In till Cerses suppowall, 
And had his flote in gouernyng, 
And for thir cauft of Perft J>e king 
Daryus, the fader of Cerses, 
Agane Athenis commuffit wes, 
And sa were }>ai ]>e cauft principall 
Off all ]>is weir* and J?is batall ; 860 

For halely the Athenyens 
With Yonyis in thar* defens 
Agane Daryus raift of weir*, 
Quhairfor he raisit his power* 
Aganis the Atheniens, 
That maid sa manly resistens 
Quhill in the Marracone on a day 
Slane twa hunder* thousand lay ; 
And, as I said, J>is Tymosteles, 
That saw how all J?is cummyn wes, 870 

Set all his slycht and his quayntift 
For to trete with >e Yonyift ; 
And for him worthit to forbeir*, 
As vse is among men of weir*, 
Entercomonyng ; forthy be bill 

841. Jwin om. A ; And of neid as 843. pan] jit L. 

J»n behuffit E 2 , And of nede Jan as 845. And in] In to RA, In L, In 

him behuffit L. till E a . 

842. hym om. AL. 846. Off the RL ; a chiftane EA 


Pus discumfyt was Cerses, 840 

And, as of neide }>an hym behuffi t, 
Til his schippis he hym ramowide, 
And withe his nawyne )?an thoucht he 
Pat al Grece sulde distroyit be. 
And in )?at tyme Temystocles 
Off Atheneens chiftane was ; 
Pe Yonyis, qwhen [he] saw haile 
In til Cerses suppowall, 
And had his flote in gouernyng*, 
Syne for )>ar causse of Persse J>e kyng* 850 

Darius, )>e fadyr of }ris Cerses, 
Agane Athenys mowit wes, 
Sa ]>ai war causse principalle 
Off al Jus wer* and J>is batale ; 
For hail )>e Athenyens 
Withe >e Yonyis in J?ar defens 
Agane Darius rasse of were, 
Qwharfor he mowit his power* 
Agane J?e Athenyens, 

Pat made sa manly resistens 860 

Qwhil in Maraton on a day 
Slayne twa hundyr thowsande lay ; 
Par chiftane, J>is Temystocles, 
Pat saw how al )>e cummyn wes, 
Set hail his slycht and his qwyntyce 
For to tret wi)>e )>is Yonyis ; 
For hym worthit to forber, 
As oysse is amang* men of were, 
Entyrcomonyng*, in til a bil 

847. t>ai CE. 866. To treit syne with E 8 ; Jris] 

854. Jris wew] pt werk E 2 . thir RL. 

855. hail] halely L. 867. worthit] worth L. 

856. \>e otn, all, 869. in til a] in R, in to E, >airfor 
859. Aganis E 9 A. in E 2 , in to A ; Sic commonyng he 
864. ]w] this RLA. wrait in a bill L. 


He wrait his entent and will 
[To] the am*rwaill of Yonyfc, 
And ]>us he wrait on preve wyft ; 
He said : " Me think $e ar to blame, 
That ar to rekles of ;our fame, 880 

Set ;e think be ;our consciens 
f. 84 6. That for 3our stait Be mak defens, 

Bot }it it is gret cruelte 
Off pur gud fame rekles to be ; 
For honour tholis confusioun 
[Quhen] revery regnys but resoune, 
And wit with will quha will supprift, 
Thar* honeste defoullit lyift. 
Off kyndnes tharrfor haiffis nov thocht, 
And thinks for 30W quhat $e haif wrocht 890 

In Marracone apon a day, 
Quhar* slane ii c thousand lay, 
And how our* frendis of Spartany 
For 3our cauft alhalely 
In till our* suppowall raift, 
And how thar* king Leoniydafi 
Now in to J>is latter fecht 
Sex hundreth thousand on a nycht 
With sex hundreth men [has] slane ; 
And in }>at batall with gret pane 900 

Leoniydes slane wes tharc, 
That we and J>ai mycht rew full sair*. 
For he wes worthy, wyft and wycht, 
And of his handis a hardy knycht. 
And now )>e king of Perft, Cerses, 
That fra >at fecht eschapit is, 
In $one gret flote apon )>e se 

877. W. That. 886. W. Quhat. 899. W. wes. 

874. statis] scaithis L. 878. rewis] reuillis E 2 . 

877-8. om. L. 879. And] For L ; }he] to L. 


He wrat his consail and his wil, 870 

And said : " Me thynk jhe ar to blayme, 
Pat negligent ar of jour* fayme, 
Set jhe wil withe jour consciens 
Ay for jour statis mak defens, 
3hit it is gret crewelte 
Rekles of jour* fayme to be ; 
For honour* tholis confusion, 
And reuery rewis }?ar resson, 
And wit wi]?e wil ]>ax jhe supprysse, 
And honeste defoulyt lyis. 880 

Off kyndnes J?ar for set joure thoucht, 
And thynk for jow qwhat jhe haf wrought 
In Maraton apon a day, 
Qwhar slayn twa hundyr thousande lay, 
[How] our freyndis of Spertany 
For jour causse al hallely 
F.i38p. In til our* suppowale rasse, 

And how }>ar kyng* Leonydas 

Sex hundyr thousande on a nycht 

Now in to J?is lattyr fecht 890 

Withe sex hundyr men has slayn, 

In til gret presse, thrang* and payne ; 

And Leonyde als slayn was }?ar, 

Pat Spertany may rew euirmar. 

And now J?e kyng* of Pers, Cerses, 

Pat fra J?e fecht eschapit wes, 

In til jour* gret flote apon ]>e se 

881. Off] And E ; Thairfor vn- 889-90. reversed in RL. 
kyndnes settis Jour thocht L. 893. als] alsua R. 

882. And think quhat we haue for 894. Spertany] Spartane R ; may] 
Jou wrocht L. micht E a ; may rew] rew may RE. 

885. Off C, And how RLA, And 896. >e] that RLE 2 . 

E 9 ; our] Jour E. 897. til om. E ; apon >e] apon R, 

886. caussis A ; al om. R. on the L. 
888. )*r] f>e E 9 , our^ A. 


Full effrayit has tane entre, 
And schapit to distroy ws all 

Be God, perchans his pryde may fall ; 910 

For quhy 3c quyt ws now kyndnes, 
That quhen je se ws set in press, 
Gif out of havin ;our schippis be, 
3e change to luf and turne to se, 
And lat ws with our fais fycht 
Till J«t our goddis deill >e rycht" 
f. 85 «. This wes his counsall and his will, 

That he gert writt and cloft in bill, 
And till a stane at wes neir* by, 
Quhare J>at he wist rycht witterly 920 

That Yonyse wald aryve, 
He gert it festnyt be belive. 

The awmerall sone land has tane, 
And saw this apon the stane ; 
Fra he it red he wist it wes 
The counsall of Thomesteles. 
In haist his erandis }?an did he, 
And sped him syne fast to ]>e se, 
And drew him fra >e Cerses sone of Perft, 
Rycht as Themestocles did reherse. 930 

Themestocles jit still abaid 
And of thaw schippis wonyng [had] ; 
And lay arrayit with his oste, 
Ay redy for to keip J?e coste. 
Bot Antynodor, J>at lady 
That quene wes ]>an of Carnasy, 
In J?e suppleying of Cerses 
Brak on this Themestocles 
Out of hir buschement quhar* scho lay, 
And maid rycht stout and hard assay, 940 

933. W. had cm. 

898. made] tane KL. 902. turne] pas E 9 A. 

900. set in] in to E 2 A. 904. J>e] all E 9 . 


Al effrayide has made entre ; 

For ]>i }he qwhit ws ]ns kyndnes, 

Pat qwhen ^he se ws set in presse 900 

And out of hawyn jour* schippis be, 

3he change luf and turne to se, 

And lat ws wi)>e our fais fecht 

Qwhil >at our goddis deil >e richt." 

pis was his conssail and his wil, 

Pat he gert wryt and cloysse in bil, 

And til a stan J?at was new by, 

Qwhar }>at he wist richt wittyrly 

Pe Yonyis walde sone arywe, 

He gert it festynnyt be belywe. 910 

Pe alraeral sone lande has tan, 
And saw }ris bil apon ]>t stane ; 
Fra he it rede he wist it wes 
Pe consaile of Themystocles. 
In hast [his erand] al did he, 
And sped hym syne to ]>e se. 
Themystocles jhit J?ar bade 
And of J?ar schippis wonnyng* hade ; 
And lay arrayid withe his ost, 
Ay purwayide for to kepe ]>e cost. 920 

Artymydyr, }?an lady 
And queyne of Hilicarnysy, 
In swppowalle of Cerses 
Brak apon Themystocles 
Out of hir buschement qwhar scho lay, 
And maide richt stowt and [hard assay] 

906. fat] And R. 917. bade] abade RLE. 

908. wittyrly] wcrraly RL. 921. And Artomoder L ; )>an lady] 

910. He gert festin it belyffe L. >at gay lady E 2 . 

915. he herande CE, his erand RL, 923. In] In the RL ; of] of l>is E a . 
his erandis E S A ; al] sone L. 924. apon] on this RL. 

916. syne] sone syne REA; to] 925-6. em. L. 
vnto E 9 ; And alssone sped him to 926. hardy C. 
pe scy L. 


A=c zczEz wtcsc&p and manheid 
-\rasi « <±ea of bis knvchtheid. 
Thir/ wccair** will tin nit in man 
Asi ntrSeid :i ' au in woman ; 
For >arr scbo ndssir sa mi a fycht 
Thai raocy a docrr to deid wes dycht; 
Boc r: the rjctorr nenerfctes 
Be-hurE: to Tbemystocles, 
For tharr wes slane fax stoat lady 
AxkI r.eirf alhifH hir cheralry, 950 

r 15 x That hapcit hi r ? tint Cases king 

Sulc hiue lawd in Yare hdping 
With all ><e felkis of his navyne ; 
Bot threu Y< counsall of cowyne 
And wit of this Themestocles 
All vthers wayis thars fortoune wes ; 
For all Yonys full rycht, 
Quhen thai the forse saw of the fycht, 
Turnyt to laf and held to se. 

Than Cresses in perplexite 960 

Wes hard set in his navyne. 
And come nc*cht till all esy fyne ; 
For as he houerit )w wawis wod 
Prownyt seill of his folkis in flude, 
And seill eschapit for radnes 
For J»at }\uy king wes in sic preft, 
And seill of )*aim wers tane of weir* 
With }»e Athenis and thars powers. 
And )*an of Perft Mardonyus, 
At saw his king reboittit }*us, 970 

927. Off] And RLE a A. 934. til] vnto E*. 

928. cheyff] chose E. 935. I>at CEE* ; was] to E. 

929. woman] womanis EE 9 A ; wil] 936. And] Was E. 
wylc R. 938. 3oure CE. 

931. new] now E; rayssit] tarnit L. 942. |>e] thare RLE 9 . 


Off worschep pruffit and manheide 

Amang* )>e cheyfF of his knychtheyde. 

Par woman wil in wit of man 

And manheide turnyt in woman ; 930 

For J>ar of new scho rayssit J?e ficht 

Qwhar mony dour to ded war dicht ; 

Pe wictory ^hyt neuir ]?e lesse 

Fel al til Themystocles, 

[For] }>ar slayn was )>at lady 

And nere al hail hir company, 

Pat lippynnyt al }>at Cerses kyng* 

Sulde lande haf tayne in [thar] helpyng* 

Withe al J?e ost of his nawyne ; 

Bot be ]>e consalle and cuwyne 940 

And qwyntyse of Themystocles 

Al o]nr wayis ]>e forton wes ; 

For al }?e Yonyis richt, 

As }?ai }?e fors saw of ]>e ficht, 

Turnyt }>e luff and tuk >e se. 

Pan Cerses in perplexite 

Was harde set in his nawyne, 

Coyme noucht al jit til esy fyne ; 

For as ]>e frawort stormy s stude 

Mony drownyt in J>e flude, 950 

And mony eschapit for radnes 

For J>at ]?e kyng* anoyit was, 

And mony als was tane of were 

Withe ]>e Athenyens and }>ar powers 

Pan of Pers Mardonyus, 

Pat saw ]>e kynge raboytit >us, 

943. richt] J»ir rycht E 9 ; For the And com nocht al to esy syne E. 
lowis all full richt L. 949. pe om, RLE 3 ; frawort] stal- 

945. |>e (I)] >air E a A. wart E a . 

947. Was]SesE; harden. L; in] 951-2. om. L. 
and RLE 9 . 952. For] Fra R. 

948. al Jit] yhit all R; fyne] syne R; 956. J>e] his RLA. 


Said till him : "Schir I reki at $e 

Set jam for jour liffis saufte ; 

For heir* ^e thole sa our* gret schame 

That I dreid wer* to fynd at hame, 

And or it sa suld happin )*ar* 

In to jour land I wald jc war*, 

Leifiand all }our oste with me ; 

And sa, how euer our* fortoune be, 

To hald of weir* our* innemyis, 

That wald jow and ws all supprifc ; 980 

Sa sail excusit be our* name, 

And }e sauf be fra defame." 

To this counsall of Mardyone 
Cerses assentit sone onone, 
f. 86 «. And deliuerit him all his men 

And maid him our* )>aim all chiftane ; 

And )ur* )>at king, at first gert big 

With schippis our* )»e flud a brig, 

With few folkis of his cumpany 

Away )»an lorkit prevely 990 

In till a litill fischar* skovt, 

For preft J>at he wes in and dout, 

And winter wedder fell and grete 

Lowssit all his brig of thret ; 

And of the seruice of a man 

Off neid held him payit J>an, 

Quhar* forowth at he gert the see 

For his navyne lovrand be. 

For fait of rovme his mekle mycht 

957. said] he said E 2 . 965. I sal] I sal do E ; awysse] ane 

958. Jow] 30W now E. wyft L. 

959. For we thoil now hew] For 966. Halde] Ami hald E ; were om % 
here we thole now R, For heir we C ; our*] Jour L. 

thoill L, For we now thoill heir E 3 . 968. defame] schayme E*. 

963. al] heir E a . 969. of] of t>is E a . 

964. our ow. L; And sua sa euir 971-2. om. L. 
Joure fortoun be E 9 . 


Til hym said : " I rede ]>at jhe 
Set jow for 3our sauifte ; 
For we thoil now hew sa gret schayme 
Pat I dowt wer* to fynde at hayme, 960 

And or it swa sulde hapyn ]?ar 
In til joure lande I walde jhe ware, 
f. 39 a. Leifande al jour* ost wi]?e me ; 

And swa, how euir our forton be, 
I sal apon swylk awysse 
Halde of [were] our* innymys, 
Pat we sal weil excusse our nayrfte, 
And jhe sal saufF be fra defame." 

To J>e consail of Mardone 
Cerses trowit sone onone, 970 

And delyuerit hym his men 
And made hym our J>aim al chiften*. 
Par J?at kyng*, }?at fyrst gert big 
Withe schippis our J?e flude a brige, 
Withe a fewe of his companny 
Away ]?an buskyt prewely 
In til a litil fische skout, 
For pres }>at he was in and dowt, 
And wynteris wedderis fel and gret 
Lousit al his brig* of thret ; 980 

And of ]>e serwis of a man 
Off neyde he helde hym payit }?an, 
Qwhar befor he gert ]>e se 
For his schippis lowrande be. 
For fawt of rowme his mekyl mycht 

973- J»t kyng*] J»t law kyng A; 977 -80. om. L. 

\eX fyrst] fyrst E*. 977. fische] fischer E, fischaw A, 

974. flude] see E. fischaris E a ; skout] stowt E. 

975. Withe] And with E a ; a fewe] 978. For pres] Off pers A. 
fele R, few L, fewe than E. 980. briggis E 2 . 

976. buskyt] lurkyd RLA, lukit E ; 982. payit] content L. 

Away he lurkit full prewaly E 8 . 984. Abasit for his schippis be L. 


Kest doune hillis hie on hycht, iooo 

And with )>e plane erd evin )>aim maid 
To schaw his oste quhar* at thai raid; 
To skant all rynnand reveris wer* 
For to be drink till his powers 
Alkyne hap him wantit thar*, 
And vnfortoune maid him misfairc, 
And all his futmen and archearis, 
That wer* betaucht to )>axe ledaris, 
For dreid and hungers and travale 
Maid )>aim all fayntly to faill, ioio 

And bolne till at the last the dede 
Consomyt Jjaim forout remeid. 
Our* all the landis quharc J>ai lay 
Mycht na man neir* >aim pass the way, 
For than? carioun and the stynk 
Thai ner* to brist at thai wald think ; 
Foullis wild and bestis fell, 
That of }?ar* carioun feld J>e smell, 
f. 86 6, That fey oste followit all way neir*, 

Quhill thai deand falling were, 1020 

And of thar* flesche wald fill ]?aim ]?aw 

Or thai fullely all deid war*. 

Quhen Cerses J?us to Maridone gaif 

Off his oste alhaill ]>e laif 

Thar* remanit ]>an vnslane, 

Mardyone wox thar*of sa fayne 

986. apon] hey on RL, and apon E a . maid of him to stere E. 

988. he] thai R, it L. 993. Al] And E a . 

989. Til] To RL ; riueris rynnand 994. lypnyt] happynnit E a . 
L ; To skant all reweiris quhair thai 995. honger] angir E. 

weir E 3 , Tyll skant all [reueris l»t 996. fantly for] for fait Jan E a . 

inserted] rynnand wer* A. 997. bollyn] bolne RE a , boldin E ; 

990. To fynd drynk L. J>e dede] deid A, stand deid E a ; Sone 
991-6. om, L. at )>e last a violent deid L. 

991. par] than R, that E a . 999. And all E a ; landis as] land 

992. of] to E a , off A ; As fortoune J»n as L. 


Kest doun hillys apon hicht, 

And wi]>e }>e waleis ewyn )>aim maide 

To schaw his ost qwhar J>at he rade, 

Til skant al rynnande ryweris weyr 

For til be drynk til his power. 990 

All kynde of thyng* J?ar fail^eide hym new, 

As infortune made hym of stew ; 

Al his futmen and archeris, 

Pat lypnyt war to J>ar lederis, 

For dowt, honger and trawale 

Begouythe fantly for til faylle, 

And bollyn qwhil at J?e last ]>e dede 

Consumyt }>aim wi]?e out ramede. 

All )>e landis as }?ai lay 

Micht na man new ]?aim passe J?e waye, 1000 

Pan for to brist ]>an walde []?ai] thynk, 

Pe ayr sa fel was and }>e stynk ; 

Pe fowllis wylde and bestis fell, 

Pat couythe of caryon* feil ]>e smelle, 

Pat fey cuntre ay folowide new 

Qwhil deande at }?ai fallyn wew, 

And of ]?at flesche walde fil }?aim ]?ar 

Or ony fully dede thai waw. 

Qwhen Cerses J?us to Mardone gaff 

Off his ost al haile }?e laiff 10 10 

Pe ramaynande hail wnslayn 

His [chans] son made hym so fayn 

1000. Micht >air na man paft pe followand EA. 

way L. 1006. fallyn] folloyng E, falland 

1001. fan] Bot E; J»n]ay A; \er E*. 

C ; Bot to broyst than wald he think 1007. of J»t] off thare R, of A. 
E a , Na ))ai suld brist as )>ai wald 1008. ony ] all EE a , t>at A ; Or fullily 

think L. all dede thai were R. 

1002. and] off RL. 1009. Jms to] J>is ]* E a . 
1003-8. am. L. 1010. his] Jris E 2 . 

1004. That of ]»t caryoun couJ> feill 1011. That remany RLE 1 ; hail] 
ye smell E 9 . thane L. 

1005. cuntre] court RE 9 ; folowide] 1012. emys CEE 9 A; son] >an L. 


That he him put to preft sa fast 

Quhill he defoullit wes at the last 

Fra J?in his way to Grece he past 

And werrayit thar* wichtly and fast ; 1030 

Off Grekis mony he discomfyt 

And wan ]>e castell of Alywet, 

And the Athenis besely 

He tretit with his trechery, 

And led J>aim in hope of peft 

Quhill >at he saw thaw fredome wes 

Off sic mycht and sic pouste 

Off weir* thai mycht nocht wonnyng be. 

Off thaw cete ]?an in ire 

A gret part thai brynt in fyre. 1040 

In Boesy with his power* 
He past syne thar* to mak weir* ; 
Off Grekis ane hundreth thousand haill, 
All arrayit for batall, 
Forsely followit J?is Mardione 
And gaif him batall sone onone, 
And with him facht in feild sa fast 
Till he wes vincust at J?e last, 
And all his oste thar* neir* wes slane, 
And him self with mekle payne 1050 

Eschapit out of )>at melle, 
Vnarmyt with a few menje, 
f. 87 a. In swat all drawkit as thai war*, 

Like a schip brokin maryner*. 
His pavi^eonis and his tentis at wes 
Stuffit weill with gret riches 
Off King Cerses tresour* haill 

1014. Till discomfyt wes he L. 1021. and sic] and of sic EA. 

1015. He] The R. 1022. noucht be] be noucht R ; That 
1 01 7. full besely E*. J»i nocht wynnyn micht be L. 

1019. in] in to RE 9 , till >e L. 1023-6. om. E 3 . 

1020. Jmui] thare RLE 9 . 


Pat he hym put in presse so fast 
Qwhil he defoulit was at J?e last. 
He Grekys mony discomfyte 
And wan J?e castel of Olinyte, 
And J>e Athenyens besely 
He tretyt withe his industry, 
And led J?aim in hope of pesse 
Qwhil ]?at he saw }?an fredome was 1020 

Off sic mycht and sic power* 
Pat wonnyng* }>ai mycht noucht be of were. 
Off J>ar cite }>an in ire 
A gret part he brynt in fyre. 
In Boecy wij>e his power 
He passit syne as man of were ; 
Off Grekis a hundir thousande haille, 
All weil errayide for bataile, 
Folowit frely ]?is Mardon 

And gaf hym bataile son onon, 1030 

And withe hym faucht in fecht sa fast 
Til J>ai hym wyncust at J?e last, 
And al his ost new }?ar war slayn, 
Wnesse hym self wi>e mekyl payn 
f. 39 b. Eschapit out of J?at melle, 

And nakyt withe a few menjhe, 

In swat al drawkyt, as he weyr 

Ane aulde schip brokyn marynerc. 

His pawillyonys and his tentis was 

Stuffit weil wi]?e gret reches 1040 

Off J?e kyngis tressoure haille, 

1029. frely] forely R, freschly L, 1035. Hes eschaipit fra E 2 , Him 
fersly E 9 . selff eschapit at L. 

1030. onon] in one E. 1036. And] All R ; And nakyt] 

103 1. faucht in fecht] J*u faucht L. Ane kyt E 2 . 

1032. Till he vincust wes L. 1037-50. om. L. 

1033-4. om. L. 1037. drawkyt] draglit E ; he] thai 

1033. ner* >ar] thare nere R. R. 


And lordis at deid war* in batall, 

At lest gold and iowellis plente, 

And als of mony riche cite, io6< 

That King Cerses befor J>at wan 

Fra ]?at he first weir* began 

Till >at day he fled for dout, 

As ^e herd, in a fischearis skout. 

All )>at Mardioun lost ]?at day, 

That gouernyt him but vertu ay ; 

And }>at day J>at Mardonyus 

In Boesy wes vencust ]ms, 

A gret part of the oste of Perft 

In Asye, as I herd reherft, 107* 

Wes discomfyt and put to se 

And set in herd perplexite. 

Efter ]>is quhen the king Cerses 
Hame till his awne land cummyn wes, 
Sa ill commendit thare wes he 
And lakit with his awne men3e 
That schortly thar*, the suth to say, 
[In his] awne hall apon a day 
Burdis and clathis \>are on set, 
And he had weschin to ga to mete, 108 

His Stewart maid on him a schot 
And claucht him kenely by the throt, 
And with a knyf up to the heft 

1078. W. His. 

1042. dede was in] deit in \>e E 9 , 1064. And al pat to] And put t 

wes in the R. hard R, And put in herd L, And p 

1048. skout] stowt E. in greit E 2 . 

1050. he om. R. 1066. Till L ; awyn om. E*. 

105 1. His thesaur L. 1067. ewil] ille REA. 

1052. it om. E*AL. 1068. lathit] lakyde R, hatid E 8 , : 
1056. all halely E s . lichtlyit L ; wi|>e al his] all witht fa 

1058. wi>e] in EL. RE a A, with his haill E, with his L. 

1059. day] day this E, day [*t E S A. 1069. >e] thare the R ; That \* sui 

1060. wyncust] discomfit L. to 3ow to say L. 
1063. ]xom. RL. 


And o>ir J>at dede was in bataille 

Left golde and iowalys in copy, 

And als wi]? oJ>ir industry 

Pe kyng* Cerses tressoure wan 

Fra ]?at fyrst J>e were began 

Til ]?at day ]?at he flede for dowte 

In til a litil fischar skout. 

Al ]ris Mardon had ]?at day 

Pat fra ]?e feycht he flede away. 1050 

Pis tressoure al ]>e Grekis gat 

And delt it amang* ]?aim eftir }>at. 

Sa, throw >e partyng of >at pray 

And }?at tresoure delt J?at day, 

Pe golde of Pers in sic copy 

Was J?e confusion hallely 

Off al Grece, J>at befor >at day 

Gouernyt ]>aim wi}?e wertu ay ; 

And ]?at day Mardonyus 

In Boecy was wyncust }ms, 1060 

A gret part of )>e ost of Persse 

In Asy, as I herde rehers, 

Was discomfit apon )>e se 

And al put to perplexite. 

Here eftyr qwhen J?e kyng* Cerses 
In til his awyn lande cummyn wes, 
Sa ewil commendit J>ar was he 
And lathit wi]?e al his men^he 
Pat shortly, J?e suythe to say, 
In his hal apon a day, 1070 

Pe burdis vndir clathis set, 
And weschyn he had to ga to mete, 
His Stewart made on hym a schot 
And tyt hym dourly be ]>e throte, 
And wi]>e a knyf wp to J>e heft 

1070. In] In till RL. 1074. dourly] rudely L. 

1071-2. cm. L. 



[He] stekit him quhill the lif he left 
This wes the ending of Cerses, 
That in all tyme vnhappy wes. 
f. 8 7 b. As Orosyus, }at clerk sa fyne, 

Wrait till his maister sanct Augustyne, 

Wnder thir the kingis of Perft, 

The quhilkis ?e herd me last reherft, 1090 

A hundreth thousand nynty syft 

Reknyt were of deid bodyis, 

All of Persantis slane doune, 

And of nane vthere natioun. 

Quhen J»t Cerses endit )ms 
His sone succedit Daryus, 
The quhilk in Alexanderis dais 
Endit, as the story sais. 
Now of my purpoft to mak end 
Off Perft l?e storyis I haue spend. 1 100 


How lang >e Scotis were in Scotland 
Befor the Pightls thare in wonnand. 

FOUR hundreth winter and fifty 
And twa to rekin our* evinly 
Befor J>e blessed Natiuite, 
Out of Athenis the cete 
To Rome J?e lawis brocht were J>an, 

1084. W. And. 

1076. Hym stekyt] He steykyd hym quhilkis Je haue herd me now re- 

RL, He stekit E ; and deid him left L. herft L. 

1078. That all his tyme L. 1085. And of Perft slane doun E 9 . 

1079. qwhilk] quhille R, om. L, 1089*90. transposed in A, omitting 

1081. Off] Wndyre RL; Jrir] >e f>at. 

E a L. 1089. fat in til] The quhilk in RL. 

1082. qwhilk] quhill E a ; The 1092. storys RL. 


Hym stekyt til >e lif he left. 

Pis was ]>e endyng* of Cerses, 

In al tyme )>at wnhappy wes. 

As Oros qwhilk, J?e clerk so fyne, 

Wrat til his mastyr sanct* Austyne, 1080 

Off >ir kyngis thre of Pers, 

Pe qwhilk jhe herde me last rahers, 

Rekny t was of dede bodeis 

A hundyr thyowsande nynti syis, 

Al of Persoyis slayne don, 

And of na no^ir nation. 

Qwhen Cerses was endit Jms 
His son* succedit Daryus, 
Pat in til Alexanderis dayis 

Endit, as )>e story sayis. 1090 

Now of my purposse to make ende 
Off Persse J>e story I suspende. 


Pis next chapter folowande heyre 
Tellls qwhen Scottls and Peythis were. 

FOUR hundyr wyntir and fourty 
And twa to rekkyn ewynly 
Befor }>e blest Natywite, 
Out of Athenys J?at cite 
To Rome )>e lawis broucht war J?en, 

Chap. VIII. (LIV. in E a A) :— 

In this chapitere yhe sail here 

Qwhen the Scottis beset be Peychtis were, RL. 

beset be] befor |«L E*= W. 

1093. wyntir] Jeir L ; fourty] fyfty 1095. blest om. RLE. 
RL. 1096. Athenys] menye E*. 

1094. ewynly] oare evynlykly RL. 1097. war brocht EL. 



F. 88 a. 

Writtin in to table stane. 
The Romanis $it efter thai 
To >aira ekit tablis twa, 
As in thaw storyis writtin is. 

And >an in Scotland )>e Scotis 
Begouth to regne and for to steire 
Twa hundreth full and forty ;eir* 
Five winteris to and monethis thre, 
Gif that all suld reknyt be, 
Or the Pightis in Scotland 
Come, and in it were wonnand. 

And now to }>aim I turne my stile, 
Off thar* lynnage to carp a quhile, 
As in the thrid buke wes befor ; 
Fra Symone-Breke to Fergus-More, 
Is as J>e story lynyaly 
Come doune of ]>e Irischery. 
Quharc I left >aira now to begin, 
Thai* names heir; I will tak in. 
He that wes callit Fergus-More, 
In J?e thrid buke 3e herd befor, 



iioi. story] storys R. 
1102. Scottys] Pechtis E. 
1 104. fully] full R. 

1 106. sulde<w*. E a . 

1 107. )>e om. E a , inserted in A; 
in] in to E a A. 

1 108. wes in it A ; regnande] duell- 
and RL. 

1 109-56. Instead of these lines RL 
have the following: — 
And now to thai I turne my stille, 
Off thare lynage to spek a quhille, 
As in the thryd buke wes before ; 1 1 1 1 
Fra Symon-Brek tyll Fergus-More 
Is as the Scottis lynyaly 
Come downe off Yrschery. 

Quhare than I lefft nowe to begyn, 
Thare namys here I will tak in. 

He that wes callyd Fergus- More, 
In the thrid buke yhe hard before, 
Wes Fergus- Iirthswne, that thre yhere 
Made hym beyhond the Drwm to 

stere 1 120 

Oure all the hychtis evyrilkane, 
As thai ly fra Drwmalbane 
Tyll Stanmore and Inchegall, 
Kyng he mad hym oure thaim all 
Dongart his swn yheris fyve 
Wes till his fadyre successywe. 
Congal, Dongarddis swne, twenty 

And twa wes kyng wytht owtyn were. 

1 123. Fra L. 


Wryttyn in to tabillis ten. 

Pe Romanis jhit eftyr }>a 

To J>aim ekyt tabillis twa. 1 100 

As in our* story wryttyn is, 
Pan in Scotlande }>e Scottys 
f. 40 a. Begouthc to reng* and to ster<? 

Twa hundyr fully and fourty jher* 
V. wyntyr and monethis thre, 
Giff J?at al sulde reknyt be, 
Or )>e Peychtis in Scotlande 
Coyme, and in it was regnande. 

Bot I wil noucht tel jow >ar nayme, 
Pir condisciom na J?ar fay me, 1 1 10 

For, possible suppose it be, 
Difficile }it it is to me 
To tel }>ar namys distyncly, 
Or al J?ar greis seuerelly, 
Pat befor )>e Peychtis rasse ; 
For, as our story mencion mays, 
Fergus-Erschson }>e fyrst man 
Was J?at in our lande began, 
Befor J?at tyme }>at )>e Peychtis 

Gowran, Dongarddis swne, allswa Maldowny, Dolnawde Downyswne, 

Regnyd twenty yhere and twa. 11 30 Sextene wyntyr kyng wes hale, 

Conal nest hym Makcongall And nest hym tuk that governale 

Fourtene yhere held thai landis all. Ferchar-Fodys sone, and was than 

Thretty wyntyr and foure than Twenty wynter kyng and ane. 

Edan regnyd Makgowran. Hecgede-Monavele-Makdongat, 

Hecgedbwd sex yhere and ten Downad-Brec sone, eftyre that 11 50 

Kyng wes in tha landis then. Regnyd twelfe yhere fullyly. 

[Kynach Ker] Makcolnal Her I suspende this geneology ; 

Thre moneth held thai landis all. Bot I wyll spek mare thareoff swne, 

FercharMakcowny sextene yhere 1139 Quhen all the lawe till it is dwne. 

As kyng couth all thai landis stere. 11 12. jit om. E. 

Downald Brec, son Hecgedbowde, 11 16. storys E 8 . 

Kyng wes fourtene wyntyr prowde. 11 19. }>at >e] ]>e A. 
And eftyre that his dayis wes dwn, 

1x37. Fynach Ker R, Fynacrc L. 1151. four Jer» anerly L. 
1 148. Thretty L. 


Wes Fergus-Erchsone, that thre jer; 
Maid him beyond [the] Drome to stew; 
Our; all the hightis euerilk ane, 
As thai \y fra Dromalbane 1 130 

To Cammor; and Inchegall, 
King he maid him our; )>aim all. 
Dungall his sone jeris five 
Wes till his fader jeris five. 
Coungall-Dougalsone xx. 3er; 
And twa tharcto wes king but weir;. 
Gowrane, Dougallis sone, alsua 
Regnyt xx. 3eris and twa. 
Conaill nixt him Makcongaill 

Fourty jeris held thai landis all. 1 140 

Egdene regnyt Makgowrane 
Thretty winter and four; J?en. 
Fynacht Makconall 
Thre monethis held thai landis haill. 
Fercher;-Makgour; sextene jer; 
As king couj? all thai landis steir;. 
King wes xiiii. winter provd ; 
And efter J?at his dais wes done 
Makdowne-Downald, Dowglass sone, 1150 

Sextene winter king wes haill ; 
f. 88 b. And nixt him tuke that gouernaill 

Ferchyr-Fodysone onone. 

To Donald-Rechsone efter J?at 
Regnyt xii. 3eris fullely. 

1 1 28. W. thre. X154. W. line omitted ; no break in MS. 

1 125. J»t] Jwdr E 2 . 1 141. As psA >ame in >e cornnyk 

1 1 27. blest ont. E. killis wrayt E a ; comyclis A. 

1139-44. om. E. 


Our kynrik wan fra J?e Scottis, 1 1 20 

And syne J?a Peychtis regnande were 

A thousande ane and sexty 3her*. 

And fra Jris Fergus don be lyne 

Discendande ewyn was Makalpyn* 

Keynyaucht, J?at was aucht hundyr jher* 

And thre and fourty passit cleyr 

Eftyr )>e blest Natywite, 

Or regnande he begouythe to be 

Fra J>e Peychtis was put out. 

Pe tende man wi)> outtyn dout 1130 

Was Keynauche-Makalpyne 
Fra }?is Fergus ewyn be lyne, 
And sa Jrir ten sulde occupy, 
Gif al war reknyt fullely, 
Twelf hundyr wyntyr and weil ma ; 
Bot I can noucht consaiff it swa, 
Bot Jwit >is Fergus was regnande 
WiJ> ]>e Peychtis in Scotlande, 
And }>a ten J?at regnande wer* 
Eftyr }?is Fergus ^here be 3her*, 1 140 

As J?ai Jwit J>e cornykill wrate 
In til nowmyr set ]>e date, 
Amang* ]>t Peychtis was regnande 
WiJ?e in ]>e kynrik of Scotlande, 
And liffit in bargan and in were 
Qwhil Kenyach rase wij> his power*. 

Giff ojrir, of mar* sufficians, 
Can fynde bettyr accordance, 
Pis buk at likyn )>ai may mende ; 
Bot I, now schortly to mak ende, n 50 

Thynkis for to set J»r date 
As cornykleris befor me wrate, 
And kest and reknyt 3her* be 3her*, 

1 142. In tyll oar/ nowmyr/ A. 1149. may >ai A. 


Heir* I suspend )>is genology 

Till I speik mar* hercefter sone, 

Quhen all J>e laif till it is done. 1160 


How Borne had neire bene won and taUn 
Na were a gayner >at thar cou> wakin. 

FOUR hundreth xxx. 3eris and sevin 
Or Mary bair* J>e King of Hevin, 
Till Tyngentynis were wonnyng quyt, 
And throu the Romanis discomfyte. 
Than Brynnyus with the men of Sewns, 
That is a lordschip gret in France, 
All Rome of weir* neir* wonnyng had, 
Had nocht bene a ganar* at maid 
Sa huge a craking and sic cry 

That all the Romanis sodanely 1170 

Waknyt quhar* thai slepand lay, 
And all ]>e cete J?us fand ]?ai 
With \>axe fais neir* vptane, 
To saufe the Capitole allane. 
And that ^it Brynnyus wonnyng had, 
Had nocht the guft sic craking maid 
That walknyt the wache sodanely, 
And warnyt the Romanis hastely. 

This Brynnyus and ane other Belyne 
Brether were and knychtis fyne ; 1 180 

1 1 55. s&om. E a . 

Chap. IX. (LV. in E a A). — folowande om. L ; Rede in to this chapitere R. 
E'=W. >at thar couJ>] couth ]>ame E 2 . 

1157. Jher* thretty] thretty yhere 1 1 59. The Vegent sey wesL; war 
RE 8 ; thretty om. L. om. E a . 


As J?e Peychtis regnande wer*, 
And )>ar dat sa set I wil 
Qwhen ]>e processe is lede }>artil. 


Off Brennyus now sal }he heyr 
In >is next folowande ehapteyr. 

FOUR hundyr 3her* thretty and sewyn 
Or Mary bur* }?e Kyng* of Hewyn, 
Pe Wegentis al war wonnyng* qwhit, 
And throw )>e Romanys discomfyt. 1160 

Pan Brennyus wi}?e J?e men of Sawns, 
Pat is a lordschipe gret in Frawns, 
All [Rome] of wer* al ner* won hade, 
Na had beyn J?at a gannyr made 
Sa hugis crakyn and sic cry ; 
pan J?e Romanys suddandly 
Wayknyt qwhar J?ai slepande lay ; 
Al }?e cite J?an fande }>ai 
Withe J?ar fais ner* wptane, 

To sauff J?e Capitalle allane. 1 1 70 

f. 40 b. And J?at jhit Brynnyus wonnyng* hade, 

Had noucht J?e goys sic crakyng* made 
pat waknyt ]>e wachis suddandly, 
And warnyt ]>e Romanys hastely. 

Pis Brynnyus and Balyne 
Brejnr war and knychtis fyne ; 

116a throw om.L. 1166. I>an] That R; rycht sud- 

1163. [Rome] ntxe C, with Rome danly A. 

written in the margin; al om. R; 1171. And]Bot£; had wonnyngE 2 . 

won] wonnyn R, wynnyn L, wonnyne 11 72. pe] 'that RL ; sic] >at E ; 

he fi 8 , wofi he A. maid sic craking E 9 . 

1 165. hugis A 1 1 76. fyne] syne RE. 


Off )>aim quha will J?e certane haif, 
How J>at thai for Mar* Brettane straif, 
Ilkane with o>er for it faucht, 
f. 89 «. And how thair moder maid thaim saucht, 

How thai [wan] France and Lumbardy, 
Tuskane, Rome neire halely, 
How Brynnyus left syne in Tuskane, 
And Belyne come hame in Brettane, 
Reid >e Brute, and )»i sail se 

Ferlyis gret of thaw bounte. 11 90 

Sanct Augustyne [sais] J>e Romanys were? 
Adettit to gif honour mair; 
To gufi or ganar* at }>aim warnyt 
Off >ar<? fais at >aim harmyt 
Than to thaw goddis all that slepit, 
As quhasa >ir goddis )>aim nocht kepit 


Off a felloune mortalite 
That fell wtyln Romys eete. 

THRE hundreth 3er* four* scor and sevin 
Befor at borne wes J?e King of Hevin, 
In to J?e steid of consules 

In Rome Tribuny chosin wes. 1200 

The Romanis wan J?an a cete 
That than wes callit Penestre, 
And viii. citeis }>an of weir* 
To Rome wes maid tributes. 

1185. W. vpon. 1 191. W. om. sais. 

1 178. \aXom.L. syne EL. 

1 180. And] And how RL. 1186. seyr]gretRL; bownte]bewte 

1 182. nere]allE a . E a . 

1 183. How] And E a ; syne left] left 1 187. Sancfcr] Syne E. 


Off J>a qwha wil )>e certane haf, 

How ]>Bt >ai for Brettane strayff 

Ilkan wij>e ojrir, and 'for it faucht, 

And )>ar modyr made )>aim saucht, 1 180 

How J?ai wan Frawns and Lumbardy, 

Tuskane and Rome ner* hallely, 

How Brennyus syne left in Tuskan, 

And Belyne coyme hayme in Brettan, 

Pai reide ]>e Brute, and J>ai sal se 

Ferleis seyr of J?ar bownte. 

Sanct* Austyne sayis ]>e Romanys war* 

To geysse dettyt in honour* mar* 

Pan to >ar goddis al, >at slepit 

Qwhen geis J?aim wi)>e thar crakyn kepit. 1 190 


Off a pestilence >at fel 

And how in Rome men mycht se heL 

THRE hundyr 3her* four* skoyr and sewyn 
Befor J?at born was God of Hewyn, 
In to )>e stede of consules 
In Rome Tribuny chosyn wes. 
pe Romanys wan J?an a cite 
Pat callyt was J?at tyme Penestre, 
And aucht citeis >an of wer 
To Rome was made tributer. 

1 1 88. honours] pat houre E. 

Chap. X. (LVI. in E a A).— men] 3e E. 

1 192. God] the kyng RL. 1196. >at tyme om. L; JhU tyme 

1 195. wan >an] than wan R ; )»n] was E s . 
J»t tyme L. 


Gret pestilens in to thai dais 
In Rome fell, as Frer* Martyne sais ; 
Within the myddis of the tovne 
All >e erd J?an opnit doune* 
Sa vgsura, hidwise and sa fell 

That throu J>at ryft men mycht se hell, 1210 

And of J>e stynk come of }>at steid 
Mony within the tovne wes deid. 
Than in the cete wes a man 
f. 89 b. That callit be name wes Martyne than ; 

He till his goddis maid prayer* 
To gif him wit on what manerc 
And how that exaltatioun 
Thai maid sa gret affectioun 
Mycht maist hastely closit be, 

And how to succour J?at cete 1220 

Maist redy help wes or defens 
For that felloune pestilens. 
His god him ansuerd at the last, 
And bad him ga and arme him fast, 
And at that ryft in haist leip doune, 
Gif J>at he thocht to sauf ]?e tovne ; 
And at his ansuer* he ^eid sone 
And hastely as he bad has done, 
And fra he doune fell in J?at gap 
All J?e ryft togidder craip, 1 230 

And sa wes savit the cete 
Fra stynk and fra mortalite. 

This Brynnyus 3k all tyme J?en 
Werrayit, with the Franche men, 
The Romanis in thai samyn dais, 

1204. J>at]aRL. 1210. gif] send E a ; on] in L, of 

1205. And of] And throuch E, E 2 . 

And a L ; of >at] fra that E 9 . 1212. J>e] sa RL, J»t E*. 

1206. Mony in |>e toun it dicht 121 7. hym om. L. 
to deid L. 


Gret pestilens in to >a dayis 
In Rome fel, as Freyr Martyne sayis ; 1200 

Withe in )>e myddis of J?e towne 
Al J?e erde )>an oppynnyt doun*, 
Sa hugsum }>ar ]?at oppynnyng* fel 
Pat throw J?at rift men mycht se hell, 
And of )?e stynk coyme of )>at stede 
Mony wi)>e in }>e towne war dede. 
Withe in J?e cite was a man 
pat callyt be 11 ay me was Martyne }>an ; 
He til his goddis made prayer 
To gif hym wit on qwhat nianer* 1 2 10 

And how )>at exalacion 
Pat made J?e gret infeccion 
Mast hastely mycht cloyssyt be, 
And how to succour* }?at cite 
Mast reddy help war or defence 
For J»t fellon pestilence. 
His goddis hym anssuerde at ]>e last, 
And bad hym gang* and arme hym fast, 
And at }?at rift slipe ewyn downe, 
Giff J>at he thoucht to sauff }>e towne ; 1220 

And at J?at anssuer* he 3heide son 
And hastely as )>ai bade has don, 
And fra he doun fel in >at gape 
Al J?at rift to gedyr crape, 
And swa was sauffit J>e cite 
Fra stynk J>an and mortalyte. 

Brennyus jhit al tyme J?en 
Warraide, wi}?e )>e Frankkis men, 
pe Roraanys in to >a dayis, 

1 2 19. slipe] lepe R; At )»t rift and 1222. And as >ai bad him he hes 
syne leip doun L. done L. 

1220. \*t he thoucht] he thocht for 1224. crape] lape L. 

E; thoucht to] wald L. 1226. Fra stynk and fra mortaiite 

1221. And cm, RLA. L. 


And thar<? of, as Frew Martyne sais, 
A Roman saw a Franche man 
Haiffand about his hals )>an 
Off gold all thrawin like a lase ; 
This Romane maid >an sic purchase 1240 

That anerly baith he and he 
Togidder suld in lytis be, 
And on na wyft thai suld J»im twyn* 
Till the tane mycht the tother wyn, 
Slane or ^oldin in batall, 
f. 50 a. Withoutin ony suppowell 

Off ony, and as it fell J>an 
The Romane slew the Franche man, 
And fra his hals in to that place 
He tyt away the goldin laift, 1250 

And put about his awne hals ; 
Fra thin* he and his lynnage als 
In thai landis callit wer* 
The lasit Romanis mony ^ere. 


Off Alexandre the conquerour, 
How he raift to stalt and honour. 

THRE hundreth xxvi. }ere 
Befor the byrth of our Lord deir*, 
Alexander, Phillippis sone, 
King of Grece and Macedone, 

1230. As] And as RL. 1238. a nojrir] the tothir R ; Quhill 

1 232. |»r om. L ; haftande] hawe ane suld ane o)rir wyn £. 
R. 1239-40. om. L. 

1233. lik] all lyk RL, 1240. Butonyo>ir]WythtowtonyR. 
1235. al om. RL. 1241. Be awentur*] Off ony othir 
1237. >ai sulde] than suld thai RL. R ; And as caifi happynnyt ]«n L. 


As Frew Martyne >ar of sayis ; 1230 

A Roman saw a Frankkis man 
About his hals >ar haffande >an 
Off golde thrawyn lik a lasse ; 
Pis Romayne made >an sic purchas 
Pat al anerly bot J>a twa 
To giddir sulde in bataile ga, 
And on na wyssc J>ai sulde twyn 
Qwhil ane mycht a nojrir wyn, 
Slayne or joldyn in batale, 

But ony 6\>ir suppowale. 1 240 

Be awentur*, as it fel }>an, 
f. 41 «. Pe Romayn slew )>e Frankis man, 

And fra his nek in to >at plasse 
He tyt away J?at goldyn lasse, 
And put it about his awyn hals ; 
Fra Jrine he and his lynage als 
In to Latyne callyt weyr 
Lasit Romanys mony a ^her*. 


Qwhen Alexander >e mychty kynge 
Begouyth to ryse and mak sterynge. 

THRE hundyr sex and twenty jher 
Befor J?e byrthe of our* Lorde deyr, 1250 
Alexander Philyppi, 
Pat gattyn was on Olympi, 

1242. slew] wan L. 1247. callyt weyr] mony Jere E. 

1244. He 00?. RLE 9 A. 1248. a am . RLAE 9 ; mony a Jhere] 

1245-6. am, A callit wer E. 

Chap. XI. (LVII. in E^).— E"=W. 
1249. sex] and sex R. 


And gottin of Olympias, 

His moder, at wes fair* of face, 1260 

The awmeralis dochter of Cartage 
Scho wes, and cummyn of )>at lynnage, 
This Alexander the conquerour, 
That wes worthy of valour, 
Be heretable successioun 
Begouth to regne in Macedone, 
And bot jeris xii. of eild 
Quhen he begouth wappinnis to weild, 
And regnyt than? to bot xii. jer^ 
Quhen all J>e Orient he wan neire, 1270 

And syne haly set his entent 
Till haue wonnyng the Occident, 
But thare of fal^eit he throu cafc, 
For he in Babulone poisound was. 
Off his douchty deidis seire 
f. 90 b. In diuerft bukis writtin heire, 

And there in this tretise I 
Will nocht thaw with me occupy. 

The Romanis fra Jrin grew of mycht, 
And woxe in weris stout and wycht ; 1280 

The Sampnytis, }>at J?an in [mydway] 
Betuix Poll and Champane lay, 
And in to sic haboundans wes 
Off siluer, gold and of riches 
That all J>e armouris J?at J?ai had 
Wes of gold or siluer maid, 
Thir Sampnytis J?an raift alhaill 
Agane J?e Romanis in batall ; 
Bot J?e Sampnytis sone and tyte 
Were with J>e Romanis discomfit, 1290 

And efter J?at with fare power* 
The Romanis 3k discomfit were ; 

ia8i. W. mydday. 
1254. to orn. R. 1 255. bot] of E 9 , om. L. 


Be heretabil succession 

Begouthe to ryng* in Massidon, 

And was bot jheris twelf of eylde 

Qwhen he begouythe wapynnys to weylde, 

And regnande liffit bot xiL 3her<? 

Qwhen al J?e Oryent he wan new, 

And haile syne set his entent 

Til haf wonnyng* }>e Occident ; 1 260 

Bot J?ar of fail^eide he of casse, 

In Babilon; he poysonnyt wes. 

Off his douchty dedis seyr 

Contenyt in oJ?ir bukys er*, 

Parfor in to J?is tretis I, 

I wil our ga )>aim mar* lichtly. 

Pe Romanys )>an grew of mycht, 
And was in dedis stout and wicht ; 
Pe Sampnytis J?an, J?at in mydwaye 
Betweyne Poyle [and] Chawmpane lay, 1270 

Pan in to swylk habundance was 
Off siluir, golde and of riches 
pat al )>e armouris J?at ]>ai hade 
Was of golde and siluir made, 
Pir Sampnytis }?an rasse alhaile 
Agayne )?e Romanys in batalle ; 
Bot J?e Sampnytis son and qwhit 
Was withe [the] Romanys discomfyte, 
And eftyr syne withe J?ar power* 
pe Romanys discomfit wer* ; 1280 

1256. heom.R. 1271. I>an] And RLA. 

1259. haile] haly A ; syne set] he 1272. of] al EA, u>ir E a , om. RL. 
syne put E a . 1276. >e om. R. 

1260. For to haue wone E. 1277. qwhit] tyte R ; Bot neuir- 
1262. For in E a . theles richt sone and tyte L. 

1264. er/] wer* A. 1278. the om. C ; With the Ro- 

1266. I] Now RE 9 , om. L; maw manis war discomfit EE a ; £e Ro- 

om. E*; lichtly] haistely E a . manis }ame discomfyt L. 
127a and om. C. 



Bot ;it )>e Romanis at )>e last 
With J>e Sampnytis faucht sa fast 
That xx. thousand on a day 
Slane and in J>e feild >an lay, 
And J>e Sampnytis and )wre king 
Wes takin thare in J?at fechting. 
Thar* chemyft and \are cheif tovne 
Than to J?e erd wes castin dovne. 1300 

Thai* wes na fa of feid sa fell 
Aganis Rome, na sa cruell, 
As wes the Sampnytis in thaw dais, 
As Oroft and Frer* Martyne sais, 
And J>e cauft wes principall 
Off }>at weir* and J?at batall 
That for Champane all J?e land 
f. 91 «. In all proffittis is haboundand, 

And esely set to ]>t se, 

With havinnis gud in gret plente, 1310 

Sa )>at alkin merchandice 
Come till it apon all wift. 
That cheif cete of gret fame 
Capua wes callit be name, 
That to Cartage or Rome }>an wes 
Praisit in all liklynes. 
Thai landis the Romanis thocht 
To thar* awne vse till haif brocht ; 
Here for first raift all pe weir*, 
And endit as 3e herd langer*. 1320 

1284. in] in the RE 3 , on a A ; Deid 129a Rome] Rome than RA, Ro- 

in to J>e feild ane day L. mane £. 

1286. to C. 1294. and] and off R. 

1288. grunde] erd L. 1295. of om. RL. 
1289-92. om. L. 


Bot ]>e Romanys at >e last 
Withe ]>e Sampnytis faucht sa fast 
Pat four and twenty thoussande lay 
Slayne in feylde apon a day 
Off J>e Sampnytis, and J?ar kyng* 
Was takyn J>ar in [that] feychtyng*. 
Par chymmys and J>ar cheyf towne 
Pan to >e grunde was castyn down*. 
Par was na fa in feylde sa fell 
Agane Rome, na sa crewel, 1290 

As was >e Sampnytis in >a dayis, 
As Orose and Freyr Martyne sayis ; 
And J>e causse was principalle 
Off ]>at were and J>at batalle 
pat for of Chawmpane al >e lande 
Was in al profitis habundande, 
And esely set to ]>e se, 
Withe hawynnys gud in gret plente, 
' Sa J?at alkyn marchandysse 
Coym in it apon syndry wise. 1300 

Par cheyff cite of gret fame 
Capwa was callit be nayme, 
Pat to Cartagis or to Rome wes 
Parifyide in al lyknes. 
pir landis J?an J?e Romanys thoucht 
Til >ar oysse sulde haf beyn broucht ; 
Parfor fyrst rase all ]?e wer^, 
And endit as }he herde langer. 

1296. Was in al profitis] In profytis 1304. Parised E ; lyknes] liklynes 
all KL. RE a , richeft L. 

1297. esely] frelie E 3 . 1305. l»n om. RLA. 

1300. Come till it on mony wyft L. 1306. sulde] >ai suld L ; beyn 

1302. Capwa] Champnay L. om, L. 



How the Carentynls faucht 

Agane J* Romanis wl> gret maueht 

THRE hundreth }er* and thrift thre 
Befor }>e blessit Natiuite, 
The Karentynis with >ar* powers 
Aganis the Romanis raift of weir* ; 
The messinger* dispitously 
Thai defoullit and schamefully, 
And warnyst >aim rycht weill without 
With all Yaxe merchis ]?aim about, 
And send for Pirrus our* ]>e se, 
For king of Grece J?at tyme wes he. i33< 

And he brocht with him of fut men 
Four score of thousands comptit J>en, 
And vii. thousand men on horft, 
Fair* of fassone and of corft, 
And olifantis full twenty, 
Quhar* neuer nane in Ytay 
Wes kend nor sene befor that day. 
In batall son, J>e suth to say, 
f. 9i b. Thai mellit \dxe and faucht rycht fast ; 

Bot the Karentynis at the last 1341 

Were discomfit in that steid 
With all \zxe oste, and Pirrus fled 
With mekle schame attour* J?e se, 
Intill his land with his men^e ; 

Chap. XII. (LVIII. in E a A).— Carentynys] Tarcntinis R ; mowit] maid I 
E*= W. How] How that E a ; gret] mekle E a . 

1 3 10. pe] >e blessit EE a A, our lordis 1 3 1 1 . Tarentynys R, so all throng 
L. 1313. dyssatwysly R. 



How >e Carentynys hail 

Agane >e Romanys mowit batail. 

f. 4 x s. 'T^HRE hundyr }her* and thrysse thre 

JL Befor \>t Natywite, 1 3 1 o 

pe Carentynys withe J>ar powar; 
Agane J>e Romanys rasse of were ; 
Par messyngeris dispitously 
pai defoulyt wnlionestly, 
And warnyst ]?aim richt weil wij>e out 
Withe al J?ar marchearis new about, 
And sende for Pirrus our* J>e se, 
For kyng* of Grece J>at tyme was he. 
He broucht wij>e hym of fut men 
Four skoyr of thowsandis reknynt >en, 1320 

And sewyn thowsande men on hors, 
Fayr of fasson and of corsse, 
Off eliphantis fully twenty, 
Qwhar neuir nane in Italy 
Was kende na seyn befor J>at day. 
In batel son, ]>e suythe to say, 
Pai [mellit] and faucht richt fast ; 
pe Carentynys was at J>e last 
Hail discomfyt in J?at stede 

WiJ>e al }>ar ost ; >an Pirrus flede 1330 

Wi>e mekyl schayme attour* >e se, 
In til his lande withe his menjhe. 

1 316. al |»r om. E*; new] thame mellit tit E, mellit felle E a , mellit 

RL. syne L. 

1323. Off] And R ; fully] full ail. 1332. In til his lande] Hame agane 

1325. befor] vnto L. L. 
1327. melland C, mellayid RA, 


And J>an >e Carentynis haill 

Socht >ame of Cartage of suppowall, 

That wes the cheif tovne of Affrik, 

A faire cete, nane till it lyke, 

And wes als befor Rome, but weire, 

Biggit twa hundreth and sevinty 3ere. 1350 

Sa thocht J?ai to defend with mycht 

Fra J>ame of Rome for all thare slicht 

Tessally and vthire ylis seire, 

That in J>e Grekis [se] is lyand neire. 


How the Romanls were discomflte 
Wi> >alm of Cartage and Affrik. 

TWA hundreth winter and sexty 
And nyne to rekin fullely, 
Hannaball J?e eldar }ude 
With a rycht gret multitud 
Off weill arrayit and armyt men 
Off olifantis tald thrift ten ; 1360 

Be schip with )>ai he tuke J>e se 
In Syjill [swa] aryvit he. 
The Romanis sone gaderit ware, 
And with him faucht in battall thare, 
And handillit him in fecht sa fast 
That thai him vencust at the last. 
His olifantis thai thrift ten 

'354- W. se om. 1362. W. savoy. 

I334« to] at RLE 2 , of E; Cartage 1 341. and] or R, wi> E 2 ; landis] 
all, ilis L. 

1340. mycht and slycht C. 

Chap. XIII. (LIX. in E 2 A).— How] Now RL, om. E; In Cejile wes L. 
E 2 =W. and Affrik] and Affrik tyt E 2 . 


Pan J>e Carentynys haile 

Soucht to Cartagis suppowale, 

pat was J>e cheyff of al Affrik, 

A fayr cite, nane til it lyk, 

And was befor Rome, bwt weyrc, 

Biggyt twa hundyr and sewynti jhere. 

Sa thoucht }>ai to defende withe mycht 

Fra }»im of Rome wij>e al J>ar [slycht] 1340 

Civile and o>ir landis seyr, 

pat in J>e Gret Se lyande weyr. 


How qwhen Hannybal qwhit 
Was in Civile dlseomtyte. 

TWA hundyr ^her* and sexty 
And nyne to rekkyn fullely, 
Hannybal ]>e eldar jhude 
Withe a wel gret multytude 
Off weil arrayit and armyt men, 
[And] elephantis taulde thrysse ten ; 
WiJ>e [J»i be schip] he tuk J?e se, 
In Ci3ile swa arrywit he. 1350 

pe Romanys son gaderit war, 
And wij>e hym faucht in bataile J>ar, 
And handillit hym in feycht so fast 
Pat J>ai hym wyncust at J>e last. 
His elephantis, J>at [ware] thrysse ten, 

1346. wtlom. A. 135a In Cijile swa] And in Cijil 

1347. and om. E 9 ; Off richt wcle AL. 

enarmit men L. I355'& om * L. 

1348. Ane C 1355- ware om * CE » J* 1 wut ^ 

1349. >ar bischope CEA. thare R. 


Thai tuke, and slew vp all the men, 
And all thar* navyne than? tuke thai, 
f. 99 «. And scantly wan him self away ; 1370 

And )>an of J>e consules, 
That Achalyus callit wes, 
Tuke with him a gret multitud 
Off men of armes, wicht and gud, 
And passit with J»at oste ]>e se. 
In Cartage sone aryvit he, 
And four* and sevinty citeis seirc, 
And all at in J»aim wonnand were, 
Throu all Affrik as he raid, 

All subiect to Romanis he maid ; 1380 

And throu J>e land as he raid sa 
Towart the ryverc of Bawgada, 
Off sex scow of fut he fand 
Ane edderc on J>e erd crepand, 
That mony of his men to deid 
Has slane and weliyit in that steid. 
Than with the edder sa he wrocht 
That to the deid sone he hir brocht, 
And ]?e skyne he gert fra hir tyt 
And to Rome syne send he it. 1390 

And thai of Cartage in J>at quhile 
Wald haif tretit with >is Atyll, 
Bot he refusit it vtraly, 
For cauft that he thocht halely 
For till haue wonnyng ]?aim of weir*, 
Thocht thai had bene in J>e contrer*. 
Than thai of Cartage with counsall 

1356. ner/) downe A ; J>e] his E'A, 1363. to om. RL; And past wij> 
om. R. ost to se A. 

1357. His navyn and elcphantis 1364. And om. RLE 9 ; son om. 
tuke >ai L. E. 

1358. scantly] narroly L. 1365. twenty CE. 

1360. Artylyus C 1367. And throw CE A, Syne throw 

1362. array t] dressit L. E*. 


Pai tuk, and slew ner; al J>e men, 
And his nawyne ner* tuk >ai 
Pat scantly wan hym self away. 
Ane J?an of >e consules, 

[Attylyus] >at callyt wes, 1360 

Tuk withe hym a gret multitude 
Off men arrayt in armys gude, 
And past withe >at ost to J>e se, 
And in Cartagis son ary wit he ; 
And four and [sevinty] citeis seyrc, 
And al J?at in ]>aim duellande weyr, 
[Throw al] Affrik as he rade, 
All subiet J?an to Rome he made ; 
And throw J?e lande as he rade swa 
Towart [J?e] wattyr of Bagrada, 1370 

Off sex skoyr of fut he fande 
Ane eddyr laithe on erde lyande and crepande, 
pat mony of his men to dede 
Had slayne and suellyt in J?at stede. 
Withe J>at eddyr swa he wroucht 
Pat to J>e ded son he hir broucht, 
And J>e skyn gert fra hir tyte, 
And to Rome syne he sende it. 
Pa of Cartagis in J>at qwhile 
Haff tretyde walde wi>e >at Attylle ; 1380 

f. 49 a. Pat he refoyssit wttrely, 

For causse }>at he thoucht hallely 
For til haf wonnyng^ ]7aim of were, 
Set al >ar willis had beyn contrew. 
Pan )>ai of Cartage wi]?e consaile 

1368. pan] thame RE, om. L. RA, he has £. 

137a of >e CE. 1380. Wald haue trctyt E^A, Trety 

1372. laithe] lach RA, lang E s , om, wald haue L ; wi>e] of L. 

L ; lyande and crepande] crepand 1381. heotn. L ; all vterly E'A. 

RLAE 9 , liand E. 1382. Becauft AL. 

1375. «wa] bot sa L. 1383. of] wyth R. 

1376. ye cm. RLE ; son he] sone 


The Affricanis tuke to )>aim haill, 
And faucht with Aytill and his oste, 
And vencust him for all his boste ; 1400 

And )>us with J>aim of Affrik quyte 
The Romanis wes discomfyte, 
And Aytill Regall thar* chiftane 
f. 99 b. Wes ;oldin and as presoner tane, 

And send to Cartage in presoune 
Foroutin lipnyng of ransoune. 

In Rome J>an Schir Emylyus 
And his fallow Schir Siluyus, 
That of that cete twa consules, 
Fra J>ai herd how }>is hapnit wes, 1410 

Thre hundreth schippis thai gert be 
Stuffit and laid to ]>e se, 
In Affrik till aryve onone, 
To wenge the scaith at >ai had done. 
The Affricanys sone in hy 
Recounterit J?aim dispitously 
With thre hundreth schippis agane ; 
There were J>e Romanis haill doune slane, 
And all ]>ar* navyne takin quyte, 
And all J?aw gret ost discomfit. 1420 

1389. Jaim] the folkis E ; qwyte 1393-4- om. L. 

om. CEL. 1393- to prcsone] in presowne R, 

1390. war al] wes RALE 9 , qwyt as to presone E. 

war E ; discomfit quite L. I397> Off >at toun )>an E 2 , f>an in 

1392. as a] and as REE a A ; J>at tyme E. 
Presoneir thair wes tane L. 1398. it] this R. 


pe Affricanys tuk to J>aim haile, 

And faucht wij?e Attyle and his ost, 

And wyncust hym for al his bost ; 

Par withe )>aim of Affrik [qwyte] 

pe Romanys war al discomfyte, 1390 

And Attile Regule >ar chiftane 

Was 3oldyn as a presonar* tane, 

And to Cartage to presone 

Was sende but lyppynnyng* of ranson*. 

In Rome >an Emelyus 
And his falowe Fulwyus, 
pan of J?at towne twa consules, 
Fra )>ai herde how it hapnyt wes, 
Thre hundyr schippis J?ai gert be 
Stuffit and laide to the se, 1400 

In Affrik til arrywe on ane, 
For rewengeance >at J>ai hade tane. 
pe Affricanys son in hy 
Recowntterit ]?aim dispitusly 
Withe schippis thre hundyr J?ar agane ; 
On J>e se was J>e Romanys slayne, 
And J>ar nawyne takyn qwhit, 
And al >ar hail ost discomfyte. 

140a laide] layd )>ame E 2 A ; to] 1404. dispitfully E. 

sone to L. 1405. With als mony schippis L; 

1 40 1 -2. om. L. )>ar] J>aim EL. 

1402. For to reveng R, For till re- 1406. On the se than RA, On se 
wenge E 9 . than EE 2 . 

1403. son] \fon sone E 2 . 140S. hail om, L. 



How >e Franche men in batall 
Were vlncust wl> >e Romania hailL 

TWA hundreth and four* scow of yore 
Befor the byrth of our Lord deir;, 
A fell subuersioun and suddane 
The toune of Rome had neir* ouritane ; 
For of Tyber* J>e gret ry were 
Sa reith of spait with watteris seir* 
Raift on hicht in to the tovne, 
Briggis and bigging it kest doune 
Sa quycly }>at }>an men wald weyne 
That neuer bigging than? had bene. 143 

The Franche men in to J>at tyde 
Maid J>aim of new J>an for to ryde 
Aganis the Romanis, bot thai 
Recounterit )>aim in gud array, 
And \axc J>e Franche men qwyte 
f. 93 a. Wenr with the Romanis discomfyt. 

Chap. XIV. (LX. in E S A).— tellis om. R ; of Rome om. R ; The ciete « 
Rome neir our jude L. E a =\V. 

14 10. our Lorde deyr] Mary cleir tane R ; Had ner* the (cite cm.) « 
Ln Rome our tane E ; That neir >e cet< 

141 1. And C; subversyowne RL. had our gane E s ; Had J>e ciete nei 

14 1 2. Had hale the cyte nere oure- ourgane L. 




pis chapter tellis >at a flude 
Neyr >e cite of Rome our }huyde. 

TWA hundyr and four scoyr of jherc 
Befor ]>e byrthe of our Lorde deyr, 1410 
[A] fel submersion and suddane 
Has nerc J>e cite hail ourtane ; 
For of Tybyr >e rewer* 
Sa retthe of spate wi]?e wateris weyr 
Rasse )>at al wi>e in J>e towne 
pe gret biggynnys it kest doun 
Sa qwytly ]>an J>at men sulde weyn 
pat newir biggyn J>ar had beyn. 
pe Frankis men in to J?at tyde 
Mad ]>aim of new ]>an for to ride 1420 

Agaynnys ]>e Romanys, bot J?ai 
Recowntterit ]>aim in gud array, 
Sa J?at ]>e Frankkis men qwhit 
Was withe Romanys discomfyte. 

1414. weyr] sere R ; Sa riche of the briggis it keist all doun L. 
spate and watteris wers E ; Sa greit 14 17-8. om. L. 

of spait wij> watteris weir E a ; Wes of 1417- )>an om. E 2 A. 

space sa grete but weir L. 1420. Jwin] thare RLA ; ride] byde 

141 5. And rase EE a ; And raift our L. 

all J* toun L. 1424. Was withe] War with J>e E 2 . 

1416. dourl] all doune AE a ; That 



V* *n~*' - 7 ~* !.T 

% X'ara sfc linif t 

rvsw.&r.&J v-zx ns ctii«u. 

v"e ASK* *it2 rinr »;r; rnf srrt. 

Y&m>ci- sac *x psc ^snr«Te. 

\>i $c*v:i jsr: r cere r« 

<\ v.". :jv*k %:cr.2 >c£.xEi r: ik£L 

A?c ^li^r-; *rs r>; r-rro*. 

Av Nr : - **ri prr, esse ;: 



;o ncv^ %sr* _n r^r^-scMr cyt. 

V>c K^itMr :.> hir cc ^ir.- ic^Ki: 

Vo Ha:v.viNi.'. £r?: r^^sswt *«:. 

£0: ok :m V>rc * J> »-jLv£ h^ 

The n x .<r>^.r £?**,> »::>. ?\re st. 

Na v.: ;une o: :>**:* r.i«su*£e heir, 

Na $ % t \M *;;:hi:v w::h :>ju chirp?;: ?nerf. 

In Roine :ha: :>;n«r FubVus 

Scypio and Sympxor.yus 


Cha*\ X\\ \1-XL K*A).-K*=\\\ 

1459. in] in to K. 1436. |a:] >xi R ; Thay within 

1433-4. •»¥.«. 1« Joldin wer L* 

1435. Till for grete hunger and 1437. And] t>an L. 
sair L. 



Qwhen Hannybal >e Romanis qwlt 
Fyrst in batal discomflte. 

TWA hundyr wyntyr and nynteyn 
Or lichtar was >e Maydyn cleyn, 
Hannybal withe his impyrc, 
Off Affrik Yan bathe lord and syre, 
Passit in Span^he, and J>ar a towne 
Famows and of gret ranowne, 1430 

Sagownt be nayme, assegit he, 
And straytly gert it kepit be 
Fra al profyt and wittayle, 
Qwhil J>ai wij>e in begouythe to fayle 
Throw defawte and hungyr sar, 
Sa J>at on neide )>a ^oldyn war 
And delyuirit was ]>e towne, 
And he til erde gert cast it doun*, 
For cause ]?at til al tyme it 

To Rome was in to frendschip knyt. 1440 

Pe Romanys of J>ar intent 
Til Hannybal gret [message] sent, 
Bot on nakyn wisse walde he 
Par messengeris wij>e eyne se, 
Na }»r tythyngis walde he here, 
Na sper* qwhar wij>e J>ai chargit were. 
In to Rome J>at tyme Publyus 
Scipion and Sympronyus 

1439. For caus in all tyme that it way L. 

RA ; Because J»t all tyme it L. 1445-6- om. L. 

1440. was om. L ; to om. L. 1445. Na] Nor off R ; Nor >air 

1441. of] >an of E*. tithandis wald nocht her* E. 

1442. gret] gert RAE ; message C. 1447. to om. cUU 

1443. nakyn] na A; Bot be na 

A3fc£ jplTI* mm sscr nftk~y its 
Otxflicx szuxbulzmH. vxjx. xs zovcv 
Ctoc to "us oc at |rs < 
Oic at ras mncs re Pact 
TVs lig L ' gg wt rr Yatyv 
t *? * *"x* £« rx*x«? J5 3K TUBS 

12 Y3J* SluV iKC 

He cvnw >toier wxi pec purae. 

A»£ w^± is cscs nc* r=ke }* piwe. 1470 

Ht w*» fily - t AJ.i t ?« 

Aae bsac^c: riccsaac * r=3Kii» 

Aad X3L ^ocsacki aws jc bcr£t 

Fat-. oc ifcssooe ia£ oc ocrf^ 

In to S? ri*» iiaci: vhh him thin; 

Aad wv?caci: Hr-.iSi" rychx air/. 

Foe to w£wr» »w r\>w scbor^r, 

TSr Rocrvr 1 ?* w«r i*\i3e£v 1480 

lu to ;>jl: tviull „usco=i::: : 

And efter ^uh«r. Sysirror.rss 

Had herd how hit i: hjqrr.:: }*u$ 

Till his tallow 5c:yiose. 

With his oste he come ocoae. 

And fifty ot his tens all 

Faucht tast with this Hannatviil ; 

Bot *it the Romanis neuer}>eles 

In }ut tuull discomfit wes; 1490 

1455. \td] he Rl~ rekkyn A 

1457. coyme] come in R; wcyr] 146a thousand off R ; fat] fechtand 
dout E. L. 

1458. And fair syne he take }e 1462. corsse] force £. 
plane L. 1463. Jat] )nn fat E*. 

1459. fat] His oist L ; reknyt] to 


f. 42 b. Chosyne was thre consules, 

And gouernande J?ar office was 1450 

Qwhen Hannybal withe his powers 

Coyme withe his ost, as man of wer*, 

Out our ]>e hillys of Pyrryny 

Pe nerrest waye in Italy. 

Withe gret trawayle as J?ai past 

In Ytaly }it at >e last 

He coyme wij?e gret weyr and payne, 

And wi)>e his ost >ar tuk ]>e playne, 

Pat was fullely reknyt J>en 

A hundyr thousande fut men, 1460 

And twenty thousande men on hors, 

Fayr of fasson and of corsse. 

Scipio ]?at tyme wes 
Ane chosyne of J>e consules, 
In to ]?at playne faucht wij?e hym J>ar, 
And woundit Hannybal richt sar*; 
Bot, to racorde }ow schortly, 
Pe Romanys war hallely 
Withe J>e Affricanys qwhit 

In to J?at batel discomfit. 1470 

Par eftyr qwhen Sympronyus 
Had herd >at it was hapnyt Jms 
Til his falow Scipion, 
Wi]?e his ost he come onone 
Off Sithi withe his folowis all, 
And faucht richt fast wij>e Hannyballe; 
pe Romanys }hit neuirj?eles 
In J?at batail discomfit was, 

1465. In to] And in E 9 , That in L. 1472. was] had R ; Hade hard it 

1467. Jow] to Jou E, 30 w richt E 9 , happynnit was E 2 ; Herd J>at it hap- 
yt L. pynnyt Jms L. 

1468. war] war all E 9 A. 1473. Til] Vnto E 3 , With L. 

1469. qwhit] )air quyt E a . 1475. Sithi] Rome E 9 ; Sicily is the 
147a to om. RL. word required. 




Sa Scipio wcs wonder fayne 
That he wan fra >e fycht vnslane, 
All him alane foroutin ma. 
As he }»an saw )»e fortoane ga, 
Quhen all the victory wes done, 
This Hannaball with his oste sone 
Past in Tuskane with gret fair* 
Within the first moneth of wairc, 
And held furth with his batallis syne 
f. 94* Towart the monthis of Appennyne, 150 

Quhair )>an sa thik J>e snaw fell, 
With hailstanes rycht sharp and snell, 
That all his oliphantis than*, 
Horft and catall perist war*. 
This Hannaball ;it neuer)>eles 
Wist weill >at Schir Flawme wes 
Left in >e tentis him allane, 
Quharc all )>e Romanis wer ourtane; 
Than hastely he turnyt agane, 
Him till haif tane or >an haif slane, 151 

Bot Flawme with his cumpany 
Recounterit him rycht manfully ; 
Bot }it with gile \>'\s Hannaball 
Him and his \>are discomfit all, 
Sa >at of )>e Romanis haiil 
Deid and slane in that batall 
Wew xxv. thousand neir*, 
And sex thousand als takin wer;. 

1479. Scipion] Symphron RL. Ianuer E* ; In )* moneth of Ianuc 

148a fra J*t] fra R A ; E misses the whole line. 
1483. Jris am. R 1488. hillis] hyllys off RL, hill 

1485. power*] fayre R, fere L, fcir E* ; Appennyne] of Alpyne E. 
E 9 , power* fra >ine E. 1489. Qwhar] Quhar that RL. 

i486. In] Wytht in RL; were] 


So J?at Scipion was richt fayne 

Pat he wan fra J>at feycht wnslayne, 1480 

Hym allane withe outtyn ma. 

As he }>an saw }>e forton ga, 

Qwhen al }ris wictory was don*, 

pis Hannybal withe his ost sone 

In Tuskan past wi>e gret powers 

In )>e fyrst monethe of were, 

And furthe wi}?e his bataile syne 

Towart )>e hillis Appennyne, 

Qwhar sa thik )?e snaw fell, 

With haylstanys bathe scharpe and snelle, 1490 

Pat al his elephantis )>ar, 

And hors and catel peryst war. 

pis Hannybal 3hyt neuir}?eles 

Wist weil )>at Schir Flamyn was, 

Qwhen al J>e Roraanys war ourtane, 

Left in ]>e tentis hym allayne ; 

Hastely he turnnys agayne, 

Hym til haf wyncust and haf slaym, 

Bot Flamyn wi)>e his coropanny 

Racowntryt hym richt stoutly ; 1500 

Bot jhit throw fraude of Hannyballe 

He and his ost was wyncust all, 

Sa J>at of >e Romanys haille 

Ded and slayne in >at bataile 

Was v. and twenty thousande J?ar, 

And sex thowsande takyn ware. 

149a scharpe] swarp A. turnit agane E 1 . 

1492. And om. E. 1498. wyncust] tane RL ; and haf] 

1495. war] he had E. or haue E 9 , or ellis haue L, and A« 

1496-7. om. E. 1500. hym] him )>ar E; stoutly] 

1497. turnit L; Than haistely he stalwartly A. 



How Hannaball agane In fecht 
Vencust of Rome alhale the myeht 

[npWA] hundreth jeris xi. and ane 

A Or God of Mar> f flesche had tane, 1520 

In Rome that tyme Luculyus 
Paule, and alsua Publyus 
Carrentyne and Werro was 
In to }>e toune maid consul es ; 
In till a cete callit Canos, 
Within Poille, on set purpoft 
The Romanis send J>aim for to fecht 
With Hannaball and his gret mycht. 
Off Romanis in that batali }>ar<? 

Four* and fifty thousand wer* 1530 

Reknyt and slane vpon* J?at greyne ; 
f. w 6. Befor )>at day wes neuer sene 

That }*ai of Rome with sic dispyte 

Wes sa haly discomfit, 

For )>are wes )>an Emylyus, 

And his fallow callit Paulus, 

That for the gretest that tyme wes 

Chosin to be consules, 

And of the pretor xx. men, 

Grettest of all )?e consules ]>en, 1 540 

And of the senatouris xxx. tharc 

Slane in that fecht and takin warr. 

Off gentill knychtis )>an on fute, 

1519. W. Thre. 

Chap. XVI. (LXII. E 2 A).— E 2 = W. 

1509. Lucia E 2 . 15 1 3. til a cite] tua cieteis L. 



How thre bollis of rengls weyr 

To Cartage sende now sal }he heyr. 


*UA hundyr ^herc ellewyn and ane 
Or God of Mary flesche had tane, 
In Rome Lucy Milyus 

Paule, and alsua Publyus 15 10 

Tarentyne and Warro wes 
In to }?e towne made consules, 
And til a cite callit Canos, 
Withe in Poyle, of set purposse 
Pe Romanys sende J?aim to feycht 
Withe Hannybal and his gret mycht. 
Off Romanys in to bataile J?ar 
f. 43 a. Four and fourty thowsande war* 

Reknyt slayne apon )>at greyne ; 
Befor J?at day was neuir seyn 1520 

Pat J?ai of Rome wi)?e sic dispyte 
Was sa haly discomfyt, 
For J?ar was Emelyus 
And his falow callyt Paulus, 
Pat for J?e grettast J?at tyme was 
Chosyn to be consules, 
And of ]>e pretor twenty men, 
And grettast of J>e consel J?en, 
And of )>e senatouris thretty )?ar 
Slayn in )>at feycht or takyn war. 1530 

Offgentil knychtis >an on fut, 

1514. the Poyle R; of] on a//. 1525. for] of E. 

1517. to om. RLE*. 1526. to] for to E a . 

1519. and slayne R. 1531. on] off RA, one Jxur E 2 . 

1522. halely EE 3 L. 


That vsit nou}>er spur na bute, 
Thre hundreth deid in >at batall, 
And xl. thousand vther haill 
Off knychtis armyt apon horft, 
Fainr of fassoune and of corft, 
Slane in to J>at iurnee was. 

Than ane of J>e consules, 155 

That be name wes Werro cald, 
As in his buke Frer* Martyne tald, 
All prevely out of J>at rout 
With xv. men on horft for dout 
Off his Kf to Wenys fled, 
For to be tane or slane J?ai dred. 
To the Romanis )?an but weyne 
This the lattast day had bene, 
Gif Hannaball in till all hy, 
Quhen done wes all the victory, 156 

Haill past one straucht with his men^e 
For till haif tane vp the cete. 
In takenyng of }?at victory, 
Quhen endit wes J>e iuperdy, 
Off gold ryngis, fair* and brycht, 
F.I95 a. Tane of thaw fyngeris slane in fecht, 

Thre maift, )>at wes thre bollis met, 
This Hannaball withoutin let 
To Cartage gert in hy be send 
Quhen at this iurnay had tane end. 157 

Than wes the Romanis alsa wa, 
And for this cauft disparit thai sua, 
That thai maid J?aim all haly bovne 
For till haue fled and left the tovne, 
Had nocht bene Scipio Affricane, 

1533. thousande CEE a A. 1543. Off] And of E 2 . 

1538. >a] |>e said E a . 1544. be] haif L ; >ai] he L. 

154a tauld it] tallid R, tellit E, 1545. |>e om. R ; ony om. RL. 

tald E 9 , ws tald L. 1546. last] lattast R, lakkest L. 


Pat oyssit noujrir spur* na bute, 
Thre [hundyr] ded in )>at bataile, 
And fourty thousande o)rir haile 
Off knychtis armyt apon hors, 
Fayr of fasson and of corsse, 
Slayne in to }>at iourne wes. 

Pan ane of J?a consules, 
Pat be nayme was Warro callyt, 
As in his buk Freyr Martyn tauld it, 1540 

Al prewaly out of ]>e rowt 
Withe fyfty men on hors for dout 
Off his lif to Wenys flede, 
For to be slayne or tane }>ai drede. 
To J?e Romanys but ony weyn 
Pis )>e last day had beyn, 
Giff Hannybal in al hy, 
Qwhen don was al }?e wictory, 
Had passit straucht wij?e his men^he 
For til haf tane wp )?e cite. 1550 

In tokyn of ]>\s wictory, 
Qwhen endit was )>is iuperdy, 
Off golde ryngis, fayr and bricht, 
Tane of }>ar fyngeris in }?at feycht 
Was slayne, thre bollis stape met 
pis Hannybal withe outtyn let 
To Cartage gert in hy be sende 
Qwhen J?is iournay had tane ende. 

Pan war J>e Romanys sa wa, 
And for }?is causse dispayrit swa, 1560 

Pat )>ai mad }>aim hally bowne 
For till haf flede and left )>e towne, 
Na had beyn Scipion Affricane, 

1547. in] in tyll RL, in to E. bollis met E ; That was slayne thre 

1554. in] slayne in RL. bollis stop mett E*A« 

1555. Thre moys that was thre 1558. Qwhen] Qohen that RL. 
bollys mete RL ; That slane wes thre 


That of the knychtis wes chiftane, 
With drawin J>at held }>aim in, 
And thocht a vantage for to wyne. 
Off counsall J>an, but langeri baid, 
Off >e bondis >at thai had 1580 

Bocht befor bot of licht price 
Within the tovne to mak seruice, 
He maid knychtis in )?at neid, 
And )>aim arrayit in riche weid ; 
And armouris, J>at vp offerit wer* 
To goddis in thar* tempillis there, 
Thai tuke in }?at necessite, 
And thai gert }>aim armyt be, 
All thai bondis euerilk ane ; 

And J?at ensample haif thai tane 1590 

Be counsall of ane Siluyus, 
That tald }>aim how )>at Romulus 
Off theiffis and murtheraris knychtis maid, 
That he in till his presoun had ; 
All thai mysdoaris he leit ga 
And gert )>aim wappinnis and armis ta, 
And maid ]>aim fre till he had haill 
Sex thousand wicht men to batall. 
f. 95 b. The Romanis be this ensample sone 

The like manerc then? has done ; 1600 

Sa Rome, befor disparit, than 

Respirit in hope of thir men. 

Bot 3it, as this Orosyus 

In till his cornikillis tellis ws, 

1566. thocht cm. CEA. 1577. And J>e C, And sa >at L. 

1568. J>e om. R. 1579. Rvnyus CE, Nynius E 9 A, 

1569. of] J>e EEa. )>us R, om. L. 

1 57 1. maid] made ))ame E 2 . 158 1. j>e] he RE 2 A, om. L. 

1573. &\om. R. 1582. And] And of E a A; >at om. 

1576. in |>a )>ai] in thai RE 9 , E 3 . 
)>airin L. 


Pat of J>e knychtis was chiftane, 
Withe drawyn suerde }?an helde J?aim in, 
And [thocht] a wantage }hit to wyn. 
Off consail )?an, withe outtyn bade, 
Off >e thrillis >at >ai hade 
Boucht befor of common prysse 
Withe in ]>e towne to mak serwice, 1570 

He maid knychtis in J?at neyde, 
And ]?aim arrayit in honest weide ; 
And al armouris, )?at halowit war* 
To goddis in )>ar templis }?ar, 
Pai tuk in J?at necessite, 
And in J?a J?ai gert }?aim armyt be, 
[All thai] thrillis euir ilkan ; 
For J?at ensampil had }>ai tan 
Be consel of ane [Ivnyus], 

Pat taulde }?aim how J?at Romwlus 1580 

Off murthereris }?e knychtis made, 
And thewis J>at he in preson* hade, 
And mysdoaris mony ma, 
Al wnpunyst let he ga 
In fredomf, qwhil he had hail 
Sex thousande wicht men to batale. 
Pe Romanys be J?is consail son 
f. 43 b. Pe lyk maner has all don ; 

Sa Rome, befor dispayrit, }?an 

Respayr in gud hope began. 1590 

Bot 3k, as Orosyus 

In til his cornykyl tellis ws, 

1583-4. om. L. E a . 

1585. In] In to E ; qwhil] quhill 1589. befor om. L; focht Rome 
that R ; Quhill >at he had gottin before sparit l«n E. 

hail L. 1590. Respayr in] Respyre in to R, 

1586. wicht om. E a L. Respayr^ and in A ; Respair hade in 

1587. son] hade sone E*. gude hope agane E a . 

1588. fe] Be E ; has all] all hail 


Quha in to Rome befor had bene, 

And had of it the worschip sene, 

He suld haif waxin reid for scharae, 

Fra he had sene thar* ryall fame, 

Thane honour and ^aie ryalte, 

Sa changeit in deformyte; 1610 

For all thar* gouernall >an had 

Barnys and fulis of 3outhhed, 

Bondis or thrallis, cripillis or carll, 

That vsit forouth to beire or harll 

Sic thing as men wald >aim charge ; 

Bot to beire armour, scheild or targe, 

Thai were nocht thar* to sufficiand, 

Na till assaill bot to stand, 

And behuffit in to sic seruice, 

Informyt and taucht as were nowift ; 1620 

And thus in steid of senatouris 

Carllis and bondis worthit counsalouris. 


How Hannaball wes wincust sone 
Efter with >e bondis of Rome. 

TWA hundreth 3eris and twift thre 
Befor Cristis Natiuite, 
Hannaball, with mekle boste, 
Off Chawmpane gaderit all his oste, 

1593. Qwhat CE, Quha that RL, ryaltie E 2 ; He suld haue said pair 
Quha E 9 A ; in Rome befor had bene realte L. 

RLE 9 . 1598. Than turnyd R; Wes turnit 

1594. horn. A; had om. L. in grete deformite L. 
1595-6. om. L. 1599. ]>ar had] )>an had RL. 

1595. radeJredeR. 1601. bathe] bocht L; and] or 

1596. >eC RL. 

1597. and] in R; ryalte] grete 1603-6. om.L. 


[Qwha that] befor in Rome had beyn, 

And had of it J?e worschep seyn, 

He walde haf beyn al rade for schayme, 

Fra he had seyn [thar] ryal fayme 

Changit, and )>ar ryalte 

Turnyt )>an in deformyte ; 

For nane J?ar gouernalle )>ar had, 

To sauff barnnys of 3outheide, 1600 

Thrillis, bathe bonde and carlle, 

Pat oyssit befor to ber* and harlle. 

Pan supposse }>at }?ai war soucht, 

And al in til hail nowmyr broucht, 

3 it war [thai] noucht to sicht pleyssande, 

Na in til al poynt sufficiande ; 

For J>at tyme al J?ar senatouris 

Pat chosyn war to ]>ar succouris 

Behuffit to be in J?ar serwice 

Infurmyt and kende, as 3ong<? men nowice. 16 10 


How Hannybal with schowris snel 
Was lettyt of his purposse fel. 

TWA hundyr ^here and thrysse thre 
Befor )>e blessit Natywite, 
Hannybal, wij?e mekil bost, 
Off Schawmpane mowit hail his ost, 

1603. fan] And R; supposse >at] na E. 
in suth E. 1609. serwice] office L. 

1605. thai om. C. 16 10. kende] teychit L ; men om. 

1606. Na] Na }itt E a ; til al] to ail. 

Chap. XVII. (LXIII. in E 2 A).~with] throw RL. E a =W. 
161 1, thrysse] twys RL. 1612. blessit oh. RL. 



And thre mylis vtouth the tovne he baid. 
Forth i the Romanis murnyng maid, 
/ And all the senatouris ilkane 

/ f. 96 «. Sa with raddour were ourtane, 16 

/ And out of hope disparit quyte 

/ That thai but preft were discorafite ; 

4 Na were the wiffis at thare wes 

That on wallis with besynes, 
/ Berand stanis heire and thare, 

/ Quhare ]>aim thocht mast neid ware; 

/ It to defend in to that weire, 

Efter as thai saw mystere. 
And Hannaball with his oste syne 

? Come till the jet callit Port Latyne, 16. 

And thare the counsall callit Falus 
Saw J?at he wes cummyng }ms, 
Gaderit all the Romanis haill 
For till haue gevin )>aim thare batall ; 
And as thai suld haif samyn met 
Togidder forouth J?at ilk jet, 
Sa gret tempest and hailstanis wycht 
Fell thare with sic forse and pyth 
That baith \>z ostis sped J?aim thare, 
Till thai within thare tentis ware, 16 

And baid ]?are till \>z tempest left ; 
And thocht for till haif semblit eft 
Wpone ]>e morne, and thai had sone 
The wethere worthing brycht and schone ; 
Bot haill and tempest woxe }?an ware 
And growysar about be fare 

1615. he bade] abade RE 2 , bade 1632. hym om. RE 2 . 
EAL. 1633. to] have RL, J>e E 2 . 

161 6. And tharefore R. 1634. ronnyng^r] cummand E. 
1619. wit om. R. 1635. of] and RE 2 ; wij>e] wycht 
1625-6. om. L. 1636. and withe sic] and sic R 
163 1. He gadderit E 2 ; al] of L. and E. 


And thre mylle wi}>e out )>e towne he bade. 

Parfor J?e Romanys murnyng* made, 

And al J?e senatouris ilkan 

Sa wi)>e radnes was ourtane, 

And out of ]>3lt wit sa qwyte, 

Pat }>ai war but presse discomfyte ; 1620 

3hit }?e women neuir J>e les 

Apon )>e wallis besy wes 

Layande stanys her and )>ar, 

Qwhar ]?at J?ai thoucht most likly ware, 

Paim to defende in tyme of were, 

Eftyr as )>ai sawe J?ar mystere. 

And Hannybal withe his ost syne 

Coyme to )>e 3het was callit Collyiie ; 

Par J?e consul Fulwyus 

Saw )>at he wes cummyn J?us, 1630 

Gaderit al }>e Romanys haile 

For til haf giflfyn hym J?ar bataile ; 

And as J?ai sulde to samyn beyn 

To gedyr ronnyng* on ]>e greyn, 

Sa gret tempest of haylstane wi)>e 

Fel wi)>e sic fors and withe sic pythe 

Pat baythe )>e ostis a noyit was sayre, 

Or J?ai withe in J?ar tentis war. 

Pus fyrst qwhen at ]>e tempest left, 

For til haf met )>ai thristit eft, 1640 

Pe next tyme )>at J?ai mycht se 

A day set in serenyte. 

In J?e tyme )?at }>ai )>at set 

Bayth hail and tempest were )?aim wet 

1637. That besely pe ostis Jwur L. 1641. tyme] day L. 

1638. Gat to thair tentis without 1642. In fairnes and serenite L. 
mair L. 1643. In] On R. 

1639. fus] This E 2 , And L. 1644. wew] werft E, wow E 2 ; 

1640. thristit] trystyd RE a A ; Thay Baith [wi)>] haile and tempest war* )wi 
tristit to haue met psdi eft L. wet A, wi> being an alteration. 


Than it wes apon l>e first day, 
And with maw dout }?an withdrew thai 
And J>an Hannaball be >at weill thocht 
That he be man wes lettyne nocht 1660 

To waist and vndo ]>e cete, 
Bot throu J?e mycht of Goddis powste. 
Fra Rome }>an he remuffit haill 
His oste, but mair* baid or batall, 
f. 96 b. Bot 3it throu pouerall of }>at tovne 

He wes put syne to confusioun, 
For all his pryde and all his mycht, 
As the cornikillis tharof tellis rycht 
Scipio )>at tyme Affricane 

Had sevin and sevinty winter gane 1670 

Off his eild, and 3U >an he 
Wes prisit man of gret pouste ; 
He passit in to Spayne of weirc, 
Cartage wes J?an of his power* 
That he had wonnyng, and tresour 
That thai had gaderit lang befor, 
As siluer and gold, and J>ar* for he 
Pay it till his knychtis large fe ; 
And thar* he tuke Macgovne J>e stout, 
Bro>er till Hanniball but dout, 1680 

And to the Romanis him send he 
In presone for till haldin be. 
Quhen Scipio apon this wift 
Had done in Spayne gret victoryse, 
In till Affrik syne he past, 
And fell in fechting \axe sa fast 
That of his aduersaris in to that sted 
Fourty thousand wes slane and deid. 

1645. dout] painc pan L. 1655. eylde] eild pan E 9 . 

1646. {>an na] Be fer pan E; na 1656. man] a man RLE a A ; bounte] 
om. E a L ; ]>e] one pe E 5 . powste RLA. 

1654. wyntyr om. R. 


Pat withe mar* dout eschapit J?ai 
Pan na }?ai did J?e fyrst day. 
Hannybal be J>at weil thoucht 
Pat he be man was lettyt noucht 
To wast and wndo }?e cite, 

Bot throw Goddis gret pouste ; 1650 

Fra Rome J?an he remowit haile 
His ost but fandyng* of batale. 
Scipio J?at tyme Affricane 
Had sewyn and twenty wyntyr gan* 
f. 44 a. Off his eylde, and }?an he 

Was prissit man of gret bounte ; 

He passit in to Spanjhe of were, 

And Cartage New withe his power* 

He wan, and gat )>e gret tresour 

Gaderit lang* tyme befor, 1660 

Silwir and golde, and J?ar of he 

Payit til his knychtis largis fe ; 

And >ar he tuk Magon wi>e all, 

Pat bro}?ir was to Hannybal, 

And to ]>e Romanys hym sende he 

In preson for til haldyn be. 

Qwhen Scipio apon }ris wyse 

Had don in Sparine }rir wictorysse, 

In til Affrik syne he past, 

And fel in feychtingi }>ar sa fast 1670 

Withe >e duk of Affrik >ar 

Pat of his aduersaris war 

Fourty thousand slayne and dede, 

And wastand fra stede to stede, 

1657. He passit in to] fan he past befoure RL. 
in £. 1661. and om. R. 

1659. \x] thaire RL, J»t EA ; gret 1662. largis] large RLEA, greit E 2 . 
om. E 2 . 167a feychting* om. E 2 . 

1660. Gaderit] fat gaderit was E, 1673. uid] to E. 

Gadderit hade beyne E 2 ; lang* tyme] 1674. And] And he RL, And sa 
|*t lange tyme A; befor] thare EAE 9 . 


He throu the land in ryot raid 

An in till it his mastry maid, 1690 

That nane fra him )>aim mycht defend. 
Than thai of Cartage gert sone send 
Till Hannaball, and bad him speid 
Him hame and help )?aim in }>at neid ; 
For he in Ytaly wes werrayand 
That samyn tyme with stalwart hand. 
One greting )>an fell Hanniball, 
For him behuffit leif Ytaly all ; 
And all the knychtis at than? was 
.f. 97 «. Off Ytaly, and wald nocht pass 1700 

With him in Affrik, but remeid 
He slew and gert be put to deid ; 
Syne to Cartage in hy he come, 
And }>ar* quhen he saw Scipione 
To trete for pese he set his thocht ; 
Bot sa it fell thai cordit nocht, 
And sa behuffit J>aim o neid 
To fecht and )>aim to batall speid, 
And efter lang fechting tharc 

Thai of Cartage vencust war*, 17 10 

And Hanniball bot with four* men, 
But ma, on horft eschapit J»en, 
And fra that batall gat away ; 
His lif sa savit he that day. 
Thus Scipione had the victory, 
And with his oste syne halely 
[Wan] of Cartage the cete, 
And maid as his awne fre. 

1717. W. Wes. 

1675. And] All RL. 1682. J* left of C, >e lest of A, he 

1676. in] in tyll R ; his] greit A, his lest of EE' 2 , that he left RL. 

greit E 2 . 1687. And syne E 2 ; come] he 

1677. nane] man E 2 . come RL. 

1680. J>at] thair RL. 1690. fel] happynnit L. 


And throw }>e lande in ryote rade, 

And in it his mastry made, 

Na nane fra hym mycht )>aim defende. 

Pan )>ai of Cartagis son gert sende 

Til Hannyba, and bad hym speide 

Hym hayme and help }>aim in J?at neyde. 1680 

On gretyng* }>an fel Hannybal 

For Italy [that he left] all, 

And al J?e knychtis )>at J?ar was 

Off Italy, and walde noucht passe 

Withe hym in Affrik, but ramede 

He slew and gert be put to dede ; 

Syne to Cartage come onone, 

And J?ar qwhen he saw Scipion* 

Off pesse to tret was al his thoucht ; 

Bot it fel }>ai accordit noucht, 1690 

And sa J>ai behuffit on neyde 

Paim to batal and to feycht spede, 

And eftyr lang* feychting* }>ar 

Pai of Cartage wyncust ware, 

And Hannybal bot wij>e four* men 

On hors, but ma, was chapit }>en, 

And fra ]>e batal gat away ; 

His liff sa sauffit he J>at day. 

Pus Scipio hade }>e wittory, 

And wij?e his ost syne hallely 1700 

Wane of Cartage ]?e cite, 

And made in it his entre. 

1691. And om. L ; }*i behuffit] be- 1696. was chapit] eschapit £ a ; On 
huwid thame RLE 9 , >ame behuffyt hors wes gottin away >an L. 

AE. 1697-8. om. L. 

1692. Thane to fecht and batalle 1698. sa om. R. 

spede R, To fecht and to bataile speide 1700. hallely] passit on hy L. 

L ; to feycht] fechting E, fecht to E 9 . 1 701. Wane] And wan L. 

1693. )* r ] ?Ln ^ szii L. 




How HannabaU wes vincust agane 
Ane o>er tyme and put to pane. 


*WA hundreth winter and sex ours 

Or Mary bain? our* Saluiour, 1720 

The secund batall of Affrik >an 
Wes done }>us and tint mony man, 
And hastely efter that sone 
The weir* hegouth of Macedone, 
Quhen that Flawme, >at }>an was 
Ane chosin of the consules, 
Efter mony iuperdyis 
And diuerft wonnyng wictoryift, 
He grantit pese and trew onone 
To Phillip king of Macedone, 1730 

That, efter Alexander wes deid, 
f. 97 b. Succedit king in till his steid, 

Ane hundreth winter and twenty. 

The presoneris }>an halely 

And captwise of the Romanis, all 

Tane befor with HannabaU, 

Recouerit were with Scipioun, 

And followit all his charis onone, 

And gert schaif of tharc heid J?e hair*, 

In takin J?at }>ai deliuerit war* 1740 

Fra seruitute and bondage fre, 

And past all hame in thaw cuntre. 

Chap. XVIII. (LXIV. in E a A).— Quhen Antiocus the king E. 

1703. Thre CE. was deid A. 

1713. pes and trwys RL. 1718. )«n om. E. 

1 7 15. fan Alexander eftyrc >at he 



Now qwhen Anthiocus kynge 
With >e Romanys made anynge. 

[ / HT*WA] hundyr wyntir and sex our* 

A Or Mary bure our Salwyour*, 
Pe secunde batale Affricane 
Was al don and ende had tan*, 
And hastely son* eftyr J?an 
Pe wer of Macedon began, 
Qwhen }>at Flamyne, J?at ]?an was 
Ane chosyn of J?e consul es, 17 10 

Eftyr mony iuperdyis 
And syndry wynnyng* wictoryis, 
Grantyt trew and pesse onone 
To Philip kyng* of Macedon*, 
Pat, eftyr Alexander was dede, 
Succedit kyng* in til his stede, 
A hundyr wyntyr and twenty. 
Pe captywis )>an hallely 
Off ]>e Romanys, all 

Tane befor throw Hannybal, 1720 

Recouerit was throw Scipion*, 
And folowit his char* onone, 
f. 44 6. And gert schaiff of }>ar hewiddis J>e hayr*, 

In takynnyng* ]?at J?ai deliuerit ware 
Fra serwitute and thrillagis fre, 
Passande hayme in )>ar cuntre. 

1719. all] )»n all E*A ; Of al hail 1722. his] syn his E ; chaw] charge 

pe Romanis al E. A, chargis E a . 

172a throw] wyth RL, be E 9 . 1723. hewyd R, heid E a . 

1721. Retourit L ; was] fan was 1724. In takyn RLE ; ]»t cm. A. 
E* ; throw] be EE*, with L. 


Efter }>at it hapnit Jms, 
The king of Asy Anthiochus 
Aganis J?e Romanis raift of weir*, 
And come be se with his power* 
In till Affrik of Asy, 
And Hannaball J?an prevely 
Drew till him agane )>an Scipione 
In till confederatioun, x 75<> 

Sa that his awmerall wes he 
Till all his navyne on }>e se. 

Scipioun )>an Aflfricane 
The Romanis with him hes he tane, 
And faucht with Hannibal 1 sa fast 
That thai him vincust at the last, 
And maid on him a felloune chaft ; 
And he that for deid dredand was 
All his pigh put to the speid, 

As he wes hasterit in ]?at neid, 1760 

And gat him throu speid of horft away, 
And fled furj? till our* drif his day, 
And quhen the king Antiochus 
Saw how his werd wes hapnit thus 
He treittit apon trewis onone, 
f. 98 a. And concord maid with Scipioun. 

Off Rome thar* wes batallis seir* 
That, and thai all were reknyt heir*, 
I dreid suld dull 30ur appetite, 
And gendyr leith mar* J?an delite. 1770 

1728. tyroe om. R; That J>e king 1730. be] on RL, our E*. 
Antiochus L. 1731. and CEE 2 A. 

1729. rase] he raise E, ]>ame raise 1733. Drew] Drest R. 
E a ; Agayne the Romanys ras of were 1 734. In tyll a AE a . 


Eftyr }>at it hapnyt J?us, 
Pe kyng* J?at tyme Antiochus 
Agane rase apon weri, 

And coyme be se wij?e his power* 1730 

In til Ewrope [off] Asy, 
And Hannybal }>an prewaly 
Drew til hym agayn Scipion 
In til confideracion, 
Sa }>at his awmerale was he 
Til al his nawyne apon se. 

Scipio }>an Affricane 
Pe Romanys wi}>e hym has tane, 
And faucht wi}>e Hannybal sa fast 
Til he hym wyncust at }>e last, 1740 

And made apon hym fellom chas ; 
And he for ded )>at dredande was 
Al his pithe put in til speide, 
As he was artyt }>an on neyde, 
And qwhen J?e kyng* Antiochus 
Saw J?at his werde turnyt }>us 
Tretit apon trew onone, 
And concorde maid wi)>e Scipion^. 

Off Rome ar o}>ir batellis seyr 
Pat, gif }>ai war al reknyt hew, 1750 

I dreid sulde dule $our* appetyte 
And gendyr leth marc )>an delyte. 

1736. apon] on \te E, apon |>e 1742. >at] than R. 

E 9 A ; To his navyne haill on ]>t sey 1746. werde] fortoun L. 

L. 1747. He tretit E 9 . 

1738. has] has he RL; The 1749. ar] all E 9 . 

Romanys )»n wi> him hade tane E 9 . 1750. al om. E 9 L. 

1741-4. om. L. 



How the Pightis come in Scotland 
First to be >arein wonnand. 

TWA hundreth winter and na mar* 
Or madin Mary Ihesu bair*, 
It hapnit in a cumpany 
Out of }>e kinrik of Sythy 
Come of Pightis in Irland, 
Quhari J>an J?e Scottis wer wonnand, 
And wald haue bene personaly 
In to that land wonnand ]?aim by. 
That >e Scottis >an denyit, 

And said thare wes vnoccupiit 1780 

A land beyond ane arme of the se, 
Evin anentis }>aim, a gret cuntre, 
That oft J?ai saw on dais lycht, 
Quhen }>at }>e wedder* wes fair* and brycht, 
And }>at, thai said, wes profitable 
For to mak to J?aim habitable, 
And counsalit J?aim, but mare or myn, 
To paft J?at cuntre for to wyne, 
And }>ai suld ryft in ]?ar* defens 
Gif ony maid }>aim resistens ; 1790 

Thai wald ma J?aim all suppowell 
With men and gud and with wittaill. 

Thir Pightis [askit] thir Scottis then 
To be weddit with thar* wemen, 

1793. W. affrik. 

Chap. XIX. (LXV. in E a A).— Qwhcn] Now quhen RL. E^ W. 

1753. na] ane E 2 . Come of Pichtis ane cumpany 

1 755*7 — And enterand in till Ireland. L. 

Crist, out of |>e kynrik of Sythy 1758. duellande] wonnand E 8 . 



Qwhen >e Peythtls in Scotlande 
Coyme and in it was regnande. 

TWA hundyr wyntyr and na mar* 
Or >at J>e madyn Mary bar* 
Ihesu Crist, a companny 
Out of J>e kynrik of Sithi 
Coyme of Peythtis in Irlande, 
Qwhar J?an J?e Scottis war duellande, 
And walde haf beyn in parcenary 
In to )>at lande, duellande J?aim by. 1760 

Pat }>e Scottis men }>aim denyide, 
Bot said }>ar was wnoccupyide, 
Lyande bejonde ane arme of se, 
Anentis }>aim, a gret cuntre, 
Pat oft }>ai saw on dayis licht, 
Qwhen }>e son was schynande bricht, 
And J?at, }>ai saide, was profetable 
For to mak to ]?aim habitabile, 
And consalyt ]?aim for to passe in 
Pat ilka lande and it to wyn, 1770 

And J?ai sulde rysse in ]?ar defens 
Giff ony made >aim resistence, 
And J?ai sulde mak )>aim suppowalle 
Withe gud and men and wi}>e wittaile. 

Pe Peichtis askyt }>e Scottis >en 
Weddit to be withe }>ar women, 

1759. partanary £, parcyonaiy E 9 . 1774. gud and] gudis, men E, gud 

1760. Jwum] than R. men E 9 , gud wij> men L. Two lines 

1761. men om. RL ; >aim om. E ; are added in E — 

And >at ]* Scottis j>ame denyet E 2 . And with thingis )>at mycht avail 
1766. Qwhen] Quhen that RL. Thame to help in >at batatll. 

1769. oonsulyt A. 


Sen nakyne women of thaw kynd 
Thai brocht with )>aim na of the strynd, 
Swa wi}> >aim till allyit be, 
f. 98 b. Thai and thai* posterite. 

Than J?ai accordit on J>is wift, 

Gif ony ouw leiffit suld ryft i860 

And suld succeid and regne as king, 

Quhen J>e kingis maid ending, 

He suld be king of }>e haill, 

That cumyn wew be lyne femall, 

And of the male suld nane succeid 

Bot it wew cleiw, bot ony dreid, 

That of the femall thaw were na man 

Left to succeid ; to }>is fredome J>an, 

And dignite prerogative, 

Foroutin ganecalling or strive 18 10 

The Scottis fra }>e Pichtis wan. 

Pichtis }>ai wew callit }>an, 

For thai wew men of gret stature, 

Forthy of pigh and of valour, 

And forthy Pightis callit were thai, 

Pay n tit men J?at is to say. 

The Irischery and the folkis of the Ylis 

Sum sais thai come of J?aim sum quhilis, 

For thai ar huge men as the Pightis, 

Stalwart and Strang of strenth and mychtis. 1820 

This fredome kepit wes alwayis 

Amangis the Pightis in thaw dayis. 

1779. til allyide be] ane lyte to be 1780. £ai] Baith )>ai E a . 
L. 1 781. concordit L ; >at] this all. 


Syn nakyn women of J>ar kythte 

Pai broucht wi}>e in }>e lande J>aim withe, 

Swa wi}>e )*aim til allyide be, 

Pai and }>ar posteryte. 1780 

Pat was accordit on J?at wysse, 

Pat gif ony dowte sulde rysse 

Qwha sulde succede and reng* as kyngi, 

Qwhat tyme }>e kyngis made endyng*, 

He sulde be kyng<r of al ]>e haile, 

Pat cummyn war be lyne famale, 

[And of] )>e malle sulde nane succede 

Bot al war cleyr, but ony dreide. 

Pis prerogatywe )>an 

Pe Scottis fra >e Peythtis wan, 1790 

And was kepit weil al wayis 

Amang* }>e Peythtis in J>ar dayis. 

1784. Qwhat tyme] Quhen that R, 1787. Off C ; sulde om. E 2 . 
Quhen L. 1788. Bot] Tyll A ; al] it RL. 

1786. be] of AL. 1789. fis] This ilk E a . 


Furth thai past J*at land to wyne 
To Jaaim and J>aris and all thar* kyne, 
And the north landis occupyit. 
By thame wes Scottis in that tyde 
Regnand, and >e first man 
Off >ai wes Fergus Ersch sone Jaan, 
And in the south }it, as we reid, 
Wes Brytonis }>an of Brutis seid. 1830 

Fra Fergus Erth sone be lyne 
f. 99 «. Tyll J*at Kenede Makcalpyne 

Raift as king and wes regnand 
Within the kinrik of Scotland, 
Few personis lynealye, 
Sum vther few collateralye, 
As courft maid and qualite 
Airis waverand for to be, 
Sum hapnit to regne throu malice, 
As ilkane vther; wald supprise; 1840 

Bot fra J?is Fergus evin be lyne 
Kenede discendit Makcalpyne, 

1793. w *t in C. J>at tyme was A (was added in A). 

1794. to J»r aris] thairis it R ; For 1797. of] and wij> E 2 . 
>ame and Pichtis it to wyn L. 1799. p&t] £e EA. 

1796- 1 816. Instead of these lines RL 1801. I can] bot I E. 

have the following : — 1804. reknyt] he reknit E. 

By thaim wes Scottis in that tyde 1805. regnyt] reknyt E. 

Regnand, and the fyrst man 1810. Keneaucht discend Makal- 

Off thai wes Fergus-Ercswne than ; pyne written first in E 2 and scored 

And in the Sowth yhit^as we rede, through in red. Cf. 1. 182a 

Wes Bretownys than off Brwtys sede. 18 14. our] ar* A. 

Fra Fergus be lyne 1816. variand for to be E, wauer- 

Quhill that Kyned-Makalpyne and for to be E a . 

Ras as kyng, and was regnand 18 17. Sum] Sua E. 

Wytht in the kynrik of Scotland, 18 18. And] As L. 

Few persownys lynyalle, [Fele L. 1820. Kynede R, Kenede L. 

Swm othir fell collatexale, 1821-36. om. RL. 

As cours made and qualyte 1822. nere] mare EE 2 . 

Ayrys wawerand for to be. 1824. regnande] leiffand A. 

1796. psX tyme] was l>at tyme E 2 , 1827. cornykyllis EA 2 . 


f. 45 a. Syne J?ai passit J>at lande [within] 

To J?aim and to J?ar aris to wyn, 
And J>e northe landis occupyide ; 
Pe souythe J>at tyme inhabyide 
Withe Brettownys of Brutus seide. 
Sa in our cornyclis as we reide 
Pat Scottis war regnande mony }her* 
Befor }>e Peychtis cummyn were 1800 

Withe in Scotlande, I can noucht ken 
Qwhat )>ai war callit >at regnyt }>en ; 
Bot Fergus Erschson I wisse 
Pe fyrst of Scottis reknyt is 
Pat regnyt, as J>e cornyclis sayis, 
Kyng* befor J>e Peychtis dayis, 
And, qwha >at redly se kan, 
He was bot }>e tende man, 
For to rekkyn ewyn be lyne, 
Befor Kenyauche Makalpyne. 18 10 

0}>ir seyr J?at we of reide 
Betwyn }>a twa, as thai succede, 
Sum fel collateralle, 
And regnande our }>e Scottis haile, 
As coursse made and qwhalite 
Ayris wareande to be ; 
Sum hapnyt to ryng* throw malice, 
And ilkan oJ?ir walde supprysse ; 
Bot fra Jris Fergus ewyn be lyne 
Kenyauche descendit Makalpyne, 1820 

And was bot in }>e tende gre ; 
And 3hit, ner* gif }he wil se, 
Reknys qwhat J>e tende liffit hew, 
And how lange tyme J?ai regnande wer*, 
And J?ai al sal noucht excede 
Thre hundyr ^herc, wij?e outtyn dreide, 
Qwhar in J>e cornykil writtyn is 
Twelf hundir and fer* mar* I wis 


And, as we fynd in our story, 

Cruthnow J?at tyme Makarii 

Wes ]>e first in to Scotland 

Attour the Pightis king regnand. 

He liffit and regnit v. $CTt, 

Bot of his douchty dedis seir* 

I will tell na mare na I wait, 

Bot, as cronykillis of him wrait, 1850 

Sayis as he wes a iuge myld, 

Regnand our the Pightis wild. 

Neist him till succeid Geid, 

And wes maid king in till his steid, 

Our the Pightis in Scotland 

A hundreth and v. jerc regnand. 


Off the first distructioun 
Off Cartage >e noble tovne. 

A HUNDRETH and fifty }eris beforne 
Or God wes of our Lady borne, 
Off Rome gaderit ]?an senage 
And ordanit to vndo Cartage. i860 

1834. J»t] that now E 9 . 1840. kyngi] J»n EL. 

1835. ]»r] )>at A. 1 84 1. He king wes our ]>ame fyfty 
1837. And as we fynd in oure story Jere L. 

RL. 1842. of] of all E* ; seyr] but were L. 


Fra fyrst J?e Scottis war regnande 

Or Kynyauch Makalpyn wan }>e lande. 1830 

Bot be ojnr auctouris seyr 
Pe Scottis, I fynde, begouthe to stew 
Qwhen J>at }>e Peychtis was regnande. 
To J>at I ame accordande, 
And )>ar date set I wil, 
Qwhen }>e processe is lede }?ar til. 
In til ]ns tyme be our story 
Cruthne )>at tyme Makryny 
Was }>e fyrst in to Scotlande 
Attour ]?e Peychtis kyng* regnande ; 1840 

He liffit and regnyt fifty ^her*, 
Bot of his douchty dedis seyr 
I wil tel na mar J?an I wate, 
For cornyclis }>at of hym wrate 
Saide he was a iuge mylde 
Regnande our ]?e Peychtis wilde. 
Next til hym succedit Gede, 
And was made kyngi in til his stede, 
Our J>e Peychtis in Scotlande 
A hundyr and fyfty ^her* regnande. 1850 


How Cartage of counsail 

Was ordanyt to be wndoyn hail 

A HUNDYR and fyfty ^hen? beforfi 
Or God was of our Lady born, 
Off Rome gaderit ]>e senage 
And ordande til vndo Cartage. 

1844. cornykklis RE 9 A, cornycleris 1847. ^y m om - R 
E, comycler L. 

Chap. XX. (LXVI. in E a A).— wndoyn] wndone all R, wynnyn L. 
1854. all Cartage R. 


Scipio than Aflricane 
Lord of Romanis and chiftane, 
Gert in hy before him call 
The cete^enis of Cartage all, 
f. 99 b. And gaif straitly commandment 

Foroutin ony impedyment 
Hastely furth till him bring 
All J>aw wappinnis and J?aw armyng, 
And all J?ar<? navyne syne bad he 
Suld till him deliuerit be ; 1870 

And efter ]?at he bad )?aim mare 
Fra }>e se at thai suld fain? 
Ten thousand paifi haill weill met 
In sorow }>an wer Jriw cite^ynis set ; 
Neuer}>eles sum passit sone, 
And in all as he bad has done ; 
Sum chesit eraw thaw pigh to pruf 
Or J?ai wald fra the se remufe, 
And sum chesit eraw to de 

Than }>ai wald fra )>aw fredome fie. 1880 

Chiftanis J?an J?ai chesit twa, 
And gert of gold and siluer ma 
The armouris and the wappinnis all 
That to thaw fens wes like to fall. 
On that wise thai reullit weill 
All thaw defalt of irne and steill. 
Scipio than in till his ire 
Gert set thaw cete all in fyre, 
And it in fyre }>us gatis birnand 
Sevintene dais wes ay lestand. 1890 

1855. J»n] ]»t tyme E a . 1861. befor] for tiU R, to L. 

1856. of] off the RL. 1862. All j>ar wappynnys and arm- 

1857. And gert E. yng L. 

1858. Cartage all. 1863. bad] syne bad RL. 

1859. strayt] stratly R, om. E 2 ^ 1865. >at] hind E 2 . 
i860. That but ony impediment L. 


Scipio J?an Affricane, Laing, 1829 

Lord of Romanys and chiftane, 
Gert in hy befor hym cal 
Pe citajanys of Cartagis al, 
And gaf )>aim strayt mandement 
f. 45*. But onykyn impedyment i860 

Hastely befor hym bryng* 
Par wapynnys al and }>ar armyng*, 
And al }>ar nawyn bad he 
Sulde til hym delyuirit be ; 
And eftyr J?at he bad }>aim maw 
Fra }>e se }>at J?ai suld far* 
Ten thousande pasis syne but let. 
In sorow sar* }>an war )>ai set ; 
Sum neuir]?eles jhit passit son, 
And in al as he bade has don ; 1870 

Sum erar* cheyssit J?ar pythe to pruff 
Or }>ai walde fra >e se ramoyff, 
And sum cheyssit erar* to de 
Pan ]?ai walde fra J?ar fredom fie. 
Chiftanys J?an }?ai cheyssit twa, 
And gert of golde and siluir ma 
Pe armour and J>e wapynnis all 
Pat to ]?ar neide was lik to fall. 
On J?is wisse }>ai relewit weil 
Al }>ar defawte of irne and steylle. 1880 

Scipio )>an in his ire 
Gert set J>e towne >an in a fyw, 
And in }>ar ]>e fyr* brynnande 
Sewynteyne dayis was ay lestande. 

1870. And al >at euer he bad has 1882. J»n in] in till E 3 ; >an in a] 
done E ; And all his chargis haill hes all haill in L ; a oni. R. 

done L. 1883. And in )»r] And in it thare 

1 87 1. chesid errare RL. R, And in it E, And Joirin E 2 A ; And 
1877. armwrys RL. in it Jam in fyre byrnand L. 

1881. in] in till E*. 


This wes the first distructioun 
Off Cartage, that noble tovne, 
Quhen sevin hundreth ;eris and ane 
Fra it wes foundit till it wes gane. 
The thrid batall wrakfull heir* 
Takis end and lestis bot four* $ere ; 
The secund batall befor it 
Held xx. ^eris, as sais }>e writt, 
f. xoo a. Quharc xxx. thousand of men thar* 

And xxv. thousand were 1900 

Off women reknyt of Cartage 

That come and ;ald }>aim in thrillage 

To the Romanis, fra J>at day 

Bondis for to be for ay, 

For dreid of ponysing and payne, 

Quhen thai that fyre saw brynnand brayne. 

With better will ^it vther ma 

In to that birnand fyre cou}> ga, 

And deid within thaw avne fre, 

Than in bondage bunding be, 1910 

Or to be seruand euer and ay 

To the Romanis fra that day. 


The autour heire devisis rycht 
The natur of gentrice and hycht 

A HUNDRETH sex and fourty 3er<? 
Befor }>e birth of our Lord deuY, 
Throu mycht of Romanis J?an suthly 
Cartage distroyit wes halely, 

1887. Qwhen] Fra E a L. 1897. for om. EL. 

1888. Fra it wes foundin wer quite 1899. heyn om. RE. 

out gane L. 1903. in om. R ; awin om. L. 
1893. ThreCE. 



Pis was J>e fyrst distruccion Laing % 1859 

Off Cartage, J>e nobil town, 
Qwhen sewyn hundir ^here and ane 
Fra it was foundit qwhit was gane. 

Pe thrid batel Punyk her* 
Tais ende and lestis bot four* ^her*; 1890 

Pe secunde batale bathe and it 
Helde twenty 3her*, as sayis }>e wryte. 
[Thretty] thousande of men J>ar 
And xxv. thousande war* 
Off women reknyt of Cartage 
Pat come and ^aulde >aim in thrillage, 
Serwandis for to be alway 
To >e Romanys fra J?at day, 
For dout J>ai had beyn perist in 
Pe cite qwhen J>ai saw it bryfi. 1900 

Withe bettyr wil jit o>ir ma 
In to }>at brynnande fyre walde ga, 
And de wij>e in J>ar awin fre, 
Pan in to serwitute to be 
Serwandis to J>e Romanys ay, 
Pai and ]>ar ayris fra J>at day. 


How >e Romanys wan 
Coryne and Akay >an. 

AHUNDYR and sex and fourty ^her* 
Befor ]>at Mary, maydyn cleyr, 
God had born* of hir body, 
Cartage delet was hallely, 19 10 

1906. pu ayris] Jairis A ; To >e Romanis eftir J>at day L. 
Chap. XXI. (LXVII. in E*A).— wan, than reversed in I* 

1907. and sex] sex E. £ s , Mary modyr* A, pe virgin L. 

1908. Mary, maydyn] madyn Mary 1910. Cartagis A 



And of Corinthus Jaan the tovne, 
Famouse and of gret renovne, 
And stride in Grece, the Romanis than 
Assegit with thar* oste and wan. 1920 

Within J>at tovne sic multitude 
Of simulachris on pillaris stude, 
Massy and gret, polist full fyne, 
Maid of gold and siluer syne. 
Efter that all that tovne in fyre 
Wes brynt, and fallin in colis schyre, 
All that metall meltyn }>an 
In till a querne togidder ran ; 
The metall, maid sa pure and fyne, 
OffCorinthe had the titill syne, 1930 

f. 100*. The name \>are efter of Corinthe had, 

And all }>e weschall of it maid. 

In to }>is tyme I spak beforne 
In till Rome a barne wes borne 
That had four; handis and four; fete, 
Four* ene, four* eris, and thar* to ^ete 
It had befor pyntillis twa. 

The fyre >at ilk tyme of Ethna, 
That is a hill within Sy^ill, 

Bruschit out in that samyn quhill, 1940 

Sa that it brynt all sodanely 
Sew lands at lay it by. 

Alsua that ilk tyme in Sy}ill 
Thar* raift a sodane weir* cy vill, 
That breyit the Romanis als weill 
As }>aim of Sy^ill ilk deill. 

1914. Assegit and wij> )»w ost wan 1922. And in] In tyll RLA, In E, 

A. In to E 9 ; quheyme A, quhayrne 

1917. gret] greit and E a . E 2 . 

1920. Was fallyng and brynt E 2 ; 1926. |>arof] thare efft of R ; it om. 
fallyn] levit L. EE a ; The name of it J>air eftir }*u 

1 92 1. moltyne E 9 , moltin L. had L. 


And of Coryntus J>an J?e towne, Laing, 1886 

Famousse and of gret ranowne 

In to Grece, J>e Romanys }>an 

Assegit wij>e J>ar ost and wan. 

Withe in J>e towne sic multitude 

Of symylacris on pillaris stude, 

Massy, gret, weil polist syne, 

Made of golde and siluir fyne. 

Eftyr J>at al J>e towne in fyr* 

Was brynt, and fallyn in colys schyn*, 1920 

Al J?e metale moltynnyt J>an, 

And in a qwerne togedyr ran ; 

Pat metal, made sa pur* and fyne, 

Off Coiynt had J>e titil syne, 

And al J>e waschael of it made 

Pe nayme J>arof Corynt it hade. 

In to }ris tyme I spek beforn 
f. 46 «. In to Rome a barn; was born 

Pat had four handis and four; feit, 

Four eyne and four eris ^eit, 1930 

And befor had pyncyllis twa. 

Pe fyre J>at tyme of Ethna, 
Pat is ane hil withe in Civile, 
Brist out ]>an in to J>at qwhile, 
Sa >at it brynt al suddandly 
Seyr landis ]>at lay new ]?ar by. 

Alsua J>at tyme in Civile 
Pan rasse a suddande were serwile, 
Pat breit J?e Romanys als weil 
As J?aim of Cijille ilka deil. 1940 

1930. Jeit] yhete R, greit E 2 . 1936. new Jaur] nere RE, it E 2 ; 

1931. pintyllis E 2 A. * • Seir landis >at by it couth ly L. 
1934. Brist outT )nu*] Brwstyd owt 1937. in] in to E?L. 

R, Ruschit out L. 1938. J>an] Thair RL. 

1935- Sa >at] Bot J»t A, fat sa L ; 1939. breit] breyde R, brede E 2 , 

brynt otn. L. brynt L. 


Bot of thai schortly for to say, 

Fourty thousand on a day 

Discomfit wer and slane doune, 

And )>ar* pryde brocht to confusioun. 1950 

Ay seruandis quhen $e se ryft 
In ire J>ar* lord for to supprift, 
Quhar* the vse is soleynar* 
It happinnis all J>e cruellar*. 
For J?i till Alexander }>e king 
Arestotill in his teching 
Said : " Gif Jk>v thinkis to be 
King to rigne in ryalte, 
Be wit of lordis )>bv sail lif, 

And J>e fra lust to vertu gif. i960 

Twa toungit seruandis on all wift 
And wickit and fals ]>ov sail despift, 
And thai ]?at of kynd ar fre, 
Trew seruandis in pouerte, 
f. xoi a. Preft nocht to put J>ame to gret hycht, 

Na to na hie rysing of mycht, 
For dout apon sic wift 
As hawtane heris }?ai will ryft, 
And waver* mar* with mawis wod 
Than will a stilly stand flude, 1970 

To ryse agane }>ar* lord of weir*, 
Him to supprift with thar* power*. 
Fra )>ai be growin to welth and weill, 
And till vnkyndly slepand seill, 

1941. it] thai RLE 2 A. 1952. to regnej C, and reng E, to 

1944. Jwir] for E. ring E a A, to regne RL. 

1945. Ay] Euir L ; qwhen] quhen 1954. lustys R. 

that R. 1955. serwandys RE 9 . 

1946. lordis] lord for RL. 1956. fals] als A, and falft L ; sup- 
1948. )>at CEE a , all KA, ay L. prisse] disprys R, dispift L ; Fals and 
1950. prechyng* and techyng* C. wykkit Jkjw sail suppryse E 2 . 


Bot of it schortly for to say, Laing, 1915 

Twenty thousande on a day 
Discomfit was and slayne al doun, 
And J>ar pompe broucht to confusion. 

Ay serwandis qwhen 3he se rysse 
In ire J>ar lordis to supprysse, 
Qwhat ]>e oysse is seldenarc 
It happy nnys [all] J>e crewellar*. 
For )>i til Alexander J>e kyng* 
Arestotil in his [techyng*] 1950 

Said : " Gif >ou thynkis for to be 
Kyngtf to [regne] in ryalte, 
Be wit of lordis }>ou sulde lif, 
And J>e fra lust to wertu gif. 
Twyn tongit seruande on al wysse 
And wickyt fals )>ou sal supprisse, 
And J?ai J?at of kynde sulde be 
Thryl serwandis in til prewate, 
(Or thril seruandis in til powerte,) I 9S&* 

[pou] sal releyflf }>aim til na hicht, 
Na put )>aim to na state of mycht, i960 

For dowt at J>ai apon sic wise, 
As rewaris reythe for rayn wil rysse 
And wauer maw wij>e wawis woide 
Pan wil a kyndly standande flude, 
Rysse agane }>ar lorde in ire on were, 
Hym to supprysse withe )>ar power*. 
Fra thai be growyn in welthe and weil 
And til vnkyndly slepande seil, 

1958. Thryl] Thrallis E 9 , Thrillis L; Na Jit releyf A; na] Jw L. 
A ; til om. E 9 AL ; prewate] powerte i960, of] na L. 

RLE A 1961-4. om. L. 

1958*. Sums a correction added in 1962. reythe] reche R, riche EA. 

C. 1965. Rysse] For rysing L; lordis 

1959-60. transposed in A. E 3 ; in ire om. all; on] off RLE 9 , in 

1959. fai CEE 9 , Thow R, Thyne A. 


To mastry gret or mekle mycht, 
Till honour and excedand lycht, 
Fra routh thai sail tharc eris dyt, 
And na thing will of merit wit, 
Bot sa withdraw with pete, 

Mare fell )>an ony ask we se. 1980 

The rewill of ressoune neuerj>eleft 
Sail nocht be led in >at straitnes ; 
Than J>ov sail ]>aim with gud releve 
And in till stait of honour preve, 
That warnyst is as of bounte, 
And avenand in all honeste, 
Off fain? efferc and thewis gud, 
Wertuus als and my Id in mudc, 
Set }>at he want faculte 

Oflfkyne or gude in plente. 1990 

For the suth gif we sail say, 
Welth and riches wount wes ay 
In wantones marc will to draw 
Than fair* haiffing in mesour aw ; 
And certis quha that haboundis, 
But riches, in to gud thewis, 
Lawte, wit and fair* having, 
f. iox b. He may nocht faill of out wart thing, 

For thai he may weill set befor 
Siluer, gold or jit tresourc, 2000 

And he may sympilly with }>at prift 
By him rentis and he be wift, 
And grow in gentill kyth and kyn, 
Gif at grace be him within. 

19697a om. L. 1974. def] dessy E 9 ; as] awsk R, 

1969. and] or R. ask E 3 . 

1970. ande] and till R ; wnhawtand 1976. sic] that RL. 

E 2 . 1977. fow] Bot J>ou E, Than thow 

1972. And] Na L. L. 

1973-4. om. L. 1979. belist] lellast E. 

1973. withe draw] wndraw E*. 


Til mastry and til mekyl mycht, Laing, 194s 

Til honours ande wnhawande hicht, 1970 

Fra rewithe J>ai sal J?ar ens dyte, 
And nathyng* wil of mercy wit, 
Bot sal withe draw J>aim fra pete, 
Mar def J>an ony as ^he se. 
Pe rewlle of resson neuir]>eles 
Sal J?e noucht lede in sic straytnes ; 
Pow sal hym wij>e gud releyff, 
And in til state of honour* preyff, 
Pat belist is in to bownte, 

And awenand is of honeste, 1980 

[Off] fayr effeyr and thewis gude, 
Wertuwisse and richt mylde of mude, 
Set >at he want faculte 
Off kyn and gud in til plente. 
For J>e suythe gif 3he wil say, 
Welth and riches wont was ay 
In wantones mar* wil to draw 
Pan hawyng* fayr and mesour* haw; 
And certis qwha ]>at habundis, 
But reches, in til gud thewis, 1990 

Leaute, wit and gud haffyngi, 
He may noucht fail of outwart thyngi, 
[For] J>a he may weil set befor 
Siluir, golde and al tresour*, 
And he may symply withe }>at prysse 
Redeyme but mar* his landis wisse, 
f. 46 b. And fayr lordschipis til hym wyn, 

And grow in gentil kythe and kyn. 

1981. And CE. 1988. and] in R ; haw] schaw E 3 . 

1982. And vertuys EE 9 A ; richt 1991. and] in E 3 ; gad] fayr RL. 
cm, ail, 1993. Fra CE. 

1984. Off] Or R; gud] bind E; 1994. and] vjrir E*. 

til] grcit E 9 . 1995-8. om. L. 

1985-8. onu L. 1996. Redeyme] Remede E. 


I meyne nocht his necessite 

Till all tyme liffis in honeste, 

Outwart haiffand sufficians, 

And inwart vertuus haboundans ; 

He may be callit a gentill man, 

That vertu and fair* haiffing can. 2010 

Off all men ay J>e multitud 

Sail set >aim ay to eik his gude 

With honour lawde and worschip wyn, 

And help )>aim self, ]>ari kyth, thar* kyn ; 

Bot bondis, J>at ar seruandis ay, 

Vertu will euer at vnder lay, 

And ay but mercy it supprift 

Quhen ourc gret hycht makis ]>aim to ryft." 

The land of Sy^ill in >e se 
Wes J>at tyme of sic catyfte 2020 

That to nane honour it wes avenand, 
Nor to nane estait sufficiand, 
To tyrandis quhill wes vnderlout, 
And quhile with seruandis in gret dout, 
And vnder gret exactioun 
Haldin in to suppricioun. 


How Cartage wes blggit agane 
Throu the Romania mekle mayne. 

AHUNDRETH and twenty ytxe beforne 
And ane J>ar* to or God was borne, 
f. xoa a. The Romanis in }>at samyn quhile 

To Cartage send of thare famyle 2030 

2002. wertu CA, wertuws R, ver- 2007-8. om. L. 

tuys E, vertuuft E 2 . 2007. lande] lawd E. 

2004. haflyne] maneris L. 2012. rysse] pryse E 9 . 

2006. set] male A ; for] ay E*A. 2014. in] off RL, in to E 9 . 


I meyne noucht his necessite Laing % ms 

Pat alwaye liffis in honeste, 2000 

Outwart haffande sufficians 

And inwart [wertuws] habundance ; 

He may be callit a gentil man, 

Pat wertu and fayr haffyne can. 

Off fre men ay ]>e multitude 

Sal set J>aim for til eyk J>ar gude, 

Wife honour lande and lordschipe wyn, 

And helpe >ar self, >ar kytht, >ar kyn ; 

Bot ]>e thrillis, seruandis ay, 

Sal honeste at vndyr lay, 2010 

And but mercy sal supprysse 

Qwhen wantones mais J>aim to rysse." 

Pe lande of Ci3ile in }>e se 
Was }>at tyme in sic caytefte 
Til nane honours awenande, 
Na til na statis sufficiande, 
Withe terandis qwhilum vndyrlowte, 
And qwhile wife seruandis in gret dowte, 
And vndyr gret exaccion 
Haldyn in til supprission. 2020 


Qwhen >al of Rome gert biggit be 
Agayne of Cartage >e eite. 

AHUNDYR and twenty ^her* beforft 
And ane to rekkyn or God was born, 
Pe Romanys in to J?at qwhile 
To Cartage sende of J>ar [famyle] 

2016. statis] state E 9 , estait L. 2018. qwhile wijw] till L. 

2017. Withe] Till RL. 

Chap. XXII. (LXVIII. in E»A).— &=V?. mekle of mayne E«. 
2022. to rekkyn] reknyng L. 2024. fitntyle CEA. 


For to big vp agane the tovne, 
And mak ]>axe thaie inhabitatioun, 
And for to hald it fra that day 
To Rome tributes alway ; 
That xx. £eris and twa wes eft 
That it wes brynt in colis left 

The hill of Ethna >an of fyre 
Brak out and brynt in colis schyre 
All the houssis of that cete, 

That neir<? it wes as first said he, 2040 

And for }>at cause thai frerchit war* 
Fra tribut gevin tene 3ere, 
Sa ]>at }>ai mycht relevit be 
To big agane thar* brynt cete. 


How the Romanls with seire nationls facht 
And vlncust >aim for all thare maueht. 

AHUNDRETH winter and ellevin 
Or Mary bare J>e King of Hevin, 
The Romanis with thare consules 
In weir* and batall movit wes 
Aganis sindry regionis, 

As Duche and Franche nationis, 2050 

That set haly tharc entent, 
Bunding togidder be ane assent, 
The Romanis for till haue vndone ; 
And than apone thai assemblit sone 

2028. aye] alway all. 2034. in til it] in till Cyjille RL, in 

2029. eft] wes efft RL, Jwur eft A. it l>an A. 

2031. of (2)] in LE. 2036. trewageo//. 

2033. And al CEE 9 . 


For to big wp agane J?e towne, Laing % 1999 

And mak )>ar habitaciom 

Par, and halde it fra J?at day 

Tributer to Rome aye ; 

Pat twenty ^her and twa eft 

Pat it was brynt in colis left. 2030 

Pe hil of Ethnay >an of fyr* 
Brak out and brynt in colis schyre 
[Al] J?e howssis of Catenes, 
pat in til it lyande wes ; 
And for ]>at causse thai freyid wer 
Fra J>e trewagw of ten 3here, 
Sa J?at )>ai mycht relewit be 
And big agayne J>ar brynt cite. 


How mony Romanys slayn wes 
And women rynnande in woidnes. 

AHUNDYR wyntyr and ellewyn 
Or Mary bure \>e Kynge of Hewyn, 2040 
Pe Romanys wi)?e ]?ar consules 
In were and batel mowit wes 
Agaynys syndry regionnys, 
Bathe Duche and Fransche nacionnys, 
Pat set haly )?ar en tent, 
Bundyn apon ane assent, 
Pe Romanys til haf wndon<? ; 
And }>ar apon ]>ai assemblit son* 

Chap. XXIII. (LXIX. in E^A).— rynnande] rageand R, regnand L. 

2047. haf] haae all L. blit E 9 . 

2048. ]*i cm. £ ; semlyd R, sem- 


In fecht, quhar* >at >e citejenis, 
Withoutin vther out Roraanis, 
Four* score of thousand wer* slane doune, 
Besyde thai without the tovne, 
f. iot b. Fourty thousand reknyt haill, 

Off Romanis slane wer* in batall ; 2060 

Sex skor* of thousandis in that fycht 

Slane wer* and to dede wes dycht. 

That fechting wes of sic fellony 

That bot ten men alanerly 

Off the Romanis fra J>at place 

Eschapit for to tell }>e cace. 

Than >ai of Rome gret murnyng maid 

And houering in gret [dowt] thai baid, 

For thai dred sair* at >at men^e 

Suld wyne and tak vp tharc cete. 2070 

The Duchemen and thai of Symbry, 

To gidder knyt in cumpany, 

In Ytaly as thai abaid, 

Lang soiorne thinkand till haif maid 

Thame to refresche in winter tyde, 

And frostis fell for till abyde. 

The Romanis with thare consules, 

Or thai to fecht arrayit wes, 

Brak apon >ame sodanely, 

And slew J>ame dispitously ; 2080 

Bot thai of Rome for that dispite 

Wes nocht 3k all of scaith quyte, 

For of J>ame mony wer* slane thaw ; 

Thar* vengeance }it reknyt war* 

3068. W. dowt om. 

2051. thoussanddis RLEA; war deid dicht E. 

om . E*. 2058. allanerly E 3 . 

2055-6. om. L. 2060. to om. C. 

2056. al om. E 2 ; Slayne to the dede 2062. howerand R. 
wes dycht R ; Slaine war al and to 


In feycht, qwhar of ]>e cite^anys, Laing, tots 

Beside o)>ir out Romanys, 2050 

Four skoyr of thousande war slayn; douni, 
Beside }>a withe out J>e towne, 
Fourty thousande reknyt hay], 
Off Romanys slayne wi}>e in batalle ; 
Sex scoyr of thowsandis in >at feicht 
Slayne al and to ded was dicht. 
Pat batel was of sic fellony 
Pat bot ten men anerly 
Off ]>e Romanys fra ]>at plasse 
Eschapit for [to] tel J?e casse. 2060 

Pan J>ai of Rome gret mwrnynge made 
And hofferande in gret dowt habade, 
f. 47 a. Dredande save }>at ]>at menjhe 

Sulde wyn and tak vp ]>ar cite. 
Pe Duche men and J?ai of Cymbry, 
To gedyr knyt in company, 
In Italy as }>ai babaide, 
Par sugiornyngi ]>ar til haff made 
Paim til refresche in wyntyr tide, 
And frostis fel for til our byde. 2070 

Pe Romanys wijv J>ar consules, 
Or ]>ai to feicht arrayit wes, 
Brak apon }>aim suddandly, 
And slew J>aim douni dispytusly ; 
Bot J>ai of Rome in }>at dispyte 
3hit was noucht of al skathis qwyte, 
For of )>aim mony slayn was )>ar ; 
Par innymys ^hit reknyt war/ 

2065. Off Duche men pan in hy L ; E a AL. 

of om, R* 2074. slew] dang L ; dispitfully £. 

2066. in] a L. 2075-6. om. L. 

2068. pen til] for till REA, till L. 2077. Off pe Romanis alft mony 

2069. in] in the E 9 , >e L. deid wes Jar L. 

2070. our byde] oar rid E, abyde 2078. Bot put inemyis reknit wer L. 


A hundreth and vi. thousand deid, 
And presoneris tane in }>at steid 
Wer reknyt sevinty thousand gud, 
Withoutin a gret multitud 
Off wemen wedand in wodnes, 

And for dule falling in hevynes ; 2090 

F. 103 «. Sa thai thar; put ]>aim self to deid 

And slew thsuv childer but remeid. 

In memor of that victory 
The Romanis gert big vp in hy 
A fair tempill, at >at gert thai 
Be Cembry callit efter ay, 
That king wes haldin in honour, 
Neir Sanct Mary J>e Maiour. 


How >e Romanis wl>in >are tovne 
Faucht felly and slew o>er dovne. 

FOUR scow of winter and sevintene 
Or lichtare wes the Madin clene, 2100 

The stait of Rome begouth to be 
Stad in hard perplexite, 
Amang }>aim self devisit sa 
That thai were like gret scath to ta, 
Na wan? J>e hap it sessit sone, 
Fra the Romanis to dede wer* done, 
Throu counsall of the consules, 
That the first movarc of it wes ; 

2079. sexti] sex RL. regnand L. 

2081. sewynti] vii E, sexty A. 2084. for] full E 2 . 

2083. rynnande] rageand RE 9 , 2091. And] That RE 2 . 


Ane hundyr and sexti thowsande dede, Laing, toss 
And presonaris tane in >at stede 2080 

Was reknyt sewynti thousande gude, 
Withe outtyn a gret multitude 
Off women rynnande in wodnes, 
And fallyn for duyl in hewynes, 
Qwhil J>ai put J>aim self to dede 
And slew >ar barnys but ramede. 

In memor of ]?at wictory 
The Romanys gert big in hy 
A tempil fayr, and J>at gert }>ai 
Be Cymbry callit eftyr ay, 2090 

And syne was haldyn in honour* 
New Sanct* Mary J>e Maiour. 


Pe next folowand ehapteyr 
Tellis of fel takynnys seyr. 

FOUR scoyr of wyntyr and sewynteyn 
Or lichtar was }>e Maydyn cleyn, 
Pe state of Rome begouythe to be 
Stud in gret perplexite, 
Amang* >aim self dewisande sa 
Pat J>ai war lyk gret skaythe to ta, 
Na war J>e hape it cessit son, 

Fra >at >ai to [the] dede was don, 2100 

Throw consail of }>e consules, 
Pat ]>e fyrst mater of it wes ; 

Chap. XXIV. (LXX. in E^A).— E a = W. felly] fcrsly E a . 

2094. the sueit Virgyne E 3 . 2100. the om. C. 

2096. Stud] Stade R, Staid E 9 . 2102. mater] amoven'j L. 

2097. dewisande] dewysyd R. 


Than throu felloune takinnis seiw 

The Romanis all breit were. 2 no 

[At] Carentyne, [als] thai wew set 
Apone a day ail at the mete, 
Apone }>e burde out of )>aw breid 
Thaw bruschit out }>e blude all rede ; 
And neiw by in ane vther place 
The erd thaw claif and opinnit wes, 
And a low out of }>at ryft 
Straik vp evin neiw to J>e lyft, 
And alkyne tame best, less and mare, 
That amang J>aim liffand wew, 2 1 20 

Left thaw hant and als \>axe fude, 
And }oulland ran as thai wew wod 
f. 103 b. To woddis and to wildernes, 

Leifiand thaw avne wontsuaines ; 
And hundis als, at ay kyndly 
Luffis menis cumpany, 
Ran wild as wolffis to the wod, 
Gowland in gret multitude. 

And fra >at \\x takinnis wew done 
Wther chanses hapnit sone, 2130 

For Iulius Cesar in Sampnyt 
Wes with his haill ost discomfyt, 
Till all his men bot he allane 
In to that land wew slane and tane. 
Pompeyus wencust wes alsua, 
And in till vther landis ma 
All the Romanis wew full qwit 
In to thaw weris discomfyt. 
Therfor the senatouris a clething 

am. W. All . . . all. 

2103. takynnys fellon] fellowne 2109. And neri £. 

taknys RL, takynnis fel A. 21 12. nere to] evyn nere to R, vnto 

2104. abreyt] breyd R, grevit E 2 , L. 
brevyt A, abasit L. 


Pan throw takynnys fellon seyr Laing, 2077 

pe Romanys al abreyt weyr. 

At Careptyne, as ]?ai war set 
Apon a day al at ]>e mete, 
Apon >e burde out of J>ar breide 
Par bristyt out }>e blude al rede. 
New by in a nojnr plasse 

Pe erde clayf and opynnyt was, 21 10 

And a low out of ]>at ryft 
Straik vp new to }?e lift, 
And alkyn best hamly J?ar, 
Pat amang* men liffande war, 
Left J>ar stabillys and >ar fude, 
And ^hellande ran as J?ai war wode 
Til woddis and til wildirnes, 
Leffande J?ar awlde hamlynes ; 
And hundis, J?at ay kyndly 

Desyris mennys companny, 2120 

Ran woide as wolffis to }>e wode, 
Gowlande in gret multitude. 

Fra ]>'\t takynnys war al don* 
OJrir caussis hapnyt son*, 
For Iulyus Cesar in Sampnyt 
Withe his hail ost was discomfyt, 
f. 47 b. Pat al his men bot he ane 

In to )>at lande was tayne or slaym. 

Pompeyus wyncust [was] alsua, 

And in til oJ?ir landis ma « 2130 

Al J>e Romanys was qwyte 

In till )>ar weris discomfyte. 

Tharfor ]>e senage a clethyng* 

21 19. kyndly] naturaly L. cumfyte RLE*A. 

2120. Desyris] Requirys R, Re- 2127. ane] allane E 9 . 
quirit E 9 . 2128. slayne or tane RL. 

2124. caussis] casis REE 3 . 2129. was om. CEA. 

2126. Wes wytht his hale ost dis- 

VOL. III. 1 


Maid ]>aim in takyne of murnyng, 2140 

And Iulius Cesar in ]>at weid 

Wes with >aim cled ; bot syne but dreid, 

Efter sindry iuperdyis, 

Quhar; vencust were his innemeis, 

That garmond he put fra him sone, 

And vther Jias vpom him done. 

Pompeyus alsua ]>e pretor, 
That wes discomfyt oft befor, 
Wan and had gret victoryis 

In batall and in iuperdyis. 2150 

Askalone with his powers 
He assegit and wan of weire, 
Quharc xviii. thousand wer* tane, 
Bot thai that deit with ]>ar; chiftane. 
The commonis of Rome wer* sa fell 
Aganis the senage, and sa cruell, 
f. 104 «. Sa violent, and als sa keyne 

That sic forouth wes neuer seyne ; 

For ]>an of Rome }>e commonis seir* 

Faucht agane ane Silla, but weir*, 2160 

And of thame mony faucht alsua 

Aganis vther with Silla, 

Silia >an a Roman wes, 

Ane chosin of J?e consules. 

The Romanis in to thai dayis 

Be thousandis, as Frew Martyne sais, 

Innomerable within that ficht, 

With dyntis dour* to deid were dycht. 

Till thai in were were wedand Jnis 
A Roman callit Tantillus 2170 

214a weid om. RE 2 ; And other on R 

him hes he done L. 2148. Tane] Slayne R; Deid and 

2 1 41. alsua R. slayne L. 

2145-6. in reverse order L. 2149. The weyr serwyll }>an was sa 

2x47. Qwhar om. RL ; slayn/] tane fell E a . 


Mad >aim in takynnyng* of murnyng*, Laing, 2108 

And Iulyus Cesar in >at weide 

Was withe )>aim clede ; bot syne but dreide, 

Eftyr syndry iuperdisse, 

Qwhar wyncust war his innymysse, 

Pat garment he put fra hym son, 

And ojrir weid has on hym don. 2140 

Pompeyus als >at pretorc, 
Discomfit in til fecht befor, 
Wan and had gret wittoryis 
In batal and in iuperdysse. 
Ascalon wi]>e his power* 
He assegit and wan of were, 
Qwhar xviii. thowsande men war slayn*, 
Tane and ded withe J?ar chiftane. 
Pe Weyr Ciwil was ]>an sa fell, 
Sa outtrageousse and sa crewell, 2150 

Sa wyolent, and ]?an sa keyn 
Pat sic befor was neuir seyn ; 
For of J>e Romanys seyr 
Feychtande agan* Silla weyr, 
And of }>aim mony faucht alsua 
Agaynnys o]?ir withe Silla. 
Silla >an a Roman wes, 
Ane chosyn of J>e consules. 
Pe Romanys in to >ar dayis 

Be thousandis, as Freyr Martyn sayis, 2160 

Wnnowmirable in to }>at feycht, 
With dyntis downe to dede war dicht. 

Qwhil J>ai in were war wedande )nis 
[A Roman] )>an caliit Cantulus 

2x53. seyr] J»r scir E, |»n seir E a . 2162. downe] doure E 3 . 

2155. And mony of J»im EL; 2163. wedande] woundit E 3 , wad- 

mony faucht] faucht mony E 3 . and A. 

2161. Inumerabillie E 2 ; in to] 2164. In Rome C. 
wytht in RE 3 , in L. 


Said to Silla apon ]>is wise : 
" With weris and iuperdyis 
We sla all armyt and nakit doune, 
That jit releve wald our renovne, 
And purc men we sla in ]>is press 
That wald ws help to wyne prowes." 
Than Silla maid for that ressoune 
A table of proscription, 
Sa that first proscrivit warc 

Fourc scow of thousand men and marc, 2 180 

And five hundreth efter thai 
Proscrivit werc throu )ris Silla. 
Sa werc the Romanis fra tharc steid 
Out exild, or slane, or deid, 
And this weirc ciuile ten jeirc out 
Contenit wes withoutin dout, 
And of the Romanis slane ]>an werc 
A hundreth and fifty thousand therc ; 
And efter ]>at deid wes Jris Silla, 
And other gret of Rome alsua. 2190 

Pompeyus than the Orient 
f. 104 b. Werrayit with strenth and hardyment, 

And faucht with xxii. seirc 
Kingis and princis of gret powerc. 

2x67. inarmyt E, vnarmit E* 2176. war] >air E 2 . 

2174. After this line E 9 adds: War 2177. war om. CEE 9 A ; fswa] swa 
confoundit wi^out dispair E 9 . was R ; Swa wer )>e Romanis fra Jwir 

2175. eftyr ]>a] men and ma E. steid L. 


Til Silla said apon )>is wysse : Laing, tlS9 

11 In Jris were and J?is iuperdysse 

We sla ]>aim al anarmyde doun, 

Pat jit releyff walde our ranown*, 

And nakyt we sla )>aim in pesse 

Pat walde ws helpe to wyn prowes." 2170 

Pan Silla made for >at resson 

A tabil of proscription, 

So ]>at fyrst proscrywit war* 

Four skore of thousande men and mare, 

And v. hundyr eftyr \>sl 

Proscriwit war throw >is Silla. 

Pe Romanys swa [war] fra J?ar stede 

Neyr exilyt, ore slayne to dede. 

Pis were ciwil ten jew out 

Contenyt was wi}?e outtyn dowt, 2180 

And of ]>e Romanys slayne ware 

Ane hundyr and fifty thousande }>ar, 

And endyng* it begouthe to ta 

Eftyr ]&t ded was )>is Silla. 

Pompeyus )?an ]?e Oryent 

Warrayide throw fors and hardement, 

And faucht wij?e twa and twenty seyr 

Kyngis of mycht and gret powere. 

2178. to dede] or ded E. 2182. )>ar] and mair L. 

2179. ten] for ten E 3 . 2188. and gret] with his L. 
2181. war*] wer Jwrir L. 



How Iulius Cesar wes done to deid 
Throu tressoune in his awne steid. 

FOURE scow of jeris bot ane left 
Befor J>at God of Mary wes 
Borne, of Frans the regionis 
To Cesar and sevin legiones 
Gevin and deliuerit wer, 

And wan of weir* within v. ?erf. 2200 

Off Tyburtyne ]>e grete cete 
With his power* distroyit he ; 
All France and Brettane syne of weir* 
To Rome he maid baith tribute!*, 
And a brig he gert mak syne 
Attour J>e gret watter of Ryne. 
All Ducheland syne he our raid, 
And tributes to Rome it maid. 

All thir dedis quhen he had done 
To Rome he tuke his vayage sone, 2210 

For till haue bene in that cete 
With mare honour, as thocht he, 
For his hie worschip resauit, 
Bot }it thariof he wes dissauit ; 
For thai of Rome fra him thus 
Inclynit >an to Pompeyus, 
And wald on na wyft till him do 
Sic honour as efferit him to, 
Na wald nocht mak of thaw tresouw 

Chap. XXV. (LXXI. in EM).— to] till R, om. EA; may] sill RL; order 
of lines reversed in L. E a = W. 

2191. thre] the RLE 8 . ounis L. 

2192. Till ceft and sevin religi- 2196. hail] it RL ; discomfit L. 



In to >ls next chapteyr 

Of Iulyus Cesar 5he may heyr. 

FOUR skoyr of jheris bot ane les Laing, ties 
Befor ]>at God of Mary wes 2190 

Born, of Frawns thre regionnys 
Til Cesar and sewyn legionys 
Giffyn and delyuirit weyr, 
To wyn of were wij>e in v. jher*. 
Off Trewir syne ]>e gret cite 
He wan, and hail distroyit he ; 
f. 4t «. Al Frawns and Brettan* syne of were 

To Rome he made bathe tributer, 
And a [bryg] he gert mak syne 
Atour* }>e gret reward of Ryne. 2200 

Al Ducheland syne he our rayde, 
And tributes to Rome it made. 

Pir dedis qwhen )>at he had don 
Til Rome he tuk his [wayage] son. 
Withe mar honour* )>an thoucht he 
For til haf beyn in J>at cite 
For his worschep gret ressawide, 
Bot )>ar of qwhit he was dissawit ; 
For )>ai of Rome fra Iulyus 

Inclynyt til Pompeyus, 2210 

Qwharfor }>ai walde noucht til hym do 
Sic honour* as afferyt hym to, 
Na walde noucht mak of }>ar tressour* 

2198. batfeej J*um L', om. E. 2204. his] the AE ; wayagij C ; 

2199. gret C. his way alssone L. 

2202. it] he EAL. 2205. mar om. E*A. 

2203. tat om. RE 9 ; Thir thingis 2206. om. L. 
all quhen he had done L. 


His costis, as thai did befor. 2220 

Agane thai? willis J?an forthi 
In to the tovne for his mastry 
He enterit, and in hy he brak 
Ther* tresourc house, and syne can tak 
f. 105 «. Off thaw tresourc a gret deill, 

Baith of money and ioweill ; 
And sowth in weris syne he past 
Till he in Spayne come at the last ; 
And, for to tell 30W now schortly, 
All tyme him fell the victory. 2230 

In Ytaly syne turnyt he 
To fecht with Pompeyus menje, 
And Pompeyus with stoutnes 
To fecht with him arrayit wes. 
Quharc, efter Strang and hard batall, 
Pompeyus fast begouth to faill, 
And Pompeyus at \>z last 
Turnyt abak and fled full fast, 
And passit throu [Asy] to Tyre, 
And syne till Egipt, quhar* of he wes syre. 2240 

That tyme >e king Schir Tholonie 
There tuke and gert sla this Pompe. 
Syne of his finger* he gert ta 
His ring, and his heid alsua 
He gert smyte of, and baith he send 
To Iulius Cesar in presend, 
That in till Alexander* abaid, 
Fra he J?e chaift of Pompe maid. 
Quhen he }?e heid saw and }>e ring 
Off Pompey, >an in greting 2250 

2239. W. Lcsyny? 

2218. syne gert] syne cowth R, 2223. Jow] to }ou E. 
couth out L. 2224. Ay al] All haill L; al] till 

22x9. Jar] J»t EL. EE 2 , om. A. 

2222. om. E s . 


His costis, as J?ai did befor. Laing % 2188 

Agane >ar willis hail for \\ 

In til ]>e towne withe his mastry 

He made entre, and vp brak 

Pe tressour* housse, and syne gert tak 

Off J?ar tressour* a gret deil, 

Bathe of mone and joweille ; 2220 

And furthe in wens syne he past, 

Til he in Span;he come at >e last. 

Parfor, to tel jow schortly, 

Ay al hym fel J>e wittory. 

In Italy syne turnyt he, 

Parfor to feycht wij?e >is Pompe, 

And Pompeyus wi}>e stoutnes 

To feycht wi}>e hym arrayit wes. 

Par, eftyr lang* and hard bataile, 

Pompeyus ost begouythe to faile, 2230 

And hym self syne at J?e last 

Turnyt bak and flede ful fast, 

And passit throw Asy in til Tyre, 

In Egipt syne, qwhar lorde and syre 

Pat tyme was Schir Tholome, 

Pat tuk and gert sla J>is Pompe. 

Syne of his fyngyr he gert ta 

His rengi, and his hewide alssua 

He gert strik of, and >a he sent 

Til Iulyus Cesar* in present, 2240 

Pat in Alexander abaide, 

Fra he J>e chasse on Pompe maide. 

Qwhen he >e heuid saw and }>e reng^ 

Off Pompeus, in gretyng* 

2227. Pompeyus] J>e Romanis L; RLEA. 
with greit stoutnes E 9 . 2239. >a he] pan it A. 

2229-30. om. L. 2241. in] in tyll R, in to L; abaide] 

223a ost om. R. he baid E 9 . 

2231. syntom. L. 2242. on] oflf RL. 

2232. bak] the bak RL ; ful] rycht 2244. in] in till E 9 , in to E. 


He felly and menyt sain ]>at he 
Off >at manere suld endit be. 
Iulius Cesar* >at tyme )>ar* 
Aryvit in the Yle of Fair*, 
And of that ile lord ]>an wes 
A man of gret mycht, Achilles ; 
Agane ]>is Cesar* he tuke fycht, 
Thar* slane wes mony douchty knycht 
f. 105 b. Off Iulius Cesaris cumpany, 

And tharc thai slane wer* halely 2260 

That Pompeyus men first slew. 

Than Iulius till his schippis drew. 

And in that passage )aan he wes 

Set in till sa hard distres 

That in till bait quhen he 

Wes gane and [in] it maid entre, 

Throu the gret charge J>at it bare, 

In the se it sank rycht sairc ; 

Bot fra that bait in to J>e se 

He lap, and thar* in swomand he 2270 

Held on till his schippis fast ; 

Twa hundreth paift sa he past, 

Haldand outwith the watter ay 

His a hand as he swame >at day, 

And sa held all his letteris dry, 

In his hand closit prevely, 

Till his galay quhili )>at he 

Come and in it maid entre. 

Off Alexander J?e ost alhaill 

On se gaif him than batall, 2280 

Quhar* baith thaw navyne and thaw king 

2266. W. in om. . 

2246. endit] deroanit L. • 2252. mony a R ; douchty] worthy 

2248. in tyll R, in td EE 2 L. L, rial E. ' 

2249. al] a E. 2253. And CE. 


He fel, and menyt sarc J?at he Laing, tU9 

On J>at manerc sulde endit be. 

Iulyus Cesar }>at tyme >ar 
Arywit in J>e He of Fayr ; 
Off }>at ile al lorde J?an was 

A man of gret mycht, Achillas ; 2250 

Agane Cesar he fel in feycht, 
Qwhar slayn was mony douchty knycht 
[Off] Iulyus Cesaris companny, 
And J?ar )?an slayn was hallely 
Pat Pompeus befor slew. 
Pan Iulyus til his schippis drew, 
And in J>at [passage] >an he was 
Set in til sic thrangi and presse 
Pat in til his bate qwhen he 
Was gane and in it made entre, 2260 

Throw J>e chargw ]?at it bar, 
In to J?e se it sank richt )>ar ; 
Bot of )>at bate }>an in J>e se 
He lape, and \ax swommande he 
Helde on til his schippis fast ; 
Twa hundyr passe swa he past, 
Haldande outhe )>e wattyr ay 
f. 48 b. His a hande as he swam )>at day, 

And swa helde ai his letteris dry, 
In )>at hande cloyssit prewaly, 2270 

Til his galay qwhii ]?at he 
Coyme and in it made entre. 
Off Alexander )>e ost al haile 
On se gaf hym )>an harde batale ; 
Par bathe }>ar nawyn and }?ar kyng* 

2254. >ar )*n] than thai RLA, )>are 2269. al] ay L. 

)*i EE 9 , 227a prewaly] michtely L. 

2255. before Pompeyus RL. 2273. al om. L. 

2257. passagfx'C 2274. Jmn] ]jeX E 2 , sa A; harde om. 

2261. charge all. RL ; batale] vittaill L. 

F. xo6«. 


Wes takin than throu hard fechting ; 

Bot thai? king of curtasy, 

At than? asking rycht thraly, 

He leit paft hame but ransone fre, 

And frendfully him counsalit he 

All his besynes to set 

Off the Romanis for to get 

Frendschip, tendernes and luf, 

And nakyne weirc agane J?aim mufe. 2290 

Bot ^it the king, fra he wes fre 
And set Jnis in his awne pouste, 
Left his counsall, all forget, 
And for the weir* alhaili him set ; 
Bot throu this Iulius he wes qwit 
Our se efter J>at discomfyt, 
And twenty thousand of his men 
Were slane in to ]>at iurnay then, 
And xii. thousand men wes than? 
Slane with Iulius Cesar. 2300 

Thre score and ten of gaiais lang 
Wes lossit and drownyt in j?at thrang, 
And in J>at preft also thaw king, 
That wes of age ioly and }ing, 
In to that batali wes sa mait 
That prevely he gat a bait, 
And on the land J?an wald haif past, 
Bot Iulius ost on him sa fast 
Followit, and with sa gret preft 
That slane in to ]?e fecht he wes, 2310 

And efter )?at apon >at sand, 
Quhar* mony bodyis slane )>ai fand, 

2276. harde] sair L. 2286. He had and maid wes fre L. 

2278. J>an] richt E, full E a , om. 2287. or al] and EE a ; That coun- 

RLA. saill all forjet L. 

2281. to] for to L. 2289. Bot be Iulius Caesar he wes 

2285. he was fre] his pouste L. quite L. 


Takyn was throw harde feychtyng* ; Laing, H60 

Bot >ar kynge of curtasy, 

At J>ar askyn J?an thraly, 

He let passe but ranson fire, 

And playnly hym consalyt he 2280 

Al his diligens to set 

Off J>e Romanys for to get 

Frendschip, tendyrnes and luff, 

And nakyn wer* agayn J>aim moyff. 

Bot )>at kyng*, fra he was fre 
And al set in his awyn pouste, 
Left J>at consail, or al forget, 
And for J>e were al hail hym set ; 
Bot throw )>is Iulyus he was qwhit 
On se >ar eftyr discomfyte, 2290 

And twenty thowsande of his men 
Was slayne in to }>at iourne )?en, 
And twelff thowsande men war J>ar 
Slayne fra J?is Iulyus ]?an Cesar. 
Thre scow and ten bargis lang* 
Was tynt and drownyt in J>at thrang*, 
And in to }>is presse }>e kyng*, 
Awenande, honest, fayr and 3yng*, 
In to J?at batale was sa mate 
Pat prewaly he gat a bate, 2300 

And to J>e lande >an walde haf past, 
Bot Iulyus ost on hym sa fast 
Folowit J?ar wi}?e sa gret presse 
Pat slayne in J?at fecht he wes, 
And eftyr }?at apon J?e sande, 
Qwhar mony bodeis slayn ]?ai fande, 

2293. war }»r] and mair L. wald pan A. 

2294. )*n cm. RA; Slane pan fra 2304. in] in to REE 3 ; fecht] 
Iulius Cesar E ; War slane fra Iulius fechtyne R ; That in )>at fecht slane 
Cesair L. he wes L. 

2298. Awenande] Michty L. 2305. pe] that RLE 2 A. 

2301. Jon] om, RLE 9 ; |>an walde] 


And casting vp, J?at king wij? crovne 

Thai knew weill be his haberioune 

With gilt maljeis, for in )>at place 

Like till it nane funding wes. 

Till Alexander }>an Iulius send 

That haberione, for thai it kend, 

And for dispair; the toune >an wes 

^oldin vp to Cleopatras, 2320 

To quham >is Iulius gaif alhail 

Off Egipt all the gouernall. 

And syne he past throu Surry, 
And wan gret landis and senjeory, 
And efter }?at to Rome come he, 
And wes relevit till hiearc gre ; 
f. 106 *. For dytour ]>at tyme thai him maid, 

And for counsall als but baid. 
Syne Spayne and Affrik bai]> of weir; 
To Rome he maid J?aim tributen?, 2330 

And efter that in Rome wes he 
Ressauit with gret rialte. 

Than vii. monethis and thre }ere, 
Quhen all thir weris endit were, 
The stait he held as emperour, 
And in worschip and honour ; 
Bot with twa traytouris syne, allace ! 
He wickitly distroyit wes. 
The tane of thai hecht Cassyus, 
And the tother wes callit Brutus ; 2340 

And ^it men said at sexty ma 
Wes consentand to thai twa, 

2308. fat C ; >e] his RLE. 2320. was om. RA. 
2309-10. om. L. 2321. hym om. E. 

2309. mayle R. 2322. consillar] consule RL, con- 
2312. it was] thai it RL. sullar; A ; J>ar als] als thare efft R, 

2314. til] and till RL. thaireftir als L ; Him and consalour 

2315. gaf] gat E a , gaif elided and but baid E. 

gat inserted A. 2324. made] maid >aim E. 


And castyn vp, >at kyng; withe crowns Laing, H81 

Q)ai] knew weil be ]>e habyriowne 

Withe gilt mail;eis, for in >at plasse 

Lyk til it nane fundyn was. 2310 

Til Alexander Iulyus sende 

Pat habyrione, qwhar it was kende. 

For dispayr J>e towne J?an was 

3oldyn ; til Cleopatras 

Pis Iulyus Cesar gaf al hayl 

Oflf Egipte al ]>e gouernaylle. 

Syne he passit throw Surry, 
And wan gret lordschippis and syndry, 
And eftyr ]>at to Rome coyme he, 
And was relewit til hear gre ; 2320 

For ditour J?at tyme J?ai hym made, 
And consillar J?ar als but bade. 
Bathe Span^he and Affrik apon were 
He made to Rome tributer, 
And eftir J?at in Rome was he 
Ressawit wijpe gret honeste. 

Pan sewyn monethe and thre ^hew, 
Qwhen al Jrir weris endit weyr, 
His state he helde as emperour, 
And liffit in worschep and honour; ; 2330 

Bot wij?e twa traytouris syne, allace ! 
He falsiy dissawit was. 
Pe tane of J?a was Cassyus, 
Pe tojrir ]>an callit was Brutus ; 
And ^it was said )>at sexty ma 
In )>at consentit to \z. twa. 

2325. j»t] J»t ]>an E 2 ; >at in] in E 3 ; Falsiy dissauit he wes L. 
tyll A. 2333. of J» was] was callyt LA. 

2326. honeste] reawte RL. 2334. |>e tojrir] And j* toJ>ir E*L ; 
2328. Jrir] thair R, J* L. J»n callit was] callyd wes than R, J»t 
233a worschep] lordschip £ ; and] tyme callit E, was callit E 9 A, cm. L. 

and in greit L. 2335. jit was] it is L ; was said >at] 

2332. Richt falsiy he dissauit was J>ai said wes E ; sexty] twenty L. 


That in to court all sodanely 

Stekit him rycht fellonly 

With scharp punsonys, and thai [thair] 

Fourty and xx. woundis sail? 

Gaif him, and ]ms \>at thai 

Wes fellonly him slayand swa, 

And he amang )>aim ]>axe bledand, 

He stude vp, and with his rycht hand 2350 

Off his skyrt a lap he schare, 

And couerit ]>aie with his ene bain?, 

And with his vthir hand held doune 

The tother lap ]>aie of his govne 

Behind him laygh, )>at nane suld se 

Spot, fylth na vnhoneste 

Behind him in his doun falling, 

And thus it wes his last ending. 

AFTER >at xxvi. 3en? 
Off his eild wes passit cleirc, 2360 

f. 107 «. His body deid the pepill syne 

Beriit, and maid of marbill fyne 
A pillar* xx. fut on hicht, 
And it J?ai gert be set vp rycht 
In the merget, and }>are gert J?ai 
The powdyre and the banys lay. 
Off Iulius deid, as I herd tell, 
In Rome vnkouth takynnis fell ; 
Befor his dede the hundreth day 

2345. W. war*. 

2337. I*an] fat L ; cowrt] contre R, 2342. fellonly] felloun E ; Followit 
town L. him stekand sa L. 

2338. I>ai om. RL. 2343. And] And he E, om. A ; 

2339. pownsownys R, pwmcheonys betweyn] amang E 2 ; ]>aim \pox om. 
E 3 , ponsyonys A; >ai om. E; With L. 

sharp pointalis and >us till ]>ai L. 2344. Stude] He^stude E 2 L. 

2340-1. om. L. 2345. And om. RL. 
2341. >us] >is E 2 . 


Pan in J?e cowrt al suddandly Uing, tsu 

Pai stekyt hym richt fellonly 
Withe scharpe pvnsionnys, and J>ai }>ar* 
f. 49 a. Four and twenty wondis sare 2340 

Gaf hym, and ]ms qwhil J?ai 
Was fellonly hym stekande sa, 
And betweyn J?aim J?ar bledande, 
Stude ewyn wp, wi]?e his richt hande 
And of his gowne a lap tuk )?ari, 
And cuueryt befor his eyne bare, 
And wij>e his left hande he helde doun* 
Pe nejrir lap J?ar of his gowne 
Behynde hym lawche, J?at nane sulde se 
Spot of filthe or wnhoneste 2350 

Behynde in til his douni fallyng*. 
Pus was Iulyus last endyngi, 
Eftyr J?at sex and fyfty jhere 
Oflf his eyld was passit cleyre. 
His body J?e pupil syne 
Brynt, and mad of marbyr fyne 
A pillar twenty fut on hicht, 
And it J?ai gert be set vp richt 
In to ]>e markat ; >ar gart J>ai 
Pe powdyr and J?e banys lay. 2360 

Or Iulyus deit, as I herde tel, 
In Rome wncouythe takynnys fell ; 
Or he was dede ]?e hundrethe day 

2346. And] Syne E 3 . 2355. body dede RL. 

2348. The tother lap of that ilk 2356. marbyr] merbylle RE 8 , mar- 
goufi L. mor L. 

2349. hym om, R ; lawche om. L ; 2358. it] in it E 9 , in >at L ; be em. 
nane] men A. L. 

2350. of] or E 9 A, om. R. 2361. Or] Off E 3 ; as] wes E, em. 

2351. in til] hym in E a , at L. L. 

2352. I>us] This RE; Iulyus] his R; 2362. wncouythe] farly L; tak- 
This wes a sorrowful ending L. ynnys] ferleis A. 

2353. fyfty] twenty R. 



Off fyrflaucht fell brynt alway 2370 

The first letter of his estate 
The men apon his ymage wrait, 
Quhen it wes first vpset 
Evin in to the myd mercat. 


that letter capitalle 
Is set in nomer vsuall 
For a hundreth, and forthy 
The Romanis had a fantasy 
That C of Cesar* wes away, 

That about J>e hundreth day, 2380 

Quhar; in moneth or in moment, 
Be the last day, thai* entent 
Off that nomer; were hoverand, 
And sodand signis abydand. 

Off the nycht nixt gane biforne 
That Iulius slane wes on J>e morne, 
As he in his awne chalmer lay 
In till his bed lang forow day, 
A sudane thud maid sic a frusch 
That all the wyndois at a brusche 2390 

Off his chalmer quhare he lay 
Brak vp, and he in a fray 
Stert out of his bed with ]?at, 
And lichtly one his [sol is] gat 
f. 107 b. For all J?at houft richt J?an he wend 

Off his lif ]?an suld maid end. 
Quhen he wes dede within his hand 
Thai prive letteris writtin fand, 

2394. W. sais. 

2364. Of fireslaucht fel and brynt 2366. ymagfV C. 
away E ; Off fyrflaucht fell brynt all 2372. in] a R, ane L. 
way E a ; fyre flaucht L. 2375-6. om. L. 


Oflf fyrslaucht fel brynt al away Laing, tSS8 

Pe fyrst lettyr of his state 

Pat men apon his [ymage] wrate, 

Qwhen ]>at it was fyrst wpe set 

Ewyn in to }?e myde market. 

C, ]>at lettyr capitale, 

Is set in nowmyr vsuale 2370 

For a hundyr, and for Jri 

Pe Romanys had in fantasy, 

Fra C of Cesar* was away, 

Pat about J?e hundrethe day, 

Wouyk, monethe or moment, 

Be ]>e lest, ay )>ar intent 

Be J?at nowmir was houerande, 

And suddande casis abidande. 

Off J?e nycht next gane beforn 
Pat Iulyus was slayn on ]>e morn, 2380 

As he in til his chawmyr lay 
In til his bede lang* forow day, 
A suddande thude mad sic a brusse 
Pat al J?e wyndois in a rusche 
Off his chawmyr qwhar he laye 
Brak wp, and he J?an in effraye 
Stert out of his bede wij?e J?at, 
And lichtly on his solis gat, 
For al J?e housse ]>at tyme he wende 
Off his lif sulde haf tane ende. 2390 

Qwhen he was ded in til his hande 
Pai prewa letteris cloyssit fande, 

2376. J>e om. R. 2386. Duschit vp and he in ane 

2378. And Vncouth caifl L. affray L. 

2379. nixt nicht E ; gane om. L. 2390. tane] made RLE*. 
2383. thude] wynd L; brusse] 2392. cloyssit] cloyssyt |»i A, J>ai 

busche L, bras R. cloyssit E 2 . 

2384. rusche] rus R, dusche L. 


That warayng of his deid had bene, 

Gif [he] befor wald J>aim haif sene. 2400 

In till this ilk tyme in Scotland 
Gede our; the Pightis wes regnand. 

The stait of Rome first gouernyt wes 
With kingis, befor consules, 
Twa hunder ^eris four* scow and sevin, 
As Frew Martyne reknys evin ; 
Four hundreth winter and twenty 
And four* to J?ai, to compt lely, 
Off Rome J>e gret stait gouernyt wes 
All be chosin consules, 2410 

That till this Iulius Cesan? haill 
Tuke till him J>e gouernall. 


Off Octoviane >e emperour 
And of his hap and his honour. 

TWA and fourty 3eris beforne 
Or Ihesu wes of Mary borne, 
Octoviane than, nevow 
To Iulius J?at ]?e Romanis slew, 
Raift of Rome baith lord and syre, 
And stoutly gouernyt the empyre. 
Five fell batallis in his }outhheid 
He did, and preffit gret manheid. 2420 

2400. W. him. 

2393. warnyng*] warnyt R ; had 2398. be consules E 2 . 
beyn him maid L. 2401. fourty] twenty RL. 

2394. walde bairn haf] wald haue 2404. All hail be be consules L. 
bame E, Jjame walde haue E 2 ; Giff 2405. Cesar al] ras and R ; Till 
he befoir J>ame sene had L« Iulius bat distroit haill L. 

2395. Al] And all RA. 2406. And tuke L. 


Pat warnyng* of his ded had beyn, Laing, SS67 

Gif he befor walde J?aim haf seyn. 

Al ]>is tyme wij?ein Scotlande 
Ged our J?e Peychtis was regnande. 

Pe state of Rome fyrst gouemyt wes 
WiJ?e kyngis, befor consules, 
Twa hundir 3her* four scoyr and sewyn, 
As Freyr Martyn reknys ewyn ; 2400 

Four hundyr wyntir and fourty 
And four, to rekkyn ewynly, 
Off Rome ]>e grat state gouernyt wes 
Hayl be chosyne consules, 
Qwhil Iulyus Cesar al haile 
Tuk til hym ]?e gouernayle. 


Off Octowyane ;he sal heyr 
Next folowand in >is chapteyr. 

f. 49 b. [*TT*WA] and fourty }here before 

-L Or Ihesu was of Mary boyr, 
Octoviane, J?at newewe 

Til Iulyus J?at J?e Romanys slew, 2410 

Rasse of Rome bathe lord and syre, 
And gouernyt stoutly J?at impyre. 
V. batellis seyr in his 5ouJ?theide 
He did, and pruffyt gret manheide. 

Chap. XXVI. (LXXII. in E 3 A).— In )>is followand nixt chepter E. 

2407. Twa hundyr C, hundyr deleted Saluiour wes borne L. 

in EA ; befor*] beforne RLE 2 . 2409. >at] than R, )»t was E*L. 

2408. was of Mary] off Mary wes R ; 2410. J>e om. R. 
boyr] borne RE 9 , bor A ; fat our 2412. )>at] the RL. 


The first of thai five and the last, 
That I haif lichtly heir* our* past, 
He did stoutly with Marcus, 
Be surname hattyne Antonyus. 
Quhen xv. winter wes bigane 
Fra fyrst begouth Octoviane 
f. xo8 «. For to regne, in sic plente 

Off Rome ]>e thesauri ekit he, 
The stait, J>e worschip and J>e fame, 
That l?ai J?an ekit till his name 2430 

August, J>at in propirte 
Ekyne or nobilite 

Betakynnis, and all emperouris syne 
Haldis that still 3U in Latyne ; 
And sa the Romanis fra ]>at day 
Callit him Cesar* August ay ; 
And, as I said, his successouris, 
That succedis till emperouris, 
In the titill or thar* stait 

All tyme Cesar* August wrait ; 2440 

And all the empyr* efter J>an 
Fra J>in wes subiect till a man, 
And he the first wes lord and syre 
Off all the warld aucht the empyr*, 
And wes callit in Grew forthy 
Fra J>in furj? the monarchy ; 
Off all the warld, that is to say, 
Lord he wes haill in till his day. 
Syne J>is ilk Octoviane 

With batall wan J?e landis of Spayne, 2450 

And mony vthir* landis seir* 
Off weir* he wan with his power*. 
In thai dais all Pannony, 

2415. at C. 2423. >e (2)] off R, om. L. 

2416. haf om. L ; )>us] >are R, 2425. in] in to E 2 . 

)xune L. 


Pe fyrst of J>a v. [and] J?e last, Laing, 2389 

Pat I haf lichtly }ws ourpast, 
He did stoutly wij>e Marcus, 
Be surnayme callit Antonyus. 
Qwhen fifteyne ^here was bigane 
Fra fyrst begouthe Octoviane 2420 

For to rengne, in sic plente 
Of Rome J>e tresoure ekyt he, 
Pe state, J?e worschep and J?e faym*, 
Pat ]>ai J>an ekyt til his nayme 
August, J?at in propyrte 
Ay sulde ekande cailit be ; 
And sa J?e Romanys fra J?at day 
Callit hym Cesar August ay ; 
Fra Jrine he andd his successouris, 
Succedande in til emperouris, 2430 

For J?e titil of J?ar state 
Al tyme Cesar August wrat ; 
And \>e empyr eftyr J?an 
Was subiet til a man, 
And he fyrst as lorde and syr* 
Off al ]?e warlde aucht J>e impyrc, 
And was callit in Grew for J?i 
Fra J?ine furthe J?e monarchi. 
Syne }>is Octowiane 

Pe lande of Span3he wij?e bataile wan*, 2440 

And mony o]nr landis seyr 
Oflf wer he wan wij?e his power*. 
In J?a dayis Pannony, 

2426. ekande] ekyng R, ekyn A ; all tyme L ; subiet] subiectit E 2 . 

Ay eykyne suld callit be E 9 . 2435. And] And for E. 

2430. in til] to be E. 2439. Syne] Syne wes E ; J>is] )>is 

2431. of >ar state] syne of J»t stait ilk E a . 

E 9 . 2440. fat wi> battel wan al Spane 

2432. Al tyme] All tyme )>ai E. E. 

2434. Was] Wes all REE a A ; Wes 2443. dayis] dayis J>is E 2 . 


That merchis neir/ wij? Wngary, 
Tiberius, his stepsone, 
With felloune slauchter had vndone ; 
And Ducheland is callit Germany, 
Lyis strekand fra Pannony 
To the gret ryver* of Ryne, 

As Orosyus sais and Martyne. 2460 

f. xo8 *. Thai say thai ryveris thre 

Off Germany suld callit be, 
Alba, that throu Bewm rynnis, 
And Adra, ]>at neir* it begynnis, 
And >e Gissill, that in Pillens land 
Begynnis, and throu it is rynnand. 

Tiberius wes than werreyand 
Thre jeris in to Ducheland 
With xii. legiones of knychtis gud, 
That neire than sa cruell stude 2470 

That nane wes till it of outrage, 
Outtane the fell weir* of Cartage ; 
For J>an of Rome thare legiones thre 
Were slane and tane in J>at cuntre, 
And ilk legioun is vi. thousand 
Sex hundreth sexty and sex, beand 
OuJ?er of angellis, men, or devillis, 
Ihesu defend ws fra thir* euillis ! 
Bot efter ]?at till hie em pyre 

Octoviane, }>an lord and syre, 2480 

Wan all thare landis halely, 
Off all the warld the monarchy ; 
Monarchy in Grew I wift 
The warld round haill it is. 
He duelt in quyet and in pese, 
And emperour \zxe of haill he wes, 

2444. is withe] nere is R, is neir 2446. was CEA, has RLE 2 ; our- 
wi]> L; That merchit neir is till done L. 
Hungry E a . 2448. ourraide and] halely L. 


Pat marcheande is withe Wngary, Lai*g> W& 

Tyberyus, his stepson, 

Withe fellon slauchtyr [has] vndoyn ; 

And Duche lande syne als fast 

Tyberyus ourraide and past. 

pis Duche lande callit Germany, 

Strekande lyis fra Pannony 2450 

To J?e gret rewer* of Ryne, 

As sayis Orosyus and Freyr Martyne ; 

Pai say ]>at ryweris thre 

Off Germany sulde callit be, 

Alba, J?at throw Boeme rynnys 

And Adra, ]?at ner* it begynnys, 

And J>e Wissil in Poyl lande 

Begynnys, and throw it is rynnande. 

Pis Tyberyus was warraande 
Thre jhere in to Duche lande 2460 

Withe legionys twelf of knychtis gud. 
Pe were J?an alssa crewel stude 
Pat nane was til it of outrage, 
To sauff J?e gret were of Cartage ; 
Off Rome J>an legionnys thre 
Was slayne and tane in J?at cuntre ; 
Bot eftyr J?at til his impyre 
Ottoviane, bathe lorde and syre, 
Wan al J?at lande, and hallely 
Oflf al J?e warlde J?e monarchi 2470 

He had in quiet and in pesse, 
And emperoure J>ar of he wes, 

2452. Freyr Martyne] Solyne RL. stud L. 

2457. Poyl] Poleyn R, Polone LE, 2464. To sauff] Sauffand L. 
Pennoufc E 9 , Panofi A. 2465. Off] For off RL. 

2458. rynnande] regnande L. 2466. Wer tane and slane L. 

2459. fis om, RL. 2470. >e (2)] a RL, wes E. 

2460. in to] in this RL. 2471. He had] And had it E ; had] 
2462. The weriffi }>an sa cruell stude held L. 

E 9 ; The weir )>at tyme sa starkly 


Regnand in gret ryalte, 
In honour, stait and maieste, 
That all ]>e men of his empyre 

Nocht anerly him lord and syre, 2490 

Or emperour thai wald him call, 
Bot for haill counsall, thai said all, 
For his hie price and his valour, 
As god }>ai wald him haill honour. 
f. 109 «. AH his tyme wes vnyte 

In all J>e warld and cherite, 
And ilk man of ane accord, 
And kend him anerly for ]>ar; lord ; 
There to ]>e Ewangell beris witnes, 
For intill his tyme Crist borne wes. 2500 

He passit nocht, withoutin weire, 
Off eild ane and twenty jew 
Quhen he first wes maid emperour, 
Bot it he led in gret honour ; 
Sa for his price and his gud fame 
August ]>ai ekit till his name ; 
Syne of his name J?at moneth ay 
Is August callit to this day ; 
Befor }?an Sextile it wes callit. 

Be this ensampill 3U we hald it, 2510 

The moneth nixt it followand, 
The first at Merche begynnand, 
And sa be nomyr* J?aim to tell, 
Five per ordre as J?ai fell ; 
Bot now fra August nomer we, 
The moneth per ordre 3e se 
Fra August to December, 
And syne begynnis at Ianuer, 
And February nixt it followand, 
And J>ir twa monethis, 3e vnderstand, 2520 

3e may fynd in J>is tretyft, 
Quha gert J?aim be set on j?is wift ; 


Regnande in gret ryalte, Laing, tffl 

Honour, state and maieste, 
Pat al ]>e men of his empyr* 
Noucht anerly bath lorde and syr*, 
Or emperour J?ai walde hym cal, 
Bot for consail, ]?ai said all, 
For his prysse and his walour* 
As god ]>ai [wald] al hym honour*. 2480 

f. 50& Al his tyme in tyl wnyte 

Pe waride was and in cheryte, 

And ilk man in ane accorde 

Hym anerly [kende for thair] lorde. 

He passit noucht, for outtyn weyr, 

Pe eylde of ane and twenty ^her* 

Qwhen he was made fyrst emperoure, 

Bot it he lede in gret honour, 

Pat for his prysse and his good faym* 

August was ekyt til his nayme. 2490 

Off his nayme J?e monethe ay 

Was August callit to Jns day ; 

Befor J?at Sextile it was callit. 

Be J?at ensampil jit we halde 

Pe monethis next it folowande, 

Pe fyrst at Marche begynnande, 

Be J>e nowmir J?aim to call, 

As }>ai ar set be ordyr all ; 

2473. »] in till E 3 . 2489. fat for] Thairfore E 9 ; his 

2476. bath] thair L. prysse] prys RL. 

2478. for] for hale RL. 2491. Oflf] And of A; >e] that 

2480. wald om. CA ; al] do L. RLE 2 . 

2481. Al] For all L ; in tyl] in E. 2492. August is L. 

2483-4. om. L. 2494. Bot eftir of August |>e name 

2483. in] off R. hald L. 

2484. hym kende for C. 2495-2500. om. L. 
2486. t>e eylde of] Off eyld all 2498. be] per R, in E. 
2488. lede J held E'. 


Bot Sextyle turnyt ]>e name 
In August for the ryall fame 
Oflf Octoviane, for >at he 
With Antone maid J?at gret melle 
Off J»t moneth J>e first day ; 
For thi thai call it August ay. 
f. 109 b. In till ]>e xxv. ;er; 

Off his empyr, withoutin weir*, 2530 

The pohete J>an in Rome Orafi 

Deit, and )>ar* beryit wes. 

Virgill deit in Burdyis, 

His body in till Napillis lyis. 

And in to the xxx. }ere 

Off his empyr, withoutin weir*, 

All ]>e warld in quyet wes, 

In cherite, lufrent and peft, 

And he regnand in maieste, 

In honour and in ryalte, 2540 

Commendit of gret douchtynes, 

Off largyte and of worthynes ; 

He wes at poynt proper and plesand, 

Honest, abill and avenand, 

Fair* of fassoune and of face, 

And large of lyme and lyth it wes, 

Cunnand, curtaft and cumly, 

Off latis nocht licht, bot lufly. 

And he Jms regnand lord and syr*, 
All the warld wes his empyre, 2550 

Tharfor he set him for to wit, 
And for to put in autentick writt 
All kinrikis and all region is, 
All citeis, cuntreis, castellis and tovnis, 

2502. >at] rycht R. 2511. The greit poet E a ; J»n] in to 

2504. call it ] callyd R. Rome RL. 

2507-10. aw. CEE a A, inserted 'from 2513. |>us] This E a ; so also in 

R. 1. 2525. 


Bot >e Sextil turnyt J?e nayme Laing, W$ 

In August for )>e ryal fay me 2500 

Off Octoviane, for J>at he 

Withe Anton made J?at gret melle 

Off )>at monethe J>e fyrst day ; 

For ]>i )>ai call it August ay. 

In til )>e xxv. jher 
Off his empyre, for outtyn weyr, 
[Virgyle deyd in Brwndyis, 
Bot in Naplis his body lyis ; 
And the fywe and threttyd yhere 
Off his empyre, wytht owtyn were] 2510 

Pe poete )>an Oras 
Deyt and entyrit was. 
Pus in qwyet qwhil he was, 
Stablist al }>e warlde in pesse, 
Regnande in til his maieste, 
Honoure, state and ryalte, 
Commendit of gret douchtynes, 
Off worschep, wit and worthynes, 
Honest, abil and awenande, 

At al poynt propyr and pleyssande, 2520 

Fayr of fasson and of face, 
And large of lym and lithe he was, 
Cunnande, curtasse and cumly, 
Noucht licht of latis, bot lufly. 

Pus he regnande lorde and syr* 
Our al J>e warlde in ane impyrc, 
He set hym haly for to wit, 
And for to put in autentik [wryt] 
All kynrikis and al regiownys, 
Citeis, castellis and al townys, 2530 

2514. And stablyst RL; Stabillit 2527. haly for] halely E, halely for 
and all )* wardle in peax E*. E 9 . 

2515-6. cm. L. 2528. for om. RLE ; wryk C. 


And quha ]>ai landis were haldand, 
Possedand or inhabitand, 
And all J>e names of }>ai region es, 
Castellis, cuntreis, citeis and tovnis, 
And all thare names )>at duelt thare in, 
Baith }oung and auld, and mar; and myn, 2560 

Breiffit vp in writt and roll, 
And registerit be name ilk poll ; 
f. no*. And efter J?at, foroutin baid, 

Fra thare were summondis to J>aim maid, 

That euerilk man in )>are cete, 

In to J>e quhilk steid borne wes he, 

Or ellis to J>at ilk tovne 

That cheif were of )>at regioune, 

Suld cum, and thare for his awne poll 

Pay his trewage and his toll, 2 57° 

Off gud siluer a denere, 

That soundis ten in nomer here. 

A denere, to say schortly, 

In oure langage is a penny ; 

Bot )?at denere J?at )>ai suld pay 

Wes )?an of valew in that day 

Ten penneis vsuall J>an, 

That in to Rome for money ran, 

Haiffand the emperouris dyademe 

2531-4. om. EE Q AL. townys RL ; Ceteis and als all vj>ir 

2531. Qwha] And quha R. townis E a ; And tyll all citeis and 

2534-9. om, C, inserted from R ; o|>er townys A. 

the same omission is also in W. 2541. And] To E. 

The confusion in all the texts, except 2542. bathe om. E. 

R, is due to the repeated rimes, 2543. in til] in ane A. 

regiownys, townys % 2547. ]>ar] that RLE, }>at ilk E 2 . 

2538. and commandment E 3 , and 2548. Quhairin before borne was 
his commandement L. he E 2 . 

2539. All] To al E, Tyll all E a A. 2552. To om. RLEE a ; and] or RL. 

2540. All cyteis and all othire 2555-6. om. L. 


Qwha J?at tyme was liffande, i*i*g, 9606 

Pa landis J>an in habitande ; 

And hail of al J?e regiownys, 

[Kynrykis, cyteis, men and townys, 

He thoucht trewage for to tak, 

And ger thame homage till hym mak. 

Apon that in hy he sent 

His byddyng and his mawndement, 

All kynrykys and all regyownys] 

Til al citeis and othir townys, 2540 

And al )?e men J>at duelt )>ar in, 

3ong* and aulde, bathe maw and myn, 

Til wryte vp ilkan in til rol, 

And regestir J>aim be nayme and poll ; 

And eftyr )>at, but marc abaide, 

Fra summondis had beyn to J?aim made, 

Ilka man in J?ar cite, 

Qwhar of befor J?at born was he, 

Or ellis to )>at ilka towne 

Pat cheyff was of ]>at region, 2550 

Sulde cum, and >ar for his pol 

To paye his trewage and his tol, 

Off q white siluir a denere, 

In nowmyr ten )>at sowndis hew. 

A dener* commonly 

Is in our [langage] a penny ; 

Bot )>at dener* J?at J?ai sulde pay • 

Sulde haf beyn in walu ay 

Ten penneys vsuale )>an, 

Pat in to Rome for mone ran, 2560 

Haffande J?e emperouris crowne, 

2555. comwnaly R, full comonly E a . of ten }>e valeu ay L. 

2556. langagiV C. 2559-60. om. L. 

2558. in walu] intyll walu R, in 2559. Ten] Of ten E ; usualis R. 

walour E 9 , of walour^ A ; Suld haf 2560. ran] can E. 


In it, and his ymage seyne, 2580 

All about it }>e circumscriptioun, 
Writtin weill sa invyroune ; 
And )>at ilkane offerit in knawlege 
To )>e emperour for homage, 
That J?ai suld to Rome of det, 
Sen >ai were maid till it subiect ; 
And ]?at J>ai callit professioun, 
And sum callit it discriptioun ; 
Bot professioun in propirte 

Granting with mouth may callit be, 2590 

For quhen J?ai payit ]?e trewage 
With mouth ]?ai grantit )>at homage, 
And abussin ilk personis poll, 
There name writtin and fare toll ; 
Discriptioun is writting 
F. no b. In till our* langage vndeying, 

For all fare names writtin war* 
That payit toll, baith left and mare, 
And jit ilk kinrik, land and tovne, 
By that laid fare trewage doune ; 2600 

In citeis mairc or alderman 
At thai bodyis first began, 
And ilk man tald wes be his poll, 
And laid his trewage doune and toll, 
And in the citeis of ilk land 
Wes certane deputis resavand ; 
Within Rome wes the trewage tane 
That J>ir bodyis payit ilkane. 

On J>is wift baith be land and tovne 
To Rome wes maid contributioun, 2610 

2562. ymagw C ; His prescriptioun 2565. aw] pay A, ay L. 
and ymage round L. 2566. til it] to Rome A. 

2563. J»i om. all; knawleg/V C. 2567. J>at sum] sum )>at E; sum 

2564. And] Ane E 2 ; ]»r om. E 2 . om. L. 


Hys [ymage] and his scripcion* ; Laing, 2536 

f. 50*. Pat J>ai sulde haf beyn in [knawlage] 

And takyn hail of }?ar homage, 
Pat J>ai sulde aw to Rome of det, 
Syn )>ai war made til it subiet ; 
And ]>at sum callit profession, 
And sum it callit [discripcion]. 
Profession in propyrte 

Moueth grawntyng* sulde callit be, 2570 

For qwhen J?ai payit )>ar [trewage], 
Withe mouthe )>ai grantyde J?ar homage, 
And owthe ilka mannys polle 
His nayme was wryttyn and his tolle ; 
Discripcion is [wrytynge] 
In til our propyr vndoyng*, 
For al J?ar namys writtyn war 
Pat payit tol, bathe les and maw, 
And 3it ilk kynrik, lande and town*, 
By )>a laid )?ar [trewage] doun* ; 2580 

In citeis mar* or aldyrman 
At ]?a bodeis fyrst began, 
And ilk man callit be his crown* 
Pat he sulde lay his [trewage] don*, 
Syn in J?e citeis of )>e lande 
Was certane deputis ressawande ; 
Off al )>e landis syne ilkan* 
Withe in Rome was J?e [trewage] tan*. 
On }?is wise bathe lande and towne 
To Rome made contribution*, 2590 

2568. proscripcion CEE^A. 2579. ilk om. A; kynrykkis E 9 ; 

2569. in] in till E a L. And ilk jit ilk knichtis land and toon 
257a grantit E a . L. 

2571. trewag&C. 2580. trewagwC. 

2572. mouthe] money E. 2584. I>at he sulde lay] And gert 
2573* owthe ilka] on >e ilk L. him lay RL ; trewagw C. 

2 575* Proscriptione A ; wryttyn C. 2588. trewagix C. 



And Cesar* August, lord and syre, 
Audit all the warld in ane empyre ; 
Sa excellent in all bewte 
Till ilk manis sicht wes he 
That to behald him inkirly 
Men had gret liking generaly ; 
Sa happy wes he als in deid 
That all thing at his liking 3eid, 
And till his purpoft and his thocht, 
And all at eift his will wes wrocht 2620 

The senatouris [alhaill] for thy 
Gaif him for counsall fermly 
Oure all ]>e warld J?at he 
A god suld gen? him callit be, 
Bot he kest weill intill his thocht, 
A dedly man [sen] he wes wrocht, 
Our* him he had a creature 
That aucht of ressoune that honour, 
f. xxi «. And till vsurp till him J>at name 

It were but vainglore and defame. 2630 

Sua )?at fra he herd J?are entent, 
And efter thare aviftment, 
Sybill Tiburtyne }>at tyme in hy 
He callit, and tald [hir] halely 
Off the senaturis entent, 
And quhat [was] thare aviftment. 
[This] Sybill a woman was 
In to Rome, and haldin a prophes, 
That is to say of halynes 

Scho wes inspyrit and of grace. 2640 

The space of thre dais fellely 

2621. W. he alhaill. 2626. W. se. 2634. W. him. 

2636. W. with. 2637. W. Till. 

2592. lande] warld RLE 2 . 2596. likyn] gret lykin R, delyte L. 

2593. Sa] And sa E a . 2599. And om. A ; and til] and 
2595. behalde] hald R. RLEE 2 . 


And Cesar August, lorde and syr;, Laing, 2666 

Aucht al >e lande in ane impyr* ; 

Sa excellent of bewte 

Til ilk mannys sicht was he 

Pat to behalde hym inkyrly 

Men had likyn commonly ; 

Sa happy als he was in deide 

Pat al thyng* at his likyng* jeide, 

And til his purposse, and til his thoucht 

At esse his wil in al was wroucht 2600 

Pe senatouris al hail for Jri 

Gaf hym for consail fermly 

Our al >e warlde in hy >at he 

A god sulde ger hym callit be, 

Bot he kest weil in to his thoucht, 

A dedly man sen he was wroucht, 

Off hym he had a creatur 

Pat aucht of resson )?at honour*, 

And til vsurpe til hym ]?at nayme 

It war bot wayne glow or defame. 2610 

Swa fra he herde J?ar entent, 
And eftyr }>ar awisement, 
Sibil Triburtyne in hy 
He callit, and taulde hir hallely 
Off ]>e senatouris )?e entent, 
And qwhat was J?ar awisement, 
Pe spasse of thre dayis ]?an in hy 

260a In ese all tyme his will wes was crossed out afterwards in A. Cf. 

wrought L. 2617. 

2602. for] sic E, om. L; fermly] 2613. in hy] for thi E, in till hy E 2 . 

halely E. 2614. and taulde hir] hir and tald 

2605. kest] wist L. L. After this line E inserts, Quhat 

2610. or] and RLE ; defame] wes )>e cauft quharfor and why, and A 
schame L. has, Hys consale tyll hyr* opynly. 

261 1. JxirjjHitE 3 . 2615. Off J>e] And of >e A ; >e 
' 2612. And eftyr] And quhat was entent] and )>ar entent E. Off 

RL. After this line CEA have, fe senatouris intent E 2 . 

spase of thre dayis he in hy ; the line 2617. |>an in hy] t>at lady E. 


Scho askit to byde in hir study ; 
And thai thre dais in fasting 
Scho baid and in till thra praying, 
And syne as in till prophecy 
Scho maid efter J?at study 
Iudicii signum in to verft, 
That were lang now to reherft ; 
Bot thai arc maid of Cristis birth, 
And of his deid and rysing with, 2650 

And of his come to }>e day of dome, 
And of takinnis )?at befor sail cum. 
The emperour vp )?an to )>e hicht 
Scho gert behald, and sic a lycht 
Him vmbelappit in }>at place 
That }>are of gretly affrayit he was ; 
And syne he saw a madin fair* 
Apone ane altar* in J?e aire, 
And ane litill barne alsua 

Haldand in hir armes twa ; 2660 

And, till he ferlyit of )>at sycht, 
f. 1 ix b. He herd a voce J>at said him rycht : 

" 3one )?ov wit withoutin hone 
The altare is of Goddis Sone." 
Than to }>e erd rycht sodanely 
He fell, and prayit deuotly, 
With greting on his kneis baire, 
In honour of ]?at blessit paire ; 
And syne the senatouris gert he call 
And tald ]?aim \zxe \\x fair* sycht all, 2670 

Quhare of J?ai ferlyit rycht gretly. 
That chalmer syne full deuotly, 
In honour of ]?at paire sa fre, 
With gret worschip hallow gert he ; 
For ]>are he saw that visioun 

2618. Scho om. E ; in] at E 2 . 2620. and om. RAE 2 ; til om. E. 

2619-20. om. L. 2622. hir] that RLE Q . 


Scho askyt to byde in hir study ; Laing, 2593 

And >a thre dayis in harde fastyng; 
Scho bade and in til thra praying;, 2620 

And syne in til hir prophecy 
Scho made eftyr hir study 
Iudicii signum in to wersse, 
Bot ]>ai ar lang; now to rehersse. 
Pe emperour; syne til }?e hicht 
Scho gert behalde, and swilk a licht 
Hym wmbelappit in J>at plasse 
Pat gretly effrayit J?an he was ; 
Syne he saw a maydyn fayr 

Apon ane altar; in J>e ayr, 2630 

And a litil barn alsua 
Haldande in hir armys twa ; 
And, qwhil he ferleide on }?at sycht, 
F. 5 t «. He herde a woice }?at saide hym richt : 

" 3on >ou wit withe outtyn hone 
Pe altar; is of Goddis Son." 
And to }?e erde richt suddandly 
He fel, and pray it dewotly ; 
And syne )>e senatouris gert he cal, 
And J>is sicht he taulde }>aim all, 2640 

Qwarof }?ai ferleyt gretumly. 
Pat chawmyr syne he deuotly, 
In honour; of )>at maydyn fre, 
And of )?at barn als halowit he ; 
For J?ar he saw J?at wisiofi 

2627. Him our Jeid in to >at place And of >at barne als hallowit he 
L. That chalmer richt deuotly ; 

2628. fan om. RLE 8 . Quhair of >ai ferlyit greitly, 

2632. in] in tyll A. Bot syne pe senatouris he gert call 

2633. on]offRLEA. And >is sicht he tald fame all L. 

2634. hym om, R ; He hard a voce 2641. gretly R. 

say on hicht L. 2642. he] he gert RE 9 . 

3639-44 — 2644. he] be RE 9 . 
In honour of )>at madin fre 


That raissit his deuocioun ; 

Thew in a kirk of our* Lady 

Is, and Freris Minoris ythandly 

In to )>at ilk chapell alway 

Seruice God baith nycht and day ; 26B0 

And >at kirk foundit in >at place 

Syne Ara Celi call it wes, 

Bot in our; leid it is to say 

The altar* of hevin or God verray. 

Bot quhen the contributioun 
Wes payit, baith of land and tovne, 
Off Nazareth and Galyle 
Ioseph >at tyme in Iude 
Passit to the cete Dawy, 

With his spouft myld Mary, 2690 

Bethlem callit in >at quhile, 
For [of] >at house and )>at famyle 
He wes of kyne and of renovne ; 
Forthy ]>axe his professioun 
f. ziao. For to mak he sped him ^arne 

With Mary his spouse with barne. 

Bot all the innys euerilkane, 

Or thai come to )>e tovne, wes tane ; 

And )>an )>ar* wes sic multitude 

Within that tovne of men and gud 2 700 

That to pur; men it wes ill 

For to get herbery at ]>axe will ; 

And )>arcfor Iosephe and Mary 

Within houft mycht get na herbery, 

Bot betuix houssis twa 

Quhar; men had gert a [pentift] ma 

To hald confabulatioun 

Efter tharc recreatioun 

269a. W. of cm. 3706. W. prenttfl. 

2646. rayssit] excit L. 

2648. now devotly RL, ]»ir deuoitly E 2 . 


Pat rayssit his deuocion ; Laing, 9690 

Par, in a kyrk of our Lady, 

Freris Mynoris dewotly 

Withe in >e Capitole al waye 

Serwis God bathe nycht and day; 2650 

And >at kyrk foundit in >at plasse 

Syne Ara Celi callit was. 

Bot qwhen J>e contribucion 
Was pay it, bathe of lande and town, 
Off Najarethe and Galilee 
Iosephe J>at tyme in Iude 
Past to )>e cite of Dawy, 
Withe his spoiisit mylde Mary, 
Bethelem callit in >at qwhile, 
For of }>at housse and J?at famylle 2660 

He was of kyn and of renowne ; 
For ]n >ar his proffession; 
For til haf made he sped hym jarfi 
Wi)* his spouse gret way roe wijv barn. 
Bot al J?e innys euirilkan*, 
Or J>ai coyme to ]>e towne, was tan^ ; 
And J?ar }?an was sic multitude 
Withe in J?e towne of men of gude 
Pat tyl pur* men it was ille 

For til get herbery to )?ar will. 2670 

Parfor Ioseph and Mary 
Gat withe in housse na herbery, 
Bot betweyne houssis twa 
Qwhar men gert apentysse ma 
Til halde confabilacion, 
And haf J?ar recreaciofi 

2651. f>at kirk he £; And that kirk 2667. sic a R. 

eftir wes L. 2668. of (2)] and RLA. 

2652. Syne om. L; callit] it callit E. 2670. to] at E*L. 

2658. spouse AEE a L. 2671. Mary] myld Mary E 9 , our 

2662. possessioun E 3 . Lady L. 


Off meit and drink, and thai? repairs 

Quhen >aim likit to tak J>e air*. 2710 

Thar* Ioseph wi}> Mary [his] spouft 

His innys tuke into ]?at houft, 

And thar; intill his bestis twa, 

Ane oxe and ane aft were thai ; 

The oxe he had to the tovne to sell, 

To pay for tribut at )>aim fell, 

The aft to beir; his spouft sa myld, 

For scho wes neir* hir tyme wi)> child. 

To thai twa bestis a crib he maid, 

Or maid perchans he funding had, 2720 

He band >aim vp and gaif >aim hay ; 

And )?at ilk nycht, or it wes day, 

That madyne bair; J?at blessit byrth 

That is the cauft of all our myrth. 

3711. W. with hui. 

2677-8. om. L. 2679. chepmen E^A, scheipmen E, 

2677. to] and REE 2 A. schipmen C ; makis] mais £ ; Or for 

2678. As] And E 9 ; J»r] ayre R. chapmen as buthys RL. 


In met and drynk to far repayr;, Laing % 2661 

As }?ar delyt was til haf J?ar, 

Or as [chepmen] buthis makis 

Til oppyn and to schaw )?ar pakkis. 2680 

Iosephe withe Mary his spousse 

His innys tuk in swylk a housse, 

And >ar in his bestis twa, 

Ane ox and ane as war J?a, 

Til a cribe J»t far he made, 

Or made perchans he fundyn hade, 

He bande wp and gaff J>aim haye ; 

And }>at ilka nycht or day 

Pat maydyn Mary bar }?at byrtht 

Pat causse was of our mekil myrthe. 2690 

2680. to am. RL; to schaw] mak £. 

E 9 ; pakkis] clais £. 2690. our mekil] all ourc RL ; 

2687. He band l>aim wp E. myrthe] licht E. 
2689. Mary om . E 2 ; byrtht] bricht 

MS. COTT. BOOK V. 203 


Pe tabil of >e fift Buk. 

1. Off >e birtht off Ihesu Crist 
11. Off Tyberius dayis. 
in. Off Claudyus and Gayus dayis. 
iv. Off Nero and his dayis. 
v. Off Titus and Wespasian. 
vi. Off Anaclyte. 
vii. OffTraian. 

viii. Off Alexander and Adryan. 
ix. Off >e pape Sixt. 
x. Off ]>e pape Thelefor. 
xi. Off Anton >e mylde. 
xii. Off Pape Ingnyus. 
F. sx*. xiii. Off ]>e pape Pyus. 

xiv. Off Marcus Antonyus emperoure. 
xv. Qwhen fyrst conwertyt was Brettan. 
xvi. Off }?e emperour* Comodus. 
xvii. Off >e pape Victor. 
xviii. Off ]>e pape Zepheryne. 
xix. Off }?e pape Pontyane. 
xx. Off )>e emperour* Philipe. 
xxi. Off >e pape Cornel. 

Headings. —The tytlis of the fyft Buke R. Capitula E*. Tabula quinti 

The tabyll of |* fyft buke 
Followis heirtf quha will it lake. A. 
Capitula — 

I. Ihesu am, L. xv. Of j>econuersioun of Brettan E. 

vii. am. L. 

MS. COTT. BOOK V. 205 

xxii. Off >e pape Sixt. 
xxiii. Off >e pape Dynnys. 
xxiv. Off )>e pape Gayus. 
xxv. Off >e pape Marcellyne. 
xxvi. Off >e pape Marcelle. 
xxvii. Off >e pape Eusebyus. 
xxviii. Off >e pape Siluester. 
xxix. Off ]>e terande Maxencius. 
xxx. OffMaximiane. 

xxxi. Qwhen )>ai of Dace and Sithi arywit in Brettan. 
xxxu. Qwhen ]>e Romanys gaf vp ]>e swppowalle off Brettane. 
xxxin. Off )>e pape Marcus. 
xxxiv. Off Constans and Constantyne emperouris. 
xxxv. Off Iulyane )>e appostata. 
xxxvi. Off Felix and Damasus papis. 
xxxvii. Off >e pape Sirisyus. 
xxxviii. Off J>e emperouris Galyene and Graciane. 
xxxix. Off Theodos and Sancte Ambrose. 
xl. Off }?e pape Anastacius. 
xli. Off }?e fyrst pape Innocent. 
xlii. Qwhen Sancte Paladi come in Scotlande. 
xliii. Off >e fyrst pape Benete. 
xliv. Off Sancte Gregor )>e gret dottor* 

XXXI. Of >aim of Dace and Sithy xxxvii. om. E s . 

}»t arivit in Brettan E. xliii. fyrst om. A. 

XXXII. Of \>e Romanis \mt gaf J>e xliv. gret] haly E 9 . 

suppoval of Brettan E. At thcend % Explicit tabula v tt libri L. 



Heir makis >e auttour menoloan 
Off twa suerdis in >e passloun. 

o 1 

^ROSE vpone sindiy wifi 

To Babulone Rome paryfyft ; 
r. xxa b, Off Babulone >e story haill 

Fra Nynus takis originall, 
And of Rome ]>e story tais 
Thaw begyanis fra Prochais, 
The fadyr of Amelyus 
And forfadyr to Romulus. 

Fra >e first ^ere )>at Nynus king 
Had Babulone in gouernyng 10 

Till it wes stuffit plentuously 
And kyrnellit about propirly 
Throu Symyramys the quene, 
As 3e herd me befor meyne, 
Than gane wes fourc and sexty }ere ; 
Rycht sa in J?e like manere 
Fra }?e first 3erc that Prochais 
Begouth in Rome and regnand wes, 
Or Romulus had maid J?e cete, 

Thre score and four* ^txe gane wes fre. 20 

Arboc als, the king of Mede, 
Off quham forouth 3e herd me rede, 

Prol. (LXXIII. in E 2 A).—No heading in CE. 

Next folio wand yhe saU luk 

The proloug off the fyft buke. R. 

Rede forthirmair and luke 

The proloug of >e fyft buke. L. 

The proloug of )>e fift buke 

In )>is nixt chapter Je sail luke. A. E 2 =W. 



OROSYUS apon syndry wisse 
Til Babilon Rome parifyis ; 
Off Babilon )>e storys haille 
Fra Nynus tais oryginalle, 
And of Rome J>e story tais 
Par begynnyng* fra Procas, 
Pe fadyr of Amylyus 
And forfadyr til Romulus. 

Fra J>e fyrst jher^ )>at Nynus kyng; 
Had Babilon in gouernyng* 10 

Til it was stuffit plentusly 
And kyrnalett about propyrly 
Throw Semeramus J>e queyn, 
As jhe haf herde me befor meyn, 
Gane was four and sexty ^herc ; 
Richt swa into J>e lik manerc 
Fra )>e fyrst shew J>at Procas 
In Rome begouthe and regnande was, 
Or Romulus had made }?e cite, 
Thre scoyr and four ^herc gan was fre 20 

Arbate als, J?e kyngtf of Mede, 
Off qwham befor $he herde me rede, 

3. story EE a A. pirly L. 

4. tais] takys )>e A. 14. haf om, E a . 

5. storys RL ; tais] say is E a . 17. J»t] of E a . 

6. Procas] Procas tais E a . 19. Romule R, Romul E ; made 

7. That facVr wes of E. hade R. 

12. And starkly kirnelit and pro- 20. fre] he E 9 . 

F. 113 «. 


Rewillit Babulone >at i&c 

That Prochess in Rome begouth to steire ; 

And sa Oroft signifyis, 

The west kynrik begouth to ryse 

As the est begouth to faill 

Be [misfortoune] and fell batall, 

Quharc throu ]>e warld wes halely 

All redact in a monarchy, 30 

That is to meyne in ane empyre, 

And a man of it lord and syre. 

Sa now my purpoft and my will, 
Gif God wald grant me grace >ar<?till, 
It is my entent for till schaw, 
And clerely als to gere 30W knaw 
All the cauft materiall 
Off >e doubill gouernall, 
That is to say of spiritualite, 

And the to)>er of temporalite ; 40 

The temporall is the less, but let. 
Thir ar }?e twa gret lichtis set 
In myddis of ]>e firmament, 
That vsit are to represent 
And to minister thare seruice 
Tyme be tyme and thare office. 
Off thir twa lichtis that I of say 
The gretare lycht is for )>e day, 
And for the nycht the left alsua 
God maid, to man seruice to ma ; 50 

And \>\ie twa staittis gret alsua 
Signifyis the suerdis twa 

28. W. my fortoune. 

23. Ruffyt E 2 , Ruflyte A. 30. redact] redait A, radiat E 9 ; in] 

24. begouthe to] couth L. in a RL. 

25. Sa] For E 2 . 34. grant] gif E ; me] hys RE 2 . 
28. harde forton] infortwne RL ; 35. halyly RE ,J . 

fel] hard RL, greit E 2 . 


Rifflyt Babilon )?at 3here 

Pat Procas in Rome begouthe to stere. 

Sa, as Oros signyfyis, 

Pe west kynrik begouythe to rysse 

As ]>e est begouythe to fayle 

Be harde forton and fel bataile, 

Qwhar throw ]>e warlde is hallely 

Now redact in monarchy, 30 

And subiet til ane impyr*, 

And a man of it lorde and syrc. 

Swa now my purposse and my wil, 
Giff God wil grant me grasse J^ertil, 
Standis haly for to schaw, 
And cleyrly to ger 50W knaw 
Al ]>e causse materyalle 
f. 5 a *. And >e dowbil [gouernalle], 

Qwhar was wont to gouernyt be 

Bathe )>e warlde and )>e cite. 40 

Off )>is doubil [gouernalle] 

Pe grettast is )>e spiritualle ; 

Pe temperal is }?e lesse, but let. 

Pir ar }?e twa gret lichtis set 

In myddis of J?e firmament, 

Pat oyssis for to represent 

And to mynystir )>ar serwice 

Tyme be tyme and )>ar office. 

Pe grettar licht is for )>e day, 

And for )>e nycht )?e les alway. 50 

Pir twa statis gret alsua 

Signyfyis ]?e suerdis twa 

36. cleyrly] clenly RE ; to] for to Schortly )>e suith for to tell, 
E a A. Quhair was wount to gouernit be. 

37. This cais materiall E 2 . 41-2. om. E*. 

38. And] Off R ; gen<rralle C. 41. generally C. 
38-9. Four lines in E a — 43-4. reversed in L. 

Off >e dubill gouernaill 52. )>e] thai alL 

The gretest is \# spirituall, 



Quhareof a speciall mencioun 

Is said in Cristis passioun : 

11 Lord, lo ! now twa suerdis heir*." 

11 Ynew zxe J^ai," wes his ansuer*. 

In to the Pape is >e honour, 

The stait, )>e worschip and )>e cure, 

And )>e gretest gouernall ; 

And of the less stait alhaill 60 

The souerane is \>t Emperour, 

Be worschip, titill and honour. 

Off papis and emperouris how it fell 

It is my purpose now to telL 


Heir It tellls of Cristis byrth 

And of seire mervallis als tharewlth. 

CESAR August Octoviane 
Quhen that fourty }ere and ane 
Off his empyre wes passit cleirc, 
f. 113 s. Within }?e twa and fourty 3erc, 

Apone the Sonday within nycht, 

Mary myld, ]?e madin brycht, 

But thristing, thrawing or disese, 

Or ony smyt, deliuer wes 

Off hir a sone, God and man. 

That child scho tuke sueitly J?an, 10 

And in a cryb syne laid he was 

Betuix ane oxe all and ane aft ; 

Thir twa bestis deuotly 

57. In] And E*. At the end, Explicit prologus L. 

60. state*;//. L. 

Chap. I. (LXXIV. in E»A).— Heyr om. A; Nixt eftir Je rede L; Here 
eftirsall )e reid E. E a =W. 


Qwhar of J?e special mencion 

Was said in Cristis passion : 

" Lord, lo ! now twa suerdis hew." 

" Inewch ar )>a," was his anssuer*. 

In to >e Pape is >e honours, 

Pe state, ]>e worschep and J?e cure 

Off J?e grettast gouernaylle ; 

And of >e lest state syne al hail 60 

Pe souerane is )>e Emperourc, 

Be worschep, titil and honours. 

Swa now remaynys for to tel 

How fyrst at J?ar begynnyng* fell. 


Heyr next folowand 3he sal reide 
Of Cristis byrth and his barnheide. 

CESAR August Octowiane 
Qwhen )>at fourty 3hers and ane 
Off his impyr was passit cleyr, 
Withe in )>e twa and fourtyde ^herc, 
Apon ]>e Sonondayis nycht, 
Mary mylde, ]>e maydyn bricht, 
But thretyngi, thrawyngs or disses, 
Or any smyt, delyuir wes 
Off hir a son, bath God and man. 
Pe childe was tane and suelit J>an, 10 

And in a crib syne laide he was 
Qwhar )?at [ane ox] stude and ane asse, 
And )>a twa bestis deuotly 

2. and ane] war gane E. 7. thythyng R. 

3. And ane of his empire past clere 9. bath om. RL. 

E. 10. j>e] That RL ; suedlyt E*. 

5. sondays AE. 12. a nox C. 


One kneis fell, as witnes the story, 
Kend thaw wes thare creature ; 
Tharfor }>ai did )>are him )>at honour 
That apon kneis ay were thai 
Sittand, till >at he thare lay. 

His moder held bed in iesyng, 
But dout jit wes scho clene virgyne. 20 

He name and circumsicioun, 
And scho purificatioun 
Tuke, )>at tyme ]>at ordanit wes 
Be law ordanit of Moyses, 
And )>e child wes Ihesu cald, 
As J>e angell forouth tald ; 
And sa thai baith kepit rycht weill 
The lawis statut ilk deill. 
Our Lord Ihesu Jms wes borne 
To sauf mankynd that wes forlorne. 30 

Beyond Tybyre, as I herd tell, 
Out of ]>e erd \zxe sprang a well 
Off cleire oly, faire and gud, 
Quhare quhile a faire taverne stude ; 
Till that day in gret copy 
That well [ran] oure haboundanely, 
f. 114 a. That helis sindry seik of ill, 

And 3it mare I herd tell hir till. 

A serkill about the sone }?at day 

Wes sene schynand, as I herd say, 40 

That till ]>e raynebow be liknes 

Apperith, as }?e writt witnes. 

That ilk nycht, as I herd tell, 

In Rome }?e gret temple doune fell, 

That quhen the Romanis befor xii. ^ere 

In peft and quyet liffand were, 

36. W. ran om. 

16. >at] grete E. 18. l>at om, E a L. 


On kneis, as witnes }?e story, 
Kende J>ar was )>ar creatur ; 
Qwhar for )>ai did hym )>at honours 
Pat on kneis ay war )>ai 
Sittande, qwhil )>at he J>ar lay. 

Pe modyr helde bede in gesyne, 
But dout ^hit was scho pure uirgyne. 20 

He nayme and circumsicion, 
And scho purificacion 
Tuk, ]>e tyme )>at ordanyt was 
Be J>e lawche statute of Moyses, 
And )>e barn* was Ihesu calde, 
As J?e angel befor taulde ; 
Swa ]>3l\ helde and kepit weil 
All )>e lawis ilka deyl. 
Our Lorde Ihesu }ms was born 
To sauflf our lif )>at was forlorn. 30 

Be^onde Tybyr, as I herde tel, 
Out of }?e erde )>ar sprang* a wel 
Off cleyne oyl3e, fayr and gude, 
Qwhar qwhilum a famowse tawern* stude ; 
And al J>at day in gret copy 
Pat wel ran our* haboundandly. 
A cerkyl about ]>e son )>at day 
Was seyn als, as I herde say, 
Pat til ane arche of hewyn was 
Apperande lik in al lyklynes. 40 

F. 5a b. Pat ilka nycht, as I herde tel, 

In Rome a gret tempil fell, 
Pat qwhen }?e Romanys twelf ^her* 
In pesse and qwyet liffande weyr, 

20. pur*] clene £. 40. in al] on R, be L ; liknes 

29. Ihesu om. RLA. EE*A. 

33. oylje] wley E, ole E 2 . 41. als I }ow tell L. 

37. son] mone L. 42. a] that R,J«L 


In the honour of Romuly fre, 
Off fyne metall gert foundit be 
Off Romulus a fairer figure 

Off fyne hewis and clene pay n tour, 50 

And vthew symulachris seir* 
And ydolis >at J>an worschippit were, 
That set were in that temple fairer, 
Quharc men maid hanting and repairer, 
For to mak )>ar<? sacrifice 
To tharer mawmentis apon thare wifi 
With full deuote solempnyte 
And vsuall festiuite. 
This tempill bairer J>e titill of Pese, 
For, first quhen }>at it foundit wes, 60 

Till Appolyne J>ar<? orysone 
Thai maid ]>an wi)> deuocioun, 
Certane knawlege for to get 
How lang that temple sagatis set, 
And foundit sa in ]>e honour 
Off Appolyne thaw gouernour, 
Suld lest and stand but confounding. 
And J?is wes J?an \zxe ansuering 
Off thai mawmentis it till endure 
f. 1x4 b. ' Ay quhill a virgin pure 70 

Suld behv a barne of hir body ; 
Thaw of the Romanis had ferly. 
And nocht for thi thai gert full tyte 
In till gret brokin letteris writt 

45. In the RE a . That sett in to )>at tempill weir 

46. In] Off all ; fyne entail] grete Off ydolis )>at tyme honorit )»ir. E*. 
entabill L ; biggit] fowndyd RL. 52. Qwhen] Quhare RLE* ; excesft 

47. And om. E ; of] off this RLE 2 . A ; of C. 

48. fayr] fyne E. 53. For] And A. 

50. And] Off RL. 58. For quhen >at it first foundit 

50-1— wes E 2 . 


In honour* of Romule fre, 

In fyne entail gert biggit be, 

And of Romule a figure 

Off hewis fyne and fayr payntoure, 

And o)>ir symylacris seyr, 

And ydolis }>at )>an honowrit weyr 50 

Pai set in to J?at tempil fayr, 

Qwhen ]>ai made accesse [and] repayre 

For to mak )>ar sacryfyis 

To fa, mawmentis on )>ar wisse 

Withe dewote solempnyte 

And vsuale festywite. 

pis tempil tytlyt was of Pesse, 

For, qwhen fyrst it foundyt wes, 

Til Appollo J?ar orison 

Pai made withe gud deuocion, 60 

Certan knawlag/V for to get 

How lang* tym }>at )>at tempil set, 

And foundit in til }?e honour* 

Off al J>a mawmentis, sulde endure, 

And fermly stande in to J>at plasse. 

Off Appolyne }>e anssware wes 

Pat )?at tempil sulde endure 

Ay qwhil J?at a uirgyne pure 

Sulde bere a barn* of hir body ; 

Par of J?e Romanys had ferly. 70 

Noucht for )h )>ai gert ful tyte 

Withe gret brokyn letteris wryte 

6a gud] grete E 9 L ; donatioun E a . 68. >at om. A. 

61. knawlageo//; for om. L. 69. Sail A 

62. tym om. E ; )»t om. E a AL. 70. had] hard E*. 

63. til om. L ; J>e om. R. 71. ful om. L ; tyte] write L. 

64. Of al mawmentis til endure E. 72. gret lettrys brokyn R; wryte] 
67. J»t] the L, om. A; sulde] sail tite L. 

A, om. R. 


Out with the kirk dure at ]>e entre, 

That all men mycht it reid and se, 

Templum pacts eternum ; ay 

Thir thre wordis ar for to say, 

The temple of Peft withoutin end. 

Bot quhen J>at Goddis sone wes send 80 

To tak our kynd, as je herd tell, 

That temple and \zxe goddis fell, 

And thai symulachris all 

Were brokin in to pecis small. 

Fra )>e Orient kingis thre, 
Ilkane seir* in \axe degre, 
Be }>e sterne at led )>aim trew 
Borne ]>e king of Iowis J?ai knew ; 
And for )>at cauft )>at fere vyage 
Thai tuke in deuote pilgrymage, 90 

Till thai come to Ierusalem. 
Fra }rin }>ai past to Bathlem ; 
Thaw to J>e sone of )>e Virgin 
And my re and sens, and gold full fyne 
With gret deuocioun offerit thai, 
Efter his byrth J>e xiii. day ; 
And quhen thai had maid ]> offerand 
Thai went on hame to )>are land 
By Ierusalem passit thai, 

As thai wer warnyt, ane other way ; 100 

And be ]?at King Herrod persauit 
That he wes quayntly }>are dissauit ; 
f. 115 a. Tharfor )>e innocentis gert he 

Be slayne throu his iniquite. 

73. Outhe] On L ; >e entre] )>air 81. al] wij> all E 2 A. 

entre E a AL. 82. War brokin in to pecis smal E. 

74. Quhair J>at men micht Jjair by 83. Off] fan of E ; kyng* C. 
se L. 84. J>ar] )>air awin E a . 

76. ar to] ar ]ris to L. 86. That borne wes L ; knew] J)ai 

78. qwhen] quhen ]>at L. knew EAL. 

8a >e] thare R, >ai EE 2 AL. 


Outhe }>e dure at J>e entre, 

Qwhar )>ai mycht clerly rede and se, 

Templum pacts eternum ; ay 

Pir thre wordis ar to say, 

Pe tempil of Pesse wi>e outtyn ende. 

Bot qwhen Goddis son was sende 

In til our kytht, as ^he herde tell, 

Pat tempil and )>e fals goddis fell, 80 

And J>a symylacris al 

Was fruschit and brokyn in pecis small. 

Off J>e Oryent [kyngis] thre, 
Ilkan seyr in )>ar cuntre, 
Be a sterna apperande new 
Pan born* )>e kyng* of Iowis knew ; 
For J>at resson )>ar wayagw 
Pai tuk in dewote pilgramag/lr, 
Qwhill )>ai come til Ierusalem. 
Fra )>ine passit til Betheleem ; 90 

Par to )>e son of ]>e Virgyne 
Mir and sens, [and] golde so fyne 
In gret deuocion offeryt )>ai, 
Be eft his byrthe J?e [thretten] day; 
And qwhen )>ai made had ]?ar offerande 
Hay me agane in to )>ar lande 
By Ierusalem passit )>ai, 
As )>ai war warnyt, a noJ?ir way ; 
And how }>at Herrot [had] consawit 
Throw )>aim at he was dissawit, 100 

Qwharfor ]>e innocentis he gert be 
Al slayne throw his iniqwyte, 

87. For] And for A ; And )?airfor 92. and sens] sens E ; and om. C. 
sone ]>air viage L. 94.7. om. E. 

87-8. wayagfj . . . pilgramagiV 94. Be eft] Eftir E S L ; thrid C. 
singular in all. 99. how >at] how than R ; >at had 

9a passit] thai passyt RLE 2 , syn CA. 
passit E. 1 01. be] dee E 9 , om. L. 

91. I>ar om. E 2 . 102. slayne] slane be L. 


Haly kirk $it prechis cleir* 
It in J>e gospell ilk }ere, 
And for that cauft heir* will I 
Pass it our* ]>e mare lichtly. 

IN Scotland that 3er<? Terand raift, 
And our* the Pightis regnand was no 

A hundreth 3er* as crovnit king ; 
And quhen his lif had tane ending, 
Duchill raift as king with crovne, 
And regnyt be successioun ; 
Bot of }>ar* douchty dedis seir* 
I fynd nocht for to write in heir*. 

Kenelin )>an call it Kenant 
His sone efter him wes regnant 
As king with crovne of all Brettane. 
Befor )>at with Octoviane 120 

He nurist wes in his }outhheid, 
Till at he cummyn wes to manheid, 
And did gret worschip and bounte 
In alkin weir* or gret iurnee, 
And tuke syne of J>at emperour 
The ordre of knychtheid wij? honour. 
To J?aim of Rome for J?at ressoune 
He had rycht gret effectioun, 
And all J?e tyme J?at he wes king, 
And Brettane had in gouernyng, 130 

His barnage haill said he mycht 
Withhald ]?at tribut wij? all rycht, 

103. Hayl C. 108. And om. E ; J>e om. R ; was] 

104. In to >e] In )>e E, In to E 2 ; raise E. 

In to the wangyll R. 109. crownyt] regnand E a . 

107. tyme] yhere RE 2 , tyme crossed 1 12. regnand R. 
out in E 2 ; Caram CREA, Carrane E* 114. in om. LE 2 . 

Carane L ; rasse] was E. 


[Haly] kyrk prechis cleyr 
In to J>e ewangell ilka ^here. 
For J>at resson now wil I 
Our passe it her* J>e mar lychtly. 

In Scotlande >at tyme [Taram] rasse, 
And our* J>e Peychtis regnande was 
A hundyr jheTt as crownyt kyng* ; 
And qwhen his lif had tane endynge, 1 10 

Duchil rase as kyng* wi]?e crowne, 
And regnyt be succession ; 
Bot of ]?ar douchty dedis seyr 
I fynde noucht for to wryt in heyr*. 

Kymbelyne, [of] Tenwant 
F. 53 a. Pe son and ayr, was ]>an regnant 

As kyng* wij?e crowne our al Brettan. 

Befor >at [withe] Octovian 

He nwrist was til his barnheide 

Was past, and enterit in manheide, 120 

And did gret prowes and bownte 

In alkyn weris and iourne, 

And tuk syne of J?at emperour* 

Pe ordir of knychtheide wij?e honours 

To J>aim of Rome, for J?at resson, 

He stude in swylk effection 

Pat in J>e tyme J?at he was kynge, 

And Brettane had in gouernyng*, 

His barnage haly said he mycht 

Wi]?e halde J>e trewage wij>e al richt, 130 

115. and C; Tenwant R; Tent- 122. weris and] wer or R. 
want E 9 ; Lyne be lyne of convant L. 127. )»t] quhen R. 

117. our] off RLE 2 . 129. haly said he] hale sayd that he 

118. J»t] Jxiir E 2 ; withe] wicht R, said that he L, said he haly E, 
CE, tyme L. said haly J»t he E a . 

119. his] he A. 130. wi>e al] al wij) E ; al cm. L. 
12a Was] Had A. 


That Iulius Cesar* befor wan, 
And wes payit till Octoviane J>an. 
Agane )>e will of his barnage 
f. 115 & To Rome he payit that trewage ; 

Thar* with his J>e wer* wes he 
Commendit in till all degre. 

And in that samyn }er* alsua 
Ioseph passit and Maria 140 

In till Egipt, and vii. ^er* 
Thar* with Ihesu thai wonnand wer*. 
Bot of his dedis in that quhile 
I fynd bot few in the Ewangile ; 
Bot quhasa likis for to reid 
In till the buke of his barneheid, 
He may fynd how be the way 
Wnder* a palme tre thai lay, 
As for to sleip or rest J>aim )>ar*, 
As pilgrymes J>at fortyrit wer*, 150 

The moder maikles of the child, 
Mary brycht, the madyn myld, 
Wes in to scharp hunger* set, 
And had gret appetite till ete 
The crope than of ]?at palme tre, 
That datis bar* on gret plente ; 
Till l?at scho wes in ]?at thraw, 
With all the bo wis bowit law 
Doune till hir hand, sa at hir will 
Daittis scho pullit and eit hir fill ; 160 

Syne as with leif, but braid or bend, 
Evin as befor stude vp on end. 
That tyme alsua Ioseph thar* 
In till hard thrist wes angerit sair*, 

136. in] in to RA, in till E a L. J>e barne )>air thai wer L. 

137. in om. RLE 3 . 141. Off] And of E 2 . 

139. In] In till R. 149-50. om. L. 

140. J»i om. E a A ; Duelland wi> 150. J»t] the RE*. 


Pat Iulyus Cesar befor wan, 
And payid was til Octovian. 
Agane J>e wil of his barnage 
Til Rome he payit J?at trewage ; 
For J?at wij>e his \e wer* was he 
Comendit in al degre. 

And in J?at ilka 3her* alsua 
Iosephe passit and Maria 
In Egipte, and sewyn jher* 

Par wij?e J>e barn* ]>ai duellande weyr. 140 

Off his dedis in J?at qwhille 
Few I fynde in >e Ewangile ; 
Bot qwha J?at likis for to rede 
In til a buk of his barnheide, 
He sal fynde how be J?e waye, 
As vndirneythe a palme J>ai lay, 
At esse to sleipe or rest >aim >ar, 
As pilgramys J>at fortyrit war, 
Pe modyr makles of }?at childe, 
Mary bricht, J?at maydyn mylde, 150 

Was in til scharp hungyr set, 
And had gret appetit til et 
Pe crope J>ar of a palme tre, 
Pat datis bar; in gret plente ; 
Qwhil scho was in to J>at thraw, 
All J?e bewis bowit law 
Ewyn til hir hande, swa at hir will 
Datis scho pullit and et hir fil ; 
Syne as wi}?e leif, but brayde or bende, 
Ewyn as befor stude vp on ende. 160 

Pat tyme alsua Ioseph J?ar 
In til hard thrist was noyit sari, 

151. Than wes our lady in hungir 155. was om. L; to om. R. 

set L. 156. All] Wyth all RL ; bowit] J»n 

153. a] that RE 2 A, the L. bowit E a . 

*54- I^t] f>e E a , om. E. 


Bot of the erd sone sprang a well, 
And than? Ioseph, as I herd tell, 
Drank his fill of watter cleirc. 
Thar* efter, as thai herbryit war* 
r. «6«. Within a gret coif and a deip, 

Or thai begouth to fall on sleip, 170 

Out of that coife all sodanely 

Twa gret dragonis and vgly 

Ruschit out ; there Mary wes 

And Ioseph baith in gret radnes ; 

Bot >ai twa fell dragonis kene 

Fra >ai the barnis hede had sene, 

As J>ai had chastyit bene, with aw 

Thai kest than hedis doune weill law, 

And worschippit J?aim, and syne wij? speid 

To wildnernes than? way thai 3eid. 180 

Fra J>in till Egipt in tyli hy 

As Ioseph passit and Mary, 

A lyoune jemyt be the way, 

That seruiciable wes to }?aim ay 

In till Egipt till thai were fre ; 

And, in it as J>ai maid entre, 

Off Egipt J?an the tempillis all 

Fell and brak in pecis small ; 

All thai ydolis brak ilkane, 

That in all J?at land wes nane 190 

Temple standand of valours, 

Na of nane ydoll nor figoun?. 

Then* myraklis writtin 3e may fynd and reid 

In till a buke of his barneheid. 

163. pe om. R. 172. Iosephe] Mary L. 

164. of om. RL. 173. wilde om. L. 

167. and a] and E. 175. chasteyt] chaissit L; That J>ai 

171. par] and E, quhair E a ; Mary] hade chasit bein E a . 
Ioseph L. 1 78. >ar wayis] away thai R. 


Bot of J>e erde son sprang* a well 
Qwhar of Iosephe, as I herde tel, 
Drank his fil of watyr cleyr. 

Par eftyr, as J>ai herbryt weyr 
In til a gret coyff and a depe, 
Or >ai begouythe to fal on sleipe, 
Off >at coyf all suddandly 

Twa gret dragonys and vgly 170 

Ruschit out ; ]>ar Mary was 
And Iosephe bathe in gret radnes ; 
Bot ]?ai twa wilde bestis keyn, 
Fra J?at J>ai J?e childe had seyn, 
As }>ai had chasteyt beyn, wij?e aw 
Kest doune amange ]?ar lymmys law 
Par hewiddis, and syne wij>e gud speide 
Til wildyrnes J?ar wayis ^heide. 
Fra J>ine til Egipte in til hy 

As Iosephe passit and Mary, 180 

A lyon J?aim kepit be >e way, 
Pat serwiciabill was to ]?aim ay 
In til J>e lande qwhil J?ai war fre; 
And, in it as J?ai raaide entre, 
Off Egipte hail >e templis all 
P. 53 j. Fel and brak in pecis smalle, 

And al J?e idolis euirilkan*, 
Pat hail in al }>at lande was nane 
Tempil standande of walew, 

Na of nane idille na statu. 190 

Pir myraclis wryttyn ^he may reide 
In til a buk of his barnheide. 

180. and Mary] and myld Mary E a , 189. walew] valour E 8 , ralwr* A. 

wi> our lady L. 190. na] a RAE a ; statur* AE* ; Na 

187. And am. RE a . of idole a statu L. 

188. al] to RL. 


Fra Jrin Ioseph, he and Mary 
Duelt in Egipt continewaly, 
Ay till J?at J>e angell brycht 
Apperit till Ioseph on a nycht 
In till his sleip, and bad him ta 
The moder and the barne alsua, 200 

And paft in Israeli agane ; 
f. 116 b. For thai ar deid at wald haif slane 

The child ; J?an, but langer* hone, 
Richt as the angell bad has done ; 
Bot for cauft, as J?e story sais, 
That Archilayus in thai dais, 
The quhilk sone J>at tyme was 
Till Herrod, full of wickitnes, 
Off Ierusalem }>an wes king, 

And had it all in gouernyng, 210 

And duelt in it continewaly, 
For J>is cauft Ioseph and Mary 
Past with the child [by] }?at cete 
To Na3areth in Galile ; 
And in that cete xv. yzxe 
Thai with ]?e child ]>ere wonnand were, 
That wox of wit and vertu J>an, 
Bai]? befor God and man. 

Sua xii. 3eris quhen he wes aid, 
As is in to the Ewangell tald, 220 

In Ierusalem amangis J?e gret 
Doctouris of law, at held thare sete 
In to the temple for to schaw 
The caift as thai stude in law, 

213. W. to. 

193. Fra thine forth E 2 . 201. war] ar R ; and J>an] than he 

199. And in] And gang in A, And REA, ]>an L, and he E a . 

pas in E ; agane] gang agane E 2 ; And 202. As] All as RE 2 ; As ]>e angell 

pas in Israelle agane RL. said tyte hes done L. 


Fra >ine Iosephe and Mary 
In Egipte duelt contynualy 
Sewyn ^here, qwhil J>e angel bricht 
Apperit til Iosephe on a nycht 
In til his sleipe, and bad hym ta 
Pe modyr and >e barn* alssua, 
And in Ierusalem agane, 

For }>ai, he said, J?at walde haf slayn 200 

Pe childe, war ded ; and >an, but hoyne, 
As J>e angel bad has don ; 
Bot for J>e causse, >e story sayis, 
Pat Archelaus in ]>a dayis, 
Pe qwhilk brojrir }>at tyme was 
Til Herrot, ful of wickytnes, 
Off Ierusalem as kyng* 
And lorde had al in gouernyngi, 
And duelt in it contynually, 

For J>i Iosephe and Mary 210 

Past wij?e J?e barn* by J?at cite 
Til Najarethe in Galilee ; 
In ]>at cite J?an v. ^here 
Withe J>e childe }>ai duellande weyr, 
Pat grew of wit and wertu J?an, 
And pleyssit bathe to God and man. 

Swa xii. jher* qwhen he was aulde, 
As Sancte Luk in his ewangel taulde, 
In Ierusalem amang* J>e gret 
Mastris of law, J?at had >ar set 220 

In to j>e tempil for to schaw 
Pe causis as J?ai stude in law, 

203. for >e] for all; \>e story] as the 218. his] ane A. 

story R. 220. of] in A; had] held RLE*A ; 

207. as] Jan as E a . )»r] l>e E a . 

208. in] the RL. 222. causis] casys RE 9 A, caus L ; 
210. and als E*. in the law R. 

217. Swa] Syn E. 



He sat, and wes rycht diligent 
To heir* and mak sic argument 
That all that herd and stude him by 
Off his ansueris had ferly. 

And efter his natiuite 
Quhen xiiii. 3eris wes passit fre, 230 

Octoviane the emperour 
Deit in Rome with gret honour, 
Quhen at sex and fifty }er* 
Off his empyre wes passit cleir*. 
f. 117 «. All the warld, as I said euv, 

He maid to Rome \2xe tributes ; 

In his begynning the cete 

All about of Rome fand he 

Dykit bot with faill or mude, 

Bot, or he deit, of mater gude 240 

As syment, lyme or hewin stane, 

He maid the wallis euerilkane. 

Off cite^enis and burgeft fre 

He left wonnand in that cete 

Four* hundreth thousand nynty syft, 

And fourty thousand thar^ to twift, 

As sayis Frerer Marty ne in his buke, 

Quha will his corniklis rede or luke. 

3it ]?ocht he wes of this bounte, 

He wes nocht all in vicis fre, 250 

For he had in till vsage oft 

Amangis tvvelf maddinnis, 3oung and soft, 

Ay quhen him likit, for to ly 

In lykyne, lust and lichory. 

224. mak] mad RLE. 238. withe] off RLA. 

226. a om. all. 239. or] or witht R, and LE a . 

231. )>at] JieE. 241. cetesouris E 2 . 

237. and] or RL. 


He set, and was richt diligent 
Til her* and mak sic argument 
Pat al J?at herde and stude hym by 
Off his wit had a gret ferly. 

And eftyr his natywite 
Qwhen fourteyn ^her* was passit fre, 
Octovian ]?e emperour* 

Deit in Rome wi]?e gret honour*, 230 

Qwhen J?at sex and fifty 3her* 
Off his empyr* was passit cleyr. 
All J?e warlde, as I said ere, 
He made to Rome tributer ; 
In his begynnyng* ]?e cite 
Al about of Rome fande he 
WiJ?e dikis maide of faille and mwde, 
Bot, or he deit, withe marbyr gude, 
Wi]?e syment, lyme or hewyn stane, 
He maide ]?e wallis euirilkan ; 240 

Off cite^anis and burgesse fre 
He left duellande in >at cite 
Four hundyr thousande nynti syis, 
And fourty thousande reknyt twysse, 
As sayis Freyr Martyn in his buk, 
Qwha wil his cornykillis rede and luk. 
3 hit set he was of ]>\s bownte, 
He was noucht of al wicis fre, 
For he had in vsag/V oft 

Amang* xii. maydynnys, 3ong* and soft 250 

Off hid and hayr and hew, to ly 
In likyng*, lust and lechery. 

246. Quha likis his cornicle for to 249. in] in till L ; usage all. 
hike L. 251. hayr and] fayre of RLAE ; Off 

247-8. reversed in L. hyde and hew fair to ly E a . 

248. wicis] wayis E a . 252. lust and] lust of E 3 , and in L. 



How Tyberlus wes successour 
Nixt till Octoviane the emperoor. 

THE xv. 3er* efter >e byrth 
That causit all our* mekle myrth, 
Off Rome Tyberius emperour*, 
Nixt till Octoviane successour, 
His wiffis sone of lauchfull bed, 
And had to wif his dochter led ; 260 

For cauft of J>at and his bounte 
Octoviane 3amyt him to be 
His air* and his nixt successour ; 
Sa fell at he wes emperour, 
And raift of Rome bai]> lord and syre, 
And stout gouernyt ]>e empyre. 
f. X17 b. In deid he dour* wes and douchty, 

And in till armes rycht happy, 
Cunnand in to letteratur* syne, 

Baith sle and doutouft of engyne. 270 

Quhen men wald do be lyklynes 
His will, or quhat his bidding was, 
In fraude and swyke oft wald he say 
At that him likit be na way, 
And ger* the doaris pvnyst be 
Throu wickitnes and cruelte. 
He wes weill pert and eloquent, 
And full astryng in iugement. 

Chap. II. (LXXV. in E 2 A).— f»is] The next R, This nixt L, This ilk A; 
sal Jow] will R, sail L ; dayis fel] tyme befell L. E 2 = W. 

253. day CEE 3 ; )>e] that RE 2 , his douchty RL ; He was in deid wyifc 

A. stout and doughty E' 2 ; Douchty he 

258. til wif] to son L. wes and dere in deid E. 

263-4. om. CEE' 2 A. 266. weil] richt AL; And in til 

265. In deyd he doure wes and armes did grete manheid E. 



pis chapter sal }ow tel 
Quhat In Tyberyus dayls feL 

THE fifteyn [3here] eftyr >e byrtht 
Pat causit al our mekyl myrthe, 
Off Rome Tyberius emperoure, 
Next til Octoviane successoure, 
His wiffis son of lauchful bede, 
And had til wif his douchtir lede ; 
For causse of J?at and his bownte 
Octoviane jarnyt hym to be 260 

His ayr and his next successourcj 
Sa fel J?at he was emperoure, 
[And ras off Rome bath lord and syre, 
And stoutly governyd the empyre]. 
He was in deyde dour and douchty, 
And in til armys weil happy, 
Connande of lettratoure and fyne, 
Bot sle and douttousse of engyne. 
Qwhen men walde do be lyklynes 
His wil, or qwhat his biddyng* was, 270 

In frawde and swyk oft walde he say 
Pat J?at hym likyt be na way, 
And ger J?e doaris punyst be 
Throw wyckytnes and crewelte. 
He was richt pert [and] eloquent, 
And ful auster in jugement, 

267. Kunnand and of lettroure fyne 272. J>at J>at] fat >ai E 9 , At J»t E, 
R ; Cunnand and of literature syne It J>at L. 

E* ; Cunnand and of lectur fyne L. 274. Throw] WiJ) E ; and] of E 9 ; 

268. Bot] Baith EE 2 ; Subtile and Throw sic socht subtilite L. 
of grete engyne L. 275. of C ; in eloquentis E. 

271. swyk] swylk RE 9 ; In subtelte 276. And richt austerne in iuge- 

J»n wald he say L. mentis E. 


And curtase he wes in till deid. 

In seir* cornikillis of him we reid 280 

That quhen procuratouris maid he 

In his erandis passand to be, 

Seilding reuocatioun 

He maid of than? commissioun ; 

He wald ger oft pyne and sla 

Theiffis and saikles men alsua. 

He tuke the trewage of Brettane 

That Iulius Cesarc befor wan ; 

He regnyt xx. jeris and thre ; 

In Chawmpane syne deid wes he ; 290 

Feill folkis glaid wen? and ioly, 

And for his deid few folkis wer sary. 

Off Cristis dedis in J?at quhile 
Few I fynd in ]>e Ewangell, 
Till J?e tyme J?at he hevin wes ; 
Bot, as Ioseph beris witnes, 
And Jms in till his story sayis, 
There wes a wift man in J^ai dais, 
Gif men mycht wif> ressonis all 

Properly a man him call, 300 

F. uSa. Bot of mervalus dedis thare 

He wes baith doar* and kennare, 
And mony of Iowis and Gentill 
Till him he drew in to f>at quhile. 
Sum haldis opinione at ]?is man 
Wes Crist him self, for 31't than 
He prechit nocht our* all publik, 
As he did efter opinlike. 

279. procutouris E 2 . 285. trewage all. 

280. to om. all. 289. Feil] Fele folk RL ; richt] full 

281. Seildyne >an E a . E 2 , om. RLA ; ioly] mery L ; Fui 

282. ))ar] that R. glaid war al folk/j and ioly E. 


Curtasse he was in til his deide. 

In cornyclis seyr of hym we reide 

Pat qwhen his procuratouris ordanyt he 

In to his nedis to passande be, 280 

Seyldyn reuocacion 

He made of J?ar commyssion ; 

He walde oft ger pyne and sla 

The wis and sakles men alsua. 

He tuk ]?e trewagis of Brettan 

Pat Iulyus Cesar befor wan ; 

He regnyt twenty jher* and thre ; 

In Chawmpane syne qwhen ded was he 

Feil glad war and richt ioly, 

And fewe for )?at case was sary. 290 

Off Cristis dedis in J?at qwhile 
Few I fynde in J?e Ewangile, 
Til J?at tyme ]>at he howyn was ; 
Bot as Iosephus beris wytnes, 
He in til his story sayis 
Par was a wisman in J?ai dayis, 
GifF men mycht withe resson al 
In propyrte a man hym call, 
Off merwalis and gret dedis seyr 
Pat was bathe doar and kennere, 300 

And mony of )?e Iowis and Gentyl 
Til hym he drew in til J?at qwhile ; 
Crist J?at was, [as] Iosephus 
Signyfyis in his buk til ws. 

292. J>e om. E 9 . 300. fat] He all; kenner*] techere 

293. Till >e tyme he callit wes E. 

Crist E. 301. of >e] off RL, om. E ; gen- 

294. As Iosephus tellis and J>e tylys E a . 

euuangelist E. 302. in til] and in A ; in to t»i 

295. He] As he E. quhillis E 3 . 
299. merwalis] marwelus R ;' gret 303. a CE. 

dedis] myraclis E ; dedis] dreidis E a . 304. in] in till RL. 


The pohete Ovide in thai dais 
Deit in exile, the story sayis. 310 

Off his em pyre the xv. sere, 
And fra J>e byrth of our Lord deir* 
The threttyd 3eir, in wildernes 
Sanct Iohne the Baptist precheand wes. 
Than Pylat of Ponft procurit to be 
Kepar; and prince of all Iude ; 
Off Ponce as I said beforne 
• ••••• 

Off Lyons in to France Surrone. 
That ;erc the Baptist als sanct Iohne 320 

Baptist Crist, as sais >e buke, 
And bapteme in flome Iordane tuke ; 
The nixt jere efter syne 
He turnyt the watter into wyne. 
Sanct Iohne the Baptist [>ar*] wes tane, 
And efter ]>at a $ere our* gane, 
Throu foly gret and cruelte, 
Herrode gert him hedit be. 
[Than] of Tiberius emperour 

Pilate wes maid procuratour, 330 

And specialie deput in Iudee. 
Sa fell J?at under his pouste 
Crist tholit his passioun, 
And maid his resurrectioun, 
Quhen J>at thretty 3eris and thre 
f. u8 b. Wes gane fra his natiuite ; 

And in till August of )?at }ere 

Sanct Stevin wes stanyt to ded, but weir*, 

And J?at samyn jerc alsua Saull 

Wes conuertit, and callit Paull. 340 

318. wanting in W. 375. W. ]»t J»r*. 329. W. |>at. 

308. And om. C. 314. wanting in E. 

311. Powns] Iowyse E a A. 316. baptist] off Baptist RL; fat 

313. he lord was R. ilk Crist wes baptist be Ihoun E. 


Pe poete Owide in his dayis 
Deit exilit, as J>e story sayis. 
Off hys impyr* ]>e fyfteyn }her*, 
[And] fra J>e byrthe of our Lord deyr 
Pe thretteydde ^here, in wildyrnes 
Sancte Iohn* ]?e Baptiste prechande was. 310 

Pilate of Powns procuryt to be 
Chiftane and prince of al Iude ; 
Off Powns he was lorde beforn, 
Bot men said at he was born 
Off Lyonys in to Frawnsse sur Rone. 
Pat 3her* als baptist Iohun ; 
Ihesu Crist, as sayis J?e buk, 
Pe baptysyne in til Iordane tuk, 
And }>e next jhew eftyr syne 
He turnyt ]>e wattyr cleyr in wyne. 320 

Sancte Iohun >e Baptist als was tan*, 
And eftyr J>at a 3her* our gane, 
Throw foly gret and crewelte, 
Herrot gert hym hedit be. 
Pan off Tyberyus emperour* 
f. 54 b. Pilate was made procurator, 

And specialle depute in Iude. 
Sa fel J>at wndyr his pouste 
Crist tholit J?ar his passion, 

And made his resurreccion, 330 

Qwhen J?at thrette ^her* and thre 
War gane fra his natywite. 
In til August of }>at ^here 
Sancte Stewyn was stanyt to dede, but weyr ; 
Pat ilka 3her* alsua Sawlle 
Conuertyt, and was callit Paule. 

318. fe] His EA, And E a , om. 329. his om. R. 

L ; baptysme R, baptisum E, bap- 333. In] And in RL. 
tasyne A. 336. and was] was and E a ; was 

320. cleyr in] in cler* E. callit] callit wes L. 


The emperour Tyberius efter ]?at, 
Quhen }>at he full wittering gat 
[That] Ihesu Crist to dede wes done, 
Than send he efter Pilat sone, 
And in his presens him gert he 
Off fals jugisment accusit be ; 
Bot efter thai accusationis, 
And his fals excusationis, 
To Wyene in to Burgone he 

Him send and gert him presound^be, 350 

That he wes lang in sorow and cair/% 
And slew him self for sorow }>arc. 
Herrod als, at slew sanct Iohne, 
He gert banyft with him onone 
To Wyene in to Burgone als 
With his felloune wif and fals, 
Herodias, and thai twa 
Wrechitly }>ar* deit alsua, 
Efter the resurrectioun 
Off Crist and the ascensioun, 360 

Sanct Peter, )>e appostill fre, 
Borne of the land of Galile, 
And in the Rew Bethsaida, 
(He wes )>e sone of Iohne alsua, 
And to sanct Andro broker haill,) 
Past in ^e landis Orientaill, 
And in thai lands thar^ held he 
Fully four*' }eris J^e prestis se : 
And tharc he sang J^e first meft 
F. tt9«- That in this warld first soungin wes, 370 

34a. Pilate .•«■:. K. 545. fc? Dalphyn] Burgoyn RL ; >e 

341. £ert hym] hym g?rt RLK*. **w. KA. 

34 J. &!£ tubmen t LE*. 346. g*rt hym] \tdr gait E*. 

344. exactioois E*. 349^ slew that Iohne RL. 


Pe emperour Tiber eftyr J?at, 
Qwhen J?at he ful wittyng* gate 
Pat Ihesu Criste to dede was don, 
He gert sende eftir Pilate son, 340 

And in his presens gert hym he 
Off iugement fals accusit be ; 
Bot eftyr J?a accusacionys, 
And his fals excusacionys, 
Til Wyen in til ]>e Dalphyn he 
Hym sende and gert hym presonyt be, 
Qwhar lang* he bade in pyne and car, 
And slew hym self for sorow }?ar. 
Herrot als, ]?at slew Sancte Iohn, 
Exilit he gert be onone 350 

Tyl Wyen in til Dalphyn als 
WiJ?e his wif bathe fel and fals, 
Herodyade, and ]>a. twa 
Wrechitly deit }?ar alsua. 
Eftyr J?e resurreccion 
Off Crist and his ascension, 
Sancte Petyr, }?e appostil fre, 
Born of J?e lande of Galile, 
In til J?e rew of Bethsayda, 

(He was ]?e son of lone alsua, 360 

And til Sancte Androw bro}?ir haile,) 
Past in ]>e landis Oryentaile, 
And in J?a landis J?an helde he 
Four shere ful J?e prestis se, 
And J?ar he sang* J?e fyrst messe 
Pat in }?e warlde euir songyn wes ; 

350. Exilit] Deliuerit L. 356. his] the L, om. R. 

351. Dalphyn] Burgoyn RL. 359. of om. RL. 

352. bathe] wes L. 362. Past] I>at past E, He passit L. 

353. and] and syne E 9 . 363. And] Sa E. 

354. deit )wur] thare deyde RL ; 364. ful] fra E 2 , om. A. 
Deyt wrechytly )»ir E 3 . 


And in >at mefi wes said na mare 
Bot Pater Noster J>ar*. 

Tyberius }>at tyme wes dede, 
And Gay us raift in till his steid ; 
This ilk Gayus wes alsua 
Be surname call it Gillicola. 
Off the empyre lord wes he 
Bot monethis x., and ^eris thre, 
And viii. dais, and }it he wes 

Vicioufi and full of wickitnes, 380 

And full of lust and lichory ; 
His awne twa sisteris he lay by ; 
A dochter on ane of )>aim he gat 
And }?at he lay by efter J?at ; 
And ^it wes he nevo and neiri 
To Tyberius, but weir* ; 
In cruelte and averice, 
And mony vther* sindry vice, 
Sa lang he rapit till at he was 

Slane with his in his place. 390 

And }ws quhen dede wes J?is Gayus, 
Till him succeedit Claudyus, 
That J>e empyre xiiii. jere 
Gouernyt, and vii. monethis cleire, 
And xviii. dais fullely. 

Sanct Petyrc J?at tyme suthly 
At Antioche in Orient 
Sevin winter in gud entent 
Baid, and held the preistis se, 
And syne fra J?in to Rome past he 400 

367. And] Bot E. lychory E 2 . 

368. ]rax om. L. 380. And om. E. 

376. Ill] Ewill A, All E 2 , om, L; 381. nwrre] cousyng E a A ; was om, 
ful] and full E 2 A. R ; He wes in to maneris nere L. 

377. And throu greit lust and 382. of sanct Tybere E. 


And in J?at messe was said no mar; 
Bot J?e Pater Noster J>ar. 

Tyberyus in J?at tyme was dede, 
And Gayus rasse in til his stede ; 370 

Pis ilka Gayus was alsswa 
Be surname callyt Gallycula. 
Off ]>e impyr* lorde was he 
Bot monethis ten, and ^heris thre, 
And aucht day is, bot he was 
111, viciousse, ful of wyckytnes, 
Off gret lust and of lechery ; 
His awyn twa systiris he lay by ; 
A douchtyr on ane of J?a he gat, 
And }?at he lay by eftyr )>at ; 380 

He nwrre was and newowe new 
Til >e lorde of Rome Tyber ; 
In crewelte and awarice, 
And mony o)?ir syndry wice, 
Sa lang* he wedit qwhil he wes 
Slayne wi)?e his men in his palasse. 
And Jms qwhen dede was Gayus, 
Til hym succedit Clawdyus, 
Pat J?e impyr* fourteyn 3her* 
Gouernyt, and sewyn monethe cleyr, 390 

And auchteyn dayis fullely. 

Sancte Petyr J?at tyme coym in hy 
f. 55 «. In Antioche of J?e Oryent ; 

Par sewyn jhew in gud entent 
He bad, and helde }?e prestis se ; 
Syne fra J?ine to Rome past he 

383. In] In greit E a . quhen deid was |>is Gayus E?. 

385. wedit] levit E 2 , leiffit A ; wes] 392. coym om. RL. 

deid wes L. 396. Fra Jrine eft L ; past] come E. 
387. And] All REA; And ail 


As bischop and preistis live 
Twenty }er* he led and five, 
And dais viii., to hald the dait 
Twa epistoliis of cannone J?ar* he wrait ; 
f. 119 3. In September J?an ordanit he 

Ordouris ilk $ere to be, 
Thire bischopis sex, and preistis ten, 
And dekinnis sevin he ordanit then. 

The fourtyid }ere efter J?at byrth 
That maid all our mensk and myrth, 410 

The ewangelist Sanct Mathew 
Maid and wrait his ewangelis new ; 
And efter J?at thre ^eris alsua 
Mark his ewangelis begouth to ma, 
And Sanct Petyrc wrait J?aim )?are, 
For he forouth wes his scolarc. 
In gret hungyr J?at ilk ^tre 
The Romanis sair* anoyit wer* ; 
Appollinare Sanct Petyr )>an 

Send to preiche ]?aim of Rawen, 420 

That is a cete gret and fairc, 
Common and of gret repairs ; 
In Ytaly pein? till it is nane 
To sauf of Rome the tovne allane. 

397. As bischape] As byschope thare 39S. liffit] led RLA. 
RE A, And thair as bischop E 2 , And 402. for om. RE 2 A. 
bischop |>air L. 403. sex] aucht L. 


As bischape and prest his lywe 

Twenty ^here he liffit and fiwe, 

And dayis aucht, til halde J?e date. 

Twa pistillis of canon J?ar he wrate ; 400 

In September J?an ordanyt he 

Orderis ilk ^her for to be, 

Par bischopis sex, and prestis ten, 

And dekynnys sewyn he ordanyt J?en. 

Pe fourtid 3her eftyr }>at byrthe 
Pat maide our ioye and al our myrthe, 
pe ewangelist Sanct* Mathew 
Mad and wrate his ewangelis new ; 
And eftyr J?at thre 3here alsua 
His ewangelis Mark begouythe to ma, 410 

And Sancte Petyr wrat J?aim J?ar, 
For he befor was his scolar. 
In hwngyr gret J?at ilka 3herc 
Pe Romanys al anoyit were, 
And Appollynar Sancte Petyr J?en 
JSende in to preche in to Rawen, 
Pat was a cite gret and fayr, 
Common and of gret repayr ; 
In Ytaly peyr til it is nane 
To sauff off Rome J?e towne allan*. 420 

405. fourtene E a , xiiij E. 416. Sende in] Send all. 

414. al] sare E. 418. Common] Cunnand L. 

415. And om. all. 419. is] wes RL, om. EE a A. 



Off the emperour Claudyus 
And of his suecessour Gayus. 

CLAUDIUS >e emperour, 
That wes to Gayus suecessour, 
Off his empyrc }>e fourt }er* 
In Brettane past with his power*?. 
King Belyns sone >at tyme wes king, 
And had it all in gouernyng, 430 

Assemblit his oste in hy, 
And with }>e Romanis sturdely 
Faucht and put J«im to J?e flycht, 
Quhar* mony dour* to deid wes dycht. 
And quhill J?ai wer fechtand in place, 
A Romane at amang thaim wes, 
Hamo callit, gat on )>at sen^e 
F. xao a. That Brettonys bairc ; syne can him fen$e 

A Brettoner him for to be, 

For all J?ar* langage weill knew he ; 440 

For in till Rome he held ostilage 
Off diuerft nationis and langage, 
In till his houft reparit }?an 
Mony J?at tyme of Brettane, 
And for ]?is cauft he knew rycht weill 
All }?e langage ilk deill. 
Sa J?at in J?at batall 
He bair* him as a Brettane haill, 

Chap. III. (LXXVI. in A).— Sir om. AL. No heading in E 9 . 

421. J>e] >an >e E 2 . 428. stalwartly] stoutly all. 

425. son om. R ; was CEE Q A. 431. chasse] cas RL. 

427. Sone] Sone he E 2 ; Assemblit 433. gat] J/at gat E 9 ; Homo callit 

ane ost haistely L. quhen )>is he seyne E. 



Off >e emperour Claudyus 
Next successoup to Sir Gayus. 

CLAUDYUS >e emperoun?, 
Pat was til Gayus successour;, 
Off his impyr* J>e ferde jher 
In Brettane coyme wij>e his power. 
Kymbelynus son J>an [Widen] kyng*, 
Pat Brettane had in gouernyng*, 
Sone assemblit ane ost in hy, 
And withe ]>e Romanys stalwartly 
Faucht and put >aim to J?e flicht, 
Qwhar mony dour to ded was dicht 430 

And qwhil )>ai war in to )>at chasse, 
A Roman )>at amang* }>aim was, 
Hamo callit, gat on J?at seyne 
Pat Brettownys bar ; syne can he feyne 
Hym a Brettowne for to be, 
For al J?ar langag/x weil kende he ; 
Qwhen in til Rome ostagis seyr 
Off al landis duellande weyr, 
And )>ai of Brettan; ostagis had*, 
He gret repayr amangi )>aim made ; 440 

Be sic accesse he kende weil 
And lerit J?ar langagw ilka deil. 
Sa in }>e thrang* of J?at bataile 
He bar hym as a Brettan haile, 

434. syne can he feyne] and sone A, stagis L. 
can fene)e L, J>an can he fay E 9 ; 438. al] alkyne E a . 
Amang Brettonis coud he feyn* E. 439. ostage RAE, oistage E 2 , 

436. langage all; kende] had L. estageis L. 

437. ostarge E, oistage E 9 , hostage 442. langage all. 



Till }>at he come rycht to ]>e king, 

That of him had na mysleving ; 450 

The king of Brettane thar* he slew, 

And to the Romanis syne him drew. 

Arbigams, )>at wes ]?an 
Brother* to J?is king Woden, 
That saw J?is caift and all >is deid, 
Gat apon him full gud speid 
All his broJ>er armour haill, 
And reskewit stoutly >at batall 
That his broker led the king, 

And leit his oste wit na kyne thing 460 

Off >e caift >at fell >e king, 
And maid rycht stout and full fechting, 
Till the Romanys tuke all the flycht, 
Quhar* mony dour* to deid wes dycht, 
And Hamo slane wes in J?at chaift ; 
The emperour )?ar* discomfit wes. 

And }>us for to tell schortly 
The ending of ]?is iuperdy, 
Quhen Claudyus ]?e manheid kend 
Off the Brettanys, the message send 470 

Till Arbigarus, the king 
f. 120 b. That Brettane tuke J?an in leding, 

For till ameift all weir* and stryf, 
He tuke his dochter till his wif, 
And he to Rome suld tribut pay 
Withoutin gruching or dellay, 
That J?e Romanis befor J?an 
Fra his elderis of Brettane wan. 

461-2. reiftrted in W. 

447. fe] f>at RL. E 2 A, his L ; J>e] this R, his L. 

450. Wyden RE, Woyden E 2 , 453. Al] And E a . 
Voden A. 454. word EA, werd E 2 . 

451. And] J>at E 2 , om, E ; >is] \>e 455. )>e om. R. 


Qwhil J?at he coyme richt to J?e kyng*, 
pat of hym had na myslewyng* ; 
Pe kyng* of Brettane }>ar he slew, 
And to J?e Romanys syne he drew. 

Arwiragus, }?at was }?en 
BroJ?ir to }?e kyng* Viden, 450 

And saw J>is casse and al ]>e deide, 
Gat apon hym ful gud spede 
Al his broJ?ir armours haile, 
And helde J?at warde in J?e bataile 
Pat }>e kyng* his bro}?ir hade ; 
Par feychtyng* stout and saw he made, 
And let his ost wit nakyn thyng*, 
Off }?e case >at fel }?e kyng*, 
f. 55 b. Qwhil mony dour* to dede was dicht, 

And al )>e Romanys tuk ]>e flycht, 460 

And Hamo slayne ; in to J?at chas 
Pe emperour* discomfyt was. 

Sa to tel 30W schortly 
Pe endyng* of Jris iuperdy, 
Qwhen Claudyus J?e manheide kende 
Off J?e Brettownys, he messagiV sende 
Til Arwiragus, }>an J?e kyng* 
Pat Brettane hade in gouernyng*, 
For til ameysse al were and stryff, 
And [tak] his douchtyr til his wiff, 470 

And to Rome ]?at tribute pay 
Withe outtyn drechyng* or delay, 
Pat J?e Romanys befor wan* 
Fra his elderis of Brettane. 

456. saw] hard R; The fccht hard 463. Sa for till tell E 2 ; now 

and stynt he made L. schortly E. 

458. Off] How L ; J>e] that RLAE 2 ; 466. message all. 
Jat fel] fell to REE 2 A. 470. tuk CE. 

462. f>e] And ]>e L ; discomfyt] >an 473. wane] than RL. 
discumfyt E 2 . 474. Fra] Had fra L. 


Thus assentit wes the king 
To ceft all weir* and roak anyng ; 480 

For he thocht sen ]?at generaly 
All vther* landis halely 
Baid vnder }>ar* subiectioun 
Off Rome, }>at he mycht but chesoun 
The tribut to the Romanis pay 
That ]>ai tuke befor mony day. 
Sa, now schortly to mak end, 
Claudius for his dochter send ; 
Betuix }>e Romanis and }>e king 
Thus maid wes peft and gud anyng. 490 

And ^it vther cornikillis sais 
That J?is king in till his dais 
Weddit Claudius dochter to wif, 
To put away all weir* and strif. 

This emperour Claudyus of weir* 
Past fra }?in with his power* 
The Out Ylis till assaill, 
And with him in his suppowall 
That king passit of Brettane, 

And of forse J?e Out Ylis wan, 500 

And maid }?aim to Rome subiect ay, 
And gert J?aim fra thin tribut pay. 

The emperour Claudius J?an eft 
This king his luftennend left 
Of all landis that merchit ]?an 
f. in a. With the kinrik of Brettane, 

Hame to Rome quhen that he 

Agane past with his ryalte, 

And how ]?is king syne maid lay 

And denyit haill to pay 510 

To Rome J?e tribut of Brettane, 

Till Claudyus send Waspasiane 

476. anyng*'] cording L. 479. wndyr the RA. 

478. Al] And all E a . 481. I>e] I>at RL ; trewage all. 


Til )>is assentit was ]>e kyng*, 
And cesyt wer* and made anyng* ; 
For he thoucht syne }>at generally 
Al o)?ir landis hayllely 
Bade vndyr subiecciofi 

Off Rome, he mycht wi]?e out chesoyn 480 

Pe trewagw to J>e Romanys pay 
Pat J>ai had tane before his day. 
Swa, now schortly to mak ende, 
Schir Claudyus for his douchtir sende, 
And Arwiragus of Brettan 
Weddit ]>at fayr lady }>an ; 
Betweyn >e Romanys and J>e kyng* 
Al }?us fel }?e fyrst anyng*. 

Pat ilk emperour* of wer* 
Past fra }>ine wij?e hys powers 490 

Pe Out His til assayl, 
And wij?e hym in his suppowalle 
Pe kyng* passit of Brettan, 
And of fors J>e Out His wan, 
And made )>aim to Rome subiet ay, 
And gert J?aim fra J?ine tribute pay. 

How J?at emperour* J?ar eft 
Pat kynge his luftennande left 
Off al J>e landis J?at marchit J?an 
Nere wij?e J?e kynrik of Brettan, 500 

Hayme til Rome qwhen J?at he 
Agayne past wij>e his ryalte, 
And how J?at kyng* syne made delay, 
And hail denyit for to pay 
Til Rome J>e trewagw of Brettan, 
Qwhil Claudyus sende Wespasyan 

487. t>e kyngi] that kyng RL. 495. J»im om. RL. 

488. )ros] J>is E a ; fel] than fell R. 497- How] Than E 9 ; now J«icft E. 

489. of] fan of E 9 . 503. maid syne E^L. 
493. M That RLE 9 . 505. trewage alL 


Outher with lufrent or with threte 

With }>is king to fechte or trete, 

To gar him pay >at at he aucht, 

And how the quene than? maid J?aim [saucht], 

The Brutt tellis it sa opinly 

That I will lat it now ga by. 

This Claudyus in all tyrae was 
In his dedis full rekles, 520 

Na he couj? hald in na memory 
The thingis J>at he did befor. 
It hapnit him in sodane strif 
That apon caift he slew his wif ; 
At evin to bed quhen at he past 
Quhy scho come nocht he sperit fast. 
He thocht till ordane and to ma 
Be starne quhen that men suld lat ga 
Out of thanr bodyis ryftis of wynd, 
Outher* befor or jit behind, 530 

For wynd within is wickit thraw, 
Tharfor he thocht quhen men suld blaw 
Till ordane tyme be statut sa 
That men suld tharrfor na way. 
He wes the mast sober man 
Off meit or drink that liffit than. 
F. xai b. Massalyne men callit his wif, 

Scho spendit in sic lust hir lif 
That hir oift wes commonely 
In bordaill nycht and day to ly ; 540 

516. W. faucht. 

507. J»t] \* E 2 A. sperit fast L. 

513. inom. L ; al )»s] all RLE 9 . 525. of case it fel] a cais )»ir fell 

514. sAom.L; fill] richt E 9 . E 9 , on case befell A. 

515. And he could E 9 . 526. I] he all. 
518. on] apon all. 527-8. om. L. 

520. Quhy sche come nocht he 527. for om. E ; lat om. R. 


WiJ* >at kyng* to feycht or tret, 

Swa }>at for luf or }>an for thret 

Off fors he sulde paye at he aucht, 

And how J>e queyn >ar made ]>aim saucht, 510 

Pe Brute tellis it sa opynly 

Pat I wil lat it now ga by. 

Pis emperour* in al }>is tyme was 
In al his dedis ful rakles, 
Na he couythe halde in na memor* 
Pe thyngis ]?at he did before. 
It hapnyt in til suddande stryff 
Pat on casse he slew his wiff ; 
At ewyn to bed syne qwhen he past 
Qwhi come scho noucht he askyt fast. 520 

He thoucht to ordane and to ma 
Be statute qwhen men sulde lat ga 
Out of J*ar bodeis riftis of wynde, 
At mouythe befor or >an behynde ; 
For in to Rome of case it fel 
For schayme a man, as I herde tel, 
Forbar for to lat out >e wynde, 
Withe rift befor or blast behynde, 
Swa J>at he perist in J>at thraw ; 
Parfor he thoucht qwhen men sulde blaw 530 

Til ordane tyme be statute, swa 
f. 56 a. Pat for J>at causse men sulde de na ma. 

He was J>e most sobyr man 
Off met and drynk >at liffit )>an. 
Massalyne was callit his wiff, 
Scho spendit in swylk lust hir liff 
Pat hir oysse was commonly 
In bordale nycht and day to ly, 

532. men cm. RLEE 9 . R. 

534. and] or R. 538-42. cm. L. 

537. was] wes richt L ; comownaly 


Of that play scho wes neuer sad 

For all }>e copy }>at scho had, 

And ladyis scho tretyt ay 

In cumpany to pruf that play ; 

And jit with counsall of this wif, 

That >us in lust led all hir lif, 

Hir sone and his air* gert he 

Off the empyr* disherist be, 

And Nero, that had his dochter weddit 

And lauchfully with hir had beddit, 550 

He ordanit of the empyre 

To be his air*, and lord and syre, 

And }>at wes done agane the law, 

For luf of hir, or ellis for aw. 

Sanct Peter, as >e story sayis, 
Come to Rome first in his dais ; 
Thar* ordanit he befor Pasche day 
The Lentryne to be fastit ay 
Off fourty dais ; syne oulkis thre 
That J?e Aduent now call we, 560 

And quhilis it fallis mare and quhilis left, 
As the Sondais falland is ; 
Bot the xl. dais ordanit he, 
That the Lentryne now call we, 
All Cristin men to fast and hald, 
That wer* full xiiii. 3eris aid. 

539. playe om. E ; neuir yrk] mare 544. }>us] J>is E 2 . 

. . k {some letters erased) R ; Of that 545. son] eldest son L. 

play was scho neuer sade A ; Off ]»t 546. desserit] desheryd R, disherist 

play scho was neuir sade E 2 . EE 2 , dysseryst A ; Differrit of )>e em- 

543. his] this RE 2 A. pire gert he be L. 


Off )>at playe neuir yrk na sade 

For al J?e copy J?at scho hade ; 540 

And ladeis seyr scho tretyt ay 

In company to preyff >at play. 

3hit be consail of his wiff, 

Pat J?us in lust lede al hir liff, 

His son and his ayr gert he 

Off }>e empyr* desserit be, 

And Nero, }>at had his douchtir weddit 

And lauchfully wi}>e hir had beddit, 

He ordanyt off }>e impyr* 

Bay the his ayr, and lorde and syre, 550 

And ]>at was don agan }>e law, 

For luff of woman or of aw. 

Sancte Petyr, as }>e story sayis, 
Fyrst come to Rome in til his dayis ; 
Par ordanyt he befor Pask day 
Pe Lentryn to be fastyn ay 
Off fourty dayis ; syne woukis thre 
And of }>e ferde part ordanyt he 
Al Cristyn men in fastyngi halde, 
Pat war fully fourteyn jher* aulde, • 560 

Befor }>e Natiwite, 
Pat }>e Adwent now call we. 

55a To be hys ayr* A ; and lorde] E, woulkis E a , wolkis A. 
lord RLEE 9 . 558. of om. R. 

551-2. om. L. 560. fully] full R, om. L. 

552. of] for RE a A. 561. >e blist Natiuite E*. 

556. fastit all, 562. |>at om. R ; The Aduent now 

557. woukis] wox R, oxis L, olkis call it we L. 



Off Nero and of his wickitnes 
That he did till he regnand wes. 

N 1 

' ERO nixt wes successour 
To Claudyus, and emperour 
Off gret Rome neir* xv. jew, 

For oucht J?at wantit to compt cleir*. 570 

He pruffit weill of his manheid 
F. mi, Till he wes knycht in his ^outhheid, 

Bot fra he wist him emperour, 
Than he excedit all mesour*, 
And worsen ip changeit in tyrandry, 
And knychtheid in to fellony ; 
First he gert sla J>e senatouris, 
That aucht to be his counsalouris, 
And als his brother he gert sla, 
And mony v}>er lordis ma. 580 

Half Rome he gert set in fyre, 
A low there of for to se schyre. 
His moder vsit him to repruf, 
And snyb him as vnkynd of luf 
Till hir >at sufferit thristis saire, 
And panys hard quhen scho him bairc, 
And in gret dout of hir lif ay 
In his bering }>at nycht or day ; 

Chap. IV. (LXXVI. in E* LXXVII. in A).— his] Petryis R, Peters L; 
next] syne L ; ras om. RE ; in] in to R ; his] thare RL. E a = W. 

564. and] pe E, )>an E a . 568. in his] in till R, in to L, in 

565. He om. E a ; He was] Hes R ; E a . 

gret om. L. 570. excedit] succedit E. 

566. ay] a all ; cleyr] but were RL. 



Off Nepols tyme and his dede 
And qwha next ras in his stelde. 

NERO next was successour; 
Til Claudyus, and emperour* 
He was of gret Rome thretteyn jkiere 
Aucht monethe and ay day cleyr. 
He proffit weil of his manheide 
Qwhil he was knycht in his joutheide, 
Bot fra he kende hym emperour, 
He excedit al mesour*, 570 

[And] worschep changit in terandry, 
Honour*? in falsheide and fellonny ; 
He gert sla of J?e senatouris, 
Pat of det war his consalowris, 
A gret part, and alsua 
His awyn brojrir he gert sla. 
Al Rome he set in til a fyrc, 
A low of J?at for to se schyr*. 
His [modyr oyssit] hym to repruff, 
And argu hym wnkynde of luff 580 

Til hir >at sufferyt for hym thristis sarc, 
[And] paynys harde qwhen scho hym bar*, 
And was in dowt of hir lif ay 
Betweyn hir sidis qwhill he lay ; 

571. Off CE ; changit] turnit E a . om. EA ; hym vsit to repreif L. 

572. fellonlyA. 581-2. om. L. 

575- A gret] A rycht gret E 9 ; and] 581. ]»t] he E 9 ; for hym 

and syne E. REE 9 A. 

577. he gart set in a fyre E 9 . 582. And om. CA. 

578. J»t] it AL ; for om. E. 583. And] Syne E 9 . 

579. oyssit modyr C ; hym] for E 9 , 




F. t» A 

But pete ]ra« for or mercy 
He slew hir in his tyrandry. 
Syne gett he op in hir and out ta 
Hir boweUis, and seik in fca 

And rype oure all, baith thik and thyn, 
To seik the place >at he lay in* 

Off Rome syne the masteris all 
In his presens he gert call, 
And bad with bame thai sold him ma, 
Or ellis thai suld thaw liffis forga. 
Than efter thart? avise merit 
Thai gert him apon ane assent 
In till a draucht of drink s welly 
A |oung pad do, lyand in fry. 
Syne gert him. in melt and drink 
Vse sic thing as thai couth think, 
Or be ]?are sciens vnderstud 
Wer to t*at paddo gud. 
Syne efter it begouth to wax, 
And within him rerd and rax, 
And in his bowellis gnyp and gnaw, 
And gert him oft syse thole hard threw, 
And in gret perell of the dede. 
Thar* of >an to get remeid 
He gert thai gret clerkis all 
Agane in till his presens call, 
And bad thai suld, apone all pane 
Off tormentis seir* for to be slane, 




585. But pete] Pieteless L ; j»r of] 
tharefor RE*L. 

587. opyn] oppyn hyr RL. 

588. to] gert L, om. REE*A. 

589. jxiim om. RL ; our] our baith 
L, baith E* 

59a se om. L ; qwhat] the all. 
591. masteris] clerkis L. 
594. Jan] ellis AE* ; lyfF R ; Or 
fra}ame >e life he suld ta L. 

RLE 2 . 

t>an] fat A ; ]»t] thaire 

hytn om. R. 

be] before R ; vnderstand A. 
gude] fude RL ; Ware to fat 
paddok )>an ganand A. 

603. tade] paddok E 9 ; Sone >e rod 
begouth to waxe L. 

604. withe om. L ; to om. RE ; rede] 
rerde RL, ryse E 2 , red A. 


But pete >ar of or mercy 

He slew hir in his terandry. 

Syne he gert opyn and out ta 

Hir bowalis, and to seik in J?a 

And ripe J>aim al our, thik and thyn, 

To se qwhat plasse )?at he lay in. 590 

Off Rome syne ]>e masteris al 
In til his presens he gert cal, 
And bad wij?e barn* }>ai sulde hym ma, 
Or )>an J?ai sulde J>ar lyffis forga. 
Pan eftyr }>at awysment 
Pai gert hym apon ane assent 
In til a draucht of drynk suelly 
f. 56 b. A padok 3ongi, lyande in fry ; 

Pai gert hym syne in met and drynk 

Sic mesourc oysse as ]?ai couythe thynk, 600 

Or be }>ar craftis vndyrstude 

Micht haf beyn to }>at padok gude. 

WiJ?e }>at )>e tade begouythe to wax, 

And withe in hym to rede and rax, 

Syn in his baly gnype and gnaw, 

Pat gert hym oft in thrystis thraw, 

And in til perel was of dede. 

Pan of }>at dowt to get rameide 

He gert J>aim J>e gret clerkys al 

Agane in til his presens call, 610 

And bad at >ai sulde, apon payn 

Off al ]>ar eyne, or to be slayn, 

605-6. om. L. get remeid £. 

605. Syn] And £ ; baly] body R, 609-10. om. L. 

bowellis E, belly E 3 A ; knyp and 609. J»im J*] thai REE 2 A, 

gnaw E, knyp and knaw E*. 611. And bad J>ai said apone all 

606. I>at] And REE' 2 A ; thrystis] pane E ; And bad ]>ai clerkis apon 
thrichis R, thryftis E 3 ; And gart him pane L. 

oftsyfl thole hard thraw E. 612. Of tormentis seir for to be 

607. was] he wes L ; And in gret slane E ; Off all Jai had and to be 
perell of l>e deid E. slane L. 

608. t>an] That E 9 ; Thar of J*ui to 


Ger J?at of his barne ]?at he 
Suld but delay deliuerit be. 
Than J?ai behuffit for to fynd, 

All excusationis put behind, 620 

Sum craft to lowft him of that payne, 
Or ellis but mercy to be slane. 
With a drink J?an at the last 
Out at his mouth }>ai gert him cast 
That paddo with a bok of blude, 
Nane maid of fassoune and nocht gude. 
Than askit he be quhat ressoune 
His barne sa foull wes of fassoune, 
And thai ansuerd all in )?at tyde, 
For he cou}> nocht his tyme abyde, 630 

Na it mycht nocht lang lest in lif, 
For quhy it wes ane abortyffe, 
And J?at wes borne befor the tyme, 
And J?us >ai put till him the cryme. 
That paddo deid efter gert he 
In till a tour* enterit be, 
The quhilk wes maid wi}> lyme and stane, 
And it wes callit syne Lacarane. 
In all his dedis he wes felloune, 
f. 123 a. And maid gret persecutioun 640 

Off Cristin men, for that tharc fay 
Abhominabill wes till him ay. 
Off Iacob Iustus in his dais, 
And Phillip the appostill, J?e buke sais, 

613. be] fre E 2 ; Get )>at of his 622. War C; al] and E 2 ; Wan 
barne |>at he E. maid of fassoun and nocht gud E. 

614. langer] lang RE 2 ; delyveryd 623. J»n] }>ame E 2 ; Than askit 
RE 2 L ; fre] be E 2 L ; Suld but delaye he E. 

■deliuerit be E. 625. And J>ai answerd all in J>at 

617. craft] traist L. tyd E. 

618. ellis] all RE 2 . 626. couythe] wald L; his] )>air E 2 ; 
621-2. om, L. tyme om. R. 

621. blobe] bok E. 627. lang*] langar* A ; leftC; Nait 


Ger hym of his barn* be 
But langer delay delywir fre. 
Pan J?aim behuffit for to fynde, 
Al excusacionys put behynde, 
Sum craft to lousse hym of his payn, 
Or ellis but mercy to be slayn. 
WiJ?e a drynk }>an at }>e last 

Out at his moutht )>ai gert hym cast 620 

Pat paddok wi}>e a blobe of blude, 
[Wan], made al but fasson gud. 
He askyt )>an be qwhat resson 
His barn sa foule was of fasson, 
And }>ar ansswar; was }>at tyde, 
For he couythe noucht his tyme abyde, 
Na lang* it mycht noucht [lest] on lywe, 
For causse }>at it fel abortywe. 
Pe paddok ded >ar of gert he 
Withe in a tour* entyrit be, 630 

Pe qwhilk was made of lyme and stam, 
In to ]>at rew callit Laterane. 
He was in dedis all felloun, 
And made gret persecuciofi 
Of Cristyn men, for J>ar fay 
Abhomynabil he had alway. 
Off Iacob richtwisse in his dayis, 
Pe brojur of God, as ]>e buk sayis, 

mycht not lang lest in lyf E ; For it na 632. rew] raw E 3 ; And it was callit 

langer mycht last one lyfe E 9 ; Na ]»t syne Laterane E. 

it mycht noucht left lang in life L. 633. deid R ; In all his deidis he 

628. causse om, RL ; Becaus it fell was felloune E ; And in deidis he was 
E a ; For quhy it was ane abortif E, felloun E a . 

which adds— 635. for] for pat E. 

And pat was borne befor j>e tyme, 636. alway] ay L'j Abhominabill 

And pus pai put till him pe cryme. was till him aye E. 

629. paddok] pulder L ; of] eflt R ; 637. richtwisse] Iustus E. 

That paddo deid efter gert he E ; The 638. And Philippe >e apostill his 

paddok deid sone pair gart he E*. buk sayis E. 

630. Withe in] In till EL. 


With a walkaris perk, but dout, 

He gert smyte than harnys out 

He gert als in his fellony sla 

His awne maister Seneca, 

That till Sanct Luke wrait letters senr, 

And wes his awne families. 650 

He tynt J?e trewage of Brettane, 

That his elderis befor wan, 

And vther alsua realmes seirc, 

That he fand to Rome tributes, 

Rane in till prescriptioun 

Off J>ar* contributioun. 

He wes hiely and outragiouft, 
And of condicionis viciouft ; 
Sanct Petyr he gert crucify, 

And of Sanct Paull in his fellony 660 

He gert ta of J?e heid alsua, 
To deid he put thai appostillis twa. 
And quhen feill jeris were cummyn and gane, 
Off his empyr* }>e last bot ane, 
The Grekis }>an set }>aim thraly 
Away till haif stollin prevely 
The bodyis of thai appostlis twa ; 
And on J>at purpoft till ]>ai were sa, 
Deuillis that in mawmentis ware, 
Throu Goddis will and his powers, 670 

Cryit to J>e Romanis : " Succour now, 
3 our* goddis ar now stollin fra 30 w." 

639. prik] perk REE a . 647. ojrir alsua] of vjrir E a ; realmes 

640. He gait smyt )»r harnes out E. 

E. 649. And om. REL. 

641. in til] als in EL ; his om. E 2 ; 651. ecces R, excesft L; sa om. 
felny R. RLE 2 A ; He was halye and out- 

643. Paule] Luke E. ragious E. 

644. til hym] his awne E. 652. And] And his R, And of E ; 

645. leyssit] lesst R, left L, luffit E a , condytyown RL. 

tynt E ; trewagrr C. 654. in] in his REL. 

646. befor] befoir him L. 655. strik] tak E. 


Withe a walcaris prik, but dout, 

Pe harnys al war strikyn out 640 

He gert in til his fellony sla 

His awyn mastyr Seneca, 

Pat til Sancte Paule wrate lettiris seyr, 

And was til hym famylier*. 

He leyssit }>e [trewage] of Brettan, 

Pat his elderis befor wan, 

And ojrir alsua kynrikis seyr, 

Pat he fande to Rome tributes, 

And ran in til prescription 

Off J?air contribution. 650 

For his accesse sa outtrageousse, 
And condicionys wiciousse, 
Sancte Petyr he gert crucify, 
And of Sancte Paule in fellonny 
He gert strik of J?e hewid, and swa 
To ded he put J?e appostulis twa. 
Qwhen al J?e ^heris war cummyn and gan* 
Off his empyr*, for to sauf ane, 
Pe Grekys }>an set ]?aim thraly 
Away til haf tane prewaly 660 

Pe bodeis of }>e appostulis twa ; 
Off }>at )>ai war merrit swa, 
Pe dewillis J?at in J>e idolis war, 
Off Goddis wil and his powar, 
Cryit : " 3 ne Romany s, succour now, 
For jour goddis ar tane fra 30W." 

656. he <ww. L ; pe] pax RE. J»t purpofi till >ai war sa E ; To 

657. And quhen fell Jeris was cum- Grece >at j*u micht haue brocht p& E a . 
myn and gane E. 663. I>e] Bot J>e E? ; in J>e] in L ; 

658. for cm. RL ; Of his empyr he Devellis )»t in mawmentis wer E f>e 
left bot ane E. dewillis )»t ydolis war* A, 

659. thraly] straytly A. 664. Off] Throw E, At E» Goddis] 

660. tane] stollis (sic) E. his L. 

661. pe] thai RE. 665. Jhe] to J>e E, pe E". 

662. Oft] And of A ; That purpos 666. 3owr goddis ar now stollyn fra 
qwhill thai ware on swa RL ; And on jow E. 



The Cristin men )>at [}>an] were gud, 
r. i«3 i. That of J?e appostlis vnderstude, 

Bot }>e paganys wenyt alway 
That of thar; goddis }>at said thai. 
With )>at >e Romanis halely 
Chassit }>e Grekis dispitously, 
Sa >at >e Grekis at >e last 

Behuffit of neid thai bodyis cast 680 

In till a deip stank, quharc thai 
Lay hid but witting mony day, 
Till J?at J>e pape Cornelyus, 
As J?e cornikillis tellis ws, 
Drew ]>aim off J?at cislerne deip, 
And honorably gert men ]»im keip 
Till he had maid his orisoune 
To God with gret deuocioun, 
For to teche him verraly 

Quhilk wes of Peter the body, 690 

And quhilk of Sanct Paull mycht be 
The body in to properte. 
Deuotly sa till }>at he sat, 
Inspirit of God ansuerc he gat 
That J?e largearc body was 
Off ]>e fischeare, and the left 
Off the precheoure ; and J?is said, 
Pape Siluester gert J?aim be laid 
In till a weyis ; sa kend wes \zxe 
Quhilk precheoure wes, and quhilk fischearc; 700 
And of ilk ane a kirk gert he 
Honorably syne foundit be, 

673. W. J>ai. 

668. wndyrstude] J>at vnderstude 674. of] on REE 2 ; |>e] >ai RL ; 
A ; Off |>e apostyllis ]>at vnderstude Behouit )>ai bodiis for to cast L. 

E 2 . 676. mony ane day L ; Lay but 

669. Bot] And E 2 . wyttyn mony a day E 2 . 
673. >at om. RL. 678. cornykyll RL. 


Pe Cristyn men, J?at J>an war gude, 
f. 57 a. Pat of J>e appostulys wndyrstude ; 

Bot J?e paganys thoucht alwey 
Pat of J?ar goddis J?at said >al 670 

Withe J?at J?e Romanys hallely 
Chassit )>e Grekys dispitusly, 
Swa J?at J?e Grekys at J?e last 
Behuffit of neyde }>e bodeis cast 
In til a cistern dep, qwhar J>ai 
Lay hid but wyttyng* mony day, 
Qwhil }>at J?e pape Cornelyus, 
As J>e cornykillis tellis ws, 
Drewe }>aim of J>at cistern depe, 
And honorably gert men J>aim kepe 680 

Qwhil he had made his oryson 
Til God wij>e gud deuocion, 
For til ken hym werraly 
Qwhilk was of Petyr J>e body, 
And qwhilk of Sanct* Paule mycht be 
Pe body callit in propyrte. 
Dewotly sa qwhil ]?at he sat, 
Inspirit of God ansswer* he gat 
Pat J?e largear body was 

Off }>e fischear, and }>e lesse 690 

Off }>e precheour syne was saide ; 
Pap Siluestir gert J>aim be layide 
In til a weyis ; sa kende was }>ar 
Qwha prechear was, and qwha fischear*. 
Off ilkan a gret kyrk gert he 
Honorably syne foundyt be, 

679. of] out of E*. 693. a om. all. 

682. gud] gret A. 694. Qwha . . . qwha] quhilk . . . 

683. ken] tell E a ; witterly L. quhilk RLE 2 A. 

685. mycht] suld ER. 695. Off] And off RLE 9 ; gret om. 

688. In spirit of God he witting all. 


And of Sanct Peter with honour* 
The banys he put in sepulture 
In to the kirk wes for him maid, 
And the banys of Sanct Paull he had 
Wntill his kirk, and )>an he 
f. ia 4 «• Entyrit }raie with solempny te. 

Off Nero jit )>an emperourc, 
That turnit in foull lust his honour, 710 

For na part of a man thocht he 
Mycht clene or lufly callit be ; 
All his men he lowit forthy 
In all tyme till vse rebaldry, 
And alkin vicis at than will 
He gaif consent and leif thaw till. 
A robe he wald on na kyne wyft 
Put apon his bak twift, 
Bot a new robe ilk day 

His vsage wes till array, 720 

And to J>e horse ]?at he on raid 
Schone of siluer he gert be maid. 
The houssis in till his palace 
Large and weill coruyt was 
In all poynttis euerilkane 
With gold and siluer and preciouft stane, 
Euer syne J?at na man mycht 
Pryft )>e cost of it to rycht. 
Forouth )>e bernyng of the tovne, 
And for his dedis J?at were felloune, 730 

His barnage set J?aim him to ta, 
To pyne in presoune or to sla. 

697. Off] And oflf RLE 2 . 707. luwyd R, leiffit E 2 . 

700. he hade] syne he hade E 2 . 708. In all tyme till oys RE 2 ; al] 

701. J>ar] and thare RLE ; In his his E. 

awin kirk syne gart he E 2 . 709. And] Off A. 

704. f>at] He E 2 ; in] in till R; 711. be] on EE 2 L ; na] nakyn 

lust] foule lust all. RLEA. 

705-9. om. L. 712. On his body put it twifi L. 


Off Sancte Petyr wij>e honour* 
])e banys he put in sepulture 
In to }>at kyrk was for hym made ; 
Pe banys of Sancte Paule he hade 700 

In til his kyrk ; J?ar gert he 
Entyr J?aim withe solempnyte. 
Off Nero jit }>e emperoure, 
Pat turnyt in lust his honour*, 
For na part of a man thoucht he 
Micht cleyne or luffly callit be ; 
Al his men he lewit for }>i 
In til al tyme oysse rebaldry, 
And alkyn wicis at J>ar wil 

He gaf consent and leyf J>ar til. 710 

A robe he walde be na wysse 
Put apon his body twysse, 
Bot on a new robe ilka day 
His [oyssage] was hym til array, 
And til }>e hors }>at he on rade 
Off siluir J>e schoyn he gert be made. 
Pe biggyng* made of his palace 
Large and weil anowrnyt was 
In al J>e pecis euir ilkan 

Withe siluir, golde and preciousse stem, 720 

Ewour fyne, >at na man mycht 
Prysse J>e cost wi}>e al his slycht. 
For J>e brynnyng* of J>e towne, 
And dedis >at he did fellon, 
His [barnage] set J?aim hym to ta, 
And pyne in preson or J>an sla* 

713. on] in E a , om. RL. 721. And ewour E 9 ; fyne] syne RL. 

714. oyssagtr C. 723. Syne for E 9 . 

715. To >e hors als >at he on raid 724. >at he did] he hade done 
E. E a . 

716. Off sylvyr schone RE*A, 725. barnagu C. 

Schone of siluer L, Siluer schone E. 726. >an] to RLA ; And in presoun 

719. >e om, RL. hym pyne or sla E 1 . 


For that caufc out of his palace 
He fled, and slew him self of caft, 
And outwij? ]>e erd but sepulture 
As a dog lay J>e emperour, 
Till all the flesche of his body 
Wes etyne with wolffis halely. 
Off Nero J>us wes J>e ending, 

And is ensample and taknyng 740 

v. 184 *. Till all >at drawis thar* delite 

To lust and to foull appetite, 
Throu warldis welth and wantoun will, 
Fra vertuouft deid to vicis ill, 
But ony ressoune bot revery, 
Confoundit pete with fellony, 
And will ]>ar; hawtane havinnis haif, 
And wenys nane may J?aim dissaif. 

Gabba of Rome J?an emperour 
To Nero neist wes successour ; 750 

Off that stait jit neuerj?eleft 
Bot vii. monethis emperour he wes. 
Quhen Nero herd of Surry tell 
That }>ai agane him raift rabell, 
Waspasiane he send of weir* 
In Surry with a gret power* ; 
Thar* in the kinrike of Iude 
Lyand apon weir* wes he, 
And herd weill Nero wes dede, 

And Gabba syne intill his steid. 760 

And Witaill efter J?aim regnand, 
And Oto als throu stalwart hand, 

727. And for* cause A, Than for 735. al] thame RL ; That till all 
J»t cause E 2 ; out om. E* ; place E. Jame >at J>air delytt E a . 

728. on cace EA, be caift E a . 736. Tyl] Thare RLE 3 . 

729. And vtouth jeird E 9 . 737. in] and RLE Q . 

730. a] ay E a . 738. deidis RE Q A ; in] till E 3 , to 
732. With wolffis wes etyn fellonnly L ; wicis] werkis A. 



For >at causse out of his palasse 
He flede, and slew hym self of casse, 
And outhe J?e erde but sepulture 
As a doge lay }>at emperour*, 730 

Qwhil al ]>e flesche of his body 
Was etyn wij>e wolffis hallely. 
Off Nero }>is was J>e endyng*, 
Pat is ensampill and takynnyng* 
Til al J?at drawis J>ar delyte 
f. 57 b. Tyl lust and J?ar foulle appetyte, 

Throw warldis welthe in wanton will, 
Fra wertuousse dedis in wicis ill, 
But resson, regnande in reu*ny, 
Confoundande pete wij>e fellonny, 740 

And wil noucht J?ar hawtan haffyng* haw 
Off God or man, but luf or aw. 
Galba of Rome J>e emperomv 
Til hym next was successour; ; 
Off \dX state 3hit neuir J?e les 
Bot sewyn monethe lorde he was. 
Qwhen Nero herde of Surry tel 
Agayne hym rasse and was rabell, 
Wespasyan he sende of were 
In Surry wi}>e a gret powers; 750 

And in ]>e kynrik of Iude 
Lyande apon were was he 
Fyrst qwhen he herd Nero was dede, 
And Galba rissyn in his steide. 
Vicellus J>an in til Irlande 
And Oto in to Duche lande 

739. regnande] rageand R, ragand 745. And of E 9 ; jhit om. E*L. 
L, regeand E 9 ; rcuetry] rybaldry E a . 748. was] maid A. 

740. pete] peace E 9 . 754. rissyn] ras syne RL, rysing 

741. noucht om. R. E 3 . 

742. aw] lawe R. 755. fan om. EL. 

744. hym] Nero RL. 756. in to] war in E, )>an in tyll E 9 . 


All in ]faX }ew wew eraperouris, 
And throu covatice of honouris 
Ilkane slew oJ>er of caift ; 
Off )>aira sa the ending was. 

That tyrae Lynus king of Tuskane 
Borne, and sone of Esculane, 
Alevin }ew and monethis thre 

And xxx. dais held >e se 770 

Off Rome a pape, and ordanit >an 
That thaw suld cum na woman 
Within ]>e kirk, as Peter bad, 
f. ia 5 «• B°t gtf hir heid sc ^° couerit had. 

Quhen }>at pape Lyne wes deid 
Clete succedit in his steid, 
And held )?e papis se xi. jew 
In Rome ; bot jit thai twa wew, 
As sum men sayis, in to thaw lif 
Nouthir papis successive, 780 

Bot thai wew to Sanct Peter ay 
Helparis in his lattyr day, 
Quhen he gaif his vacatioun 
Alhaill till his deuocioun ; 
Baith Lyne and Clete thai papis twa 
He dispensit with to ma, 
And for to do J>e seruice all 
That to J>e pape of rycht suld fall ; 
In till the nomer J>aw of J>ai 

Ar reknyt of haly papis ay. 790 

Clete commendit rycht gretly 
All thai that vsit deuotly 
Haly pilgrimage to ma, 

757. And state held a Jere as ein- 761. J>at tyme Lynyus of Tuskane 
perour E. A. 

758. he wsit E ; wij> greit honour 762. Bom*] Kyng borne AE a . 

E*. 763. monethe and jheris CEE 2 A ; 

759. Syne ilkane v}>ir slew E a . Quhen ane $ere and monethis thre L. 


Helde a ^hcre state as emperouw, 

In Rome oyssit withe honour*; 

Syne ilkan slew oJ>ir of casse ; 

Off ]>a twa sic ]>e endyng* was. 760 

L)me Ytalik, off Tuskayn 
Born*, ]>e son of Eskulayn, 
Ellewyn f^heris and monethe] thre 
And thretteyn dayis helde ]>e se 
Off Rome as pape, and ordanyt J?an 
Pat J?ar sulde entre na woman 
In to ]>e kyrk, as Petyr bade, 
Bot gif hir hewide scho cuueryt hade. 

Qwhen ]>at J?e pape Lyne was dede 
Cletus succedit in his stede, 770 

And helde J>e se ellewyn jher* 
Off Rome as pape ; bot ]>a twa [were], 
As sum men sayis, in to ]>ar lywe 
NouJ>ir papis successywe, 
Bot ]>ai war til Sanct* Petyr ay 
Helparis in his lattyr day, 
Qwhen he gaf his vacacion 
Al hail til his deuocion, 
[Bayth] Lyne and Clete J>a papis twa 
He dispenssit wij>e to ma, 780 

And for to do ]>e serwice all 
Pat to )?e pape of richt sulde fall ; 
In til }>e nowmyr ]>arfor ]>ai 
Ar reknyt of haly papis ay. 
Cletus commendit gretly 
Al ]>ai ]>at oyssit dewotly 
Haly pilgramagis to ta, 

772. }hereCEE a AI* 784. of ] for E*. 

777. vocatioun E a A. 785. gretumlie E a . 

779. Bot CE. 787. pylgrymage a//. 

780. to] and to A. 


And maist ay he commendit ]>ai 

That Sanct Peter and Paull vesyte, 

For that he callit mair* meryt . 

Than for to fast twa 3eris or thre ; 

All thai thaw for cursit he 

That lettit >aim of >ar* viage 

To Petyr* and Paull in pilgrymage. 800 

In to the papis letters he 
Gert first Salutem writtin be, 
Et Apostolicam Benedictionem alsua ; 
And fra he deit syne all thai 
That succedit in that stait 
f. ia 5 3. Thai wordis in than bullis wrait 


Off Wespasiane and of Titus 
And of >are lining vertuouse. 

EFTIR >at borne wes God of Hevin 
Thre scor* of 3eris and ellevin, 
Waspasyane wan halely 

All )?e landis of Surry 810 

To J>e empyre, and that day 
About Ierusalem he lay 
With his oste of gret power*, 
Assegiand it as man of weir*, 
Quhen be letters till him send 

788. mast ay he] maisteris L; he meryt E a ; For J»t he callyt mair* 
om. R. meryte A. 

789. fat sancte] That R; wesyte] 793-4. wayage . . . pylgrymage 
wald wysyt RL. all. 

790. For that he callyd off mare 797. swa CRE. 
merit RL ; For J?at wes of mare 799. estait L. 

meryte E ; For he ]»t callit of mair 800. bullis] bukis E a , buke L. 


And mast ay he commendit J?a 

Pat Sancte Petyr and Paule wesyte, 

For )>at callit mar* wit and meryt 790 

Pan for to fast twa ^herc or thre ; 

Al ]>a >arfor curssit he 

Pat lettit )>aim of J?ar wayagw 

Til Petyr and Paulle in pilgramagw. 

In to J?e papis letteris he 
Gert fyrst Salutetn wryttyn be, 
And Appostolicam Benedictionem [alswa] ; 
Fra )>at he was dede all )?a 
Pat succedit to >at state 
Pa wordis in J?ar bullis wrate. 800 


Off Titus and Wespasyan 
Sanet [Clement] and Domycian. 

EFTYR >at born was God of Hewyn 
Thre scoyr of ^herc and ellewyn, 
Wespasyan wan hallely 
f. 58 a. Al J>e landis of Surry 

To ]>e empyr, and ]>at day 

About Ierusalem he lay 

Withe his ost of gret power* 

In asseigAf, as man of wer, 

Qwhen be ]>e letterys til hym sende 

Chap. V. (LXXVIII. in A, LXXVII. in E 2 ).— Clcmct CE. E 9 =W. 
Off Vespatius and Tytus E 9 . 

802. ofom. L, 808. In tyll RL ; assege RLEE 9 . 

803. wan] wan >an E 9 . 809. >e om. RL. 
807. of] ane L. 


He [saw], and be >ar<? tennour* kend 
That he wes chosin emperour. 
That stait J>ar*for with gret honour* 
He resauit in Palestyne ; 

His sone Titus he cald ]>at tyme, 820 

And till him he commendit haill 
Off all his oste >e gouernaill. 
To Rome syne past he in hy, 
Thar* he resauit wes honorably, 
And hugely commendit was 
Off his hie worschip and prowes. 
Syne in the fluids hapnit him to de, 
As mony dois off, as we se ; 
Bot in till his lattyr thraw, 

To deid quhen he begouth to draw, 830 

Evin vpon his feit he stude, 
And said with a haill voce and gud : 
" Ane emperour suld ay," said he, 
" Hyar* ]?an )>e erd be." 
And in that thraw he tuke J>e deid ; 
f. ia6«. Titus his sone raift in his steid, 

Off Rome lord and emperour, 
And gouernyt it thre }eris with honour ; 
He tuke and gert distroyit be 

Off Ierusalem the cete, 840 

And of J?e Tempill he tuke haill 
All ennormentis and weschaill, 
And one to Rome all J>ai he send ; 
Syne brynt J>e Temple or he wend, 
And slew )?e cete3anis all doune. 

816. W. wes. 

810. l>e] thare RL. 823. in til his om. L. 

811. He] That he RLA. 824. ded] de E 2 ; he om. R. 

812. state] set L. 825. Ewyn] And evin L ; vp om. 

820. and] and his A. A. 

821. in >e flux] >air L ; to om. E'. 826. And said] Sayand L. 


He saw, and be )>e tenor kende 8 1 o 

He was chosyne emperour*. 

Pat state ]>ar for withe honour*? 

He ressawit in Palestyne ; 

Titus his son he callyt syne, 

And til hym commendit hail 

Off his gret ost ]>e gouernaille. 

Til Rome syne he past in hy, 

Qwhar he ressawit was hon*rrably, 

And commendit mekyl was 

For his gret worschep and prowes. 820 

Syne in J>e flux hym hapnyt to de, 

For ]>ar is nane ]>at case may fle ; 

Bot in til his lattyr thraw, 

To ded qwhen he begouthe to draw, 

Ewyn vp on his fett he stude, 

And said wi)>e hail woice and gude : 

" Ane emperourc sulde ay, perde, 

Pan ]>e erde fer hear be." 

In til J>at thraw he tuk )>e dede ; 
Titus his son rasse in his stede, 830 

Off Rome lorde and emperour, 
And led it thre ^her* wij>e honour*?, 
And tuk and gert distroyit be 
Off Ierusalem ]>e cete, 
And of ]>e Tempil he tuk haile 
Ornamentis, westimentis and weschealle, 
And til Rome al J?a sende he ; 
Syne brynt gert al ]>ar tempi is be, 
And al }>e citejanys slayn doun. 

832. it om. R. And al put to confusioun. 

833. And] He all; And tuk and 835. templis £. 

gert] He gart sone A 838. al om. L ; >ar] the RLEA, |>ai 

834. ]>e fayr^ cite A E a ; templis] tempill RL. 
After 834 £ adds two lines— 839. slayn] slew £. 

And al pc cetejanis slane doune 


Thar* wes )>e confusioune 
That ony man befor herd tell, 
That euer to the Iowis fell ; 
For of the slane Iowis the blude 
Throu out the toune in till a flude 850 

One heid as welterand wawis ran, 
Or as a ryuew waxen J>an. 
With suerd thaw raony Iowis war* 
Slane, and mony deit thaw 
In hungyw, for the Romanis haill 
Consumyt and held fra thaim vittaill ; 
And of the Iowis that ]>aim jald 
To the Romanis thaw thai said 
Ay xxx. for a penny thaw ; 

3it sellaris ma >an byaris waw, 860 

For )>e Romanis )>at tyme thocht 
That )?e Iowis na thing socht 
Bot to be haldin in seruice ; 
That gert J>aim sell J>ame of sic price. 
In this Waspasyns dais 
And Titus, as the story sais, 
To Ierusalem this fell. 
Bot of Titus mare to tell, 
f. 126 J. He wes of sa gret curtasy, 

Off sic pete, will and mercy, 870 

That quhen aganis his persoune 

Men war* of conspiratioune 

Accusit, and convict be law, 

Eftir iugisment he wald thaim draw, 

And kyft J?aim, and forgif J>aim all 

840. far] fat E. than] wawis rane A, wallis ran E 9 ; 

842. fat ewir] Euirmair E 2 . On hevid as welterand and wawis 

843. slayne] ran L. J?an L. 

844. Our all the ciete in a flude 846. As] Or L ; wij>e] with ]>e E 2 ; 
L. reweris C ; As ryweris )»t war* raisyt 

845. wauerande] weltrand R ; wawis j>afie A. 


Par was J>e mast confusion 840 

In ony tyme ]>at jhe herde tel, 

Pat ewir to ]>e Iowis fell ; 

For of J>e Iowis slayne >e blude 

Throw al ]>e towne in til a flude 

On heide wi)>e wauerande wawis than, 

As ryweris rayssit wi)?e [rayne] ran. 

WiJ>e suerdis ]>ar mony Iowis war 

Slayne, and mony dede war )>ar 

In hungir, for )>e Romanys hail 

Consumyt and helde fra ]>aim wittalle ; 850 

And of >e Iowis J?at >aim ^aulde 

To J?e Romanys ay J?ai saulde 

Thretty for a d. ]>ar ; 

3hit sellaris ma J?an byaris war*, 

For }>e Romanys al waye thoucht 

Pat }>e Iowis nathyng* doucht 

To be haldyn in to serwice ; 

Pat gert >aim sel )>aira on sic prysse. 

In til Wespasyanys dayis 

And Titus, as >e story sayis, 860 

To Ierusalem J?is fel. 

Bot of Titus mar to tel, 
He was of sa gret curtassy, 
Pete, gud wil and mercy, 
Pat qwhen agaynnys his person 
Men war of conspiration 
Accusit, and conwickyt be law, 
Fra iugement he walde ]>aim draw, 
And kysse J?aim, and forgiff J?aim all 

847. suerdis] suerd RE*; Jmut] sa 857. in to] in RLE'A. 

L, om. A. 858. on] off RLE 2 ; sic] >at EL. 

848. Slayne and deyd thare R ; 861. \>is] all this E 9 , as L. 

Slane and put to deid Jwur L. 867. And accusit E ; convic be the 

S50. all wyttalle R. lawe R. 
852. J>ai] jiaim E a L. 869-70. em. L, 


That till his awne persone suld fall, 
And als hamelely with thaira thar* 
Tak as it neuer na war*, 
And got J>aim oft syft forgifnes 
To lat >aim mend thar* wickitnes. 880 

Als he excedit in larges 
All thai that befor him wes, 
Or in his tyme of ony degre ; 
For quhy that day clene tynt callit he 
That na man come till aske him ocht ; 
For quhat euer till him socht, 
He denyit neuer nathing 
That wes be ressoune his asking ; 
For he vsit oft to say 

That nane suld sary pass away 890 

Fra ony prince, or lord or king, 
That come to ask ony ressonable thing. 
He wes sa worschipfull and vertuoufi, 
And of dedis sa mervalus, 
That with all folkis of alkyne eild 
He wes haldin than? bliss and beild, 
And efter, quhen that deid wes he, 
All folkis of dy verse cuntre 
Gret for him and maid sic cair* 
That mony of J?aira had levari 900 

Till haif seyne seir* of vj?er kyn deid 
f. 127 a. Or he had deit that wes thar* reid. 

For his gret hie benignite, 
His worschip, vertu and bounte, 
He passit his fader in gud fame, 

871. hamelyly REA ; withe om. 876. thoucht] callit L. 

all. 8S0. ressofi of] resowne RA, of 

872. Jwtim om. L. ressoun E, be ressoun E 8 ; That wes 

873. of] all of A, als of L ; largenes ressonabill askynge L. 
E, largnes E a . 881-4. om. E. 

874. Jit] that all. 883. or lord R. 

875. of] in AL ; degre E 8 . 


Pe danger >at J>ai sulde in fall, 870 

And als haymly withe )>aira )>ar 
f. 58 *. Tak )>aim as before J>ai war*. 

He excedit of largeas 
Al Jwt jit befor hym wes, 
Or in his tyme of ony gre ; 
For tyl hym tynt )>at day thoucht he 
Pat na man come to ask hym oucht, 
And qwha Jwtt euir til hym soucht, 
He denyit neuir J>at thyng<? 

Pat was resson of his askyng* ; 880 

For it was his oysse to say 
Pat nane sulde sary passe away 
Fra ony prince, lorde or kyng^ 
Qwhen he had schawyn his askyng*. 
He was of worschepe sa wertuousse, 
And of his dedis sa merwalus, 
Pat wij>e al mankynde of his eylde 
He was J>e ioy callit and ]>e beylde, 
And eftyr Jiat, qwhen dede was he, 
All J>a >at duelt in >at cite, 890 

Gretyng* in to sobbyne sar*, 
Noucht les in al a noyit war, 
Na thouche al )>ar kyn ilkan 
War wndoni, or wi)>e dede ourtane ; 
For his gret benygnyte, 
Worschepe, wertu and bownte, 
He passit his fadyr in to gud fayme, 

884. Qahen he schawyt his yharn- 892. Na les t*i anoyet wair E 9 . 

yng R ; Fra that he schew his asking 893. Na thouche] Than gife E 9 , I>at 

L. Jxm thocht L. 

886. his om. all. 894. ourtane] tane AE 9 ; Vndone 

887. his om. E*L. wer or deid or slane L. 
889. And om. A ; qwhen om. E 9 . 895. And for E 9 . 

891. Gretyng*] Gretand R, I>at 896. bownte] bewte E 9 . 

gretand A ; In greting and in sobbyng 897. in to gud] in to RL, in gud E, 

sair E 9 . in all E 9 . 



And reknyt is forow him by his name, 
As in ]?e ryall and vertuouse buke 
3e may find writtin, gif }e luke. 

Quhen Petyr*, Lyne and Clete wes deid, 
Sanct Clement sat in to thai* steid 910 

Nyne jeris pape and monethis twa, 
And tene day is fully to thai. 
Eftir bapteme first ordanit he 
Cristin men confermyt to be, 
But it he said at na man mycht 
Full Cristin men be callit rycht ; 
And syne to deid dispitously. 
He wes put and to martery, 
And that wes done throu Traiane, 
That emperour of Rome wes ]>an, 920 

And in the se his body lay 
And lyis }it unto this day, 
In )>at kirk at foundit wes 
Throu angellis deid and Goddis grace ; 
And fra none of his evin beforne 
Till his evinsang on )?e mome 
The se standis ebbit, at men may ga 
To )?at kirk pilgrimage to ma, 
Quhare mony fair* myrakle is kyd, 
As his legend witnessid. 930 

There efter Domytiane, the tof>er 
Off Waspasitianis sonis, Titus broker, 
Xiiii. }eris of J?e empyre 
And v. monethis wes lord and syre. 
f. 127 b. He wes in his begynnyng 

Off gret mesoure in all thing, 

898. was] is RE, as L. 912. mony] mony a E 2 ; Lang tyme 

899. And] As RE ; story RLA ; eftir >at day L. 
And in till story all way E 2 . 914. it] he E a . 

905. Eftyr J>e] Off L ; baptisme 915. langeo/w. L; And that the se 

R. quhar lang he lay R ; And J>at see 

908. Ful om. L. quhair he sa lang lay E a . 


And callit befor hym was be nayrae, 

And in til al storeis ay 

Red and wryttyn fynde ^he may. 900 

Qwhen Petyr, Lyne and Clet war dede, 
Sancti Clement sat in to )>ar stede 
Nyne ^her* pape and monethis twa, 
And ten dayis ful ekyt to J?a. 
Eftyr ]>e baptisyne ordanyt he 
Cristyn men to confermyt be, 
But J>at, he said, na man mycht 
Ful Cristyn man be callyt richt ; 
And syne to ded dispitusly 

He was don throw harde martyry, 910 

And in J>e se his body lay 
Castyn }>ar eftyr mony day, 
Qwhil )?e pape Cirillus rasse ; 
In til his tyme it fundyn was, 
And J>at se, qwhar lange it lay, 
Oyssit ilk jhew til eb awaye 
Fra )?e kyrk a gret spasse, 
Pat of sanct* Clement foundit was, 
Fra arc none of ]>e ewyn beforn 
Pat his fest fel on }>e morn, 920 

Qwhil )?e day fere eftyr none 
Pat messe and offerande al war don*. 

Pan Domyciane, \>e tojnr 
Wespasianys son and Titus broJ>ir, 
Thretteyn jher off }>e impyrc 
And v. monethe was lorde and syrc. 
He was in til his begynnyng* 
Off gret mesour* of al thyng*, 

916. eb] esche R, ische L. 922. al war] ware all R ; On the 

917. t*] that RL. day till eftir none L. 

919. >e om. R. 926. v.] audit A, tuelf L, 

920. on] on on A. 928. Off] Ane L ; of] in RLAE, in 

921. fer; om. R ; Til mefi and offer- till £ 3 . 
and all wes done L. 


Bot efter in his stait wes he 

A viciouse man in all degre, 

That of his fader* )>e gud name 

And of his brother >e ryall fame 940 

He fordid all halely 

Throu his vice with his fellony. 

The nobilest of the senatouris, 

That [were] the wisest coimsalouris, 

He gert to fellone deid be done ; 

Syne him self he gert call sone 

A god of power* and of mycht. 

A kirk thereof he gert dycht, 

A figour of him self gert he 

Off siluer fyne tharein set be, 950 

Or ellis of gold rycht fyne and pure, 

Weill fassonyt as of payntour. 

First to lordschip quhen he drew 

His syster sonis all he slew ; 

Nixt efter Nero the fellovne 

He maid first persecutioun 

Off Cristin folkis, and'thare fay 

Supprisit and held vnder ay ; 

And J?ocht f>at J>is Domytiane 

Wes sone to gud Waspasiane, 960 

3it wes he of condicioun 

Mare like to Nero the felloune, 

Than to fader or broker to be 

Like in till ony degre. 

Als the ewangelist Sanct Iohne, 
That duelt J>an in Ephesone, 

944. W. were om. 

931. his om, R. 941. om. L. 

932. gud] fayr RLE. 942. Bot of fyne siluer it maid heJE. 

933. delet] defoulit E 2 . After 942 L adds : Sa full he wes 

934. Throu his vicis E, Throw of vanyte. 

wyce A. 943. and of] and R. 

936. consulouris C. 


Bot syne in til his state was he 
Sa wicyousse in al degre 930 

Pat of his fadyr ]?e gud naym*, 
And of his bro)?ir }?e gud fayme, 
Was delet al hallely 
Throw his wice and his felony. 
Pe nobillest of J?e senatouris, 
Pat was J>e mast wise [consalouris], 
He gert to fellon dede be don ; 
Syne hym self he gert cal son 
Bath lorde and god of mekil mycht. 
f. 59 a. Par was na figoure he gert dycht, 940 

Or male of hymself to be, 
Pan it of silwir fyne made he, 
Or J?an of gud golde and of purr, 
Weil fassonyt, of fyne portratur*. 
Fyrst to lordschip qwhen he drew 
His sistir sonnys al he slew ; 
Next eftyr Nero )?e fellon 
He made fyrst persecucion 
Off Cristyn [men], and }>ar fay 
Supprisit he helde at vndir ay ; 950 

And set ]>at }ris Domyciane 
Was son to [gude] Wespacian, 
3hit he was of condicion 
Mar lik til Nero )?e fellon, 
Pan til fadyr or brojrir he 
Lyk was in ony degre. 

Pe ewangelist Sancte Iohun, 
Pat duelt J?an in til Ephison, 

944. fyne] fayr RE, om, L ; por- 952. gude om. C. 
turatur EE S . 955-6. om. L. 

945. drew] grew E. 955. til] til his EE'A. 

948. pt first E*. 956. in] till R ; gre R. 

949. men om. C. 958. That >an duelt E 8 L ; til om. 
951. set Jat] thocht all E 9 . AL. 


And the ewangelis opinly 
F. i88 a. Wes prechand than throu Asy ; 

Forthy )>is ilk Domytiane 

Gert him arestit be and tane, 970 

And put to presonne in >at ile 
That Pathmos hecht ; sa in that quhile 
The Apoculipsis tharc he wrait, 
And exild baid sa in )>at stait 
Till that this Domytiane 
Throu )>e senatouris wes slane. 

And in till his tyme Sanct Dionyse 
And his feris in till Parise 
Off dede tholit the passioun ; 

The temple ]>an of Pantheoun, 980 

Quhar* }>an wes Sanct Mary J>e Round, 
Agrippa Marcus J>at gert found, 
And )>an J?at temple, as men sais, 
Thus gatis wes foundit in >ai dais. 

That quhen }>e senatouris herd tell 
That the Persantis raift rebell 
Agane J>e stait of Rome, }?an haill 
Thai ordanit apon set counsall 
To send furj> Marcus Agripa 

Apone J>e Persantis weir* to ma, 990 

For he wes provest of J?e tovne 
And commendit of renovne ; 
To }?is thai thocht him for to trete, 
Bot, or thai his will mycht get 
For to schaw thaim his entent, 
He askit thre day avisment 

Sua in his sleip, apone a nycht, 

960. He Jeid prechand in Asy L. 969. In til] And in till RE*. 

962. Gart him be reistit and als 970. in] in till E 3 . 

tayne E*. 971. >e om. R. 

964. a] that RA. 972. l>an om. LE 3 . 

965. all] )»ir all E*. 973. >e] de E. 


His ewangil appertly 

Precheande passit throw Asy ; 960 

Parfor J>is Domyciane 

Gert hym arestyt be and tan*, 

And sende to preson in J>e ile 

Off Pathmos ; sa within a qwhile 

Apocalipsis all he wrate ; 

Sa presonyt he bade in J>at state 

Qwhil J?at J?is Domyciane 

Throw wnhap his ded had tan. 

In til J?is tyme Sancte Denysse 
And his falowis in Parysse 970 

Off ded tholit J>e passion. 
Pe tempil J?an als of Panteon, 
Qwhar syne was Mary J?e Rotunde, 
Agrippa Marcus J?an gert founde, 
And }>at tempil, as men sayis, 
Al Jws was foundit in J?a dayis. 

Qwhen J?e senatouris herde tel 
Pat Persois rasse rabell 
Agayne J>e state of Rome, J>an hail 
Pai ordanyt apon set consaile 980 

To sende furthe Marcus Agrippa 
On J>e Persois were to ma, 
For he was prowest of J?e town, 
Comendit weil of gret ranown ; 
To Jns J>ai thoucht hym for to thret, 
Bot, or >ai his wil mycht get 
To delyuir his entent, 
He askyt thre dayis to wisment. 

Swa in his sleip, apon a nycht, 

974. pan] }at E 9 ^ 979. J» am. R ; )*n] all E 9 . 

975. And )»t] And than that RLA. 985. thret] tret A. 

976. Jms] \>is E 9 . 987. his] J»n his E 9 . 

978. fat] That the RLE 9 A, 988. to wisment] awisment all. 


A 3oung lady, fair* and brycht, 
Apperit till him quharc he lay 

In till his bed, lang forouth day, iooo 

f. ia8 b. And said scho hecht Sibill, but less, 

That moder of all goddis wes. 
Scho said then? to this Agrippa 
That gif he till her hecht wald ma 
In }>e honour of hir as scho 
Couth and [wald] teche him to do, 
To mak a temple, J>at Persantis quyt 
He suld in batall discomfyte. 
To J>at sone he gaif assent, 

And awowit in >at entent ioio 

For to fulfill in till all thing 
Off J>at fair* ladyis 3arnyng. 
And on }>e morne, quhen day wes lycht, 
All, as he saw in sleip J>at nycht, 
To J>e senatouris he tald haill, 
And syne gert ordane his batall 
With a gret navyne on the se, 
And knychtis wicht of gret bounte 
In v. legionis, and with }?ai quyte 
The Persantis haill he discomfyte, 1020 

And agane )?e tribut wan 
That J?ai payit to Octoviane. 
Syne for }?is cauft he maid onone 
That temple J?at J?ai callit Pantheone, 
In honour of Sibill, but less, 
That wes haldin }?an a goddeft. 

1006. W. wald cm. 

990. and om. R. gif L. 

992. langi om. L ; forow] befoir 997. J>e om. R. 

E 2 L. 998. Couth and wald ken him to 

993. Scho callit be name dame mo E. 

Sibilles E. 999-1000. wanting in all. 

994. J»r] j>e E, om. RLE 2 . 1001. Persois] the Perseys RAE*, 

995. gif he J»r] gyff thare R, J»t \aX Persois E. 


A 3<>ng* lady, fayr and bricht, 990 

Apperit til hym qwhar he lay 
In til his bede, lang* forow day, 
And callit hir nayme dame Cibeles, 
Pat modyr of al J?ar goddis wes. 
Scho said gif he J?ar, Agrippa, 
Lellely walde heycht to ma 
In J?e honours of hir as scho 
Couythe and walde ken hym to do, 
And sekyrly hir wyndyrtak 

In honour*? of hir for to mak 1000 

A tempil fayr, Persois qwhite 
He sulde in batel discomfyt 
To J>at son he gaf assent, 
And awowit wij?e leil intent 
For til fulfyl in til al thyng* 
Off }?at fayr lady J>e 3arnyng*. 
f. 59 b. And on J?e morn, qwhen day was lycht, 

Al, as he saw J>is on J?e nycht, 
To >e senage he taulde hail, 
And son gert ordane his bataile 10 10 

Withe a gret nawyn apon the se, 
And knychtis wicht of gret bo write 
In legionys v., and wij?e J>a qwhit 
Pe Persoyis hail he discomfyt, 
And agan ]>at tribut wan 
Pat J?ai payit til Ottowian. 
Syne for J>at causse he made onon 
Pe tempil }>at J?ai callit Panteon, 
In honour*? of dame Cibiles, 
Pat modyr of J>ar goddis wes. 1020 

1008. Al] And E 9 ; Jris] >us EL. 1013. In om. E. 

1 010. son] syne RLA. 1014. he] war E 9 . 

ion. apon] on E; the om. R. 1 01 8. >at om. L; t*i om. E 9 ; call 

1 01 2. wicht] wi|> all E; of om. A. 
E 2 . 102a )»r] all thare RAE, all L. 


And in the tyme Domytiane 
Throu his vnhap >e dede hes tane, 
And fell >ar<r a schamefull ending 
For his wickit and euill lifting; 1030 

With his J?an slane he was 
Rycht sodanely in his palace, 
And Nerwa, quhen he wes dede, 
Wes emperour in till his steid. 
f. ia9 «• Bot tms emperour stude nocht a jew 

And four monethis, to rekin cleir* ; 
He vndid and dampnyt haill, 
As wes gevin him be counsall, 
All }>e statutis befor, ilkane, 

Off the felloune Domytiane, 1040 

For ]>ax foundit all of will, 
And ordanit outher but law or skill. 
Sa be that ordinance Sanct Iohne 
The ewangelist to Ephesone 
Passit agane of presoune fre, 
Quhar* weill ressauit with all wes he. 

1022. had his ded] hys dede has 1028. Rasse] Was E 2 . 

RE a A, his deid had EL. 1031. And as J»i gaue him tor 

1023. For] And RLE a A. counsell E 9 . 

1024. fals] wykkytnes A ; his il] 1032. And was] As RL, And as 
ywyll RA, his foul EE-L. wes E ; be] in A ; He undid and 

1027. quhen that he R. dampnyt haill E 2 . 


And in J>at tyme Domyciane Lain^ 1019 

Throw wnhap had his ded tan*, 
For J?ar hym fel a foule endyng* 
For his fals and his il liffyng* ; 
WiJ?e his awyn men slayn he wes 
Off suddane chans in his palasse, 
And Nerwa, qwhen he was dede, 
Rasse emperour* in til his stede. 
His impin? stude bot a ^her* 

And four monethe, to rekkyn cleyr; 1030 

He wndid and dampnyt haile, 
And was giffyn hym be consaile, 
Al J?e dedis euirilkan 
Don befor throw Domycian, 
For J>ai war foundyt al of il, 
Don* by lauche wi]?eouttyn skyl. 
Sa be J>at ordynance Sanct* Iohn 
Pe ewangelist til Epheson 
Passit agane, of preson fre 
Lowsit, ]?ar weil ressawit was he. 1040 

1033. And t>e generall deidis ilkane 1035. foundyt] fundyn RL ; il] will 
E a . L ; For Jsii foundit of ewill will E 9 . 

1034. Don befor] Before done R, 1036. by lauche] by the lauche 
Forouth done L. RLE 3 ; forowtyn skylle RL. 



Off >e wedow >at maid hip mayne 
To the pychtuise emperour Traylane. 

AHUNDRETH ^eris and twa gane 
Fra God of Mary flesche had tane, 
A Greke borne of the regioun 

And of Athenis the gud tovne, 1050 

Alexander callit be name, 
A noble clerk and of gud fame, 
In Rome fully nyne }tre 
Twa monethis and four* dais cleir* 
Wes paip maid and held >at se, 
And of Sanct Petyr* first maid he 
A memor and of other ma, 
Off bischopis [in] his tyme alsua, 
And placis fair* of gret honour* 
He ordanit for thare sepulture. 1060 

Till all Cristin he prechit, 
And thraly with his lettres techit 
That befor all vther* thai 
Suld honour preistis be alway, 
For, he said, sen thai specialy 
f. 129 *• Vsit to God to sacrify, 

For J>at cauft thai suld with ]?aim tak 
Mair* deuotly for Goddis saik. 

1058. W. in otn. 

Chap. VI. (LXXIX. in A).— Awarist CEA. No heading in E a . See 
after I. 1074. 

1043. of] J>an by E 2 . 1060. be om. all ; in alkyne gre E 2 . 

1047. ]«] >at RE. 1062. ordand E 2 A. 

1050. in] in till E 2 , 1066. >at] J>at J>ai A; knawlage 

1058. til sacryfy] mak sacrefy E a . alL 



Of Anaclete and als Traian 
And [Ewarist] eontemporane. 

AHUNDYR $her* and twa gane Laing, 10S9 
Fra God of Mary flesche had tan*, 
Anaclete, of nacion 
A Greik, born* of ]>e region 
Off Athenys, nyne $her* 
Twa monethe and ten dayis cleyr 
Was pape of Rome, and helde J>e se, 
And of Sanct* Petyr J>an made he 
A memor, and til ojnr ma 

Bischopis in his tyme alsua 1050 

Steddis fayr of gret honour* 
He ordanyt for J>ar sepulture. 
Til al Cristyn men he prechit, 
And thraly wij? his letteris techit 
Pat befor al ojnr }>ai 
Sulde prestis halde in honour* ay, 
For, he said, sen }>ai specially 
Oyssit til God til sacryfy, 
Pai sulde neuir supprissit be, 
Bot be relewit in all degre, 1060 

And honowrit wi}>e ilka man. 
Pis Anaclete gert ordane J>an 
Pat qwhen }?ai jheide til sacryfy, 
Or do J?ar serwice dewotly 
To God, J?ai sulde wij>e ]>aim tak 
Wytnes J?at sulde knawlagw mak 
Pat J>ai sacryfyide weil 
And did }>ar dewore ilka deil. 

1067. )*u] )»i hade E a . 1068. did] done E 8 . 


He ordanit clerkis, with honour, 

To schaif thai? berd and male tonsure. 1070 

And eftir him, quhen he wes deid, 

3achary sat in his steid 

Ten 3eris and monethis sevin, 

And twa dais to rekin evin. 

TO thir* twa papis Schir Traiane 
Wes emperour contemporane, 
And nyntene jeris of }>e empyre 
Lestit lord, emperour and syre. 
All Asy, Babulone and Perse, 

And Inde als, as I herd reherse, 1080 

He our* raid and wan of weiw, 
And maid to Rome tributes. 
He gert als within J?e Reid Se 
A gret navyne gaderit be, 
Of Inde the merchis to distroy, 
The folkis of J?at land to noye. 
Of ]>e empyre the boundis braid 
Swa in till his tyme he maid 
Till all the Orient maid homage 
To Rome and payit thare trewage. 1090 

Men vsit for his worschip ay 
In commone proverb for to say, 
Quha happyar* ]?an Octoviane, 
Or quha euer better ]?an Traiane ? 
He wes als sa liberall, 
Sa luffand and sa speciall, 

1069. clerkis] clergy L ; for] wytht 1072. sat] raift L ; in] in till E 2 , in 
RL. to L. 

1070. wer*] vse E a L. 1074. ful om. RL. 

E a begins the chapter here. Chap. LXXVIII. :— 

Off the wedo J»t maid hir mayne 
To the richtuise empryour Traiane. 


He ordanyt clerkis, for honour*, Laing, 1067 

To schaiff J?ar berde and were tonsour*. 1070 

And eftyr hym, qwhen he was dede, 

Ewarist sat in his stede 

Ten $ere and monethis sewyn, 

And twa dayis ful to rekkyn ewyfi. 

f. 60 a. *TP*0 J?ir twa papis Schir Traiane 

JL Was emperour* contemporane, 
And nynteyne ^here of J?e impyn? 
Stude lorde, emperour* and syw. 
Al Asy, Babylon and Persse, 
And haile Inde, as I herde rahers, 1080 

He throw rade and wan of were, 
And >aim til Rome made tributer. 
He gert wi}>e in J>e Rede Se 
A gret nawyne gaderit be, 
Off Inde J?e marchis til destroye, 
And hail )>at lande for til anoye. 
Off J>e impyre J>e boundis brade 
Sa in his tyme he gert be made 
Pat al J?e Oryent made homage 
Til Rome and pay it J?ar [trewage]. 1090 

Men oyssit for his worschep ay 
In til Rome a prowerb say, 
Qwha happiar ]>an Ottovian, 
Or qwha euir bettyr J?an Traian ? 
He was als lyberalle, 
Sa luffande and sa specyalle 

1082. And made thame till Rome 1090. trewagrr C. 

tributere R ; And maid to Rome all 1092. In till comowne prowerbe 

tributer L. say R ; To common proverb say L ; 

1085. til] for till E a . In till commoun prowerb to say E 2 . 

1087. boundis] poundis L. 1094. Or] And E 9 . 

1089. made] did E; That all )»ir 1095-1100. cm. L. 

landis brocht pc waige E s . 1095. als] als sa RE 9 A. 


That about fer or neir*, 
Quhether sa haill or seik thai wan, 
f. i>> a. That in proper persone he 

Wes passand, there necessite noo 

He wald visit and amend, 
Apone thaim his gud dispend. 

Be thra counsall and felloune 
He maid gret persecutioune 
Off Cristin men, bot 3k he wes 
Commendit of gret rychtuisnes. 
The story sayis that in J?at tyde 
That he wes bovne in weir* to ryde, 
His fut he had in sterap set, 

One steid he lap, but langer* let ; 1 1 10 

Rycht by the fut a wif him gat, 
And kenely carpit efter ]>at : 
" Now," scho said, " schir emperour, 
Thow liffis in riches and honour, 
Weldand warldis welth at will, 
And I anoyit in angris ill, 
And ledis my lif but help of the, 
That dettit is to succour me. 
The comfort of my caire, my sone, 
Agane the law to dede is done ; 1 120 

Now, for the beild of thi honour, 
Thow do me law, schir emperour, 
Off thame )?at that innocent 
Has done to deid but iugisment." 
Till hir he ansuerd and said : " Dame, 
Als sone efter as I cum hame, 

1097. all om. R. See als wesy E a . 

1098. euir om. E 2 ; E omits whole 1101-2— 

line. On seik his gude he wald dispend 

1099. he] here E, ay he E a . And |>aim auisit and amend. L. 

1 100. ]>ar om. E a . 1102. gudis spende] gud dispende 

1101. Walde se, wesit] Walde he REE-A. 
wysyte R, Walde se and wiset A, 


Til all about hym, fere and nere, £<««?, 1095 

Qwhejrir euir hail or seik J?ai were, 

Pat in propyr person he 

Walde passe, and J>ar necessite 1 100 

Walde se, wesit and amende, 

And >ar apon his gudis spende. 

Be thra consail and fellon 
He made gret persecution 
Off Cristyn men, bot }it he wes 
Commendit of gret richtwisnes. 
Pe story sayis, ewyn in J>at tyde 
Pat til his weris for til ryde 
His fute he hade in sterape set 
On hors to lep, but ony let ; 1 1 10 

Be }>e but a wiflf hym gat, 
And sourly carpit eftyr ]>at : 
" Now," scho said, " schir emperoure, 
Thow liffis in riches and honours, 
Weildande warldis weltht at wil, 
And I, a noyit in angris ill, 
My lif ledis but helpe of J>e, 
Pat dettyt is to succour* me. 
Pe comfort of my care, my son, 
Agan }>e law to ded is don ; 1 1 20 

For J>e beylde of J>ine honour*, 
Pow do me law, schir emperoure, 
Off )?aim ]>at }?at innocent 
Has don to ded but jugement." 
To >at he anssuerde and said : " Dame, 
Als son agan as I cum hayme, 

1 1 10. Vpon his horft but ony let 1121-2. om.L. 
L. 1 121. lane] J« E", |ri A. 

mi. but] fute RL, bute E. 1123. >at )*tt] >at my E 8 ; I ask 

1 1 12. sourly] benely R, besely L, law of Jxtme >at innocent L. 
smertlie E 9 . n 24. To deid hes done but iuge- 

1 1 19. car<f] cor A. ment L. 



For thi sone I sail ger do 
That at law wald wer<? done tharrto." 
" Scher* emperour," J»n said this wi£ 
" Off thi ganecome with thi lif 1 130 

Art ]*>v sicker, or quhilk is he 
That borgh tharrfor will to me be ? " 
f. xy> 3. " Dame," J>an said the emperour, 

" Seik J?an to my successour, 
And for Jri sone I trow he will 
Of his det the law fulfill." 
This wif ansuerd him agane 
And said : " Schir emperour, I bid nocht layne, 
Of thi successour }>e deid 

May nouther the mend na thi meid, 1 140 

And tharrfor," said scho, " schir emperour, 
Thow art of law to me dettour, 
And gif that thi successour will 
His awne det in his tyme fulfill, 
3 it seker tharc of may )>ov nocht be ; 
Quhy suld )>ov set him }?an to me ? 
And his awne dettis for to qwite 
May nocht mend thi meid a myte." 
Out of his sterap he with that 

Drew his fut and doune he sat, 1 150 

And did full law and iugmnent 
Off J?aim J>at slew J>at innocent. 
It fell alsua ane other tyme 
His sone and aire did a fell cryme, 
Quharfor of law he suld haif bene 
Deprivit thare of baith his ene ; 
Than fra his sone he gert be tane 
Out of his hede of his ene ane, 

1 1 28. walde war] will be L. 1 138. \>i] par E. 

1 1 30. ganc] agane L. H39- said] )>an said E. 

1134-39. on;. L. 1 1 40. to me] my E a . 


For >i son I sal ger do Laing, llt5 

Pat law walde war don tharto." 
" Schir* emperour*," J>an said J>e wiff, 
" Oflf J>i gane coyme wij?e }>i liflf 1 130 

Art )>ou sickyr, or qwhilk is he 
Pat Jri borche wil J>ar of be ? " 
" Dame," J>an saide J?e emperour*, 
" Seik J>an to my successour* 
For J?i son, I trow he wil 
Oflf his det >e law fulfill." 
" Oflf ]n successoure J>e dede 
May noujrir payr na mende J>i meide," 
. Pe wif said : " Schir emperour*, 

Pow art of law to me dettourc, 1 140 

And gif J>i successour* wil 
f. 60 b. His awyn det in his tyme fulfille 

On na wise can J>ou sickyr be ; 
Qwhi sulde )>ou set hym J>an to me ? 
And al his awyn dete to qwyte 
May noucht amende \\ meyde a myte." 
Out of his sterape he wij?e ]>at 
Drew his fute and doun he lape, 
And did ful lauche and jugement 
OflfJ>aim J?at slew }>at innocent 1150 

Qwhen J>at wi^e )>e law his son 
For a trespasse J>at he had don 
Sulde haf leyssit his eyn twa, 
Ane he gert be tane of >a 

1141-44. om. L. 1 147. he]soneL. 

1144. sulde ]x>u] thow said R; 11 48. Drew] He drew RL, Drew 
Quhy Jan suld )x>u sett him to me out E* ; lape] sat LE 3 . 

E 2 . 1 149. iugirment E*. 

1 145. al om. R; Thi successour 1 152. a trespasse] ane exceft L. 
his det to quite L. 1 153. his 00*. R. 

1 146. amende] mend RLE; Jri 1 1 54. Ane] Ane e L. 
meyde] >e man L. 


And of his awne heid J>an gert he 

Rycht thar* be tane ane vther e, 1 160 

And, for to fulfill the law sua, 

Tynt and haldin wer eyne twa. 

In till his tyme Schir Placidas, 
That callit wes efter Schir Eustas, 
For worschip prince wes, ane chiftane 
Our* his knichtis euerilkane. 
f. 131 «. The clerk Planyus in his dayis 

Wrait till him, }>e story sais, 
That Cristin men on nakyne wise 
Suld he disheft nor supprift, 1 170 

For in J?aim, said he, wes nane ill, 
Na he couj? neuer fynd thar* will 
For to mak ony sacrifice, 
Na [do] honour on ony wift 
To mawmentis ; bot \*xc vse is ay 
To ryft vp oft befor J?e day 
And to thar* Crist full deuotly, 
He said, thai maid }>are sacrify, 
And haldis him God, and in him trowis, 
Na for na panys fra him bowis. n 80 

Fra J>in he sessit for to weide 
Aganis Cristin men in deid, 
Bot throu his persecutioun 
Mony sufferit the passioun 
Off dede, and tholit mertery, 
Throu fell counsall and tyrandry, 

1x74. W. till. 

1 1 56. til his son be] be til his sone 1 163. Off] Of al E. 
EE 9 AL ; leffide] leid E. 1168. na] or RL. 

1157-60. om.L. 1 169. he said] sayd he RL ; na 

1 1 59. law] lawys R ; ilka] euerilka iwil] nane yll R; iwil] il E; For 
E 2 ; And he J>e law weil ilka deil E. )»me he said was na ill E 2 . 

1 160. was] ware R; Gert kepit be 1 171. neuir] nevyr for R, for L; 
and haldin weil E. For till mak ony sacrifice E*A. 

1 161. >is]hisE 2 L. 


Fyrst out of his awyn hewide, Lfdng, 1153 

Pat ane mycht til his son be leffide, 

And ane left til hym self alsswa ; 

Sa tynt and haldyn war eyn twa, 

And \e law ilka deil 

Kepit was and haldyn weil. 1160 

In tyl J?is tyme Schir Placidas, 
Pat callyt was eftyr Sancte Eustas, 
Off his knychtis euirilkan 
For worschep prince was and chiftan. 
Pe clerk Plenyus in his dayis 
Wrat til hym, as J?e story sayis, 
Pat Cristyn men on nakyn wise 
He sulde dessese, na jhit supprysse, 
For in >aim, he said, was na iwil, 
Bot, neuir J?at he couythe fynde, J>ar wil 1 170 

Was neuir to mak sacrifice, 
Na do J>ar honour na J>ar serwice 
Til mawmentis ; bot ]>ar oysse was ay 
Lang* to rysse vp befor day, 
And \zx serwyce dewotly 
Honours, and til sacryfy 
Til Ihesu Criste of mychtis mast, 
Fadyr and Son and Haly Gast. 
Fra Jrine he cessit for to weide 
Agayne J?e Cristyn men in deide, 1 180 

But throw his persecucion 
Mony sufferit \t passion 
And payne of dede throw martyry, 
Off fel consail of terandry, 

1 172. na Jaur] na L; Na jitt do Cryst rycht A. 
honour na seruice E a . 1176. til] till hym all. 

1 1 74. befor] forrow E 8 ; To ryft vp 1 177-8. only in C. 
lang befoir |>e day L. 1 180. men in] in to E. 

1 1 75. And Jar serwyce] And than 1184. Off] And L, Throw E\om. 
thare Cryst RL, And )ore Criste E, E ; of] and RLE. 

And )»ir Crist rycht E 9 , And >ar to 


Befor J>at Planyus till him wrait, 
And commandit the Cristin stait 

This ilk emperour Schir Traiane 
Tuke )>e trewage of Brettane, 1 190 

And in his dayis Duchill raift, 
And king attour ]>e Pightis was 
Within ]>e kinrik of Scotland, 
And xx. winter wes regnand. 

And quhen that Schir Traiane wes deid 
Schir* Adriane raift in his steid, 
And wes to Cristin men felloune, 
And on J?aim maid persecutioun. 
Befor Traiane sa douchty wes 
F. 131 b. That be way of his rychttuisnes 1200 

Sanct Gregoure with gret deuotioun 
Maid for him speciall orisoune 
To God to ger his saull to be 
Out of hell deliuerit fre ; 
And efter thra prayeris he gat 
Full wittering of the angell of that, 
That God had herd his orisoune, 
And at his supplicatioun 
Traianyis saull wes out of hell, 

Quhar* it wes ordanit for to duell. 12 10 

Bot jit fra thi Sanct Gregour ay 
Had a gret seiknes mony day 
For his vnskilfull asking, 
And lestit ay till his ending. 

1 187. 

Schir] J»n schir E\ 

1203-4. om. L. 

1 188. 

trewage all. 

1204. And] And als E 2 . 

1 192. 

wyntyr] yhere R ; kyng*] in 

1207. |>at] thine RL, J>at tyme E 2 ; 

it E. 

ay] lay L. 

1 196. 

of] of his all. 

1208. his om. RE a ; In to lestand 

1 198. 

Maid richt speciale orisoun L. 

langing ay L. 


fre] he E 2 . 

1209. in om. RL. 


Befor >at Plynyus til hym wrat, Laing, 1181 

Commendande Cristyn mennys state. 

Pis emperour* Schir Traian 
Tuk ]?e trewag/V of Brettane, 
And in his tyme Duchil rasse, 
And attour* )>e Peychtis was 1 190 

Withe in >e kynrik of Scotlande, 
Twenty wyntyr kyng* regnande. 

And qwhen J^is emperour* was dede 
Schir Adrian rasse in his stede, 
Bot Traiane sa douchty was, 
And be waye of richtwisnes 
Sancte Gregor withe deuocion 
Made special and thra oryson 
Pat God walde grant his saule to be 
Out of hel delyuirit fre ; 1200 

And ful wyttyngtf J>ar of he gat 
Off ]?e angel eftyr >at 
Pat God had herde his oryson, 
And at his peticion 
Traianys saule was out of hel, 
Qwhar it condampnyt was to duell. 
Bot fra ]>at Sancte Gregor ay 
In til his lestyngi langour lay, 
And in paynys til his endyngf, 
f. 6z a. For his wanton thra askyng*. 12 10 

1 2 10. thra] and thra E 9 . A alone And J>e cause of Jris pete was 

adds the following lints ; cf. W. For* he hard of his rychtausnes 

For* qahy J>e angell bad hym cheis And of his lyf, and his gude deid, 

Owthir* Traianys saule to leys, And for* he thret was, as we reid, 

Or ellis to talc hyffi a seiknes, Be cruel consaill and fellone 

Sen his askyn vnskylfull wes ; To mak sic persecution 

And J>e feverw tyll hym tuk he, Off Crystyfi men, and noucht of will ; 

And sa he broucht J>e saule to gle. pis gart Sanct Gregor tak hym tyll 

And )>is was eftyr* fyv hundyr* ^eir* fat seiknes, and broucht hys saule to 
|>at S^ir Traiane was broucht on blys, 

beire ; Quhar* now baith/ he and he ay is. 


For quhy J>e angell bad him chesc 

Outbid Traianys saull to leise, 

Or ellis to tak him a seiknes, 

Sen his asking vnskilfull wes ; 

And )>e feueris till him tuke he, 

And sa he brocht >e saull to gle ; 1220 

And this efter v. hundreth $ere 

That Schir Traiane wes brocht on beir* ; 

And the cauft of Jris pete was 

For he herd of his rychttuisnes, 

And of his lif, and of his deid, 

For he thret wes, as we reid, 

Be cruell counsall and felloune, 

To mak sic persecutioun 

Off Cristin men, and nocht of will 

This gert Sanct Gregour tak him till 1230 

That seiknes, and brocht his saull to bliss, 

Quhar* now he and he baith is. 


f. i 3 a a. Off the emperour Schlr Adryane 

And of Antone the myld as ane. 

A HUNDRETH and xxii. )tre 
Efter J>e byrth of our Lord deire, 
Alexander, paip of Rome, 
And kepare of all Cristindome, 
Five monethis and viii. ^en? 
And twa dais als, to rekin cleirc, 
In till the papis segis sat ; 

Chap. VII. (LXXIX. in E 2 , LXXX. in A).— E a A = W. Schir om. A; 
myld as] myldis E 2 . 



Off Alexander and Adrian, 
Slxt, Teleffor, and myld Antan. 

AHUNDYR and twa and twenty jher* Laing, ltts 
Eftyr )>e byrthe of our Lorde deyr, 
Alexander, pape of Rome, 
And kepar of al Cristyndoym, 
V. monethe and aucht ^her* 
And twa dayis ml, to rekkyn cleyr, 
In to ]>e papis [seige] set ; 

1 212. byrthe om. R. als but weir L. 

1213. the pape R. 1217-20. om. L. 
1216. fill om. EE 8 ; And tua days 1217. seig&CA. 


Bot syne it waikit efter that is 

Fully five and thretty dais. 

He ordanit, as Frew Martyne sais, 

Watter and salt till hallowit be ; 

Haly watter sa fyrst maid he 

With effectuouse orisonis 

Agane all euill temptationis. 

And syne he bad efter als fast 

The haly watter in houssis cast, 

And at haly watter ay 

Suld be maid ilk Sonday. ia 

In to the meft he ordanit syne 

The watter suld be put in wyne ; 

The breid als that vsit suld be 

Round, of litill quantite, 

And bot of flour* and watter cleir*, 

And but ony vther* mater*, 

He ordanit J>an, and efter his day 

That haly kirk hes vsit ay. 

And syne in till the cannone he 

Maid of the raeft Qui pridie, is 

That jit is vsit to be said 

Quhen J>e chesabill is vplaid 
L* Befor the eleuatioun, 

y ' Syne makis the consecratioun. 

$ f. 13a 3. This emperour Schir Adryane 

k Gert this pape Alexander be tane, 

j) And presonyt him in pyt to pyne ; 

Throu mertyrdome he slew him syne. 
And thus quhen Alexander wes dede, 

1 219. jher* om. R ; Fullelie fyftene temptatioun E a . 

dayes E 9 . 1 231. ost] the oyst RLA. 

1222. And haly watter sa maid to 1232. and om. RE. 

be L. 1233. Bot] Maid E ; and] and of 

1223. orisoun E a . 1234. And] All E 2 , om. L; A 


Bot syne it wakyt eftir >et Laing % ItSt 

Fully v. jherf and thretty dayis. 

He ordanyt, as Freyr Martyne sayis, 1220 

Wattyr and salt til halowit be ; 
Haly wattyr sa fyrst made he 
Withe effectuousse orysonnys 
Agane al il temptacionys. 
Syne he bad at men sulde fast 
Pat wattyr in ]?ar houssis cast, 
And J?at haly wattyr ay 
Sulde be made on J>e Sonday. 
In to ]>e messe he ordanyt syne 
Pe watyr to be put in wyne ; 1230 

Pe brede als J?at ost sulde be 
Rounde and of litil qwantyte, 
Bot of flour and wattyr cleyr, 
And but ony ojrir mater, 
He ordanyt, and eftir his day 
Pe kyrk has oyssit J>at mater ay. 
Syne in to ]>e canon he 
Mad of J?e messe Quipridie, 
Pat is sa oyssit to be saide 

Qwhen jhe se J>e chessabil laide, 1240 

And ]>e prest makis hym bowne 
To mak J?e leuacion. 
Pe emperoure Schir Adryane 
Gert Alexander )>is pape be tan*, 
And presonyt hym in harde pyne ; 
Throw martyry he slew hym syne. 

Pus qwhen Alexander was dede, 

1235. and] pis and E 9 . 1239. sa] ay EE fl , om. RA ; That 

1236. J»t mater ay] that manere ay vsit to be said L. 

RE, it all way E 9 ; The kirk syne hes 1242. eleuacioun EE 9 . 

kepit ay L. 1245. > n harde] in to gret RL. 

1237. Syne] Syne of L ; J* om. E*. 1247. fus] This E". 

1238. Of >e meft maid E. 


The pape Sixt sat in his steid 1270 

Ten Beris and monethis thre, 

And ane and twenty dais fre. 

Bot or that Alexander wes pape, 

Or of Rome wes maid bischape, 

This emperour Schir Adriane 

Off the empire the stait had tane, 

And liffit in eise and honour 

Ane and twenty 3eris emperour*. 

Ierusalem in his tyme gert he 

Weill agane vpbiggit be, 1280 

Bot the Iowis he held ay 

In subiectioun till his end day. 

He wes avenand man and abill, 

And in all haiffingis honorabill, 

And maid lawis imperiall, 

And wes waill wyft in gouernall. 

A gret pyllare he gert be maid 

In Rome, and thereon his name maid. 

To ]?e emperour Schir Traiane 
Nixt nychtboure wes Adriane; 1290 

At Traiane ay he had invy 
That he wes luffit sa specially ; 
For ]?at invy [gret] landis seire, 
That to the empyre wonnyng were, 
As Babulone and Ermeny, 
And all the landis of Surry, 
Throu vertu and wit of Traiane, 
This emperour Schir Adriane 
f. 133 a. Leiffit, and swa set him sone 

For all Denmerk till haue done ; 1300 

1293. W. gert. 

1248. f>e om. E. 1252. Or Jitt of Rome maid bischop 

1249. Thre CEA, Ten RLE 2 . E*. 

1 25 1. }»t om. E 2 ; Bot or Alexander 126a end day RE 2 , 
was pape sir Adriane L. 1262. his om. RL. 

1252-3. om. L. 1263-4. om. C. 



Pe pape Sixt sat in his stede Laing, mt 

[Ten] 3her* and monethis thre, 

And ane and twenty dayis fre. 1250 

Bot or ]?at Alexander was pape, 

Or of Rome was made bischape, 

The emperoure Schir Adryane 

Off ]>e impyr* al state had tan, 

And liffit in worschep and honour* 

Twenty and a jher* emperour*. 

Ierusalem in his tyme he 

Gert agane weil biggit be, 

Bot )>e Iowis he helde ay 

Vndyr 30k til his enday. 1260 

He was awenande and abile, 

And in al his dedis honerabyle, 

[And made lawys imperialle, 

And wes rycht wis in govemalle] ; 

And a pillar gert [he] be made 

In to Rome, J?at his nayme on hade. 

Pis emperour Schir Adryane 
Wes ner newow til Traiane, 
Bot at his state he had inwy 

Pat he was luffit sa specially ; 1270 

For ]?at inwy gret landis seyr, 
Pat to ]>e emperour* wonnyng* weyr, 
Haly Babilon and Armony, 
And al ]?e landis of Surry, 
Throw [wyt] and wertu of Traian, 
Pis emperour* Schir Adrian 
f. 61 b. Lewit, and swa set hym son 

Off al Denmark til haf don ; 

1265. And] Apon L ; gert be C, he 1273. Haly] Hale RLA, As E a . 
gert be RL, gart he be E a . 1275. w y* **• C ; wyt and om. E ; 

1266. on om. RLE 3 . wertu and wyt A. 

1270. he om. RLA. 1 278. Off al] And of all E 9 , And all 

1272. eropyre REA. >e L ; don] vndone E 9 . 



Na wer* his counsall maid him let 

And him on vthiri purpofi set 

All >e tyme of his empyre, 

That he of Rome wes lord and syre, 

And liffit in quyet and in pefc, 

And weill letterit man he wes ; 

Baith of Latyne and of Grew 

He wes weill langagit, and in Hebrew. 

He mony rychtwift lawis maid, 

And in Athenis ordanit he had 

Off full fair* werk a gret library ; 

He bad at nane sa hardy war* 

Cristin men for to supprift, 

Or )>ame to cryme on ony wyft, 

Bot gif ]>at pruf agane ]>aim maid, 

And >e law J?aim convickit had 

The kirk in his tyme Orientall 

The oift of seruice changeit haill 

Into the langage than of Grew, 

Out of the langage of Hebrew. 1320 

Sanct Ierome and vther* doctouris syne 

Translatit it in to Latyne. 

He ekit gretly ]?e tresoure, 

And held his knychtis in honour ; 

Off Ierusalem quhen he 

Had all biggit the cete, 

He gert ourr all that steid 

Quharr Crist tholit passioun of deid, 

And Cristin men ay levit he 

Within that steid to haif entre ; l 33o 

Bot he wald grant on nakyne wift 

To the Iowis J>at franchis. 

1281. Jris] the RLE' J A. 1291. on] in EAL. 

1288. at] in RLE 2 A. 1292. Till displeit or jit supprift 

1289. A CE, Off RLE 2 A ; werk] L. 

lettir L. 1297. )* ° m - RLA ; langagw C. 


Na war his consaile maide hym let Laing, lt9$ 

And hym in oJ?ir purposse set. 1280 

Al Jris tyme of his impyr*, 

Pat he of Rome was lorde and syrc, 

He liffit in qwyet and in pesse, 

And a weil letterit man he was, 

Baythe of Latyne and of Grew ; 

He was weil facunde in Ebrew. 

He mony richtwisse lawis made, 

And at Athenys he ordanyt hade 

[Off] fayr werk a gret library; 

And bad J>at nane sa hardy war 1290 

Cristyn men on ony wysse 

For ony cryme for to supprysse, 

Bot giff leil pruff agayn J>aim made, 

And ]?e law conwickyt J?aim hade. 

Pe kyrk in his tyme Oryentale 

Pe oysse of serwice changit hail 

In to \>e [langage] al of Grew, 

Out of ]>e [langage] of Ebrew. 

He ekyt gretly )>e tresourc, 

And helde his knycbtis in honour*; 1300 

Off Ierusalem qwhen he 

Had al vp biggit J?at cite, 

He gert wal in al }>at stede 

Qwhar Criste his passion tholit of dede, 

And Cristyn men ay tholit he 

Withe in ]>e towne to mak entre ; 

Bot he walde grant on nakyn wisse 

To ]?e Iowis ]>at franchisse. 

1298. langagw C. Quhare Cryst tholyt passyone of deid 

1299. ekyt] heit L. A. 

1 301. qwhen] quhen ]»t E 9 . 1305. tholit] lewyt RL. 

1302. vp om. E ; >at] the RLEE*. 1306. WiJ>in p&t steid to half entre 
1304. his] the RLE; Quhair >at A. 

Cryst passioun tholit of deid E 9 ; 1307. on]offREA. 


f. i 33 3. Quhen his barnage come him till, 

And said him that it wes thar* will, 
And gaif him for full counsall all 
Cesar* August his sone to call, 
He said it mycht suffice J>at he 
Him self >at stude in that degre, 
And but dissert regnyt emperour, 
Thocht J?at stait and that honour 1340 

Wer nocht spilt in sic ane vthen?, 
Quhether )>at he wer* sone or broker. 
Thar* suld na stait succeid be blude, 
Bot thar* wer* vnder vertew gud ; 
A lord borne without merit, 
He said, is nocht worth a myte ; 
A king of byrth and vnworthy 
Regnys, he said, vnhappely ; 
The fader, he said, he couth weill pruf, 
Dispol;eis ]>e sone of fader luf, 1350 

Mare chargis on his bak to lay 
Than he may meitly beir* away ; 
For sa he settis his besynes 
To smore his sone be lyklynes, 
And vnder birth him to supprift, 
But help of him with it to ryft. 
For thy suld men in }>are 3outhheid 
Be techit weill to pruf in deid, 
And follow the effect of thare lard 
Quham in )>ai saw vertu in ward ; 1 360 

And gif thai grew sa in valew 
Throu wit, worschip and vertew, 

1309. )>e] his REE a A ; barnag/V 131 8. Wer he son or wer bruther 

C. L. 

131 1. And] A A ; him om. RE. 1319. far] He E. 

13I3« |>at it] it RLE 2 . 1320. vndyr] wondyre A; Bot pad 

13 16. t>ocht sic estait and sic war vertuuft and wounder gude E 2 . 
honour L. I3 2 3"46. om. L. 


Qwhen J>at ]>c [barnage] coym hym til, Laing t ists 
And said hym ]>at it was ]?ar wil, 13 10 

And ful consail J>ai gaif him al 
Cesar August his son to call, 
He said J?at it sulde suffice >at he 
Agane his wil stude in ]>at gre, 
And but dissert regnyt emperour*, 
Pouche J>at state and ]>at honours 
War noucht spylt in swylk ane ojrir, 
Qwhejrir euir he war son or brol>ir. 
Par sulde na state succede be blude, 
Bot ]>ar war vndyr uertu gude ; 1320 

A lorde born* wi)?e out meryt 
Is noucht worthe, he said, a myte ; 
A kyng* of byrthe and wnworthy 
Regnys, he said, wnhappely ; 
Pe fadyr, he said, he couythe weil pruff, 
Dispoil3eide ]>e son of fadyr luff, 
Mar chargis on his bak to lay 
Pan he mycht lichtly ber* away ; 
For swa he settis his besynes 

To smore his son be lyklynes, 1330 

And wndyr byrthe hym to supprysse, 
But helpe of hym wi]?e it to rysse. 
For J?i men sulde in J>ar ^outheide 
Be techit weil, swa preyflf in deide, 
And ]?e effec oysse of ]?ar lar 
Qwhar in befor ]?ai foundar war*, 
Giff ]>at []>ai] grew sa of walew 
Throw wit, worschep and wertu, 

1326. of >e faderis lufe E a . 1336. foundar] oysyd R, foundit E, 

1330. smore] smar ? E, succour fundin E a . 

E a . 1337- J** cm. E; yow = J>ow? 

1 33 1. wndyr] wyndyr R. CEA ; grew] grow E; of] of sic 

1333. men sulde] suld men RE a . E*. 

1334. preyrT] pruffit E a . 



That thai were like Jwrim to exceid, 
That thai in honours wald preceid, 
Than suld J»i dyne as thai wen; cald, 
And stedfastly thar* steppis [hald] 
f. 134 «. In to >at hicht quhill thai wen? set, 

That thai Jaune presit befor to get, 
Than regne and rewill than? rialte 
With luf and laiges, and leill lawte. 1370 

Quhillis Schir Adriane regnit thus, 
The philosophour Secundos 
Wes in his flouris and his stait ; 
Bot his sentens all he wrait, 
For strait silens he held ay ; 
The cauft thartof I bid nocht say, 
For 3e may fynd in his buke, 
Gif 3e will in his tretifi luke. 

In till his tyme, as I herd tell, 
Our* the Pightis Wordegell 1380 

Raift, and king wes of Scotland 
Twenty winter haill regnand. 

IN till Jris Ad ry an is dais 
Sext, as J?e corniklis sais, 
Wes pape of Rome, and ordanit ay 
Sanctus at )>e meft to say 
Forouth )>e leuacioun, 
And efter }>e prefacioun. 
He ordanit als the corporall 
Offclene lynt to be maid haill, 1390 

1366. W. had. 

1340. It mycht be knawin weill be 1346. leil] als E a , om. R ; leaute] 
)MLir deid E a . bewte E. 

1 34 1, fan suld \ni A; calde] tauld 1347. Schir] )»t Schir A, J»t L; 
E*. regnyt] was regnand E 9 . 

1344. }KLiom.E. 1349. flowrys RLE 2 ; and in his] 

1345. in] thaire R. and his RLE 9 . 


Pat >ai war lik J?aim til excede Laing, I35,i 

Pat J>ai in honour walde precede, 1340 

Pan J?ai sulde clymbe as ]?ai war calde, 
And stedfastly ]?ar steppis halde 
In to J>at hicht qwhil J>ai war set, 
Pat }?ai )>aim pressit befor to get, 
Pan regne and rewil in ryalte, 
f. 62 «. Withe luff and lauche, and leil leaute. 

Qwhen Schir Adryan regnyt )>us, 
Pe philosophour* Secundus 
Was in his flour* and in his state ; 
Bot his sen tens al he wrate, 1350 

Sa strayt silens he helde ay ; 
Pe causse J>ar of I wil noucht say, 
For ^he may finde it in his buk, 
Giff }he wil in his tretice luk« 

In til his tyme, as I herde tel, 
Our J?e Peychtis Wordegel 
Rasse, and kyng* was in Scotlande 
Twenty wyntyr in it regnande. 

IN til ]ris Adryanys dayis 
Sixt, as J>e cornykillys says, 1360 

[Was] pape of Rome, and ordande ay 
Sanctus at J?e messe to say 
Next eftyr J>e prefacion, 
Befor ]?e leuacion. 
He ordanyt als ]>e corporalle 
Off cleyne lynt to be maide haille, 

1351. Sa] For RLAE 9 , Fra E. 1355. as] all E. 

1352. causse] cas R. 1358. in it] hale RL. 

1353.4— 1361. Was om. CEE 9 A; and] he 

Quha sa will his tretyll luke E 3 . 
For |»i may fynd it in his bake. L. 1362. at] thryft at E 2 . 

1354. in] all RE a . 1363-4. reversed LE 3 . 


Fair* and quhit, foroutin lit, 

And als >at nane suld handill it, 

Nor nakyne thing that hallowit war*, 

As chalis, towell or altar*, 

Bot thai that ministerit it in >at degre, 

And ordanit war* and had pouste. 

And efter him, quhen he wes dede, 
Thelesslour sat in till his steid 
Thre monethis and xi. ^ere, 

And xxii. dais neir*. 1400 

f. 1343. He first ordanit to fast ay 

Sex wolkis haill befor Pasche day, 

And Gloria in excelsis he 

Ordanit at the meft to be 

Said, and on the 3"le day 

He bad thre mefies be said ay : 

At cokcraw the first mefi, 

For Crist in J>at tyrne borne wes ; 

The to]>er syne ordanit he 

In the dawing songing to be, 14 10 

For J>at tyme Crist in clathis clene 

Wes sweyllit and with hirdis sene, 

And worschippit full deuotly, 

As Luke beris witnes verrayly; 

Syne the thrid meft of )>at day 

Efter terce he ordanit ay 

To be songin, quhen at J>e licht 

Off our redemptioun shynit brycht. 

1370. As chalis E 2 ; or] na LA, 1376. And twenty als days cleir 
nor E. L. 

1371. in J>at] in thare RL ; degre] 1377. for om. EAL. 

gre all, 1 378. Sax A ; hail om. E 2 L. 

1372. And thair to als had pouste 1380. to] suld E\ E 2 adds two 
L. lines — 

1374. TelefTorus E 2 , Telfare A. Said and sing in all degre 

l 37S' ellewyn] twenty L. WiJ> sair and greit solempnite. 


Fayr and qwyt, but ony lit, Laing, 1381 

And als J>at nane sulde handil it, 

Na nakyn thyng* J?at halowit war, 

Chalice, towale or altar*, 1370 

Bot J*ai )?at mynystride in )?at degre, 

And ordanyt war and had pouste. 

AND eftyr hyra, qwhen he was dede, 
l Telefor sat in his stede 
Thre monethis and ellewyn 3her*, 
And twa and twenty dayis cleyr. 
He ordanyt men for to fast ay 
Sewyn woukkis hail befor Pasche day, 
And Gloria in excelsis he 

Ordanyt at J?e messe to be 1380 

Said, and on 3 oil day 
He bad thre messis be said ay : 
At ]>e kokcrawe J?e fyrst mess*, 
For Crist in J>at time born* was ; 
Pe toJ?ir syne ordanyt he 
In to ]>e dawyng* to songyn be, 
For J?at tyme Criste in clathis cleyn 
Was suelyt and wij?e hirdis seyn, 
And anowrnyt dewotly, 

As Luk beris witnes werraly ; 1390 

Syne J?e thride messe of )?at day 
Eftyr tersse he ordanyt ay 
To be said, qwhen )?at ]>e licht 
Of our* redempcion schynyt bricht. 

1 38 1. on] on the RL; And syne A. 

apoun gude 3ule day E a . 1388. suedleit E 9 ; the hyrdys R. 

1383. At] And at E 9 . 1389. ^ewotly] dowtly E. 

1384. in] that in R. 1393-4* **• L. 

1385. syne] mese syfi A, mefl L. 1394. schynyt om. R. 

1386. In to] In RL; songyn to be 


A N 

k ND efter that Schir Adriane 

Fair* deid deit in Chawrapane, 14*0 

Antone the myld of the empyr* 
Stude emperour*, and lord and syre ; 
Thretty jeris and monethis thre 
In to Rome )at stait held he. 
Mawch he wes till Adriane, 
And to all Cristin men ilkane 
He wes rycht mekle and of gud will ; 
Forthy that name wes gevin him till, 
That myld Antone thai vsit all 
And thar; fader him to call. 1430 

And als in his tyme landis seirc, 
That oblist to gret dettis were, 
Off J>ar* dettis he maid >aim fre, 
Bot )?ar* homage ay still held he. 
f. 135 m. The medicynaw, Galiene be name, 
In his tyme wes of gret fame, 
And Tholonus in astronomy 
Wes )?an commendit gretumly. 
And l?at tyme alsua Pompeyus, 

That be name wes callit Trogus, 1440 

A speciall kynd of natioune, 
Commendit wes of gret renovne ; 
Off all the warld ]?an ]?e storyis 
Fra Nynus king begouth to ryse 
Till )?at tyme of Octoviane 
All ]?e warld to J?e em pyre wan, 
This Pompeyus in Latyne 
Cornykillit, and devisit syne 

>395- J»t om. A. 

1403. Meik he wes and L. 

1396. Fayr om. L ; Fair deid deyt 

1404. was giffyn] }>ai gaif A. 

in Schampane E 2 . 

1406. J>ar] J^airfor L. 

1397. And Antone E 2 . 

1407. In his tyme als L. 

1398. bathe om. E a ; Emperour wes 

141 1. be] off R ; That tyme Galyen 

and lord and sire L. 

be nayme L. 

1 399. 1 400. reversed in L. 



A N 

k ND eftyr >at Schir Adryan Laing % 1409 

Fayr dede in to Champayne, 
Anton J>e mylde of >e impyr* 
Stude emperour*, bathe lorde and syr* ; 
Thretty 3her* and monethis thre 
In to Rome J>at state helde he. 1400 

Mawiche he was til Adryane, 
And til al Cristyn men ilkan 
He was richt meik and of gud wil ; 
For ]>\ )>at nayme was giffyn hym til, 
Pat mylde Anton )>ai oyssit all 
And >ar fadyr hym to call 
And als in his tyme landis seyr, 
Pat oblist to gret dettis weyr, 
Off J>ar det he maid J>aim fre, 
Bot 3it J>ar homage ay helde he. 14 10 

Pe medycynar*, Galyen be naym, 
f. 6a b. Was in his tyme of grett faym, 

And Tholome in astronomy 
Was \2Si commendyt gretumly. 
And J>at tyme als Pompeyus, 
Pat callit be suraayme was Trogus, 
A Spanyalle kynde of nacion, 
Commendit was of gret ranown ; 
Of all J>e warlde J>e storysse 
Fra Nynus kyng* begouythe to rysse 1420 

Til Jait tyme >at Ottovian 
Pe warlde al to J>e impyr* wan, 
Pis Pompeyus in Latyn 
Cornyclide, and dewisit syn* 

141 2. grett] sa gret A; Wes in be surname was callit E 2 ; £>attoname 

medicine of grete fame L. wes callit L. 

1414. Was J*n] That was E a ; Jwm] 1417. A] Off E a ; of] be EE 1 , om. A. 
I*t tyme L ; gretumly] greitly L. 1419. And of E 9 . 

141 5. als om. L. 1422. alow. L; £e warlde al] That 

14 1 6. snrnayme] name RA ; That all J* warlde E 9 . 


That in fourty bukis and four*; 

There eftcr Iustyne, >at red J*um our*, 145° 

Abregit all >ai gret storyis 

In smallarc and in gret tretift. 

This myld Antone vsit to say 

That him had fere lever* alway 

A man of his to saue vnslane 

Than of his fais to sla agane 

For a man a thousand haill, 

How euer J?e vre jeid of batalL 

Antone J?e myld, the eraperour, 
All tyme to gud men did honour, 1460 

He had a dochter hecht Faustyne, 
Fair* of face, and fassone fyne ; 
In till hir play anis scho past, 
Scho saw quhar* men wer fechtand fast ; 
One ane of )>aim scho set hir luf, 
For manhud at scho saw him prufe, 
And brint in luf sa straitly 
That seik baith scho wes and sary, 
And in poynt for to beyne dede, 
k. 135^. Bot scho had soner gottin remeid. 1470 

Hir husband forthy fra Calde 
Gert medycenaris fechit be, 
To se and wit quhat malady 
Travalit his wif full fellonly. 
Quhen }>ai come and had sene hir weill, 
And scho had tald )>aim euerilk deill 
The manerc of hir malady, 
Thai gaif hir counsall halely 

1426. eftir] eft REA. 1436. Alwaye to] Till L ; did] did 

1427. Abbrewyt A. ay L. 

1428. to <?///. REE 2 A ; storysse 1 438. Sche wes of face baith fair 
CE. and fyne L. 

143a few lewar] for laubour E a . 1443- lust] lufe E a , haist L; straytly] 

1433. |>at om. R. haitly L. 



Pa in fourty bukys and four*; Laing y 1439 

Par eftir Iustyne, J>at rede J>aim our*, 

Abbregit al J?a gret storys 

In smallar and in to les [tretys]. 

Pis mylde Anton oyssit to say 

Pat fere lewar he had alwaye 1430 

A man of his to sauff wnslayn 

Pan of his fais to sla agayn 

For >at a man a thousande haile, 

How euir ]>e werde 3heide of bataile. 

Anton J>e mylde, )?is emperourc, 
Alwaye to gud men did honour*. 
He had a douchtyr callit Faustyne, 
Off face fayr, and of fasson fyne ; 
In til hir solace as scho past 
Scho saw qwhar men war fechtande fast, 1440 

On ane of )>a scho set hir luf, 
For manheide at scho saw hym pruff, 
And brynt in lust sa stray tly 
Pat baythe scho seik was and sary, 
And al lyk for to be dede, 
Bot giff scho sonnar gat ramede. 
Hir husbande J?arfor of Calde 
Gert medycynaris son fechit be, 
To se and ken qwhat malady 
Trawalyt his wif sa gretumly. 1450 

Qwhen )?ai coyme and had seyn hir weill, 
And scho had taulde J>aim ilka deyl 
Pe mater of hir maledy, 
Pai gaf hir consail fullely 

1444. baythe scho] sche richt L. richt greitly L. 

1445. And lyke alhaill to haue bene 145 1. weill] will E 2 . 

deid L. 1 454. gaf om. R ; hir] for RLE 9 ; 

1447. Calde] tailje E 8 . fullely] halyly RL. 
145a his wif] hir E 9 ; sa gretumly] 


The man at sa his manheid pruffit, 

And at scho sa straitly luffit, 1480 

To be slane, and syne his blude 

In till a weschall tycht and gud 

Suld be put syne haistely, 

And wesche tharwith our* hir body 

With J>at blude till it were hait 

And sa J>ai did without debait, 

And quhen J>ai had on >at wift done 

Hir temptatioun cessit sone, 

And scho couerit of hir malady, 

And left hir foly fantasy. 1490 

Bot methink heir* wes litill skill, 

That J?ai suld for hir wanton will 

Sla a saikles man but law. 

Thert wes of God bot litill aw, 

For, gif ony suld haif bene slane, 

It suld haif bene scho in certane, 

Erarc >an he J>at maid na cauft ; 

Bot it is said in commone sawis 

That mastry mawis J?e medow doune ay, 

And sa fell heir*, ]?e suth to say. 1 500 

All }>is tyme in to Scotland 
Attour }>e Pightis wes regnand 
Derwolkchet, our* )>aim king 
Fourty winter, but lesing. 

f. 136 a, TN this tyme Thelesflorus 

A The pape deit, and Ygynyus 

Four jeris and monethis thre 

In Rome he held the papis se. 

He maid and ordanit the clergy 

Discrivit be greis properly. 15 10 

The god fader he bad alsua, 

Or the god inoder, barnis to ta 

1457. To] Suld E a . 1458. tycht] thik LE*. 


Pe man J>at swa his manheide pruffide, Laing, 1469 

And >at scho sa straytly luffit, 

To be slayne, and syne his blude 

In til a weschael tycht and gude 

Sulde be put, and syne hastely 

Pai sulde our wesch al hir body 1460 

Withe l?at blude qwhil it war [hat]. 

Al )ws Jwri did wij>e out debat, 

And qwhen >is consail was al don 

Hir temptacion cessit son, 

And cuueryt weil of hir malady, 

And left hir folyis fantasy. 

AL >is tyme in to Scotlande 
. Pe Peychtis duelt and war regnande, 
And Dekochet J>an of )?aim kyngi 
Had fourty jtitre J>e gouernyng*. 1470 

IN to Jris tyme Tholefferus 
Pe pape dede, and Ignyus 
Four 3her* and monethis thre, 
Qwhen he was ded, J>at stat helde he. 
He made and ordanyt J?e clergy 
Distynyt be greis propyrly. 
Pe godfadyr he bad alsua, 
And J>e god modyr, ]>e barnys ta 

1459. and syne] syne RE A; Als 1466. folyis] folys R, foly EA, 

suld be put haistely E 9 foulle E 9 . 

146a Thai suld wesche oure hyr 1470. ]*] thaire R. 

body REA ; And \ai suld wesche our 147 1. to] all A ; Thelesforus RA. 

hir body ; And syne wesche our hir 1472. I>e om. E ; and] )«n A. 

body L. 1474. Eftir his deit L. 

1461. wat CE. 1475. made ^ om - L J He mad 

1462. Al >us] All Iris E 9 , And pis ordanyt be clergy E. 

L. 1476. Distynyt] Dystynct RE 9 , Dis- 

1463. And om, L ; qwhen om. R. tinguit L. 

1464. cessit] Jxui seyssyt E 9 . 1478. And] Or RLE 9 ; ta] to ta 

1465. weil om, L. A. 


Off the fount quhen thai hovin were. 

He ordanit alsua >at manere 

Quhen barnys suld confermyt be. 

And syne in generall letter he 

Off God and manis vnyoune 

In Cristis incarnatioun 

He wrait to be haldin ay, 

But ony dout, of Cristin fay. 1520 


How Pasche day wes ordanit to be 
One the Sonday solempnyte. 


*ILL the pape Ygynyus 
Nixt succedit Schir Pyus ; 
Xi. jeris and monethis fouiY, 
And xxi. dais oure, 
Paip of Rome he verray was. 
In his letteris he said Hermes, 
A doctour gret of Cristin fay, 
That weill wes letterit in his day, 
Said ]>at ane angell brycht and quhit, 
In till a hirdis price habit, 1530 

Apperit and gaif bidding ay 
Pasche to mak apon Sonday ; 
Forthy, of oure auctorite, 
We appruf that solempnyte 
Ilk 3er* to be done ay, 
f. 136 b. As courft rynnis, on J>e Sonday. 

1480. pe] that RLE a A. L. 

1482. a] all A ; in generale letteres i486, for] off RL. 

Chap. VIII. (LXXXI. in A, LXXX. in E 2 ).— No chapter in RL. 
AE 2 =W. One the Sonday] Of )>e Sonday A, On ]>e Sonday wi> E 2 . 


f. 63 a. Off J>e fant qwhen howyn J>ai war*. Laing, 149s 

He ordanyt alsua }>e maner 1480 

Qwhen barnys sulde confermyt be. 
Syne in a generalle lettyr he 
Off God and mannys wnyowne, 
And Cristis incarnacion, 
He wrat to be haldyn ay, 
But ony dout, for Cristyn faye. 


Off >e pape Pyus ^he may heyr 
Next folowande in >is chapteyr. 

TIL J>e pape Ignyus 
Next succedit Schir Pyus ; 
Ellewyn jher* and monethis four*, 
And ane and twenty dayis our*, 1490 

Pape of Rome he werray was. 
In til his lettyr he said Hermes, 
A doctour gret of Cristyn faye, 
Pat was weil letteryt in his day, 
Said )?at ane angel bricht and qwhit, 
In til ane hirdis pur; habyte, 
Apperit and gaf biddyng* ay 
Pask to mak apon Sonday ; 
For )?i, of our* auctorite, 

We appruff )?at solempnyte 1 500 

Ilk jhere to be don ay, 
As coursse rynnys, on ]>e Sonday. 

1487. Ignyus] )>an Igneus E 3 . 1495. Said om. E a . 

1492. In hys lcttrys RL, And in his 1496. pur;] propyr* A. 

letiyr* A ; he] as E a . 1498. apon] on pe EE a . 

1494. was weil] welle was R. 1 501. Ilka RE 9 . 



Off Marcus Antonyus 

And of his bro>er Aurelyus. 

MARCUS than Antonyus, 
And his broker Aurelyus, 
Emperouris and lordis were 

Off J>e empyre xix. jew; 1540 

And of Rome the empyr* swa 
Wes devisit betuix J>aim twa, 
Bot quhen Aurelyus the dede had tane, 
Marcus Antonyus him allane 
Held and gouernyt J>e empyr*. 
All Asy our* fra Tarft to Tyre, 
Inde and all }>e Orient, 
And gret part of ]>e Occident, 
He gert pay contributioun. 

Bot mony tholit the passioun 1 S5o 

Off martyrdom e for Cristin fay 
Wndyr* [him] ; jit wes he ay 
Off gret wit and stabilnes, 
For nane mycht ken ]?at euer he wes, 
For ony word or cauft hapnyng, 
Changeit in his assembling. 
With mesour and benignyte 
All his landis tretit he ; 
And all tyme commendit wes 
Off worschip, honour, and larges. 1560 

1552. W. him om. 

After line 1502 : Chap. LXXXI. in 1506. and] and als E 2 . 
E 2 , LXXXII. in A. E 2 = W, no rubric 1508. J>an] Than wes RLA, Was E s . 
in A. 151 1. |>at] the all. 


MARCUS >an Antonyus, Laing, 1617 

And his bro)?ir Aurelyus, 
Off J?e impyr* nynteyn 3her* 
Emperourc and lordis weyr ; 
And of Rome }>e empyr* swa 
Pan dewisit betweyn J?ai twa, 
Bot qwhen Aurelyus }>e dede had tan, 
Mark Antonyus hym allayn 15 10 

Helde and gouernyt }>at impyr*. 
Al Asy throw fra Tarsse to Tyre, 
Inde ande al ]>e Oryent, 
And gret part of }?e Occident, 
He gert pay contribution. 
Bot mony tholit }>e passion 
Off martery, for Cristyn fay 
Wndyr hym ; 3it was he ay 
Off gret wyt and of stabilnes, 
For nane mycht ken J>at euir he wes, 1520 

For ony worde or casse happynnande, 
Changit in his assemblande. 
Withe mesour and benygnyte 
Al his landis tretit he ; 
Al tyme he commendit wes 
Off worschep, honour* and largesse. 

15 19. and of] and EE 3 . E, And all tyme RL, And he al tyme 

1 52 1. worde] weird E a ; or]offRL. E a . 

1522. Changeand E*L; in om. L. 1526. Off] WiJ> E*; largnes E, 
1525. Al tyme he] And all tyme he largenefl E 9 . 


His tresoure quhen he dispendit had, 
His weschall, ]>at of gold wes maid, 
And all his wiffis heid geire haill, 
With mony vther faire jowell, 
He gaif his knychtis in >are fe, 
In defalt of o)?er money ; 
Na his commonis on na wife 
With taxt na tollis he nane wald supprise, 
f. 137 a. Bot mare his will wes to releif 

Thame J?an with sic thingis greif. 1570 

Off realmes and cuntreis syne sindry 

Off quhilkis he wan J>e victory, 

He recouerit wonder weill 

All his distres euerilk deill ; * 

And mony landis }?at J>an wer 

Subiect to Rome and tributer, 

He relevit )?are trewage, 

Reservand till him }>are homage. 

Combest, as our story sayis, 
Oure )?e Pightis in his dais 1580 

Wes fourty winter king regnand 
Within the kinrik of Scotland. 

In his tyme Pyus the pape wes deid, 
And Anyanc raift in his steid, 
Nyne 3eris and monethis thre, 
And fully four dais held ]>at se. 
Sothere syne his successour 
Nyne 3ere and thre monethis oure, 
And ane and xx. dais fre 
Sat in to the papis se. l S9° 

1527. spendit] dispendyt RLE 2 . 1534. impressionis E-. 

1528. golde] fyne gold RE a . 1535. studc] wes L. 

1532. For] Quhen E 2 L. 1536. to greyff] till aggrewe R; Na 

1533. Na] For E 2 ; he om. E; on ony man vnder him to grew L. 
na] be ony L. 1538. J>at he wan] he of wan E 2 . 



Hys tressourc qwhen he spendit hade, Laing, I641 
His weschael, )>at of golde was made, 
And al his wiffis hedges hail, 
WiJ>e mony ojrir fayr iowale, 1 530 

He gaf his knychtis in J>ar fe, 
For he defaute hade of mone ; 
Na he his commonys on na wisse 
Withe imposicionys walde supprisse, 
Bot mar* his wil stude to releiff 
Pan vndyr hym ony man to greyff. 
Bot of landis syne syndry 
Qwhar }>at he wan J>e wittory, 
He recuueryt wondyr weil 

His distres euir ilka deil ; 1540 

And mony landis )&t )>an war* 
Subiette to Rome and tributes, 
f. 63 b. He releyschit ]?ar trewagis, 

Reseruande stil >ar homage. 

Combust, as our story sayis, 
Our J>e Peychtis in his dayis 
Was twenty wyntyr kyng* regnande 
Within J?e kynrik of Scotlande. 

In his tyme Pyus J?e pape was dede, 
And Anycent rasse in his steide, 1550 

And nyne jhere and monethis thre, 
And four dayis ful [he] helde ]>at se. 
Sother syne his successourc 
Nyne ^heri and thre monethis our*, 
And ane and twenty dayis fre 
Sat into >e papis se. 

1540. euir] all R; All his distreft E 9 ; hornagw E. 
ilka dele L. 1545. as om. E 3 . 

1 54 1, landis om. E*. 1547. wyntyr] jeris L. 

1543. trewagea//; He raleiffit >ame 1 55 1. And om. all. 
of t»ir trewage E*. 1552. he om. C. 

1544. stil] tyll hym RL, still J»n 



He bad at nunnys apone na wyfc 
Suld sense >e kirk in ]?ar seruyft, 
Na 3it chalift na corporal!, 
Altare handill nor towall, 
Na jit sacramentis twiche na way, 
And he gaif bidding als at )>ai 
Suld weire Jwu-e waillis oure )»r heid, 
And that on na wifi suld be levid. 


Quhat tyme Brettane take Crlstlndome 
Throu Eleutberlas, pape of Rome. 

AHUNDRETH and four score of 3ere 
And fully five, or Jwurby neire, 1600 

Quhen J?at Sothir J?e paip wes deid 
Elutherius tuke his steid, 
And sat in till it xv. jere 
Sex moneth and sevin dais cleire. 

The king of Brettane Lucyus 
Wrait till Elutherius, 
And maid him instance specially 
To send in till Brettane in hy 
Off his clerkis for to preche 
The Cristin treuth, and for to teche 16 10 

1610. W. Ten lines omitted here. 

1563. wail] walyft E a . )»i L, That }*u E a . 

1564. J>an >ai] Than than R, Na 

Chap. IX. (LXXXIIT. in A, LXXXII. in E 2 ).— AE 3 =W. 


He bad J>e nonnys on na wysse Laing, Wi 

Sulde sens J?e kyrk in )>ar serwysse, 

Noujrir chalice na corporalle, 

Altar halowit na to wale, 1560 

Thai sulde handil be na way, 

And he gaf biddyngi to )?aim ay 

Pat J>ar wail war na tyme lewide, 

Pan >ai sulde wer it on >ar hewide. 


Qwha pape and emperour was >an 
Qwhen fyrst conuertit was Brettan. 

AHUNDYR and four scoyr of 3her<? 
And v. fully, or J>ar by new, 
Qwhen >at Sother >e pape was dede 
Elewtheryus tuk his stede, 
And sat in til it fifteyn 3her* 
Sex monethis and v. dayis cleyr. 1570 

Pe kyng* of Brettane Lucyus 
Wrat to ]ris Elewtheryus, 
And mad hym instans specially 
In til Brettan to sende in hy 
Off his clerkis for to preche 
Pe Cristyne trowythe, and syne to teche 
Pe Brettownys baptissyne to ta ; 
And he to be J?e fyrst of J>a 
He mad ful profession 
And heycht withe gud deuociofi. 1580 

1566. fully] full RL. 1577-86. on. L. 

1568. tuk] raifl in L, rais in till E*. 1577. baptysme for to ta R ; That 

1 57 1, p&n Lucyus E 3 . \xt Bretannys mycht baptesyne ta E 9 . 

1576. and syne] Jiame E ; And 1578. to] suld E 9 . 
Cristin mennys trewtht to teche E 9 . 


To tak bapteme, for nane may 

But it be sauf on ony way ; 

And on Jris manere and >is caift 

Brettane first conuertit wes, 

And all J>e barnage of that land 

Than baptist wer and weill trowand, 

And stedfast stude in to )>at fay 

Till Dioclesianis day ; 

And >at is, gif the sovme be sene, 

A hundreth winter and sextene, 1620 

Or nere tharby, as sum men wrait, 

And varyiss as )>ai set the dait. 

Xxviii. bischopis >an 
Were of ydolis in Brettane, 
And thre archbischopis als 
Were )?at tyme of ydolis fals ; 
The bischopis )?ai callit Flamynes, 
And )?e archibischopis callit wes 
Archiflamynes, and syne thareft 

In to the steid of }>aim wes left 1630 

Bischopis, quhare that Flamynes, 
And archbischopis quhare gretare wes. 
Off that papis auctorite 
He gert Schir Lucyus hovin be ; 

1582. Schir] king E. 1589. of pat] at J* E 2 . 

1586. And \>e Cristin trouth to teche 1592. f>an om. E' 2 . 
E 2 . 1598. waryis] vj>ir E*. 

1587. Baptysme R. 1600. in] in to E' 2 . 

1588. sauffit A ; on] be EE a A. 

ms. corr. book v. — chapter ix. 325 

Pis pape J>an Elewtheryus Laing, 1696 

At J>e instans of Schir Lucyus 

Sende twa religiousse men, 

Fugane callyt and Damyane, 

In til Brettane for til preche 

Pe Cristyn trowithe, and men to teche 

Baptisyne to tak ; for na man may 

But it be sauff on any waye. 

Pan at )>e fyrst of J?at casse 

Pe kyngi of Brettan howyn was, 1590 

And al >e barnage of his lande 

Pan baptist was, and weil trowande, 

And stedfast stude in to ]>at faye 

Til Dioclytianys daye, 

Pat is, gif ]>e sowme be seyn, 

A hundyr wyntyr and sexteyn, 

Or new )>ax by, as sum men wrate, 

And waryis as J>ai set )>ar date. 

Aucht and twenty bischopis J?an 
Was of idolis in Brettane, 1600 

And thre archebischopis als 
War ]>at tyme )?ar of idolis fals ; 
Pe bischopis )>ai callit )?an Flamynes, 
Pe archebischopis callit ]>an wes 
[Archeflamynes] ; syne ]>ar eft 
In to stede of >aim was left 
Bischopis, qwhar was Flamynes, 
f. 64 a. And archebischopis qwhar grettar* wes. 

Off >at papis auttorite 
He gert Schir Lucyus howyn be. 1610 

1602. War Jmre )»t tym EE 9 ; 1605. Archeflames CEA. 

Thair in wer L. 1606. In steid of >aim J»n wes left 

1603. J*n J»i callit E. A. 

1604. And >e LEE 9 ; callit |*n] >an 1609. Off] On E. 
callyt A ; Jan cm. E 9 . 1610. He] That he E 9 . 


p. ijio. This paip als Eleutherius 

Brettane to the trewth wan Jms. 

He ordanit als at nane said be 

But challange put out of his gre, 

For Crist, he said, wist weill Iudas 

Baith a theif and a tratour was, 1640 

Bot, for he wes nocht of sic thing 

Accusit of law jit of tholing, 

He wes nocht put fra his office, 

Bott bydand did furj> his seruice 

Amangis J% appostles, and quhat at he 

Did with )>ame for )>are dignite 

Ferme and stable it wes left, 

And appruffit weill >areft. 


Off ane woman wes maid abbat 
And defamyt throu ane aid trat. 

IN to Rome Schir Comodus, 
The sone of Marche Antonyus, 1650 

That tyme wes maid emperoure, 
And xiii. 3ere in that honour 
He stude, and wes in dedis fell 
Ouctrage and rycht cm ell. 
Off Ducheland 3it halely 
He wan and had J?e wictory, 
And held it subiect all his dais. 
In Egipt syne, the story sais, 

1612. J>atow. L; wan]brocht E 2 ; RLE*. 

|>us] this R. 161 6. and a] and R. 

161 3. He ordanit L. 161 7. for om. C. 

1614. chalange all; put fra his 1618. Withe] Wytht the R, Be L. 
degre E 9 ; gre] degre L. 1622. Did of thair benignite L. 

161 5. weil om. L; f*it] of A, om. 1623. stabil] steidfast L. 


Pis pape als Elewtheryus, Laing % 16t5 

Pat Brettan to J>e trowythe wan Jms, 

Ordanyt )?at na man sulde be 

But chalangis put out of his gre, 

For Criste, he said, wist weil >at Iudas 

Bayth a theyf and a traytour* was, 

Bot, [for] he was noucht of swylk thyngi 

Withe lauche accusyt of tholyng*, 

He was noucht put of his office, 

Bot bad and did furthe his serwice 1620 

Amang; >e appostulis, and qwhat at he 

Did wi£e J>aim for J?ar dignyte 

Ferme and stabil it wes left, 

And approwit weil J>ar eft. 

IN til Rome Schir [Comodus], 
Pe son of Marcus Antonyus, 
[Pat] tyme was made emperouri, 
And thretteyn ^her* in }>at honour; 
He stude, and was in dedis fel 
Outrageousse and richt crewel. 1630 

Off Duchelande jhit hallely 
He wan and had ]>e wictory, 
And helde it subiete al his dayis. 
In Egipte syne, ]>e story sayis, 

1624. Bot it was pruffitt weill E' J . 1625. Comedus CE. 

After line 1624 : Chap. LXXXIV. 1626. Mark all 

in A— 1627. fat l»t CE. 

Off a madyn was maid abbot 1628. thretteyn] aucht E*, thretty 

And was diffamyt throw a trate. A. 


He send of Rome a Ducheman, 
That be name hecht Phillip >an, 1660 

Chiftane vnder him to be 
Off Alexander J* gret cete. 
This Phillip had a douchter (aire, 
That suld of law haif bene his aire, 
Bot, for luf of the Cristin fay, 
f. 138 b. Scho fra hir fader stall away, 

• • • • • • 

And tuke with hir in cumpany 

Twa geldit men and of gud fame, 

That Prothy and Iacmit had to name. 1670 

Scho bapteme tuke in prevate, 

And held hir madin ay secre, 

And Eugynyus callit hir name, 

Commendit of rycht honest fame, 

And leit ay at scho wes man. 

Scho and \\\ twa geldit J?an, 

That for J?e fai> wes geldit sa, 

As haly kirk can memor ma, 

Thir thre conuersit togidder ay, 

And had repaire till ane abbay, 1680 

And )?are of thare deuocioun 

Tuke habit of religioun, 

And leiffit )?are religiously, 

And did )?are seruice perfitly. 

Sa sone J?e abbot of )>at place 

Deit and sone beryit was, 

1667. W. lint omitted. 

1635. douchty] duche L. 1641. luf] caus L, om. R; ^e cm. 

1636. fat be name wes Philip callit RL. 

J»n E. 1642. stal] staw E a . 

1638. t>at gude cite E a . 1644. in til hir] wyth hyr in RLE 2 . 

1640. beyn his ayw] his ben* sue 1645. of gud] gude of A. 

E. 1648. ay] all E a , in L. 


He sende of Rome a douchty man, Laing t I649 

Pat callit be nayme was Philipe >an, 

Chiftane vndyr hym to be 

Off Alexander J>e gret cite. 

pis Philipe had a douchtyr fayr, 

Pat sulde oflauche haf beyn his ayr*, 1640 

Bot, for luf of ]>e Cristyn faye, 

Scho fra hir fadyr stal away 

In mannys weid al prewaly, 

And tuk in til hir companny 

Twa geldit men and of gud fayme, 

Pat Prote and Iacincte had to nayme. 

Scho baptasyne tuk in prewate, 

And helde hir maydynhede ay secree, 

And Ewgenyus callit be nayme, 

Commendit of richt honest fayme, 1650 

And let ay J?at scho was a man. 

Scho and J?ir twa geldyngis )>an, 

Pat conuerssyt to gedyr ay, 

Had accesse gret til ane abbay, 

And )?ar of J>ar dewocion 

Tuke habyte of religion, 

And liffit >ar religiously, 

And did )?ar office perfitly. 

Sa son >e abbot of )>at plasse 

Deyt and entyrit was, 1 660 

1649. And] And wes EE*. 1654. And had rapair* tyll ane 

1650-1. om. A. abbay A. 

165a of richt] and of E 9 . 1656. habyte] abbot E*. 

1 65 1. And leit J»t scho was werray 1657-8. transposed in E. 
man E 9 . 1658. And did] Doand L. 

1652. geldyt AL; And scho and }ai 1659. Sa son] Than sone E', Sone 
duelland ]>an E*. efter E. 

After 1652 A adds— After 1660 : Chap. LXXXIII. in 

J>at loxe >e faith war* geldyt swa, E*— 

As haly kyrk can memor ma. Off ane woman was maid abbate 

1653. I>at] Thyr« thre A. And defamyt throw ane awld trate. 


And ]ns Eugenyus in his tteid 
Wes chosyn quhen he wes deid. 
A woman >an of wickit fame, 
That Malicia hecht be name ; 1690 

Hir name accordit till hir deid, 
As be the Latyne in oure leid. 
This woman wonnyt neire this abbay, 
And reparit till it ilk day, 
And throu that repaire )>at scho had, 
And saw >is abbot newlingis maid, 
Scho luffit him sa inkyrly 
That scho jarnyt of him cumpany. 
f. 139 «• Bot quhen scho saw scho mycht not get 

His assent )>ar to, but let, 1700 

Than scho defamit him alhaill, 

And till his monkis tald be taill 

How J>at he wald haue lying hir by, 

And supprisit hir violently, 

Na were }?at pigh scho put agane, 

And helpit hir selfin sa wi)? mayne. 

And quhen )?is wif had warpit Jms 

Off this abbot Eugenyus, 

To heire his accusatioun 

Befor ]>e provest of the tovne 1 7 10 

He wes harlit be how and haire, 

Till all his clathis revin ware. 

Sa in )?at tul3e as thai hir tyt, 

It wes persauit throu a slyt 

That scho wes woman verraly ; 

And )?are the provest properly, 

1 66 1. And] Than E-. L. 

1662. f>ai chesit L. 1668. this abbot new maid R, J* 
1664. Melancia callit be name £ ; abbot new was made A, this abbot 

fat Malycia was callyt to nayme A ; now maid E a ; Sche said Jris new 

That had Melancia to name L. abbot maid L. 

1666. gret om. RL. 1669. lust] lufe RE 9 ; Throu lufe 

1667. swa ]>at] >at sua E, swa om. sche had till him increly I,. 


And Jris Ewgenyus in his stede Lai*g, 1675 

Was chosyn qwhen J>at he was dede. 

A woman >an of pollute fayrne, 
Pat callit Melancia was be nayrfie, 
Was nere duellande ]>at abbay, 
And gret repayr had til it ay. 
Off J>at repayr swa >at scho hade, 
And saw ]>e abbot was new made, 
For lust scho jarnyt inkyrly 
Til haf had of hym copy. 1670 

Qwhen scho mycht noucht get assent 
Off J>at abbot til hir intent, 
Scho defamyt >at abbot haile, 
And til >e monkis taulde a tayl, 
Pat he walde haf lyin hyr by, 
r. 64 s. And had suppryssit hyr welausly, 

Na war J?e pithe scho put agane, 
And helpyt hir wi]>e mycht and mayn*. 
Qwhen ]>is qweyne had carpit Jms, 
Pis abbot Jms Ewgenyus, 1680 

Pat herd )>is accusacion, 
Befor J>e prowest of J>e town 
Was tyt and tane be howe and haw, 
Qwhil al hir clathis rewyn war*. 
Sa in J?at tulje qwhil scho was tyt, 
It was persawit throw a slyt 
Pat scho was woman propyrly ; 
Pan ]>e prowest werray, 

167a copy] cumpany E a , sum copy 1680. Off this A ; Jras] syne RL, 

K ; Sche wald of him haue had copy J>an E a , om. EA. 

L- 1683. tanc] towit L. 

1675-6. reversed in L. 1685. |»t tul5e qwhil] >e tyme )»t 

1676. had om. RLE; vyleusly R, L. 

relously A, velausly E, villanly L; 1686. Thay gat persaving and wit 

tad supprysit hir hade velanously E 9 . L. 

1677-8. om. L. 1688. werray] werraly RLEE 8 . 

1679. qweyne] wyf A, woman L. 


That beheld and saw this ca&, 

And kend that scho his dochter wes, 

Lovit God, syne hovyne wes he 

With all his court and his menje ; 1720 

And this wickit wif and welance, 

Throu a sodane and fell wengeance. 

Off fyrflacht in to >at steid 

Perist but ony kyne remeid. 


Off sindry papls successive 

And of selre emperouris in thare live. 


^WHEN Eleutherius wes deid 
Victor sat in till his steid 
Twa monethis and x. jere, 
And twelf dais passit cleire. 
A gret counsall he gert be 
f. 139 J. Haldin with solempnyte; 1730 

Thare stablist wes at Pasche suld ay 
Be haldin apone J?e Sonday, 
For mony bischopis of Asy 
And all J?e Est part halely 
Wsit ilk }ere )?are Pasche 
As }>an the Iowis maner was. 
Gif ony man in dout were stad, 
And neid of help or mister had, 

1689. Beheld and saw all |>is case A. 1695. fyrflaucht R ; fors CE 2 . 

1691. and syne E 2 ; howyn] cristnyt 1696. kyn] kynd of A; Scho perist 

E. wes wi)>out remeid E, Peryst Jair 

1693-6 — wiJxMit rameid E 2 . 

And J>is wekit woman but remeid After line 1696 : Chap. LXXXV. 

Of fyre slaucht perist in >at steid. L. in A and LXXXIV. in E 2 . !?= W. 

1693. qweyn] woman A. Off syndry papis in |>ar lyf 

1694. subitane] suddane E 2 . And seyr* empryouris successyve. A. 


Pat behelde and saw J?is casse, Laing t nos 

And kend )>at scho his douchtir was, 1690 

Lowit God, syne howyn was he 
Withe al his cowrt and his mer^he ; 
And J?e wickyt qweyn Melans, 
Throw subitane and fel wengeance, 
Off fyrslaucht [fers] in to J>at stede 
Perist but ony kyn remede. 

QWHEN Elewtheryus was ded 
Wictor sat in til his stede 
Twa monethe and ten jhen?, 
And twelf dayis passit cleyr*. 1700 

A gret consail he gert be 
Haldyn wij?e solempnyte ; 
Par stablist was J?e Pask day 
To be don on ]>e Sonday ay ; 
For mony bischopis of Asy, 
And al J>e Oryent hallely, 
Oyssit ilk ^her* to do J>ar Pasche 
As >an >e Iowis manerc was. 
Giff ony man in dowt war stade, 
And neyd of helpe or mystanr hade, 17 10 

1697. was] the pape wes RE 9 , papc 1704. Be done apone Sownday R ; 
nres EAL. Suld be done on ]>e Sonday L. 

1698. sat] set A, raft L. 1705-6. transposed in E. 

1702. wij>e] wij> gret A. 1708. fan] fat E 9 , om. L. 

1703. fe Pask day] that Pasce suld 17 10. or mystar*] in J»t poynt E 9 . 

ly R, J»t Pask ay L. 


And jarnyt in >at poynt to be 

Cristin man, }>an ordanit he i; 

That man hovin to be rycht Jwure, 

In quhat kin plyte at euer he ware. 

Quhen }>is Victor paip wes Jms, 
The emperour raift Elyus ; 
Till ilk man in his degre 
Myld and compynable wes he. 
Bot within >e first }ere 
Off his empyr*, withoutin were, 
Throu caift he wes slane and deid. 

Than raift Seuerus in his steid, 1 7 

And sevin }ere of J>e empyre 
He wes emperour, lord and syre, 
And preffit full gret douchtynes, 
And as weill letterit man he wes ; 
Bot he wes cruell and felloune, 
And maid gret persecutioun 
Off Cristin men, }>at mony jere 
Deid throu him wi)> tormentis seire. 

He facht with sindry nationis, 
And wan, and maid J?ar regionis 1 7 

To Rome subiect, and Brettane 
Off }>ai J>e last wes at he wan, 
f. M o«. And j?are he maid within J?at ile 

A waill lang of a hundreth myle 
With xxx. myle }?arto and thre, 
Strekand evin fra se to se, 
And in to takin )>at he wan 
Off weire ]>t kinrik of Brettane. 

171 1. And jairnit ane ministeir to 1715. Qwhen] Quhen that RLE 
be E a . Quhen Jris E 2 . 

17 12. man] men EE 2 . 17 18. compabill E a A, compamt 

1 7 13. howyn] ordanyt E. L. 

1 7 14. ply om. R. 1 72 1. and dede] to deid E 2 . 


And jarnyt in >at poynt to be Laing, nt6 

Cristyn man, >an ordanyt he 

Pat man to be howyn )>ar, 

In qwhatkyn ply }>at euir he war*. 

Qwhen Wictor pape was Jms, 
Pe emperour* rasse Elyus ; 
Til ilk man in his degre 
Milde and cumpynabille was he. 
Bot withe in J>e fyrst shew 

Off his impyr*, withe outtyn weyr, 1720 

He was slayne of casse and dede. 

Pan rasse [Sewerus] in his stede, 
And sewynteyn jher* of J% impyr* 
He was emperomv, bathe lorde and syr* 
Stude, and prowit gret douchtynes, 
And a weil letteryt man he was. 
He was crewel and felloun, 
And made gret persecucion 
Off Cristyn men, ]>at mony weyr* 
Ded throw hym in paynnys seyr* 1730 

He faucht witht syndry nacionys, 
And wan, and made )>ar regionys 
Til Rome subiette, and Brettane 
[Off] )>ai ]>e lest was at he wan, 
And [)?ar] he made wi>e in }>at ile 
A wal lang* of a hundyr mylle 
Withe thretty mylle J?ar to and thre, 
Strekande ewyn fra se to se, 
In J?e takynnyng* }?at he wan 
Off wer* }?e kynrik of Brettan. 1 740 

1722. Gcwerus C. 1727. He was] And richt E 9 . 

1723. sevyn RL. 1734. And CEA ; lest] last REA, 

1724. was om. R ; bathe om. EE 9 ; leist E 9 ; The last wes ane of >at he 
Wes empcrour and lord and syre L. wan L. 

1725-6. om. L; And stude E 9 . 1735. |»t C, fan E 9 . 

1726. letteryt] licht E 9 . 1739. takyn RLE 9 . 


In till }ork jyne wes he dede. 
And Caracalla in his steid 1770 

Sevin jeris wes etnperour, 
Bot lost supprisit his honour ; 
Seuerus sone he wes bat dout, 
Bot he wes ware >an he all out ; 
In all poynt of lichory 
He liffit Jwuin bernandly ; 
His awne stepmoder till his wif 
He tuke, and with hir led his lif. 


'EPHERUS syne paip of Rome, 

And kepare of all Cristindome, 1780 

And succedit nixt Victor, 
Off quham je herd reherft befor, 
And Jwit se held monethis sevin, 
And twa dais and }eris ellevin. 
He ordanit J>at euerilk jere 
That all >at of eild passit were 
Twelf winter suld be clenely 
Schrevin, and tak efter deuotly 
The sacrament at Pasche, I wiss, 
That veraly Goddis body is. 1 790 

And quhen this 3epherus wes deid, 
The pape Calixt sat in his steid 
Five }eris and monethis twa, 
And x. dais withoutin ma. 
This pape Calixt in his dais 
f. 140 *. Ordanit, as the story sais, 

The Katertens in deire fasting. 
Syne, quhen his dais tuke ending, 

1742. in til] raift in L; And Cara- 1754. reide] spek E; Quham of J»t 
call syne in his steid E* J . we red befoire E a ; Quham of I red to 

1743. was] he was L. jou befoire L. 

1748. luffytA; foullelyL. 1755. And that sege RE*L, And 

1749. his om. RL. sege |>ar E. 


In til 3ork syne he was dede. Laing, T755 

Caracalla in til his stede 
Sewyn jher* was emperourc, 
Bot lust supprisyt his honour* ; 
f. 65 a. Sewerus son he was but dout, 

Bot he was wer J>an he al out ; 
In al poynt of lechory 
He liffyt at likyn fullely ; 
His awyne stepmodyr til his wiff 
He tuk, and lede wij>e hir his liff. 1750 

SYNE 3hepheryne >e pape of Rome, 
And kepar of al Cristyndome, 
Next succedit til Wictor, 
Qwham of jhe herde me reide before, 
And seig/V helde monethis sewyn, 
And twa dayis ful and jheris ellewyn. 
He ordanyt >an >at ilk jher 
Pai }>at of eylde passit weyr* 
Twelff jhew sulde be cleynly 
Schrewyn, and tak syne dewotly 1760 

Pe Ewcarist on ]>e Pask day, 
Pat Goddis body is werray. 

Qwhen J?is 3epheryne was dede, 
Calixt >e pape sat in his stede 
V. ^her* and monethis twa, 
And ten dayis wi)>e outtyn ma. 
Pe pape Calixt in >a dayis 
Ordanyt, as J?e story sayis, 
Pe Catyrtens in deyr fastyng*. 

Syne, qwhen his lif had tan endyng*, 1770 

1756. And] Wyth RL; twa] thre 1766. ten]twelfE* 
L ; ful] fully E, om. E 9 . 1767. This Calix L. 

1757. )*n J»t ilk] >us euerilk E s . 1768. as] all E 3 . 

1 759. be om. RL. 1769. quater tymes E 9 , quater temps 

1760. Schriffe and tak deuoitly L. L. 



Till him succedit nixt Vrbane, 

That wes of natioun a Romane ; 1800 

Threttene winter and ellevin 

Monethis and xii. dais evin 

In Rome he held )?e papis se. 

Waleriane conuertit he, 

That spousit wes wi]> sanct Cecile ; 

And vnder him to )?at quhile 

The kirk raift till possessionis 

And rentis of gret regionis, 

That before his tyme alway 

Lyfit on teyndis or monay 1810 

That wes gevin in offerand, 

Be vse or statu t of the land. 

To paip Calixt and Vrbane 
Thre emperouris contemporane 
Wes in J?are tyme successive, 
And ilk ane felloune in )?ar live. 
Off J?ai ]>e first wes callit Martyne, 
He bot a }ere stude ; nixt him syne 
Antonyus wes emperour, 

And thre ^eris stude in )?at honour ; 1820 

His body brint sa in delite 
Off foull lust and foull appetite 
That alkyne kynd of lichory 
He vsit als commonly 
As he a best but wit had bene. 

Nixt efter him, withoutin weyne, 

1 77 1. was om. L. 1779- rasse om. L; possessioun E 2 . 

1772. fat om. L. 1780. of om. RAu ; ranown«ys 

1773. Thretteyn] Twentie E 2 . CE ; Off rentis and greit regioun E 9 ; 

1774. and days sevin L. And greit rentis and regiouns L. 

1775. he om. L. 1781. Befor] That before RLE 9 Au. 

1776. Waleryane Jwui EE 2 Au. The 1782. fai om. RLE' 2 Au. 
AuchinUck MS. begins here. 1 783. That gewin wes in to offer- 

1778. in to] raift in L. and E. 


His successour* was callyt Vrbane, Laing % 1786 

Pat was of nacion a Roman* ; 

Thretteyn wyntyr and ellewyn 

Monethis and twelf dayis ewyn 

In Rome he helde }>e papis se. 

Valeryane conwertyt he, 

Pat spoussit was withe sancte Cecille ; 

And vndyr hym in to J?at qwhile 

Pe kyrk rasse in possessionys 

Off rentis and of gret [regyownys] ; 1 780 

Befor his tyme alway 

Pai liffit on teyndis or monay 

Pat was giffyn in offerande, 

Be oysse or statute of J>e lande. 

Til Jris pape Calixt and Vrbane 
Pe emperouris contemporane 
[Ware in thare tyme successywe, 
And ilkane fellowne in thare lywe.] 
Off ]>ai ]>e fyrst was callit Martyn*, 
Liffit bot a ^herc; next hym syne 1790 

Antonyus was emperoure, 
And thre ^here stude in }>at honour* -, 
His body brynt swa in delyte, 
And of foulle lust and appetyte, 
Pat alkyn kynde of lechory 
He oyssit als commonlly 
As he a best but wit had beyn. 

Next eftir hym, wij>e outtyn weyn, 

1784. or] and EE 9 Au. 1791. was] Jsin was E 9 , was J>an Au. 

1785. |>is] the all; papis L. 1792. stude in] held E^Au. 

1786. I>e] Thre RL, War J>re AuE 9 ; 1794. lust om. E 9 ; and] in RL. 
Emperouris als contemporane E. 1796. als] richt E 9 Au ; commownaly 

1787-8. only in RL. R. 

179a Liffit] He lywyd RL, That 1798. Nixt syne eftir him but weyne 

liffit EE*Au. E*Au. 


Alexander, his successour, 
Wes xxx. winter emperour, 
r. mi «. And J>at tyme Orygynis 

The doctour in his flouris wes, 1830 

And Carametryte in Scotland 
Twenty winter king regnand 
Wes oure the Pighis in }>ai dais, 
As oure Scottis storyis sais. 

THIS tyme alsua till Vrbane 
The pape succedit Potiane, 
That twa monethis and v. jere 
And twa dais ]>arto, but weire, 
In Rome held the papis se. 

In Sardonya deit he, 1840 

And Serak, his successour, 
Held bot a }ere J>at honour, 
For he chesit of deuotioun 
Ane here, and of natioun 
A Greke, and gert sit in that se ; 
In cumpany syne passit he 
With the xii. thousand virginis clene 
That baptist befor J>at had bene 
To Culane fra the court of Rome, 
And with }>aim tholit martyrdome. 1850 

Bot, for cauft at his clergy 
Wend for lust of his body 
That he had with J?ai madinis gane, 
Reknyt he wes nocht as ane 

1799. Alexander held J>at honour 1805. Our] Was oure RL. 
E 8 Au. 1806. storys RL. 

1800. And threttene Jeir was em- 1807. alsua] alway R. 

pryour E 2 Au. 1810. twa om. CE, twelf E a Au ; 

1 80 1. And] In E 2 Au. day is om. RL. 

1804. Threttie E a ; waskyngi] kyng 1812. dede was he] deit he AE a Au. 

RL, was E*Au. 181 5. om. L ; cesyde] chesyt A. 


Alexander, his successour^ Laing, 1813 

Was thretteyn wyntyr emperourt, 1800 

And )>at tyme Orygynes 

Pe doctour in his flowris wes, 

And Caramacert in Scotlande 

Twenty wyntyr was kyngf regnande 

Our J>e Peychtis in J?a dayis, 

As our Scottis story sayis. 


fIS tyme alsua til Vrbane 
Pe pape succedit Ponciane, 
Pat twa monethe and v. ^her* 
And [twa] dayis ful, for outtyn weyr, 1810 

In Rome helde ]>e papis se. 
In Sardyny syne dede was he, 
And Cyriak, his successouri, 
f. 65 b. Helde bot a }her<r >at honours, 

Bot cesyde of dewocyon. 
[Antherus] J?an, of nacion 
A Greik, he ordanyt in his se ; 
In company syne passit he 
Withe )>e ellewyn thousande maydynnys cleyn 
Pat befor }>an howyn had beyn 1820 

Til Coloyne fra }>e pape of Rome, 
And wij>e J>aim tholyt martyrdom. 
Bot, for causse J?at his clergy 
Wende for lust of his body 
He had withe )>e maydynnys gane, 
Reknyt he was noucht as ane 

1816. Ancheses CRLE, Anchetes genis £ 3 . 

A, Anthems E^Au. Same spellings in 182a howyn] send E a Au. 
11. 1828, 1839. 1821. pape] court RLA. 

After 1816. To follow in his sue- 1823. J»t]ofE 9 Au. 
cessioun L, 1824. Wende] Menit L; lust] }>e 

1817. he om. A. lust E, luf E a Au. 

1819. \>e cm. E ; maydynnys] vir- 1825. maydynnys] virginis L. 

f. i 4 i *. Gordiane till him succedit, 

And sex jeris in J>e empyre 
Stude emperour and lord and syre. 
Quhen Fabiane wes paip of Rome, 
And kepare of all Cristindome, 
Nixt till Anchores successour, 
And xiii. ^eris in J>at honour 
He sat, and ordanit cremys ay 
To be maid on Skirs Thursday. 
Quhen the congregatioun 
Sat in J?are electioun, 
And Fabiane amang }?aim }>are, 
A quhit dow on his heid all baire 
Lichtit, and said he suld be paip, 
And of the warld J>e mast bischap ; 
Throu electioun in J>at place 
Pape of Rome he chosin was. 

1827. qwhen C. 
1831. |>isC. 

1835. sex] ellevin ^Au. 


Off )>e papis [qwhare] J>ai are set. Lai*g> I841 

[Antherus] eftyr hym, but let, 

Ordanyt bischopis for to be 

Transferit for causse fra se to ce. 1830 

To [thir] papis contemporane 
Thre jher fyrst Maximyane 
Stude emperoure ; qwhen he was dede 
Gordyane rasse in til his stede, 
And sex 3here in J?e impyre 
Stude of Rome bathe lorde and syri. 
Qwhen Fabiane was pape of Rome, 
And kepar of al Cristyndome, 
Next til [Antherus] successourc, 
And [thretteyn] ^her* in }>at honours 1840 

He sat, and ordanyt >e creyme ay 
To be made on Skyristhurisday. 
Qwhen }>e congregation 
Sat in J?ar election, 
And Fabiane amangf }>aim }>ar, 
A qwhit dow on his hewide bar* 
Lychtit, and said he sulde be pape, 
And of }>e warlde }>e mast bischape ; 
Throw ]?at eleccion in )>at plasse 
Pape of Rome he chosyn was. 1850 

1840. tbretty C, thretten RLEA, 1842. on] on the RLA. 
fourtene E*Au. 1847-50. om. E^Au. 



Off J* tint emperour >at take 
Cristindome as sals >e bake. 


*WA hundreth winter and fourty 

And sex passit our/ fullely 18S0 

Efter J>e Incarnatioun 
That causit our/ saluatioun, 
The emperour Gordiane )>an deid, 
Phillip raift in till his steid, 
Oflf Rome lord and emperour. 
And till he wes in that honour 
He maid his sone [persenar] 
Off all }>e empyr/, and sevin jere 
Thai twa gouernyt halely 

Off )>e empyre J>e senjeory, 189c 

And baith Phillip werc )?ai cald ; 
Bot, as I fynd, Phillip >e aid 
f. 142 a. Wes }>e first emperour/ )>at tuke 

Cristindome, as sais )>e buke ; 
And how )>at fell first 3e sail heire, 
As I fynd writtin, }>e maner/. 

In Rome sumtyme a senatour, 
Callit Marcus, in gret honour 
Luffit and spousit a lady 

That be name wes callit Iuly. 1 900 

Togidder lang J?ai led J?ar live 
In rest and eise, foroutin strive, 

1887. W. perse war. 

Chap. X. (LXXXV. in E 2 Au, LXXXVL in A).— chapter] next plas R; 
Je may se L ; tuk om. R. E a AAu = W. sais] tellis A. 

1851. fourty] twenty E a Au. 1854. al om. all. 

1852. our passit] expressit E. 1855. dede] was deid E 2 AuL. 



In J>Is chapter sal 3he se 

Quhat emperour fyvst tuk Crlstiante. 

TWA hundyr wyntir and fourty Laing, 1866 

And sex our passit fullely 
Eftyr J>e Incarnation 
Pat made al our saluacion, 
Pe emperour Gordian dede, 
Philipe rasse in til his stede, 
Off Rome lorde and emperour*. 
And qwhil he was in }>at honour* 
He made his son partyner 

OffJ^e impyr*, and sewyn ^her* i860 

pa twa gouernyt hallely 
Off J?e impyr* }?e sen3hory, 
And bath Philipe J?ai war calde ; 
Bot, as I fynde, Philipe }>e aulde 
Was }?e emperour* )>at tuk 
Fyrst Cristyndome, as sayis }?e buk ; 
And how J?at fyrst fel jhe sal her*, 
As I fynde wryttyn, ]>c maner. 

IN Rome qwhilum a senatour*, 
Marcus callit, in til honour* 1870 

Liffit, and weddit a lady 
pat be nayme was callyt Iuly. 
Togedyr lang* }>ai lede J?ar lif 
In rest and esse, wij>e outtyn stryff, 

1856. And Phillip E'AuL. lady. 

1859. pcrsoneir E 8 , portioncr L. 1872. callit was E 8 Au ; The quhilk 

1863. Philippis E. to name had Tuly L. 

1866. pe] oure RE'Au. 1874. wij>e outtyn] but start or 

1870. til cm. E a AuL. Au, but sturt and E*. 

1871- Luffit E 1 A ; Tuke to wiffe a 


And luffit rychtuisnes alway, 

And trew and stedfast in )>ar fay. 

And sa betuix J?aim twa of caift 

Gret wamyt wij? child J?is lady wes, 

And, or hir tyme wes cumand neirc, 

Scho vsit fasting and prayere, 

As women in sic perell stad 

Oft syft for ]>aie lif ar rad, 1910 

And hechtis and wowis mare 

Than oft to qwit of will )>ai ar. 

This lady mowit gret pilgrymage, 
And tuke furth J>are on hir vyage, 
And visyte hir goddis, ane and ane, 
And socht J>e tempillis euerilkane. 
Sua, in J?e temple of Iupiter 
As scho wes makand hir prayere, 
The preist, revestit on his wift 

For to resaue hir sacrififi, 1920 

Fra )?at he sene had J?is lady 
Changeit he wes sodanely, 
And worthit out of wit sa wod 
That all ferlyit J?at by him stude. 
f. 1423. For he tuggit with his teith in taggis 

His westment and raif all in raggis ; 
With }>at J>ai }>at stude him by 
Tuke and held him stalwartly, 
And baire him bakwartis to the erd. 
Bot ay with voce rudly he rerd, 1930 

1875. luffit] leiffit A, levit L, om. 1883. And hechtis E a Au ; Hechtis 

E 2 ; richtuislie L. )>ai mak and vowes mare E. 

1878. Gret wayme] Growin L; 1884. eft] eder E, oft E a . 

|>e] his R, J»t E 2 Au, >is L. 1885. wowit] hecht L. 

1881*4. om. L. 1886. wayag;'j C ; And one a day 

1 881. stade] stude E a . tuk hir wayage E 3 Au. 

1882. is] sa RAu, ar E ; for lair 1887. wysytyd R, weseit E a Au. 
lyfis ar ruide E a . 1888. to] \>e all. 


And luffit richtwisnes al waye, Laing % 1889 

Baythe trew and stedfast in J>ar faye. 
Swa betweyn ]>a twa of casse 
Gret wayrae wij>e barm J>e lady was, 
f. 66 a. And, as hir tyme was cummande new, 

Scho oyssit fastyngi and prayers, 1880 

As women in sic peril stade 
Oft syis for J?ar liff is rade, 
Heychtis and awowis mar* 
Pan eft to qwhit of wil J?ai arc. 

Pis lady wowit gret pilgramage, 
And tuk furthe J?ar on hir [wayage], 
And wissit hir god d is, ane and ane, 
And saucht to templis euirilkan. 
Swa, in J>e tempil of Iupiter 

As scho was makande hir prayer, 1890 

Pe prest, rawestyt on his wysse 
For to ressaiff hir sacryfyce, 
Fra j>at he seyn had >is lady 
He changit hewis richt suddandly, 
And worthit out of his wit sa woide 
Pat al ferleit }>at by hym stude. 
He tuggit wij>e his teythe in taggis 
His westment rewyn al in raggis ; 
Withe Jris )>ai )>at stude hym by 
Tuk and helde hym stalwartly, 1900 

And syne his bak laide to >e erde. 
Bot ay withe roris reythe he [rerde], 

1894. He om. RL ; richt] all E 8 , E*Au, and raiff it L. 
om. EAL. 1 90 1 -2. om. L. 

1895. worth E S L ; out om. L ; his 1901. to] at R, one E a Au. 

om. EA. 1902. reythe] reche R, roith E, 

1896. al] thai R. royde E 9 Au ; rede C, berde RA, beryd 

1897. He tyt L. E 9 , beird E. 

1898. rewyn] rywand R, ryfEand 


But wit wedand as a wod man. 
And ay his commone word wes £an 
Amang Jsum in to )>at strif : 
" Out ! out apon jone wickit wif I 
Hir byrth sail brew ws mekle baill ; 
How fell J>at in the dismaill 
Scho hes consauit," he said, " of man 
A child betuix hir sydis >an ; 
And I waitt weill, }ris I ;ow warac, 
In till hir wambe now is a barne 194° 

That sail ger our goddis all 
Be brokin in to pecis small, 
And all the tempillis castin doune, 
And fordo all our regioun. 
In me," he said, " J>e spirit wycht 
Off our goddis mekle of mycht 
Gerris me speik J?is I prophasy, 
That 3e sail fynd full sekirly." 
Bot J?is wes nocht }>at spirit brycht, 
In toungis of fyre leuand as lycht, 1950 

That, birnyng apon Witsonday, 
Inspyrit the Appostlis, sa J?at J?ai 
Spak opinly in all langage, 
Quhair throu all nationis had knawlege 
Off haly Scripture, quhen ]>at J?ai 
Prechit haly kirkis fay. 
F. M3«. Hot this spirit that spak in [the breist], 

As 3e herd, of this wod preist, 

1957. W. JkU preist. 

1903. Wedande but wit] But wytt 1907. sal] saw E J . 

woid Au ; a wode] ane wa L ; But 1908. And sail ws bryng in greit 

wytt woid as ane man man E*. tinsaill Iv-'Au. 

1904. J»n] ay J>an L ; Als (All E a ) 1909-10. om. E* J Au. 
his common wordis ware )»an AuE 9 . 1909. of] a A. 

1905-6. transposed in A. 191 1. For] For as R ; and om* R ; 

1905. al om. R. and I] and als E' 2 Au. 

1906. Out, out, he said E*Au. 191 3. sal om. E a . 



Wedande but wit as a wode man, Laing % 1917 

And his common worde was )>an 

Amangf J>aim al in to ]>at stryff : 

"Out ! out ! out apon 3on wiff ! 

Hir byrtht sal brew ws mekyl baile ; 

Pat hour* fel in J>e dismaille 

Qwhen scho consawit," he said, " of man 

Pat was betweyn hir sidis }>an ; 19 10 

For I wat weil, and I 30W warn, 

In til hir wayme now is a barn 

Pat sal ger our goddis all 

Be brokyn in to pecis smalle, 

And our templis castyn doun, 

And wndon our religion. 

Off our goddis mekyl of mycht 

In me," he said, •• J>e spirit richt 

Gerris me spek Jris prophicy, 

Pat jhe sal fynde ful werraly." 1920 

pis was noucht J?at spiryt bricht, 

In tongis of fyre wij>e lemande licht 

But brynnyng;, J?at on Witsonday 

Illumynyt ]>e Appostulis, swa ]>at [J>ai] 

Opynli spak in al [langage], 

Qwhar throw al [nacionis had knawlage] 

Off haly wryt, qwhen J?at }?ai 

Prechit haly kyrkis fay. 

Pat spirit J>at spak in to J?e brest, 

As ^he haf herde, of )>at wode prest, 1930 

19 1 5. castyn] gar cast E 2 Au, all 1921. bricht] rycht A ; Bot ^itt J>is 
castyn A. was nocht \>e spreit brycht E 8 . 

1916. And] Syne E 9 Au ; wndon] 1922. tongis] stremys E 8 . 

vndo EE a A, fordo L. 1924. day CE ; swa J»t J»i] quhair 

191 7. Off] And E B Au, em, LA. |»i lay E s . 

1918. For in me, he said, \>e spreyt 1925. f>at opinly E ; langagir C ; 
is rycht E 8 Au. fat oppinlie >ai spak in pair langage 

1919-2049. lost in Au. E s . 

1919. And garris E a ; )ris] this in R. 1926. nacion had langagt'j C. 

1920. werraly] certanly RL. 1929-32. om. L. 


Wes of the deuill, withoutin dreid, 

And of Goddis tholyne worthit of neid i960 

But certane thing of wit to tell 

That efter in deid rycht sa befell. 

For God has till him reseruit all 

The wit of J?at at is to fall ; 

Sa is it Goddis properte 

To knaw all thingis or thai be. 

Sa of his creaturis J>ar is nane 

That can tell J?arof J?e certane, 

Bot of his tholing quhara to he will, 

Quhen he thinkis it is tyrae or skill, 1970 

Bot quhill the spirit is sa 

Travalit that he mon ansuere ma, 

And his ansuere is ay doutwift, 

And his conclusioun peralouft. 

The preist fur* }ws lang and fast, 

And )>is lady at J>e last, 

That beheld and saw Jris caift, 

Effrayit out of mesour* wes. 

Wp scho raift J?an full gud speid, 

And of the temple gretand }eid, 1980 

And enterit in a houft neire by 

The temple, sorowfull and sary. 

Tharc quhile scho swovnyt, and quhille scho suet, 

Quhile held hir still, and quhile scho gret, 

And quhile till hard and hevy stanis 

Scho brissit hir selfin for J?e nanys, 

And ay said allace ! allace ! 

That euer scho borne or gottin wes 

1931. J>at, but] but ony A; It was 1941. qwhen om. RL. 

out of )>e deuill but dreid E a . 1942. qwhil] that RL ; mon om. 

1933. to tell R ; Bot certis wittis E' 2 . 

J>e thing to tell L. *944« l>e om. A. 

1935. till hym reservyd RL. 1945. sa] and RLE ; The preist ]ms 

1936. To C. lang and fast E 2 . 

1937. Goddis] grete E. 


Was of }>e dewil J?at, but dreide, Laing, 1945 

Throw mycht of God, behuffit on neide 
But certane wit >at thyng* tel 
As in to deide }>ar eftyr fel. 
God has reserwit til hym all 
[Pel wit of >at J?at is to fal ; 
Sa it is Goddis propyrte 
To ken }>e thyngis or J?ai be. 
Off al his creaturis J?ar is nane 
pat tel can >ar of J>e certane ; 1 940 

Bot qwhen )>e ewil spirit is swa 
Trawalyt qwhil he mon ansswarc ma, 
His ansswar al waye is douttousse, 
And J?e conclusion peralousse. 
pe prest >us berit lang* sa fast 
f. 66 b. Pat >e lady at J?e last, 

Pat behelde and saw J>is casse, 

Effrayit out of mesour* was. 

Pan vp scho raisse, and ful gud speide 

Out of }>e tempii gretande jheide, 1950 

And enteryt in a housse new by 

Pe tempii, dulful and sary. 

Par qwhill scho swownys, and qwhil scho suet, 

Qwhil wepande, qwhil scho wongis wet, 

Qwhil withe harde and hewy stanys 

Scho bryssit and beffit bak and banys, 

And ay scho said allace ! allace ! 

Pat euir scho born or gottyn was 

1946. This line is written twice in £, and hir chekis wett E 3 , and quhil 

C, the first time as fat )>e llody at J>e scho gret A. 

last ; cf. lady] body E ; I*t] Swa R, 1955-6. om. L. 

Till L, Spak quhill E 9 . 1956. Bry^yd bathe brest and bak 

1949. I>an om. RL ; and ful om. E. at anys R ; Scho bresit and beft bai)> 

1953- swonyd RLEE 3 ; and om. bak and banys E; Scho byrssit and 

LEA ; scho om. E a . beft bak and banys E* ; Scho bristid 

1954. Quhill wepyt RLE 9 ; qwhil and befit baitht bak and banys A. 
scho wongis wet] rycht sair and gret 


r. 143 *. That byrth to beire, Jwt suld ger all 

1 ] Thar* tempillis and }»re goddis fall ; 199c 

And schupe gif scho had had a knjrf 
Scho suld haif lossit thai* batheris lif; 
Thus schupe scho in that aduenture, 
Had nocht bene )>at J>is senatour 
Marcus, hir lord, )>at saw hir sa ; 
In hert J>arfor he wes full wa, 
And quhilis he chastyit hir with manas, 

I And quhilis he comfort hir with solace. 

! For at hir tyme scho wes full neir* 

Quhen scho maid all this bailfull beire, 2oo( 

And sone wes lichtaw of a sone, 

' The quhilk to dede scho wald haif done 

+ Had nocht the fader bene nere by, 

That snybbit hir rycht fellonly, 

I And bad hir of hir byrth forbeire, 

{: And byde and se gif Iupiter 

f Wald revenge him of his will, 

Sen he of mycht wes large thartill. 
41 The barne forthy J?ov suld nocht sla, 
Sen he will, and he be his fa, 20 1< 

Tak wengeance of him at his will ; 
Forthy J?ov do him now nane ill." 
The child thai gert }>an tenderly 
Be fosterit, quhill ^are wes gane by 
Off his eild fully vii. ^ere ; 
And than on buke thai gert him leire 
His informatioun, quhill he couth weill, 
And syne his gramer ilk [deill] ; 

2018. W. deire. 

i960, on] and E' 2 L ; goddis] idolis E 2 . 
L. 1962. and lif] hyr lyff RE, and hyre 

1 96 1 -4. om. L. lyf A ; For till haue reft fra hir pe lyfe 

1961. let] lete R, leit E, schupe A ; E' 2 . 
And said god gife scho had a knyfe 


pat byrtht to ber, >at sulde ger al Laing, 197$ 

Par templis on J>ar goddis fal ; i960 

And let gif scho had had a knyf 

For til haf slayne hir barn, and lif 

Scho walde haf put in awentur;, 

Had noucht beyn >e senaturr 

Marcus, hir lord, >at saw hir swa ; 

Pan hewye in til his hart and wa, 

Qwhil he hir chastit withe manas, 

And qwhil hir comfort withe solas. 

For al }>e murnyngi J>at scho maide 

Hir kyndly tyme on neide scho bade, 1970 

And >an was lichtar of a sod, 

Pe qwhilk to deid scho walde haf don 

Had noucht }>e fadyr new beyn by, 

Pat snybbit hir richt grewously, 

And bad hir of hir byrthe forber, 

To bid gif }>ar god Iupiter 

Walde rewenge hym at his wil, 

Syn large of rnycht he was )>ar til. 

"pe barn," he said, " J?ow sal noucht sla, 

Giff he walde wengeance of hym ta." 1980 

Pe childe }>an gert J>ai tendyrly 
Be nwrist, qwhil J>ar was gan by 
Off his eylde fully sewyn jher* ; 
Fra }>ine on buk ]>ai gert hym leyr 
His primatiwis, qwhil he couythe weil, 
And al his gramer ilka deil ; 

1963. Scho walde] Sa wald scho A ; L. 

Scho hade putt all in awenture E 9 . 1976. To se gife Iuppiteir E 9 . 

1966. fan] Bathe RL; Hawy in till 1978. larger A. 

hart and wa E 9 . 1979. )x>w sal] thai suld RLE 9 . 

1967. he om. E*L. 1980. Bot se gife he wald wengeance 
197a Hir] Jit E. ta E 9 . 

1974. snybbit] snykkyt A, blamyt 1981. J*i] he E 9 . 

L ; hir sa greturaly E 9 . 1983. Off] Oure R ; fully] full R, 

1975. And bad of hir breth forbere gane L. 



Bot pt his fader gert him ay 

Draw fra Cristin men alway, 2020 

r. 144 «. In that entent at >at destynee 

Off fare goddis suld brokin be. 
Apone a day, jit neaer)>eles, 

As he to scule gangand wes, 

By a chapell he come nek*; 

Quhar* Cristin freris singand were, 

And J>e psalme fcat I herd tell 

Wes In exitu Israeli; 

And, as the story mais reherfi, 

Thai were singand Jris ilk verft : 2030 

tvnac Dots autem master in ceJo omnia qutaenque vohat 


Simulackra gentium argentum et avrum, opera 

Manuum hominum. Os habent et non Soquentur, 

Oculos habent et non videbunt, 

Neqne enim est spiritus in ore ipsorunu 

This is in our langage to say : 

" Our God, forsuth, in hevin is ay, 

And all thingis as he said has wrocht ; 

And all mawmentis of folkis ar nocht 

Bot siluer and gold, and maid throu man." 

Gret thocht of this the child had tane, 

And sone efter that nocht lang, 

In to thai freris as he couth gang, 

He herd }>aim sing ane other verse, 

And )>is is it for to reherft : 2040 

Quoniam omnes dii gentium demonia, 

Dominus autcm ceios fecit. 

And this in Inglis is to say : 

" All goddis of folkis ar feyndis verray, 

Thare is na God bot ane in hycht, 

That maid the hevin throu his mycht." 

This barne thocht euer on Jrir verse, 

And ay of thaim he maid reherse. 


Bot his fadyr gert hym ay Laing, tOOl 

Draw fra Cristyn men alway, 

In til intent )?at destene 

Off )>ar goddis [suld] brokyn be. 1990 

Apon a day, )hit neuir >e les, 
As to J?e scuyl he gangande wes, 
By a chapel he coyme new, 
Qwhar Cristyn men J?ar syngande weyr, 
And Jris psalme, as I herde tel, 
Was In exitu Israel; 
And, as Wyncent mais rahers, 
Pai war syngande J>an Jris wersse : 
Deus autem noster in celo omnia quecumque voluit 

Simulacra gentium argentum et aurum, opera 

[manuum] hominum 
Pat is in til our tong* to say : 
" God, forsuythe, in hewyn is ay, 2000 

And althyngf >at he walde war wroucht ; 
Pir mawmentis of J>e folk ar noucht 
Bot golde and siluir, made throw man." 
Off Jris gret thoucht >e barn* had >an, 
And qwhen he herd J>aim syngf Jris wersse 
Ay of J>aim he made rehers. 

1988. alway] away KA. 1996. Was] Quhilk was E, om. L. 

1989. In til] In RL ; In )»t E 9 . 1997. as om. RL. 

199a sal C ; Of J»r goddis suld be Deus] Dominus E 9 ; manuum om. 

brokin in hy E. C. 

1 99 1. On ane day L ; Jhit om. E 9 . 1999. til om. all. 

1993. a towne chapell E 9 . 200a is ay] werray E 9 . 

1994. J*r] than R, om. &L. 2001. war] has all. 

1995. And Jris] And the RLE S A, A 2005-6. om. L. 

E ; as] wes L. 2005. syng* om. R ; Jris] thir RE 8 . 


P. 144*. And to the chapcll oft forthy 

He went, and drew in cumpany 

To >ame >at >ir verses sang, 

And oft conuersit J>ame amang, 2050 

Sa >at of >e pape Pontiane 

Haly bapteme he has lane, 

And callit was be name Pontius* 

And quhen >at he wes hovin Jms, 
And quhen >at he had prevely Jms done. 
At certane tyme he sped him sone, 
Off his changeying glaid and fayne, 
Till his fader hame agane ; 
And sone efter he met samyn, 

And spokin togidder of sum gamyn ; 2060 

The fader sperit at the sone 
In to the scoill quhat he had done, 
Sen )?e tyme befor >an last 
That he had fra his fader past, 
And maid examinatioun 
Off his leir* and his lessoune. 
Than said J?e child : " My fader deire, 
Sen J>e tyme J?at I wes heire, 
A better lessoune neuer wes red 
Than I herd in a preve sted." 2070 

The fader askit him quhat it wes, 
And J?e child him tald but left ; 
And thare, throu wift argument, 
He drew alhaill his faderis entent 

2007. son] syne RL. 

2009. t»t J>at] that thai RLE 2 . 

2010. Sa he conversit was |>ai 
amang E 2 . 

2012. he had] he has A, hes he E 2 . 
After 2013. Becaus }>e paip J>at name 
had pane E 2 . 
2014. And sua E 2 . 

After 2014. To cristine men was 
richt ioyuft E 2 . 

2015. al was don] hes geit him 
done E 2 . 

2016. Bot certanly he sped him sone 
E ; And J>an^ he sped J»me haill full 
sone E a . 


In to J>e chapel son in hy Laing % Mil 

He jheid, and drew in companny 
Til Cristyn men J?at )>at wersse sangi, 
And sa conwerssit )?aim amangf 2010 

f. 67 a. Pat of J?e pape Ponciane 

Haly baptisyne he had tane, 
And callyt be nayme was Pontyus. 

Sa qwhen he was howyn Jros, 
And his dewor al was don, 
At certane tyme he spede hym son, 
And of his [change] glade and fayn, 
Til his fadyr hayme agayn ; 
And son eftyr at >ai met samyn, 
And mellit to gedyr of [)>ar] gamyn, 2020 

Pe fadyr sperit at >e son 
In to >e tempil how he had dofi, 
Syn \>e tyme befor J?an last 
Pat he had fra his fadyr past, 
And made hym examynaciofl 
Off his lair and his lesson. 
Pe childe )?an anssuerde his fadir deyr : 
" Syn ]>e tyme >at I last was here, 
A bettyr lesson neuir was rede 
Pan I herde in a prewaye stede." 2030 

Pe fadyr sperit >an how )?at was, 
And J?e childe taulde al >e casse ; 
Syne, throw his wise argument, 
His faderis hart and his entent 

2017. And of] Of RE 9 ; changii C ; 2024. To pe scuile he fra him past 
glade] richt glaid E 9 . E 9 . 

2018. hayme] he come E 9 . 2025. made hym] made R, syne 
2019-20. am. L. maid E 9 , made his A. 

2019. J>ai am. E 9 . 2027. pan am. E 9 !*. 

2020. ptX C. 2028. pe] that R ; And syne sone I 

2022. tempil] scule RLEE 9 . E 9 ; last am. L. 
2023-26. am. L. 2031. Jxin am. E 9 . 

2023. psit tyme E 9 ; pan om. E 9 . 2032. tauld hym A. 


Haly bapteme for to ta. 
Than baith togidder can >ai ga 
To J>e haly pape Pontiane, 
And haly bapteme has of him tane ; 
And als fast fra J*at wes done, 
f. us* In hy, with Pontius his sone, 208c 

This Marcus in the temple past, 
And brak all )>ar mawmentis fast, 
And worschippit Crist, >ar creature 
And did him sendee and honour. 

Sa fell it efter mony day, 
Quhen Jris Marcus wes ded away, 
That Jris child wes tane o threte, 
For honour of his lynage grete, 
And present to J?e emperoure, 

That held him in to gret honour 209c 

Off stait and of gret sen;eory, 
As fell till him of ancestry. 
Sa quhen the emperour herd tell 
That Frans raift agane Rome rebell, 
Out of his court he send a knycht, 
Schir Dycius to name he hycht, 
With a huge oste as man of weir*, 
France to dant with }?at power*. 
And quhen J?is Dycius fure in Frans 
For till ameift J?ar* J?is distans, 2100 

Rynnand wes J>e thousand yere, 
As reknyt wes and comptit cleire, 
Fra Romanis gert wallit be, 
As 3e herd, of Rome ]>e cete ; 

203s. hail om. E 2 ; baptysme R. 2042. of om. L ; J>ar om. E 2 ; idolis 

2039. And he him bapteist, quhen L. 

p&t was done E 3 . 2045. mony a day E 2 A. 

2040. his awin sone E 3 . 2048. lynagw C. 

2041. tempyll R. 2051-2. om. L. 


Was hail inclynyt baptisyne to ta. Laing, to/p 

Pan to gedyr bathe J?a twa 

Passit in hy til Pontiane, 

Pat werray pape of Rome was J>an ; 

Par was he baptist, and )>at don, 

In hy, wij>e Pontyus his son, 2040 

Pis Marcus in >ar templis past, 

And brak doun of )?ar mawmentis fast, 

And kennyt Crist for \zx creature, 

And did hym serwice and honour*. 

Sa fel eftyr mony day, 
Qwhen J?is Marcus was dede away, 
Pis childe was takyn apon thret, 
For honour* of his [lynage] gret, 
And present to J?e emperour*, 
Pat helde hym in to gret honour* 2050 

Off gre and state and senjhory, 
As til hym fel of ancistry. 
Sa qwhen J>e emperour* herde tel 
Pat Frawns agane Rome rase rabel, 
Out of his court he sende a knycht, 
Pat Decyus to nayme hade richt, 
Withe a gret ost as of weir*, 
Frawns to dawnte wij>e his power*. 
And qwhen Jris Decyus past in Frawns 
For til ameisse )>is gret distance, 2060 

Rynnande was J?e thowsande ^her*, 
As reknyt was and cownttyt cleyr*, 
Fra Romulus gert wallit be 
Off Rome, as 3he herde, J>e cite, 

205 1 . And of greit stait and senjeory full AuE 9 . 
E*Au. 2057. as] as man RL. 

2054. rase] wese R ; That Franft 2058. his] that R, >air L. 
rais agane him rebell E 9 Au. 2060. ]ris gret] thare this R, J>is L, 

2056. to nayme hade] had to nayme \t gret E 9 , J«t gret An. 


And for }at canft J»c Romania hail] 
* AD that jcr* held festraiJl, 

In turnamentis and in insting, 
In menstraly and in pitying ; 
And cucrilk day apon )ar wifc 
Did to ]*ar goddis sacrifiA, 21 

Syne went to solace and to play. 
And sa >e emperour on a day 
f. S45 *. Ordanit him on his best wi& 

To (Ms and mak his sacrififi 
To Iowis his god deuotly ; 
Sa tuke he in his cumpany 
Pontius the child, at wes 
Gruchand in that way to paft ; 
Bot be the way sa quhen that he 
Saw his oportunyte, 2 

He said : " Me think, Schir Emperour, 
This seraice to jour Creatour 
3e aw of det for to dispend, 
That has 30W all }>is honour send." 
"Sone," he said, "tharfor I ga 
Now [to] the tempill for to ma 
To Iouis J>aw my sacrifice, 
As is my det, on my wift ; 
For he is }>at God of mycht 

That has me helpit to ]>'\s hycht." 21 

Than said )^e child : " Schir Emperour, 
}e are implyit in fals errour, 
3 our mychti makar* for to forsaik, 
And till a deuill 3our seruice mak. 

2i?^. W. to om. 

2065. pat] And RLE ; Romanys] 206S. Menstrally AL, Menstral 
Romany s hale RL. E, In menstraly E^Au. 

2066. our om. RL; festiwalle RL ; 2069. And] pat E' 2 . 

Oure all J>at $eir held festyvalis E 2 Au. 2070. To Jair goddis pAi did sac 

2067. tormentis E 2 Au ; and in fice E-Au. 
E 2 AuA. 207 1 2. om. L. 


Pat for J>at causse J>e Romanys Laing t 2079 

Al J>at jhew our helde festywalis, 

In turnnamentis and iustyngi, 

Mynstrailcyis and gret dansyng* ; 

And ilka day apon )>ar wysse 

Did til >ar goddis >ar serwice, 2070 

And helde J>ar solace and ]>sx play. 

Pe emperour swa on a day 
Ordanyt hym on his best wysse 
To passe and mak }>ar sacrifyce 
Til his goddis dewotly; 
Swa tuk he in his companny 
f. 67 1. Pis childe Poncyus, J?at was 

Grucheande in J?at waye to passe ; 

Bot in J?e waye swa qwhen he 

Saw his oportunyte, 2080 

He said : " Me thynk, Schir Emperour*, 

pis serwice til jour* Creature 

Withe gud wil ;he sulde dispende, 

Pat has til 30W sic honours sende." 

" Son," he said, " J>arfor I ga 

Now to >e tempil for to ma 

Til Iupiter my sacryfice, 

As is my det, on my best wyse ; 

For [he] is J>at God of mycht 

Pat has me hewit to Jris hicht." 2090 

Pe childe said : " Schir Emperour, 

3he are implyide in gret erroure, 

3our mychty makar to forsayk, 

And til a dewil jour* serwice mak. 

2073. Sa ordanit )>e emperour on 2084. sic] that all. 

his best wyft L. 2086. To Iupiter my sacrifice to 

2074. Jwur] hys RL. ma L. 

2075. goddis] god Iovys R, god 2087-8. om. L. 
Iupiter L. 2088. my dewyse A 

2076. And he tuk E*Au ; he om. R. 2089. her C 

2079. swa qwhen] swa qwhen J«t 2090. hevyd R, heyt EE*. 
E*Au, quhen J>at L. 2094. a dewil] ane ydole L. 


3one mawment, callit Iupitcr, 
Or Iouis or Mars, baith is wer ; 
Thai ar na goddis, bot deuOlis thre, 
That can no>er speik, na heire, na se, 
Set )ai haif mouth, eris and ene, 
Handis and feit, wit ;e but wcyne, 2140 

Thai haif nane of J>e wittis five ; 
Thai ar bot lumpis withoutin live, 
Baith dwm and deiff, and dull and daft, 
And mortall maid throu manis craft, 
And deuillis within J?aim J?at spekis, 
f. 146 «. Thame to dissaue J>at to J»me rekis." 

" Quhilk, sone," said the emperour, 
Suld I J>an call my Creature?" 
" Schir," said J>e child, " he that $ow wrocht, 
And all )?at is has maid of nocht ; 2150 

That borne wes of )>e madin chaist, 
Consauit throu the Haly Gaist, 
And syne oure redemptioun 
Throu vertu of the passioun." 
Than throu J?ir wordis, and 6\>er ma, 
The emperour, and his sone alsua, 
Past to the pape Sanct Fabiane, 
And of him than has bapteme tane, 
And Phillip callit were J?ai twa, 

The fader and )>e sone alsua. 2160 

In haist togidder J?an als fast 
To J?e temple baith J>ai past, 
And )>aie J?ir ydolis, ane and all, 
Thai tuke and brak in pecis small ; 
And J?e destynee wes weill 
Thar* fulfillit >an ilka deill, 

2095. Jour] Yhon R. 2099. For it] 3itt it E 2 Au, And L; a 

2096. na luk] luk REE 2 . om. E a . 

2098. neysse and eyne] eyn and 2100. It] And E a Au ; That nane 

neise A, and ene and neift L. hes of J>ar wittis fyve L. 


3our symylaker, callit Iupiter, Laing, $109 

Can nou]>ir spek, na luk, na her*, 

Set he haf mouythe and ens twa, 

Handis, neysse, and eyne alsswa ; 

For it is bot a lumpe but lywe, 

It has nane of J>e wittis v., 2100 

And is bath dum, and def and daft, 

Off metaile maide wij>e mannys craft." 

" Qwhilk, son," said J>e emperourc, 

"Sulde I >an cal my Creator?" 

"Schir," said }>e childe, " he }>at 30W wroucht 

And al )>at is has made of noucht ; 

Pat born was of }>e maydyn chast, 

Consawit throw ]>e Haligast, 

And syne made our redemption 

Throw wertu of his passion." 2 1 10 

Throw Yit wordis, and oJ?ir ma, 

Pe emperourc, and his son alsua, 

In hy to gedyr alssa fast 

To J>e tempil son J?ai past, 

And )>2lt ]>3lt symylacris all 

Pai tuk and brak in pecis smalle. 

Syne to J>e pape Sancte Fabyane 

Pai past, and baptisyne has tane, 

And Philipe callit war J>a twa, 

Pe fadyr and J>e son alsua ; 2120 

And sa )>e destene was weil 

Fulnllit and haldyn ilka deyl, 

210X. And is] Bot is R, And it is 2113-20. Thise lines are in different 

AE 9 . order in RL ; 21 15-6 reversed in L. 

2103. Qwhilk] Swylk R, Qwhilk Past to the pape, Saynt Fabyane, 
)*n E*Au. And offhym baptysme sone has tane, 

2104. ^an] now E 9 Au, om. LA ; And Phylip cald ware thai twa, 
cal] tak E. The fadyre and the sone alsua, 

2106. J>at is] )>is warld L; has] he In hy togyddyre als fast 

E 9 Ao v cm. L. To the tempill sone thai past, 

21 1 1. Throw] Thane throw A, And thare thaire symilacrys all 

Eftir L. Thai tuk, and brak in pesys smalle. 


That J?e wod preist on fors said, 
Quhen he wes brawland in his braid. 

Sa stedfast syne in Cristin fay 
Thai wer*, J?at on )>e Pasche day 2170 

The fader and )>e sone alsua 
Passit to >e kirk to ta 
Thar* howsill amang ]>e Cristin men, 
And J>e haly paip Fabien, 
That herd \>axe confessioun, 
Gert J>ame with contritioun 
Do thare pennans outwith J>e queir*, 
Quharc }>e commonis standand were, 
f. 146*. Till baith >e seruice and >e mefi 

Wes all done, as ]>e maner wess ; 21& 

And syne on kneis deuotly >ai 

Goddis body tuke verray. 

Thus Phillip, emperour of Rome, 

Wes J>e first tuke Cristindome. 

Dycius this tyme wes in France, 
And amesit )>e gret distance, 
And wane )>arc thar subiectioun, 
And tuke J?are contributioun, 
And resauit }>are homage, 

And of }?e gretest tuke ostage, 219 

And gert }?aim seill J>ar ragman weill 
Off all Yir poynttis ilkedeill. 
In all J>at weire he wes sa wift 
That worschip gret he wan and prift ; 

2123. of fors] befor EE 2 AuL. 


]>e] J>at J>e E 2 Au, all J* A. 

2128. coyme] past RL. 


as f>an] |>an as Au, as E a L. 

2129. houssil] sacrament L ; J>e cm. 


Ressauit Godis body verra 



2130. sir Fabien Au. 


f>is] Thus R. 

2 1 31. f>at] Thair E 2 , fan* Au. 


f>at] The RLEE 2 Au. 

2132. And gart E 2 Au. 


to om. AL. 


Pat J>e woide prest of fors saide, Loing, tw 

Qwhen he was brankande in his braide. 

Sa stedfast syne in Cristyn fay 
Pai war, J?at on ]>c Pask day 
Pe fadyr and J?e son alsua 
To J?e kyrk coyme, for to ta 
Par houssil amangf ]>e Cristyn men, 
And J>e pape }>an Fabien, 2130 

Pat herde J>ar confession, 
Gert J?aim withe contriciofi 
Par pennans do wij>e out J>e queyr, 
Qwhar J?e commownys standande weyrc, 
Qwhil bath \>t serwice and J>e messe 
Was don, as )>an J>e manerc was ; 
And syne on kneys dewotly J>ai 
Goddis body tuk werray. 
Pis Philipe, emperour* of Rome, 
Pat fyrst was )?at tuk Cristyndomi. 2140 

DECYUS J>is tyme in to Frawns 
Was, and amesyt gret distans, 
And tuk J>ar contribucion, 
And wan )>ar subieccion, 
And ressawit )>ar homage, 
And of ]>e grettast tuk hostage, 
And gert J>aim seil J?ar ragman weil 
Off al >ar poynctis ilka deil. 
In al >at deide he was sa wisse 
f. 68 a. Pat worschep gret he wan and prysse ; 2150 

2142. mesit E ; >e greit E 9 Au. 2149-52. cm. L. 

2143-4. reversed RL. 2149. J»t deide] he deid E 9 , he 

2143. fear] pair )* E 9 Au. dyd Au ; sa] full E a Au. 

2144. ]»r] ]>ame in E*Au. 2150. And worschip wan and 

2147. seil] fill E'Au. gretast (gret Au) pryse E 9 Au. 

2148. Off] And E 9 Au ; al om. E. 


Bot pompouft, hawtane and hie of [feire], 
He past all mesoure and raanere, 
And sa with gret pryde and deray 
Fra France to Rome he tuke )>e way ; 
And Phillip J?an, J?e emperour, 
In entent to eik his honour, 2200 

His stait, his worschip, his menje, 
Arrayit him with gret ryalte, 
And all his barnage halely, 
For till haif met him ryally ; 
And on that purpose past onone 
Neire till a cete callit Werone, 
And quhen he herd J?aw J?at his knycht, 
Schir Dycius, had for >at a nycht 
Within the tovne tane his herbery, 
For dreid of ryot or revery, 2210 

And at >ar meting first suld be 
f. 147 «. Sene with all \>t commonyte, 

In opin place with sic honour 
As ordanit has J>e emperour, 
In till J>e feild without ]>e tovne 
Gert distent his pavil3eoune, 
And all J>e lordis J>at by ware 
Come till him of duelling )>ar*, 
And as J>ai were of stait and gre 
Neire him he gert herbryit be, 2220 

And gat J?aim vittaill of J>e land, 
To leif J>e tovne main? haboundand, 
That to J?is knycht na thing suld faill, 
That had tane for him sic travaill. 

2195. W. freire. 

2 15 1. 3»t pom pus and haltan E. 2 161. Decyus] he nere E. 

2153. j»t om. REE 2 ; gret om. 2162. woyag/j C. 

E a Au ; bost] pomp L. 2166. |>at] that a RL. 

2157-8. om. L. 2167. had tan C. 

2159. Haill his barnage in hy L. 217 1. apert] a parte E 2 A. 


And pompus, hawtan in his fayr, Laing, £165 

He past al mesourc and maner, 

Sa J>at wij?e gret bost and deray 

Off Frawns to Rome he tuk J>e way ; 

And Philipe ]>an, ]>e emperourc, 

For til haf ekyt his honour*, 

His state, his worschep and his gre, 

Arayit hym wij>e gret ryalte, 

And al his barnage hallely, 

For til haf met hym ryally. 2160 

Qwhen he herde J?at Decyus coyme, 

He tuk his [woyage] out of Rome, 

And on )?at purposse come onofie 

Nere til a cite callyt Weron*, 

And qwhen he herde >ar >at his knycht, 

pis Decyus, had for >at nycht 

Withe in >e cite [tan] herbry, 

For dowt of ryot or reu*rry, 

And J?at >ar metyng* fyrst sulde be 

Seyne wij?e al J?e commwnyte, 2170 

In til apert, withe sic honour* 

As ordanyt was, J>e emperour* 

In til a lawnde wi)?e out ]>e town 

Gert distent his pawillion, 

And al ]>e lordis ]>at >an >ar 

Coyme, and of his dwellyng* war, 

As >ai of state war and degre, 

New hym he gert herbryt be, 

And gat hym wittail of J>e lande, 

Pe towne for til leiff habowndande, 2 180 

Pat til his knycht nathyng* mycht faille, 

Pat for hym tane hade J>at trawalle. 

2172. was for >e E 9 Au. 2181-2. om. L. 

2174. Gert discend RL, He gart 2181. fat til] Sa ]»t E. 
stent E'Au. 2182-2662. missing in Au. 

2177. degre] off gre RL. 


Bot this Dycius J*at ilk nycht 
Anannyt him rycht sone, I hecht, 
And prcvely out of J* tovnc 
He past on to J>e pavil^eoune 
Quharc J>e emperour in lay, 

And slew him lang or it wes day ; 2230 

Syne to J?e paviljeons ilk ane 
He past and tuke vp ane and ane 
Of the lordis Jaare as J>ai 
Slepand in J>air beddis lay, 
And sum with tretift, and sum wi]> aw, 
He gert J>aira till him heild and draw. 

To Rome Jam he past in by, 
With all ]>ai in his cumpany; 
And quhen at J* Romanis herd tell 
Off >at caift how it befell, 2240 

Than J>ai begouth on }>are best wift 
Agane >is Dycius haill to ry&, 
And quhen he saw J?aim busk Jaaim sa, 
This wes ]>t ansuere he can ma, 
And said )>at slauchter he awowit, 
f. 147 b. And said als he suld be lowit 

Be ressone, wit J?ai, na thai 
Suld call it murthure be na way 
For to fordo J?e goddis fa, 

How lychtlyest J?ai mycht him sla, 2250 

Sen he wes J?e first of Rome 
Emperour J?at tuke Cristindome, 
luge and ensampill agane J?ar fay, 
Bot suld be blithare be all way 

2184. at al] al at EL ; Weill armyt 2 191. Off om. L. 

and all at richt E 2 . 2193. and sum] sum E. 

2188. lang*] thare lang REA ; 2194. til] all till R, J>ame to LE a . 
forow] befor RLE 2 ; |>e om. RE. 2195. son] syne LE 2 . 

2189. mom. all; euerilkane EE 2 . 2197. And quhen EE 2 ; than herd 

2190. Tuke J>ame vp ane be ane L. RL. 


pis Decius >at ilka nycht, Laing, tm 

Weil anarmyt at al richt, 
Prewaly out of >e town 
Past on to >e pawillion 
Qwhar J?at ]?e emperour* ]>an lay, 
And slew hym langi forow J?e day ; 
Syne in to J>e pawillionys ilkan 
He past, and tuk wp ane and ane 2190 

Off >e lordis J?ar, as J?ai 
Slepande in >ar beddis lay, 
And sum withe trety, and sum wi>e aw, 
He gert til his serwice draw. 

Til Rome he past son in hy, 
Withe al J?a in his company. 
Qwhen J>e Romanys herde tel 
How J?at casse hapnyt sa fel, 
Pai begouythe on >ar best wysse 
Agan J?is Decyus for to rysse. 2200 

Pat fellon slauchtyr he awowyde, 
And said he sulde be weil alowide 
And commendit wi)?e J?aim, na J>ai 
Sulde it murthir cal na way, 
For til [wndo] >a goddis swa, 
How lichtlyast >ai mycht hym sla, 
Syn he was J?e fyrst of Rome 
Emperour* >at tuk Cristyndome, 
Ensampil and iuge agayn J?ar fay, 
Bot sulde be blithtar be alway 2210 

2198. How that that cas R. him >at >ar goddis sua E ; For him 

2199. fai] And RL. p&t wndyd >air goddis sua E 9 ; For 

2202. he audit till be alowyt E 9 . tyll vndo pare goddis sua A. 

2203. na] ne L, and at E 8 . 2206. >ai] he E 8 ; That J>ar goddis 

2204. Sold it call murthir be ony put ]»me fra E. 

way L. 2207. Syn] And sen E. 

2205. wndo ofn. C ; For tyll wndo 221a be] the RLE, he A. 
thare goddys fa RL; For til vndo 

VOL. III. 2 A 


That he to dede wes put sa sone, 

Or >at J>are treuth werr all vndone. 

Than be J?is slycht and be Jris quayntiA 

The Romans forbaire for to ryfc 

Aganis him, as J>ai first thocht ; 

His purpose sa till end he brocht 2260 

That he wes alhaill emperour, 

And full twa seris in J>at honour 

He stude, cruell and felloune, 

And maid gret persecutioun 

Aganis Cristin men alway, 

And ay at vndyre held )>ar fay, 

And mony martyre of J?aim maid 

Quhill he liffit in that haid, 

And slew J?e pape Sanct Fabiane, 

And \>z Sanct als Sebastiane, 2270 

And vnderneth >at fals coloure 

He slew the haly emperoure. 

And quhen Phillip herd be tald 
That his fader Phillip >e aid 
Wes )>us gatis slane, away he stall, 
And commendit his tresoure all 
To Sanct Sixt, J?at )?an bischap 
Wes of Rome, and efter maid paip. 
This 3oung Phillip wes sa lourd 
f. x 4 8o. That men mycht neuer, for na bourd, 2280 

In na steid na in na quhile, 
Ger him nou)?er lawch nor smyle. 

2212. twU om. K 2 . felloun E. 

2213. sic om. E a ; With swilk and 2221. )>e cristin E. 

quyntyft L. 2222. J»r faye] p&me ay E, which 

2214* forhuw] forebare R, forbair adds — 

E a , he forbad L ; to] for to E a . And gert seik Jwime nycht and dai 

2216. syne] )>is E 2 , And held at vnder Cristin fay. 

2218. ful] stud E. 2223. made] he made RL. 

2219. Cruell he wes and wonder 


Pat he to ded war put sa son, Laing, ttts 

Or J?at J?ar trowithe war al vndoyn. 
Be swylk slycht and sic qwantysse 
Pe Romanys forbur* to rysse 
Agayn hym, as >ai fyrst thoucht; 
F. 68 b. His purposse syne til ende he broucht 

Swa >at he was emperoun?, 
And twa jher^ ful in >at honours 
He stude, crewel and fellon, 
And made gret persecucion 2220 

Agayn Cristyn men alwaye, 
And at vndyr helde J?ar faye, 
And ay martyris of >aim made, 
Qwhil J?at he lif in lestyng* hade. 
He slew >e pape Fabiane, 
And o>ir martyris mony an* 
He made vndyr J?at culour* 
Pat Philipe he slew, ]>e emperouw. 

Qwhen 3ong<? Philipe herde be taulde 
Pat his fadyr Philipe J>e aulde 2230 

Was slayn and ded, away he stal, 
And his tressour* lewit all 
Til Sancte Sixt, >at >an bischape 
Was, and of Rome eftyr pape. 
Pis 3ong* Philipe was ay sa lourde 
Pat men mycht neuir, for play na bourde, 
In na steid na in na qwhille, 
Ger hym blenk, lauche or smylle. 

2224. j»t he lif] he his lif E ; 2235. This Phylip yhong REE 8 A ; 

Quhill >at his life he lestand haid E 8 . was ay] ay was RA, was EE 9 L ; 

2227. J»t om. R. lowryde R, lowrit L. 

2229. Quhen Philip yhong RL; be] 2236. play na bourde] for ony word 

itE 3 . L. 

2231. he away stall E 3 . 2238. blenk] other L; or] na A; na 

2234. Was of Rome and eftir paip lauch na smyle R ; Anys blenk vp 

E^L. lauch or smyle E 9 . 


This Sanct Sixt I spak of aire 

Till auld Phillip wes tresorare, 

And Boung Phillip his sone forthy, 

Quhen he away past prcvely, 

Left with J?is Sixt ]>e tresore 

That I maid mentioun of befor, 

And in till Sixtis passioun 

Sanct Laurens maid )»an mentioun 2290 

Off ]>e tresoure, as I kend, 

And writtin is in his legend. 

Quhen Fabiane J>e pape wes dede, 
Cornelyus sat in his steid 
Thre ^eris and monethis twa, 
And fully xi. dais alsua, 
Syne wes he slane with Dycius. 
Till him succedit Lucyus, 
That twa ^eris and monethis thre 
And twa dais held )>e papis se. 2300 

Than Gallus and Voluciane 
Emperouris were contemporane 
Twa 3eris and monethis four, 
And quhen thare dais were all gane oure 
Dionysius wes maid paip, 
And of J?e warld heid and bischap. 
He bad at preistis and dekinnis ay 
Suld nocht in commone vse alway 
Hallowit vestmentis on faim behv, 
As vther clathis J?ai vse to weire, 2310 

Bot quhen thai were in fare office, 
Doand in kirkis ]>are seruice, 
f. 148 b. And fan fare meft clathis on to be ; 

Off almouft mony dedis did he, 

224a thesaarare £. 2264. Twa] Tuelf A ; twelf] twa 

2245. possession C. RL. 

2252. fully A ; withe] to RL. 2267. vestimentis E a L. 

2257. fan RLE 3 . 2268. J>at] as Y?\.. 



Pis Sancte Sixt I spak of ayr Laing, etSS 

Til awlde Philipe was tresowrar* j 2240 

Jong* Philipe his son for )>i, 

Qwhen he away stal prewaly, 

Left wi]?e )ns Sixt J>e tressourc, 

As I haf made rehers befor, 

And in til Sixtis [passion] 

Sancte Laurens has made mention 

Off^at tressour, as is kende 

And wryttyn weil in his legeende. 

QWHEN Fabiane >e pape was dede, 
Cornelyus sat in til his stede 2250 

Thre 3her* and monethis twa, 
And ml ellewyn dayis withe J*ai, 
Syne was he slayne withe Decyus. 
Til hym succedit Lucyus, 
Pat twa 3her* and monethis thre 
And twa dayis helde J?e papis se. 
Par Gallus and Wolusyan 
Was emperouris contemporane 
Twa jheve and monethis four*, 
Qwhen Decyus dayis war all don* our*. 2260 

Qwhen Lucyus his ded hade tan*, 
Stewyn, of nation a Romayn, 
Pape of Rome was 3heris four*, 
Twa monethis and twelf dayis our*. 
Prestis and dekynnys he bade >at J>ai 
Sulde noucht in common oysse all waye 
Pe halowit westment on J?aim ber, 
As clathis >at J?ai oyssit to were, 
Bot qwhen J>ai war in J?ar serwice, 
In kyrkys doande )>ar office; 2270 

2269-70. serwice, office reversed in 2270. doande] vsand E 8 . 


And gud werkis sindry and seir*, 
That I may nocht all rekin heir*. 
Throu martyrdome eftcr he wes 
Done to dede, singand his meft. 

Waleriane >an and Galiene 
In to >e empyre stude fyftene 2320 

3eris, and dantit halely 
Gotland all and gret Asye. 
With Sapour syne, J>e king of Perfi, 
Thai faucht and, as I herd reherft, 
Thai emperouris baith with ]>aie ost quyte 
Was in J?at batall discomfite, 
And thare )>an wes Valeryane 
folding, and to presoune tane, 
And set at he wes emperour, 

Ay schame he tuke and dishonour ; 2330 

For [alway] quhen the king of Perft 
Wes bovne to ryde, I herd reherft. 
That emperour fan behuffit of forft 
Ly evin doune besyde his horft, 
Law one J>e erd, till at ]>e king 
Wald clyme on him at his lyking, 
And on his crag or on his face, 
All as the will of J?at king was, 
Ay as a fut he wald set, 

Till that he mycht ]?e to]?er get 2340 

Esely in his sterope, 
Quhen he apone his horft wald leip, 
And thus gatis mekle dishonour 
Fell to Rome of ]?at emperour. 

2331. W. all )>e king. 


In] Off RLE 2 . 

2281. emperour* C. 


and om. CEA. 

2281*2. reversed in A. 


fifteyn*] >an E a . 

2281-8. om. L. 


Fyftene jeir and dantit 


2282. Ware in that batalle R. 

E 2 . 



In almis mony dedis seyr Laing, H86 

He did, )>at I wil noucht tel heyr. 
Throw martery syne he was 
Don* to ded, syngande his messe. 


r ALERYANE >an [and] Galiene 
In to >e impyre stude fifteyn* 
Jheri, and dawntyt hallely 
All Grece, Goutlande and Asy. 
Withe Sapors syne, J>e kyng* of Persse, 
Pai faucht and, as I herde rahers, 2280 

Pe [emperouris] wi]?e ]>ar ost qwyte 
In )>at batale war discomfyte, 
And J?ar J?an was Waleryan 
Jheldyn, and as preson tan, 
f. 69 a. And set J?at he was emperourc, 

Ay schayme he tuk and dishonours ; 

For ay qwhen J?e kyng* of Persse 

Was to ryde, I herde rehers, 

Pat emperour* behuffit of fors 

To ly ewyn doufi beside his hors, 2290 

Lauche on erde, qwhil J?at J>e kyng* 

Walde clymb on hym at his likyng*, 

And on his crage or on his face, 

Ay as ]>e wil of J?at kyng* was, 

Ay his a fute he walde set, 

Qwhil he mycht ]>e to]?ir get 

Essely in his sterape, 

Apon his hors qwhil he walde lape. 

2283. And J»ir was ]*n E 8 , And 2291. on] on pe EL; >e] that R, 
)>ane J»re was A. om. E. 

2284. and as] as to E, and to A ; 2292. Walde] Was A ; clymb or 
presownere RE 9 . clym C, clyme, clym in other texts. 

2287. ay] alway R ; For euir quhcn 2294. Ay om. RLEE 9 . 
)*t king E 8 . 2295. his om. E ; a om. A. 

2288. to] for tyil R, for to E 8 . 2298. quhcn \*i he lap E a . 

2289. I>at] fe L, fat J* A. 


Bernard Bolghe weill ix. jere then 
r. M9«. Kegny* m Scotland as oure man ; 
Nixt him regnyt Ypopenet, 
In Scotland held J>e kingis set 
Our J>e Pightis xxx. ^ere, 
Till all Ye tymes passit were 
Off )nr papis successive 
That ^e herd me last discrive, 
And sex emperouris J>an 
To J?ir papis contemporane. 


Heir it tellis for quhat ressoune 
Sanct Lowrens tholit passioun. 

EFTIR ]?e dede of papis sevin 
Sanct Sixt held >e se thre 3eris evin, 
Xi. raonethis and vi. dayis. 
Befor >at, as }>e story sais, 
As legait in Span3e lie past, 
And J>arc )>e Cristin treuth he prechit fast, 
And twa fair? 3oung men J>arc he fand, 
Honest, abill and avenand ; 
The tane be name wes callit Laurens, 

And )>e to)>er wes callit Vincens. 

Thir twa luffit Sixt specialy, 

And with him wes contynewaly 

RLE 8 ^; the kyngis J>e papis successioun E-. 

jjOJ. to •"• 2306. $he] }e haue E ; The qut 

R\,£X» AfflQittE 9 ' harde befoir propone E 2 . 

l ** uSS R, )« L ; Off 2307. Ml a» l>an E*. 


Garnarde Bolge nyne 3her* J?an Laing, tSlS 

In til Scotlande was owxe man ; 2300 

Next hym syne Wypopenet 
In to Scotlande helde kyngis set 
Our ]?e Peychtis thretty 3her*, 
Qwhil al J>e tymys passit weyr 
Off J?e four papis successywe 
Pat 3he herde me last discriwe, 
And sex emperouris J>an 
To >a papis contemporane. 

EFTYR >e dede of J* pape Stewyn 
Sancte [Sixt] helde J?at set twa jkitxe ewyn, 
Ellewyn monethe and sex dayis. 231 1 

Befor J?at, as >e story sayis, 
He in Span3he as legate past, 
Par Cristyn trowythe he prechit fast, 
And twa fayr 3ongi men J?ar he fande, 
Honest, abil and awenande ; 
Pe tane be nayme was callit Laurence, 
And >e tothir was callit Wyncens. 
Pir twa luffit Sixt specially, 
And wij>e hym was contynually 2320 

(2309). Chap. LXXXVI. in E 9 , Sixt that sc held thre yhcre ewyn 

LXXX VII. in A = W. tholit] suf- R ; Sanct Sixt held \* se thre Jeris 

feryt A. evin L ; Sanct Sext ]*t seit hade tua 

2309. |>e pape] pape RE, sanct Jeir ewin E a ; Syxt helde J»t suite 
E'L. twa Jeir ewyfie A. 

2310. Sixt repeated in C; Saynt 


Till he wet in Spanje prcchan<L 
Syne, quben he turnyt of )wt land. 
For lufirent >ai with him past, 
And come to Rome sa at )>e last; 1370 

And in to Rome Sanct Laurens bai4. 
And with Sanct Sixt bis duelling maidL 
That maid him J»an his kepart\ 
And at his liking detiueran 
Off all his gud and his tresomv 
That Phillip emperour that befor 
Had deluerit quhen he past 
r. 149*. Out of )>e land, as je herd last, 
Fra Dycius cruelte, }at wes fell 
Till Criatin men, as je herd telL 1380 

Quhen Jris Sixt wes pape of Rome, 
And kepar* haill of Cristindome, 
He ordanit preistis for to say 
Thaw meft on hallowit altaris ay, 
That were perfidy maid of stane, 
Quhart befor his tyme wes nane 
That sa vsit on to say meft. 
Throu martyrdome syne slane he was 
Wnder Dycius ;oung, J»t syre 
That lord wes syne of >e empyre. 2390 

Efter >at Valeriane 
And Galiene J>e dede had tane, 

2323. Thay tua furlh wij> him past 2330. >e] that RL. 

L. 2332. likyn] bidding E ; dispendar] 

2324. ewyn om. E ; And to Rome delyverare R, disponar E ; Off all 
followit past L. his gude and deliberair L. 

2325. >ar] his L, cm. A; And 2333. gud] gold E*; and pe] and 
wi)>in in till seruice baid E 9 . of J>e L, and E 1 . 

2327. And efftyre R ; alssa] als R ; 2334. had befor/ CEA. 

And )Mur eftir alft fast L. 2335. qwhen] hym quhen RLE 1 . 

2328. agan in] in to E 9 ; In Spayne 2337. was sa am, L ; sa) richt E", 
Saynct Vincent agayne past R ; Into om. R. 

Spanjhe Sanct Vincent past L. 


Qwhil he was in Spanjhe precheande. Laing, tsss 

Syne, qwhen he turnyt of J?e lande, 

For luf )>a twa falowit fast, 

And furthe to Rome ewyn wij>e hym past, 

And wij>e hym in ]>ar serwice bade, 

Pape of Rome qwhil he was made. 

Eftyr J?at tyme alssa fast 

Sancte Vyncent agan in Span^he past, 

Bot in to Rome Sancte Laurens bade, 

And wi]>e }>e pape his duellyngi made ; 2330 

And he >an made hym hail kepare, 

And at his likyn dispendar, 

Off al J?e gud and \>t tresorc 

Pat Philipe J>e emperour* [before] 

Had delyuerit qwhen he past 

Out of }>e lande, and flede richt fast 

Fra Decyus, >at was sa fel 

Til Crystyn men, as 3he herde tell. 

Qwhen J?is Sixt was pape of Rome, 

And kepar of al Cristyndome, 2340 

He ordanyt prestis for to say 

Pe messe on halowit alter ay, 

Pat war perfy tly made of stane, 

Qwhar befor his tyme was nane 

Pat swa oyssit to say J?e messe. 

Throw martyry syne slayn he wes 

Vndyr Decyus 3ongi, J?at syr* 

And [lord] was >an of >e impyr*. 

Eftyr J?at Waleryan 
And Galyene J>e dede had tan, 2350 

234a al] the RL. 2347. jonge om. L; Decyus |»t$ong 

2341. He om. R. syre £. 

2342. M Thare RL ; awterys R, 2348. lor C ; than wes R ; J>an <ww. 
altaris LE. L ; I>at lord wes of )* empire EE 9 . 

2345* J* cm. EL 2349. Eftir ]*t quhen E. 



F. 150 «. 

This Dycius ;oung wes rycht felloune, 
And maid gret persecutioun 
Apone Cristin folkis alway, 
And held )>aim euer at vnder ay, 
And mony martens gert he ma, 
And ]>is ilk Sixt wes ane of Jwu 
That vnder him tholit martyry. 

Sanct Laurens, )>at wes neire him by, 
And saw )ris persecutioun, 
And him led till his passioun, 
Askit him : " Quhether, fader, now 
Without minister passis Jk>v? 
Thou wes neuer wont on na wifi 
To do but minister Goddis seruice. 
Leif me nocht Jwurfor, fader deire, 
Thus anerely behind J>e heire ; 
For all thi tresour spendit is, 
That >ov deliuerit me, I wifi." 

And Cesar, )>is joung Dycius, 
Herd him speik of tresoure thus ; 
He bad Sanct Laurens at he suld bring 
FurJ> )?at tresoure but delaying, 
And Sanct Laurens of dais thre 
Askit delay, sa J?at he 
Mycht all J?at tresour samyn get ; 
And J?is 30ung Dycius J?an, but let, 

2351-4. om. L. 
2351. richt] ay E a . 

2353. Off \>e] Apon R ; Till cristin 
men in till alway E 2 . 

2354. mekyl om. E a ; >aim ay] thare 
fay R. 

2355. This Decius mony martyris 
gert ma L. 

2356. Off t>ir Sancte C, This ilke 
R, And |>is Sanct E, And |>is E 2 A, 

And sanct L. 

2357. deit throw] tholit L. 

2358. SancU] And E 2 ; And 
Laurence ]>at wes neir by L. 

2359. And saw] Seand L. 

2360. And] Syne E 2 ; passioc 
sessioun R. 

2361. Said )»n] Said EL, H 
]>an E a ; )k>w] wil |»w E, nowe ] 

2362. pas E ; now] thowe Rl 



pis Decyus 3<>ngi was richt fellon, Laing, t&5 

And made gret persecution 
f. 69 b. Off J?e Cristyn mefi alway, 

And mekyl at vndyr helde ]>aim ay, 
And mony martyris he gert ma ; 
[And Jns] Sancte Sixt was ane of J?a 
Pat vndyr hym deit throw martyry. 

Sancte Laurens >an, >at nere was by, 
And saw J?is persecucion, 

And Sixt led til his passion, 2360 

Said >an : " Fadyr, qwhedyr ]>ow 
Withe outtyn mynyster passis now ? 
Qwhejrir art ]?ou hast withe sa gret hy, 
But ony serwande sa anerly ? 
Pow was wont on nakyn wysse 
To do but dekyn ]ri serwice. 
Leff me noucht, my fadyr deyr, 
Sa anerly behynde J?e hen; 
For }>i tressour now but dout 
Al hail I haf dispendit out." 2370 

Qwhen Cesare, 3ong<? Decyus, 
Herde hym spek of }>e tressourc ]ws, 
He bad >at he sulde til hym bryng* 
Pe tresour* withe [owt] delaying*, 
And Laurens >an of dayis thre 
Askyt delaye, swa >at he 
Micht it al in sowme get 
Pat grauntid was til hym, but let, 

2363-4. om. L. R, haill but L, but ony E 9 ; declaring 

2363. How art ye haistit in sa greit E 9 . 

hy E*. 2375. of] but E 9 . 

2368. Allanirlie E 2 . 2376. delaye, swa] delaying quhill 

2369. >i] the RLE 8 . E». 

2371. longeom.L; this Decius RL. 2377. in sowme] in a sowme RL, 

2372. \>c om. RLA. in sowme grete E 9 . 
2374. withe owt] owt om. C, all but 


Thocht till haif gottin all >at tretour, 
And grantit him delay >arfor. 
And in >e menetyme Sanct Laurens 
Gaderit with all deligent 
Off pur* folkis a huge raen^e, 
Waik for eild and febilte, 
And vther \nt in neid were stad, 
And gret myster of mending had, 
And closit J?aim all prevely 
In till a house, and syne in hy 
He jeid to ;oung Dycius, emperour, 
And bad him cum and his tresoure 
Se and resaif, gif that him thocht 
That it were wor]? or ganyt oucht 
With )>at Dycius went in hy 
T With Sanct Laurens rycht blithly, 

h ) For till haif gottin >an thocht he 

£ -j Off gold and siluer gret plente. 

'• Sanct Laurens Jwrn vndid J?e dure, 

And said : " Lo heire, Schir Emperour, 
Off the kirk haill the tresour, 
Quhanf of I maid J?e hecht befor, 
That maist may to J?i saull availl, 
And neuer mare forsuth sail faill ; 
This is the trew tresoure, I wiss, 
That bringis manis saull to bliss." 
f. 150 b. And quhen ]>is cursit Dycius 

Saw he wes begylit thus, 
He wes sa full of teyne and ire 

2379-82. om. L. ing E 3 . 

2381. And \>e E 2 . 2391. to] on to A. 

2383. In )>is] And in this R, Then 2392. cum om. CA. 

in \>e L. 2394. I>at] Gyf AL ; or gay 

2384. wytht rycht gret R. and ganyt E 2 L. 
2387-8. om. L. 2396. richt] full E. 
2388. And] J>at E ; fyndyng*] lev- 2397. For] And E 9 . 


For Decyus 3ongi, >e emperouw, Laing % 239$ 

Thoucht til haf gottyn >at tresoui* ; 2380 

Pe delaye J?arfor wcs 

Grantyde withe >e maw blithtnes. 

In )>is meyne tyme Sancte Laurens 

Gaderit wij?e gret diligens 

Of pur* folk a gret menjhe, 

Of eylde and of debilite, 

Pat in til gret neide war stade, 

And mystar of J?ar fyndyng* hade, 

And cloyssit J?aim al prewaly 

In til ane housse, and syne in hy 2390 

He 3heid to J?e emperouw, 

And bad hym [cum] and his tresoure 

Se and ressaiff, gif hym thoucht 

Pat it war worthe or gaynande oucht. 

Wi>e J>at Decyus past in hy 

Withe Sancte Laurens richt blithtly, 

For til haf gottyn J?an thoucht he 

Off golde and siluir gret plente. 

Sancte Laurens J?an wndyde J?e dure, 

And said : " Lo hew, Schir Emperurc, 2400 

Off J?e kyrk )>e gret tressoirr, 

Qwhar of I heycht made >e befor, 

Pat mekil to }ri sawle awayl, 

And neuir mar* is lik to fayl, 

And gif J?at >ou may ware weil Jris, 

Pe growande seyl be hewynnys Mis." 

Par J?an qwhen Schir Decyus 

Saw he was begilit J?us, 

In malancolyne, teyne and ire, 

2402. I mad the hecht RLE 9 . is E 9 ; be] of E. 

2403. to] may to RE*A, may L ; After 2406 E «&r— » 
awayl] mai vale E. Salbe to >e for euermair 

2405. And om. RL ; Jris] J>us E 9 . To keip >e ay fra lestand care. 

2406. (>e growande seyl be] The 2409. In till bimand breth and ire 
growyng sail be RL, To >e growand L. 


That he gert kyndill a raekle fyre, 

And )orin rostit Sanct Laurens ; 

With vther tonnentis and pennans 2450 

To Ihesu Crist his saull he send 

With him to duell withoutin end. 

This Dycius ;oung >at I spak ax*, 
Wes nocht callit August, bot Cesare, 
And fra J>e gud Octoviane 
All the emperouris ilkane 
To titill Cesare August had. 
Bot for }ris Dycius had [mad] 
Off Perft his awne intrusioun, 

Forthy J?e left wes his renovne, 2460 

For [nouthir be] rycht of lynage, 
Na jit be law of heretage, 
Off Rome he wes maid emperour ; 
Thus for his stait and his honour 
Wes )>e left, baith in his fame 
And the titill of his name. 


Off sindry papis and emperouris selre 
And of >are lif now may ;e heire. 

DYONYSE, till Sixt nixt successour, 
Sat twa winter in )?at honour, 
Aucht monethis and dais thre. 
First kirkjardis ordanit he, 2470 

2458. W. maud. 2461. W. mony he. 

241a gcrt be C. 2418. All the RL ; euir om. RL. 

2412. Throw] In L, Syne wij> E a ; 2421. Persse] forft L, preift E 9 ; 

torment RL ; and greit panyft E 2 . intonsion CE, intentioun E*. 

2415. $ong*] quham L; £>is Decius 2423-8 om. L. 

spak I of to jou are E. 2423. of] na A ; Becaus noufrir of 

2417. As] And RL. greit lynnage E*. 


Kyndil he [gert] a gret fy r*, Laing, $4*4 

And J?ar on rostyt Sancte Laurens ; 241 1 

Throw swylk turmentis and pennance 
To Ihesu Criste J>e saulle he sende 
In ioy to duel withe outtyn ende. 
pis Decyus ;ong* I spak of are 
Was noucht callit August, but Cesar*, 
As fra gud Ottowiane 
pe emperouris euirilkan 
To titil Cesar* August hade. 
Befor ]ris Decyus hade made 2420 

Off Persse his awyn [intrusion], 
F. 70 a. Forjri J?e les was his ranowne, 

For nou>ir be richt of lynage 
Na be lauche of [heretage], 
Off Rome he was made eraperouw ; 
Parfor he and his honour* 
Was )>e les, bath in his fayrae 
And in J?e tytil of his nayme. 

DYNYSSE, to Sixt next successour*, 
Twa wyntyr sat in J?at honour*, 2430 

And audit monethe and dayis thre. 
pe fyrst kyrfcjarde ordanyt he, 

2424. laache of] lauchfall E 9 ; here- = W. 

tagwC. 243a And twa E 9 ; wyntyr] Jeir 

2425. made om. R. E s f Jeris L. 

2426. he] his state R. 2431. And] Syne E 9 , om. RA. 

2427. his] till E 9 . 2432. fe om. RLE*A ; kyrk yhardys 

2428. And om. R. RL, kirk Jaird syne E 9 . 
(2429). Chap. LXXXVIII. in A 

VOL. III. 2 B 


And till )>e kirk parochis ; 
And ilk preist of his office 
He ordanit to serve the parochy 
Till him ordanit distinctly, 
And hald him of his part content, 
f. 151 a. Vsurpand nocht oure his extent 

FELIX nixt him sat twa jew, 
And thre monethis tharto cleire ; 

And efter him Euticiane, 

That wes of natioune a Tuskane, 24 

Pape x. monethis and viii. jer* 

He wes, and did gud dedis seiw. 
Claudyus and Aurelyane 
r Emperouris wen? contemporane, 

I Quhen Dionyft and Felix successive 

I Wes ilkane papis in )*an? live. 

j- This Aurelyane in to France 

1 Amesit gret wens and distance, 

And syne vpon >e watter of Lain? 

He foundit a cete gret and faire, 24 

And )>e name of }?at cete 

Aurelyus efter him callit he, 

And sa is callit to J?is day. 

And syne, quhen he wes dede away, 

Tantulyus wes emperoure, 

And Probus his nixt successour, 
• Floryane, and syne Clarus ; 

Thir vi. emperouris successive thus 

Regnyt thre and xxx. 3ere ; 

2433. And] And till RL, And in 2443. tene] aucht L, nyne I 
E a . aucht] ten L. 

2434. ilk a E 3 . 2444. And did greit deidis of aln 

2436. assignyt] committit L. . seir E 3 . 

2437. hym om. C. 2450. mesit E. 
2442. a om, RE 3 . 2452. cite] tonre E 3 . 



And J>e kyrkys parochis ; Laing, typ 

And ilk prest of his office 

He ordanyt to kepe \t parochy 

Til hym assignyt distyntly, 

And halde [hym] of his part content, 

Vsurpande noucht our his extent. 

Felix next hym sat twa ^heri, 
And thre monethe passit cleyr ; 2440 

And eftyr hym Ewtyciane, 
pat was of nacion a Tuskant, 
Was pape tene monethe and aucht jew, 
And did gret almus dedis seyr. 

Claudyus and Aurelyane 
War emperouris conteraporane, 
Qwhen Denysse and Filix successywe 
War ilkan papis in J>ar lywe. 
Pis Aurelyane in to Fransse 
Gret weris amesit and distance, 2450 

And syne apon )>e wattyr of Layr 
He founddyt a cite gret and fayr, 
And J>e nayme of >at cite 
Orlyens eftyr hym callit he, 
And swa ;it callit is to-day. 
Syne, qwhen he was dede away, 
Tatikus was emperourc, 
And Probus his next successour;, 
Floryne, and syne Clarus ; 

Pir emperouris sex successyue }>us 2460 

Regnande thre and thretty ^heri; 

2453-6— 2456. away] alway R. 

Aurelius eftir him it callit he 2457. was] Jwin was E 9 . 

Syne quhen he deid wes par de. L. 2459. Floryane RL. 

2454. eftyr hym] eft hym A, Jwin E 9 . 2460. This empryoaris sax succedit 

2455. And sua is yhit callyt to this |ris E 9 ; Thir sex emperouris saccedit 
day R ; And sua it is callit to >is day thus L. 

E 9 . 2461. RegnydRL. 


And Faughna J?at tyme raise to steire 2500 

Oure the Pightis in Scotland, 
And xx. winter wes regnand. 

GAYUS syne wes paip of Rome, 
And keparc of all Cristindome ; 
He ordanit quha J>at prest suld be 
For to be ordanit gre be gre, 
Crounebennet first, accolit neist, 
Subdekin, dekin, and syne preist 
He ordanit als >at na pagane, 
f. 151 k. Na ^it erratike, nowtherane, 2510 

Suld challange Cristin men be na way, 
Nor na sclander on him say, 
fiot he had cleir* euidentis to schaw. 
He bad alsua J?at nane suld draw 
Befor iugis seculars 
Persone of kirk, or regulars ; 
And gif J?at ony douttis were, 
Or questionis for to declaim, 
Thai suld at the papis se 
Reseruit and declarit be. 2520 

All )?is tyme Dioclesiane, 
And his fallow Maxim iane, 
Off the empyrc xxx. }ere 
Wes ane with vther [persenar*]. 
Euill and felloune baith were J?ai, 
And held at vnder Cristin fay. 

2524. W. perseware. 

2462. was] ras RL. RA ; Quhilk ordanit J»t preist sold 

2463. And] Quhilk E*; wyntyr] be E 2 . 

yher RL. 2468. For til beom. L; Inordoaris 

2464. in] in to E 9 . maid gre be gre E ; Ordourit richt in 
(2465). Chap. LXXXVII. in E 2 = gre be gre E 2 . 

WA (2429). 2469-70. om. L. 
2467. syne] hym R, om. EL ; prest 


And Fawthua-Qwhit >an was of ster*, Laing, &f76 
And twenty wyntyr was regnande 
Our >e Peychtis in Scotlande. 

GAYUS syne was pape of Rome, 
And kepar of al Cristyndome ; 
He ordanyt syne J>at prestis sulde be 
For til be ordanyt gre be gre, 
Crowne bennet fyrst, and colet nest, 
Subdekyn, dekyn, and syne prest. 2470 

He ordanyt als J>at pagane 
Or erratik a Cristynman 
Chalange sulde on na way, 
Or ony sclandyr on hym say. 
He bad als J>at nane sulde draw 
Clerkis for to suffyr law 
Befor iugis secular ; 
And gif ony dowtis war*, 
Or gret questionys of sic weyrc, 
Pat war deficile to decleyr, 2480 

Pai sulde at J?e papis se 
Referit and declaryt be. 

AL J>is tyme Dioclyciane, 
- And his falow Maxymyane, 
Off >e empire thretty jher* 
Was ane withe 6\>ir personerc. 
II and fellon al war J>ai, 
And helde at vndyr Cristyn faye. 

2469. First croun banett E 9 ; and 2477. Befor ony juge E. 

colet] accolyte R, and collect EE 9 . 2479. weyw] maneir E 9 . 

2471. >at] that na RLE 9 A, )*t a 2480. The quhilk war doutfull E 9 . 

E. 2482. Be referrit and claryt be E. 

2473. Challangir A ; on na] on ony 2484. his om. R. 

RL, nocht be no E, be ony E 9 V in 2486. Wair and till o)rir ilkane 

ony A. personeir E 9 . 

474. say] lay E 9 . 2487. Euill E 1 ; al] ay E 1 . 


Thai gert bryne vp in till a fyrc 
Off dry schydis, bernand schyre, 
All }>e bukis of Cristin law, 
That techit folkis >e treuth to knaw. 
This Dioclesiane past of weire 
Out of Rome with gret powere 
To J>e Orient ; thaw landis seire 
He maid to Rome tributes, 
And all J>at trowit in Cristin fay 
To ded he gert do but delay. 
Maximiane, his fallow, )>an 
In )>e Occident seir* landis wan. 
All France wes )*at tyme cruell 
To Rome, and felloune and rebell ; 
He with his oste throu out it raid, 
And to Rome it subiect maid ; 

j And syne all Ducheland and Spayne, 

' £ P. i 5 t a. Norway, Denmark and Brettane 

■k This Maximiane wan of weire, 

And dantit haill with his power*. 

All Ingland, as sais J>e buke, 
Thare Cristindome alhaill forsuke 
Throu )>at persecutioun, 
That wes sa austerne and felloune, 
Done throu Dioclesiane 
And his fallow Maximiane ; 
Sa J?at within xxx. dais, 
As Vincent and Frere Martyne sais, 
Twa and twenty thousand were 
Marteris maid in landis seire. 


2489-91. Thay brynt pe bukis of 2495. V**] an< * E*« 
Cristin law L. 2496. made] maid ]an E 9 . 

2492. mycht] suld REA ; That of 2497. And om. E 9 ; trowit in] 

)ame J>e treuth suld draw L ; That to L. 
nayne throw |>arae suld ]>an knaw E a . 2500. mony] sere L. 


Pai gert bryn vp in til a fyr* Laing, £503 

Off dry schidys, brynnande schirc, 2490 

Al }>e bukys of Cristyn law, 
Pat nane throw >aim >e trowithe mycht knaw. 
f. 70 3. pis Dyoclyciane past of wer* 

Out of Rome wij>e his power 
In to J>e Oryent; >ar landis seyrc 
To Rome he made tributer, 
And al J>at trowit in Cristyn faye 
To ded war don wi>e out delay. 

Maxymyane, his falow, J?an 
In Ewrope mony landis wan. 2500 

Al Frawns at }?at tyme was crewell, 
Stout agane Rome, and rabell ; 
Withe his ost he throw it rade, 
And to Rome it subiette made. 
Syne al Duchlande and Span;he, 
Norway, Denmark and Brettane # 
Pis Maxymyane wan of werc, 
And dawnttyt hail wi)>e his power. 

And Inglande J?an, as sayis our buk, 
Par Cristyndom al hail forsuyk V 2510 

^ Throw }>e gret persecucion, t 

Pat was auster and fellon, 
Don throw Dioclyciahe, . t 

And his falow Maxymyane; . . ; v . 
Swa >at wijfe.'in thretty. dayis, v 
As Wyncent'and Freyr Martyn sayis, - 
Twa and twenty thousande weyr - 
Martyris maide in landis seyr. 

2501. at ofu. RLE. 2505. And syne A. 

2502. And stout E 9 . 2509. our] the RLEE 9 . 

2503. it] >ame A, om. RJL 251 1, gret om. RLE A. 

2504. And subiect to Rome it maid 2512. om. A. 

E"L. 2513. throw] throw >is E»A. 


Sanct George and Sand Anastace, 
Sanct Agnes, Lucye, and Agase, 
And vther mony marteris seire, 
That may nocht all be reknyt heir*, 
Off dede tholit the passioun 
Wndyre }>ar* persecutioun. 


HE pape Gay us martyrdome 
Tuke, and nixt him pape of Rome 
Marcellyne sat viL jew, 
And twa monethis }>arto cleire, 
And xx. dais fully and five. 
Bot for raddour of his live 
He maid on the paganis wift 
4 To fals ydolis sacrifift ; 

j Bot syne a solempne senje he 

.r Gert in Chawmpane gaderit be, 

} I - bischopis and four* score, 

V Weill revestit hira before. 

With plane and opin confessioun, 
And with verray contritioun, 
He iugit him self for to be 
F. 1523. Deprivit of his dignyte, 

And cursit all J?ame J?at with honour 
Suld put his corps to sepultour ; 
For quhy he said )?at cuvatise 
Of stait gert him mak sacrifift 
To fals mawmentis, and forthy 
He wes to preistheid vnworthy. 
To Dioclesiane syne he past, 
And confessit him befor him fast 

2519-20. reversed in RLE*. 2521-2. om. E a . 

. 2519. An] George A; Sanct Agatha, 2524. Jmr] J>ar fell E, >air greit 

Lucya and Agnes E 2 . 2527. sat] pan E a . 

2520. Gregor] Jorge R. 2528. Sat and E a ; passit cm. 1 


Sancte An, Luci and Agas, Laing, t53S 

Sancte Gregor and Sancte Anastas, 2520 

And ojrir mony martyris seyr, 
Pat may noucht al be reknyt heyr, 
Off ded tholyt J?e passion 
Throw J>ar persecucion. 

PE pape Gayus }*an martyrdome 
Tuk, and next hym pape of Rome 
Marcellyne sat sewyn ;here, 
And twa monethe passit cleyr, 
Twenty dayis J?ar til and v. 
For dout of tynsale of his lywe 2530 

He made on >e paganys wysse 
Til idolis fals his sacrifice ; 
Bot a sen;he solempne he 
Gert in Champayne gaderit be, 
A hyndyr bischopis and foure scoyr, 
Weil rawestyt hym before. 
Withe opyne and playn confession, 
And withe werray contriciofl, 
He iugit hym self for to be 

Depriwit of his dignyte, 2540 

And curssit al }?a J?at wij?e honours 
Sulde put his corsse to sepulture ; 
For he said J>at cuwatisse 
Off golde gert hym mak sacrifice 
To fals mawmentis, and for )>i 
He was to prestheide wnworthi. 
Til Dioclyciane syne he past, 
And confessit befor hym fast 

2530. And for dout and tinsale of grete L ; he] syn he RL. 
lyfe E 9 . 2537. opyne] opyfi mowthe A. 

2532. his om. L ; Till fels ydolis 2541. )» )»t] )*t E 9 , >aim L. 
sacrifice £. 2542. to] in EE*A. 

2533. Bot] Bot pan E 2 ; solempne] 2546. to priest E 9 . 


That he wes a Cristin man. 
For Jri J>at tyrand gert sla him J>an, 
And efter that mony a day 
Vngraiffin outwith )>e erd he lay, 
Quhill Marcellus the bischap, 
That efter him wes chosin pape, 
■ Throu Sanct Peter, the appostill brycht, 

t Apperith till him on a nycht 

In visioun, lang forouth day, 
Quhar* slepand in his bed he [lay], 
And callit him be his name : " Marcell, 
i Gif ]k>v be slepand, ]x>v me tell" 

And he ansuerd : " Lord, quhat are }e 
In to >is tyme J»t callis on me?" 
/ " Peter," he sayis, " is my name, 

j Off >e appostlis for prince tane ; 

* Quhy sufferis J?ov vngravin to be 

t My body abovin erd?" quod he. 

f Than ansuerd >is Marcell, 

And said : " Lord, I herd tell 
That pape Cornile my predecessour, 
That Bit is had in gud meinour, 
At the request of Sanct Lucyne, 
In till a tombe of merbill fyne 
Gert thy body beryit be 
With festyvell solempnyte." 
f. 153 a. " Nay," quod Petyr, " Marcellyne, 

To quham )>ov succedit syne, 
And is my fallow in )?at degre, 
Lyis vngravin, as J?ov sail se 
His body lyand on ]>e grene ; 
He is my body J>at I of meyne, 

2596. W. law. 

2550. fat] The R, And \*l E\ 2553. Quhill >at E*. 

2551. And] Syne E 3 ; a om. RE. 2554. Eftyr] That efftyr RL, 

2552. outhe] out of E a , out wij> L. fore A. 



Pat he was leil Cristyn man. Laing, t66S 

Pat emperour gert sla hym J?an, 2550 

And eftyr >at mony a day 
Wngrawyn outhe J>e erde he lay, 
Qwhil Marcellus J?e bischope 
Eftyr hym was chosyn pape. 
Sancte Petyr, }>e appostil bricht, 
Apperit til hym apon a nycht 
In wision, lang* befor day, 
Qwhen slepande in his bede he lay, 
And callit hym be his nayme : " Marcell, 
Gif Jk>u be slepande, now me tel" 2560 

" Lorde," he said, " qwhat ar jhe 
In til J?is tyme >at callis on me?" 
f. 71 a. " Off )>e appostolis prince am I, 

Petyr," he said, "and askys }>e qwhy 

My corsse ]>ou tholis wngrawyn be, 

Lyande outhe J>e erde?" Pan saide he, 

As befor ;he herde me tel, 

His predecessourc, J?e pape [Cornel], 

At )>e request of Sancte Lucyne, 

In [til] a tombe of marbyr fyne 2570 

Gert his body bereit be 

Withe vsuale solempnyte. 

" Nay," said Sancte Petyr, " Marcellyne, 

Pat has myne successoure beyn syne, 

And my falow in al degre, 

Wngrawyn lyis, as J>ou may se ; 

2555. bricht] richt E*. saide am. RLE*. 

2557-8. am. L. 2567. me om. A ; Ansuerd and 

2557. \x day EE 9 . sayd that he herd tell RLE 9 (that om. 

2558. Qnhare REE*. LE 9 ). 

2559. hym om* LA ; nayme am. E 9 . 2568. His am. R ; crewell CEA. 

2561. said] ansuered RE 9 . 2570. til om. C. 

2562. \aX am. R. 2572. vsuale] festywalle RL. 
2564. he said om. L ; pe om. 2573. Sanct* om. EE 9 ^ 

REE 9 A. 2574. has] as E 9 ; beyn] hes beyne 

2566. outhe] out of E* f outwith L ; E 9 ; syne] sefi syne A 


For caaft he wild nocht saarify 
To fals mawmentis Jar* in hy t 
He giif commandment to kdp 
r. 153 a. Him and pasture him with scheip ; 

Syne in his stable he gert be 
Clash but fade till he couth de. 
Valerius, Constance and Latyne 
Goucrnyt efter >ame >e empyrt syne. 

This Constance wes a douchty knycht, 
And in all weris wyf* and wycht ; 
Quhen he to Rome had wonnyng Spane v 
He past of counsall in Brettane, 
For to wyne till him \mt land ; 
And sa to hald it in his hand 
He come to Brettane, bot EchelJ, 
That king wes and herd of him tell, 
Send messingeris till him to say 
That he of Rome wald all his day 
Hald, with ]n he payit na mare 
Than his elderis payit aire. 
This Constans consentit J>ar till, 
And tuke ostage >at to fulfill. 

Echell deit efter a moneth syne, 
And left a dochter, a vergyne 
The quhilk excedit of bewte 
All J?e lad> is of J?at cuntre, 
That nane in Brettane wes sa fair* ; 
And, for he saw scho wes sa fair*, 
He gert hir leire of menstraly, 
And als of sciens of clergy. 

2608. in om. E 2 . 2616. in] in tyll A ; And hald i 

261 1. douchty] nobill L. his awin hand £ s . 

2612. And om. L ; al weris] till all 2617. in] to all. 
weir E*. 2618. I>at om. E*. 

2615. wyn] will E 3 . 2619. And send message E 2 . 



For causse he walde noucht sacrify Laing, ten 

Til fals mawmentis dewotly, 

Gaf hym biddyng for to kepe, 

As hirdis dois, nowte and scheipe ; 

Syne in J?ar stabil gert hym be 

Cloyssit, qwhil )>ar in ded was he. 

Valeryus, Constans and Lucyne 

Gouernyt al >e empyr* syne. 2610 

Pis Constans was a douchty knycht, 
And in al weris wysse and wicht ; 
Qwhen he to Rome had wonnyngt Spayfi^e, 
He passit of consail in Brettane, 
For to wyn til hym J?at lande ; 
And til halde it in his hande 
He coyme in Brettane, bot Coel, 
Pat herde weil of his commynge tel, 
Sende messyngeris til hym to say 
Pat he of Rome walde al his day 2620 

Halde, withe )>i he payide na mar 
Pan his elderis had payit arc. 
Constancyus granttt >ar til, 
And tuk ostage it to fulfill. 

Coel deit in a monethe syne, 
And left a douchtyr, a virgyne 
Pat excedit of bewte 
Al J>e ladeis of J?at cuntre, 
Pat nane of Brettane was sa fayr ; 
And, for he saw scho was his ayri, 2630 

He lerit hir of menstrailssy, 
f. 71 3. And of al cleyrnes of clergy. 

2620. al *». R. Jaurtill E a . 

2621. Halde] Wald hald A 2625. in] within E 9 , eftyr* A. 

2622. elderis] forbearis L ; had am. 2629. of] in R. 
RL. 2631. menstraly EE*A, mynystralsy 

2623. Constant E 9 A; grantit |»n R. 


Scho hecht Helene, )mt efter fand 
The cross in to >e Haly Land. 
This Constans tuke her till his wif, 
And king of Brettane wes all his lit 
And gat apone hir Constantyne, 
That emperour of Rome wes syne. 2680 

Efter >at, or past wes ix. jew, 
This Constans wes brocht on beire, 
f. ,54 «. And till his sone >e realme left he, 
That worthit of sa gret bounte, 
And of sa stout and sturdy deid, 
That he come man in his ^outhheid. 

TILL Mercell pape syne successour 
Eusebyus wes, and that honour 
He held twa monethis and twa )er*, 
And xxvii. dais cleir*. 2690 

His successour Melchiadeft, 
That paip of Rome twa winter wes ; 
He held J?at na man be na way 
Suld nocht fast on the Sonday. 

Than Canakulnell sex sens wes, 
And nixt him Dernoth-Nathiles 
A 3ere fully in Scotland 
Our J?e Pightis king regnand. 
Ferdaugh-Feyngaw neir* to J?ai 
Wes king regnand 3eris twa. 2700 

2635. tuk] syne tuk E a . 2642. bounte] degre E a . 

2636. hym kyng*] hir quene L ; 2643. a C ; worthi] sturdy RL 
And kyng of Brittane was all hys lyf And of sa suete and worthy deid E 
A. And sa stout and worthy in deid E 2 

2637. Apoun hir J>an he gat E 2 . And sa stout worthy in deid A. 
2639. our] or R ; our past war] was 2644. to] his RL ; That he was 

past oure AE a . man in his manheid E a . 
2641. his] the RL. 


Scho hat Helyne, J>at syne fande Laing, S647 

pe croice in to J>e Haly Lande. 

Constans tuk hir til his wiff, 

And made hym kyng* eftyr belywe, 

And apon hir gat Constantyne, 

pat emperour* of Rome was syne. 

par eft, our past war nyne jher*, 

Pis Constans was broucht on beyre, 2640 

And til his son his lande left he, 

pat worthit of sa gret bounte, 

And of sa stowte [and] worthi deide 

Pat he coyme man in to }outheide. 

TYL Marcel pape J?an successour* 
Ewsebyus was, [and] J>at honours 
He helde twa monethe and twa 3here, 
And v. and twenty dayis cleyr. 
His successour Melchiades 

Syne pape of Rome twa wyntyr was ; 2650 

1 He bad J?at na man be na waye 

Sulde fast apon J>e Sonanday. 

Pan Canaculmel sex jheris wes ; 
Next hym Deworcenauche-Netales 
Was bot a jher* in Scotlande 
Our J?e Peychtis kyng* regnande. 
Feredauch-Fyngel next [to] J?a 
Was kyng* regnande ^heris twa. 

2645. Jan] and E a . 2654. And nixt A. 

2646. in CEE 9 A ; Eusebius was 2655. A ;eir; fully in Scotland A. 
empryour E 3 . 2656. Oar] And our* E 2 . 

2647. He helde] He held it E, He 2657. to om. C. 

]>at sate E 8 . After 2658 E» adds— 

2648. And] Held and E a . Oflf Rome Siluester was paip syne 
2649-50. reversed in E. And of Me empyre Schir Constantyne. 
2651. na man] men RL. 

VOL. III. 2 C 




How the god 

SawlHt J* lunoMatls ft* 

EFTER )% byrth of om* lord date 
Tm^ hundreth winter and xH. * 

God Constantyne bome of Hdyne, 
The kingis dochter of Brettane syne 
Bairt J* noble emperour, 
And xxz. 3eris in }at honour 
He stude, in haly kirkis fry, 
That wcs supprisit befor his day. 
In his tyme to Mekhiadefc 

Siluester succedand wes 2711 

Pape of Rome, and xx. }cre 
And thre )*ito, to rekin cleirt, 
And x. monethis, the story sais, 
He sat and als xi. dais. 
f. 154 b. In Nysea, J?at cete, 

A solempnyt sen3e held he ; 

Thre hundreth bischopis and xviii. 

Were revestit befor him sene, 

And J>are clerely expoundit J?ai 

To folkis haly kirkis fay. 27K 

This Siluester efter J>at fled 
Fra Constantyne, for he him dred ; 
For he wes austerne and cruell 
Ay till he in lipper fell, 

Chap. XI. (LXXXVIII. in E* LXXXIX. in A).— E*A=W. 

266a Thre] Twa E a ; wyntyr om. 2663. Bar] Borne R. 
L. 2666. & cm. RLAAa. 

2661-2. reversed in CEE^A. 267a J>ar til] to thai R. 



Of Silnester >e pape syne 

And of >e emperour Constantyne. 

EFTYR J>e byrtht of our* Lorde deyr Laing, #73 
Thre hundyr wyntyr and twelf jherc 2660 

[Gud Constantyne, >at Elane, 
Pe kyngis douchtyr of Brettane,] 
Bar of hir body, was emperoure, 
And thretty ^tieve in J>at honours 
He stude, and halikyrkis fay 
He supprissit mony a day. 
In his tyme til Melchiades 
Siluester succedande wes 
Pape of Rome, and twenty jherc 
And thre J?ar til, to rekkyn cleyr, 2670 

Ten monethe, as our story sayis, 
He sat and ellewyn days. 
In Nycea, >at cite, 
A solempne sen3he helde he ; 
Thre hundyr bischopis and auchteyn 
par rawest weil war se)m, 
And cleyrly expownddyt J>ai 
In )>at seyn^he halykyrkis fay. 

Pis Siluester eftyr flede 
Fra Constantyne, for he hym drede ; 2680 

For he was auster and crewel 
Ay til he in lepyr fel, 

2673. Intill E f Au. 2677. exponit E a AAu. 

2676. revestyt R ; Rewestit fare 2679. eftyr] thare efftyr RLE, 

war weil sene E ; That raweistit weill Jmui eftyr AuE*. 

war seyne E" ; War* rewest before 2681. austery E. 
hym seyfi A. 


And brak out in foull mesalry; 
Quharfor to medecynaris in hy 
For to recouer his heill he socht, 
Bot all thar cure availlit nocht, 
And J>an >e bischop of J>e land, 
That \>aie in tempillis wer* servand 2730 

To \>are mawmentis, said )>at he 
Behuffit of neid bathit to be 
In soung innocentis blude al hait, 
Gif he recouer wald his stait 
Throu this counsall J?an als fast 
Officiaris of bidding past, 
And tuke vp child heir* and J>an? 
In all >e stedis quhar* >ai waverand war*, 
As barnis vsis }>aim playand, 

To }>e nomyr of thre thousand, 2740 

And put )?aim syne in sekirnes 
Till a tyme J?at ordanit wes 
Quhen ]>at he suld bathit be. 
And that samyn day as he 
In till his chare fra his palace 
One his way passit to the place 
That ordanit wes for his bathing, 
With dulfull chere and gret murnyng, 
f. 155 a. The moderis of }>e barnis }>axe 

Wepand, of ^are heid J>e hair* 2750 

Raiff and ruggit as thai were wod, 
And in ]>at rage on all thai 3ude 
Till }>ai met with }>e emperour ; 
Than forouth him in )>at dolour 

2685. For to be helpin he socht L. 2692. Giff] Gud A. 

2688. serwandc] singand E' 2 . 2693. Off] And by AuE 2 ; alssa] 

2689. Til] Throw E' 2 Au. als RL, )>an als E. 

2690. bathit] to bathit E ; be] to 2694. sariandis RL ; apon] at his 
be A. E 2 Au. 

2691. If blude on innocentis hait L. 


Brokyn out in foulle messelry ; Laing, 2697 

Qwharfor til medicynaris in hy 
For to recouer his heil he soucht, 
Bot al >ar craft awail^eide noucht, 
Qwhil J>e bischopis of J>e lande, 
pat in J>e templis war serwande 
Til >e mawmentis, saide }>at he 
Behuffid on neide bathit be 2690 

In til innocentis blude al hate, 
Giff he recouir sulde his state. 
Off ]>\s consail alssa fast 
pe serwandis apon biddyn past, 
And tuk vp barnys her and J>ar, 
Qwhar euir at J?ai wawerande war*, 
In housse or gat, as >ai >aim fande, 
To >e sowme of thre thowsande, 
And put }>aim in gret sickyrnes 
f. 7a a. Tyl >e tyme J>at ordanyt wes 2700 

And set qwhen he sulde bathit be. 
And >at ilka day as he 
In til his char; fra his palace 
On his way passit to >e plasse 
Pat ordanyt was for his baythyng*, 
Withe dulful cheyr and sar* murnyng*, 
Pe moderys of J>e barnnys J>ar 
Grettande, fra J>ar hewide >e haw 
Tyt and raiff as J?ai war woide, 
And in ]?at [rage] on J>ai 3huyde 2710 

Til >at J?ai met withe >e emperoure; 
Befor hym J?an in J?at dolour 

2697. as] quhar* A, quhair evir L ; palace] place to place A. 

Jaim om. L. 2704. On] In R ; way] horsse L ; 

2701. And set qwhen] Qahen ]»t Passyt hys way wnto J»t place AaE 9 . 
E 9 Au ; qwhen] l»t L. 2708. Sair gretand E*Au. 

2702. as] qUhen >at E 9 Au. 2710. ragw CA, raift E 9 Au. 

2703. his char*] chayr E 9 L ; his 271 1. Jwrt am. RLEE'Au. 


Thai fell on kneis and cryit fast, 

Till thai him vencust at >e last. 

[He] beheld >ame rycht merely, 

And had gret pete of >ar cry, 

And stude >an evin vp in his chare, 

And to >aim J?at about him war* 2760 

He said : " Ilkane in jour degre 

I pray 30W, gif 30111 willis be, 

Neir* hand me >at je will draw, 

And giffis audiens to my saw. 

Off }>e empyre >e ryalte, 

The stait, J>e worschip and J>e gre, 

As all philosophouris singis, 

Out of J>e well of pete springis ; 

Na >ar<f sail nane estait endure 

In Cesar*, king na emperoure, 277- 

Quharc J?at mercy takis steid, 

Bot all with aw or rigour leid. 

Forthy gud emperouris beforne, 

That had >e stait or I wes borne, 

As Titus and Waspasiane, 

Alexander and Adriane, 

Traiane als and vthere seire, 

That in ]>2ltc dedis douchty were, 

Quhen in batall J>ai displayit 

Thar* banaris, and \>zxe fais assayit, 278* 

Thai gaif in bidding rycht straitly, 

And gert our* all )>ar* ostis cry 

2757. W. And. 

2713. fast] sa fast RL. 2716. fe causse j>at] J>at J>at cau 

2714. fat] Quhill E a Au, Till L, L; sary] to cry E a Au ; And had gre 
Till J^t A ; dewit] wencust A. pete of pa.xe cry A 

2715. J>at om. E' 2 AuL ; And he be- 2717. ewyn vp] wp ewyn A ; til am 
held )jaim r>xht inkyrly A E 2 AuL. 


Pai fel on kneys and cryit fast, Laing, arm 

Pat J?ai hym dewit at >e last 

And qwhen he herde J>at stedfastly, 

Pe causse \zX maide >aim sa sary, 

He stude ewyn vp in til his chayrc, 

And til al )>a \zX about hym war 

He said : " Ilkan in jour degre 

I pray 30W, giff jour willis be, 2720 

Ner to gedyr now 3he draw, 

And giffis audiens to my saw. 

Off J>e impyre J?e ryalte, 

Pe state, >e worschep and >e gre, 

As al 30ur philosophouris syngis, 

Out of >e wel of pete spryngis ; 

Na J?ar sal na state endur 

In Caser, kyng* na emperour, 

Qwhar }>at mercy tais na stede, 

Bot al wi)>e aw and greif is lede. 2730 

For J>i gude emperouris beforn, 

pat had >ar state or I was born, 

As Tytus and Wespasian, 

Alexander and Adryane, 

[Traiane," he said, " and o>ir seyr, 

pat in J?ar dedis douchty weyr,] 

Qwhen in batail J?ai displayide 

Par baneris, and )>ar fais assayide, 

Pai gaff in biddyng* richt straytly, 

And gert our al >ar ostis cry 2740 

2718. >a om. RE; |»t om. L; 2733-2802. missing in Au. 

about] by E 9 Au. 2735-6. reversed in CEA. 

2720. jow om, R. 2735. he said om. E'. 

2725. Jour om. R. 2737. Quhen in >air battellis j>ai 

2726. of] >e E f Au. war displayand E*. 

2727. Na] And E 9 Au. 2738. assayand E 9 . 
2732. l»r] this all. 274a our al] all oure R. 

i<C. V^V*^™- ^^^^^pjr 


That nane sold barne na wmu* ala, 
F.t»Jc Nadathiiofjarbodyista, 

On payne of all thai bad to tjne, 

And to be hangit and dzawia ayae. 

Now acne aa gad befor om* dak 

Thame led Jan, as }ar/ story snpi* 

Better men went ▼nboroetp be 

Na now fall in sic arndte 1790 

All yme innocentis to sb, 

For ony helping ]*i mycht ma 

To >e heill of my body, 

That to leoouer fulldy 

Be na way can I oertane be ; 

And J>ai mycht reooo e r roe, 

Jit it were our* cruell thing 

Off sa mony chdder yng 

Off all our* awne natioun 

For to mak sic distructioun. 280* 

QuhysuM we da," he said, "oureawne, . 

And forbeir* vthcr at ar vnknawin? 

It spedis nocht for to supprise 

In weir* with fecht [our] innemyft, 

Gif we with mare cruelte 

Amang our self discomfit be 

Men of armes throu ]>axe mycht 

Thar* fais our cummys in fecht, 

But vice or syne }>aim to supprift 

Throu J>e vertu on )>at wyft. 281c 

In sic oste happinnis ay 

That we ar* starkare fer* J?an J?ai, 

3804. W. and. 

2743. Oflf] On RL, In E, Vnder 2748. I>an] Na RE* ; now om. E. 

E 9 ; l»t om . E 9 . 2749. to] for to EE 9 . 

2745. And] Now RE 9 ; sa] )>ai E 9 . 2750. J>ai] Jc A. 

2746. our] J>e AL. 


Pat nane sulde barn or woman sla, Laing, £755 

Na clathis of >ar bodeis ta, 
Off payne of al J>at J>ai mycht tyne, 
Arid to be hangit and drawyn syne. 
And sen sa gud befor our dayis 
Pus lede >aim, as our story sayis, 
Bettyr me war wnborn to be 
Pan now fal in J>at crewelte 
Al ;on innocentis to sla, 

For ony helpe >at J>ai mycht ma 2750 

To J>e heile of my body, 
Pat recouir wil [fullely] 
Be na waye can I certane be ; 
And set }>ai mycht recouir me, 
3hit it war our crewel thyng* 
Off sa mony barnys 3yng*, 
And of our awyn nacion, 
For to mak sic distruccion. 
Qwhi sulde we sla," he said, " oure awyn, 
And we forber J>at ar vnknawyn? 2760 

It is na speide for to supprysse 
Withe fecht or were our innymys, 
Giff we withe mar crewelte 
Amang* our self discomfyt be. 
Men of armys withe J>ar mycht 
par fais ourcummys in to feycht, 
But wice of syn for to supprysse 
It is of wertu J>e qwantysse. 
f. 7a 6. In swylk presse it hapynnys ay 

Pat we ar starkar fer J>an J?ai, 2770 

2752. foullely CA, fullely EE a ; 2759-64. om. L. 

That to rccowyr fiillyly RL. 276a And] Quhen E* ; we] thai R. 

2753. CSLn I] P* 1 1 can I* 2763. mar] our E. 
2757. And om. RLE 9 ; awyn] awin 2767. of] or RL. 

now E". 2768. J«] a RL. 

And J>e victour certanely 

Discomfyt lyis throu cruelte, 

Gif fat mercy and pete 

Be nocht with ws in to Jns thraw. 

Forthy," he said, " J>is is my saw, 

Schortly to say, for in this ficht 

Pete our* will sail haue the mycht ; 

For )>an few better our* innemyift 

In alkin prefc we may supprift, 

Gif it sua fall }>at it be 

With mercy vencust and pete. 

He may be cailit," he said, " a lard, 

That mercy and pete haldis in ward 

Better it is me to be dede 

Than to recouer," he said, "remeid 

Off ony languere with J>e blude 

And slauchter of sic multitude 

Off childer, joung and avenand, 

Off our* awne kyth now growand." 

With that to }>ar* moderis he 

Gert deliuer J>aim all fre, 

And gaif >ame giftis gret alsua, 

And harae frely leit J?aim ga. 


Bot in Jris, but dout, we ar Laing, 2785 

Starkar ]>an ome self befar. 

Qwha ewir may happyn for to be 

In to J?at feycht discomfit, [he] 

Wynnys hail J>e wyttory, 

And J>e wictor certanly 

Eftir hende his gre is qwyte 

In til his journe discomfyte, 

Qwhar J?at mercy and pete 

Discomfyte lyis throw crewelte. 2780 

For >i," he said, " in to >is ficht 

Pete our wil sal haf J>e mycht; 

For bettyr," he said, " our innymys 

In alkyn presse we may supprisse, 

Gif it may hapyn )?at we be 

Withe mercy wyncust and pete. 

He may be callit," he said, " a larde, 

Pat mercy haldis in his warde. 

Bettyr it is me to be dede 

pan to recouir," he said, "rameide 2790 

Off my langurc withe ]>e blude 

And slauchtyr of sic multitude 

Off barnys, Jong* and awenande, 

Of ourc awyn nacion now growande." 

Withe J>at to >ar moderis he 

Gert delyuir J>e barnys fre, 

And gaf >aim gifftys gret alssua, 

And syne hayme frely let J>aim ga. 

Pat ilk nycht, lang^ befor day, 
As slepande in his bede he lay, 2800 

Pe honerabil appostulis twa, 
SancU Petyr and Sancte Paule alsua, 

2775. He wynnis all haill J>e wictory Now bcttir it is to me be deid E 2 . 
£ 9 . 2792. sic] sic a R, ane greit L. 

2785. )»t] gywe R. 2797-8. om. L. 

2788. his] to RL. 2798. hame syne REE 2 A. 

2789. Bettir to me is be deid L ; 2802. alsua] war J*. E£ s . 

Appcrit to this i 
And grctly tneoyt his U* 
And said : '* Ihesit Grist, oar Lord, 
That has alh&ill in till bis ward, 
Has send ws for to comfort fe, 
And biddis at Jk>v sicker be 
Thy bcill J**v sail recotier weill 
V. t*t A Off all thy seiknes eueriikdeiU ; 

For £ov left to spill saikles blade 
Off sa gret multitude 
Off innocentis lor J?i bod/. 
It is our counsall now forthy 
Thar pass to Sflnestyre the pspe, 
That fryne fra >e wes to eschaip, i860 

Or send, and he sail informe >e 
Quhairin at >ov sail bathit be, 
And of thi lepirr sa >ov sail 
Thy heill rycht weill reconer all ; 
And syne to Crist, }t verray loud, 
Thow sail mak sa gud reward 
That of all fals ydolis ]k>v ger cast 
Doune J>e templis als fast, 
And haly kirk )>ov sail restore 

In better stait >an it befor 2870 

Thow fand it, and syne honour ay 
God, and keip weill Cristin fay." 

Quhen J>us our dryvin wes )>e nycht, 
And on J>e morne quhen day wes lycht, 
The emperour gert knychtis paft 
To seik quhar* Sanct Siluester was ; 

2803. That apperyt AuE*. 2806. thyng* om . R ; fat all gude 

2804. I>at] And E 9 ; gretly menyd hes L, That all gude thing hes E*Au. 
RL. 2814. as C. 

2805. Syne said |»t Iesu Cryst his 2818. may] sail E 9 Au. 

larde E*Au. 2820. fi] The R ; richt om, E 9 . 


Apperit to Jris emperour*, Laing, t8l7 

Pat menyt gretly his langourc, 

And said : " Ihesu Crist, our larde, 

Pat has al gud thyng* in his ward, 

Has sende ws for to comfort J>e, 

And biddis >at >ou sickyr be 

pi heil for to recouir weil 

Off al >i seiknes ilka deil ; 2810 

For J?ou left to spil sakles blude 

Off sa gret a multitude 

Off innocentis for )ri body. 

It [is] our consail hail for Jri 

To J>e bischope Siluester, 

Pat prewaly is bidande new, 

Pow sende, and he sal infurme ]>e 

Qwhar in >at )>ow may bathit be, 

And of J>i Hppyr swa )>ow sal 

Pi heil richt weil recouir all ; 2820 

And syne to Criste, J?i werray larde, 

Pow sal mak sa gud rewarde 

Pat of fals ydolis }>ow sal ger cast 

Down; J?e templis allssa fast, 

And halikyrk J>ow sal restoyr* 

In bettyr state J?an it before 

Thow fande, and syne honour ay 

God, and halde weil Cristyn fay." 

Qwhen J>us ourdrewyn was J>e nycht, 
And on J?e morn >e day was licht, 2830 

Pe emperour gert knychtis passe 
And seik qwhar Sancti Siluester was ; 

2826. In bettir fan Jx>u fand it be- 2830. And on pe morn wes dais 
foir L. licht E. 

2827. And )>aireftir )x>u honour 2832. And] To An ; qwhar] quhare 
ay L. j»t E; To sanct Siluester quhair he 

2828. weil] pe E 9 AuL. wes L. 

2829. pus] pis E*. 



And quhen be saw thaim cumand neire, 
He wonder at thai cumand were 
To draw him in to J^are fell on y, 
Till haue put him in martery ; 
Bot fra at )>aj had mellit sarnyn 
AU togidder of )us gammy n, 
Thai passit to J>e emperour, 
That resauit with honour 
Sanct Siluester, >e pape of Rome, 
And tald him syne without! n hone 
AH his vision n fra end till end, 
And askitj or he fra him wend, 
v. i j? c Gif Petyre and Paul! were goddis twa. 

And Siluester said nay, bot >ai 
Has power*? baith to lowfl and bynd, 
And left fcar successouris ]?ame behind. 
Than gert )*e pape feche £e ymage 
Off )pai apostlis in ]?ar* stage, 
And }m emperour affermyt at thai 
Were thai apperyt quhanr he lay 
Slepand in his visioun. 
And pare J>e paip, at wes all boune, 
Baptist J?is emperour Constantyne, 
And inionyt him pennance syne 
In fasting all a woulk to be, 
And all in presoune to be fre, 
Lowsit quyte at ]mr awne will, 
And J?e emperour grand t }>artilt ; 
And als swith in ]?at ilk stound 
Off all his seiknes he wes sound, 
And lovtt God of that chance, 
And maid rycht ]?are ane ordinance, 

2833, ]jc] thai oih 2839, on] |*m Au, mn^ REj 

2S34. As he CEE a AuA ; He wend pas* it to pe emperour on one I 

thatRL; wende] wount E 9 ; cumand 2840-1. om. L. 

E 3 Au. 2840, withe gret} wyth RA 

2838, Al] la all A, And spokin L. wij> EE 3 Au- 


And qwhen he saw )>e knychtis ner*, Laing, B8f7 
[He] wende J>ai cummyn weir* 
Hym to draw in >ar fellony, 
For til haf tholyt martery ; 
Bot fra J?ai had mellit samyn 
Al to gedyr of >ar gamyn, 
f. 73 a. pai past on to J>e emperoure, 

And he ressawit withe gret honours 2840 

Sancte Siluester, and son onone 

Per ordir al his wision 

He taulde, and askyt hym alssua 

Giff Petir and Paule war goddis twa, 

Pe bischope Siluester made ansswere, 

And said J>a Goddis postulis wer* ; 

Syne schawit he to >e emperoure 

Off Sanct* Petyr ]>e figoure, 

And of ane [ymag*] of Sancte Paule alswa ; 

And qwhen J?e emperour* saw >a twa, 2850 

He affermyt >at )>ai war >ai 

Pat apperit qwhar he lay 

Til hym in his vision. 

Pe pape Siluester syne onone 

Baptist >is Constantyne, 

And iniwnyt til hym syne 

In fastyng; al a wouk to be, 

And al in preson to be fre, 

Lowsit qwyte of J?ar pennance. 

pis Constantyne syne ordynance 2860 

2841. Sancte] And to sanct £ 9 Au ; • 2850. )>a twa] ]>ai E*Au. 

son] syne R. 2852. qwhar] tyll hym quhar; A. 

2842. And he tald Siluester his 2853-4. orn. L. 

vision L. 2853. Til hym] In his bed A. 

2843. And askit at Siluester aba L. 2855. >is] >is ilk ffAu ; Than |>e 

2845. bischope] paip E 9 . pape baptist Constantyne L. 

2846. And said] And RE 2 , That L. 2856. And] And he L. 

2847. And syne schew to E 9 Au. 2858. al in] in to E?AuL. 

2849. of] om. RLE 9 Au ; ymagir C ; 2860. £is] Syne E 9 Au ; syne] wi)> 
SancU am. RE 9 Au ; alsuay E 9 Au. E, be E 9 . 



In fredome of the Cristin fay, 
That he deuotly tuke Jmt day. 
For statu t law first ordanit he 
That Crist as God suld honorit be, 
And worschippit with all, lest and maist, 
Thre person is in a Godheid traist, 
Fadirc and Sone and Haly Gaist, 
And at all ydolis wtre hot waist 
Off godheid, and deuillis ware ; 
And bad fordo faim, left and marc* 
Nixt that wes his ordinance, 
That he suld heir* and thole pennance 
Quha euer wi)> errasy fat blamyt 
Crist, Goddis Sone* or him defamyt, 
r, m * That he suld suffer*' pane and torment, 

Bot gif he {»ar of him repent, 
Gif ony syne in to that land 
Agane J>e law wald tak on hand 
A Cristin man for to supprift, 
Or for to wrang him ony wifi, 
The tane half of his gudis all 
To f e emperour suld fall 
As escheat without remeid, 
Or ony prayer, or jit pleid. 
He ordanit alsua fat fe paip, 
That of the warld is nmst bischap, 
Suld be ouref bischopis in honour, 
As is our kingis f e emperour } 
And quha till haly kirk wald fle 
Suld fare haif gyrth and als saufte. 
Als fat nane were sa hardy 
In na parochin generaly 
Chapell to big, na oratorc, 
But speciall leif gottin befor f 

2861, made am. L. 

2863. fyist &m. L. 


In fredom made of Cristyn fay, Laing, 2875 

Pat he dewotly tuk ]?at day. 

For statute lauche fyrst ordanyt he 

Pat Crist a God sulde honowrit be. 

Next y&t was his ordynance, 

Pat he sulde thoil and bere pennance 

Qwha euir wi)>e heresy walde blame 

Crist, or set on hym defame. 

Gif ony syne wi)>e in }>e lande 

Agane J?e lauche walde tak on hande 2870 

A Cristyn man for to supprysse, 

Or for to wrang* hym ony wise, 

Pe tane half of his gudis al 

Til ]>e emperoure sulde fal 

In til eschet withe out ramede, 

Or ony instance in til plede. 

He ordanyt alssua }>at J?e pape, 

Pat of }>e warlde is mast bischape, 

Sulde be our bischape in honour*, 

As is our kyngis J?e emperourc ; 2880 

And qwha J?at [to] J?e kyrk walde fle 

Par gyrtht he sulde haf and saufte. 

Als J>at nane war sa hardy 

Withe in ony parochy 

Kyrk to big, or oratour*, 

Withe outtyn leif gottyn before 

2864. Crist a God] a Crist ane god 2875. In til] In E", om. A. 

L ; a] as E 9 Au. 2879. byschapys RL. 

2869-70. om, L. 2881. to om. C ; Alsua quha that 

2871. And quha a Cristin man wald to R, Alsa ]>at quha to L, All J»t to 
suppryft L. E, Alsua quha to E 9 Au. 

2872. Or wrang him in ony wyfi 2882. he] >ai E a Au ; saufte] sauchte 
L. E«Au. 

2874. fal] befall L, )an fall E 9 Au. 2883. Alsua E'Au. 

2875-6. om. L. 2884. ony a E 9 Au. 

VOL. III. 2 D 

4 i8 


Outher* of a bischop or patrone ; 
And of alkin possession 
Suld to )>e SUStentatioune 
Off baly kirk be pay it doune 
Baith of nobill and monay. 

And efter syne >e viil day 
To Sanct Petyris kirk in hy 
He come bairefut full deuotly, 
And maid his confessioun, 
With reuth and sauv contritiouti, 
Off all >e sync is )m he had done. 
A mattow syne he tuke f hut hone, 
And J>at lypit to >e ground, 
And of J»t kirk |>are he can found ; 
Off erd xii. bakkaus he bair* out 
One his awne schukleris, hut dout. 

And quhen >is emperour on >is mil 
Wes hovia, as ^e herd deviii, 
And of )>e Roman is a gret deitl 
Baptist were, and trowand weill, 
Be )>e ensample of Constantyne 
And throu Sanct Siluesteris prechyne, 
A gret part of J>e cite^enys, 
And mony of }>e suburbynis, 
And of the senatouris seirc, 
At nocht baptist na trowand were, 
Assemblit forouth J?e emperour, 
And said thai wald all )>are murmure 




2887. \>c om. RLE 2 . 

2888. of l>e] >e A, J»t AuE a . 

2889. >at om. E a ; made om. E'Au. 

2890. [>at next] nixt pan E a , ]at L. 

2891. feis] seys E a A. 

2892. and] and als E a . 

2893. And om. E. 
2896. auchteine E 2 . 

2900. gret and saw] fellone gret 


2904. thoucht] couthe A; Syne 
J>air a kirk >at he couth found E*Au. 

2905-6. om. E a Au. 

2905. >an] thare RLE. 

2906. stanys he] ]>e stanys A, stanys 
\ai he E ; Off erd twelff bakkatys he 
bare owt R ; Tuelf grete bakctis he 
bair out L. 


Off bischope, or of J>e patron Laing, £901 

Off ]>at paroche, or of >e town 

Qwhar )>at biggyng* made sulde be. 

And eftir J?at next ordanyt he 2890 

Pat )>e teyndis of al feis, 

Landis and regalyteis, 

And of alkyn possession, 

Sulde to ]>e sustentacion 

Off haly kyrk be payit ay. 

And eftyr ]?an }>e auchtande day 
Til Sancte Petris kyrk in hy 
He coyme barfute dewotly, 
And mad his confession, 

Withe gret and sarc contricion, 2900 

Off al ]>e synnys )>at he had don*. 
A mattok syne he tuk, but hoyni, 
And wij>e )?at ripit to J>e grunde 
Qwhar J>at he thoucht a kyrk to founde, 
And on his schulderis J>an, but dout, 
Pe grawal and stanys he bur* out. 

r. 73 6. /^V WHEN Constantyn apon )>is wysse 

V^ Was howyn, as I 30W dewysse, 
And of J?e Romanys a gret deyl 
Baptist war, and trowit weil 2910 

Be >e exempil of Constantyne 
And of Sancte Siluester J?e prechyne, 
A gret part of \>e cite^anys, 
And mony of J>e suburbanys, 
Senatouris and oJ>ir ma seyr, 
Pat noucht baptist na trowande weyr, 
Assemblit befor J?e emperourc, 
And said J>at J>ai walde J>ar mwrmur 

2912. Sanct* om. £ 9 Au. 2915. ojrir ma] othir R, vj>iris 

2914. mony] als L ; >e om. R. E 2 LAu. 


Schaw thar* till him, gif )>at he 
Wald nocht }>ar at displesit be. 
And }>ar* he gaif J>aim leif to say 
All J>at in }>ar* willis lay, 
Than ane for all spak in hy, 
And said, " At for ]>e novelry 
That wes brocht vp }>an in Rome, 
And sen ]?at he tuke Cristindome, 
Off our* folkis J?at left }>ar fay, 
That our* elderis held mony day, 
Euerilk day is our* cete 
Put in gret perplexite ; 
For, as ;e wait and has herd tell, 

!, Neir* heir* by a dragoun fell 

Wnder* erd in a cofe lyis, 
And to }>e toune reparis oft syft, 

t And as he ranyis and he beris, 

All }>e toune in stynk he steris, 
Quhill vi. thousand on a day 
Throu pestilens ar deid away, 
f. i 5 8 b. That wes J?e best of our* cete, 

Off }oung and auld in }>ar* degre, 
That ilk }er* on J>ar* best wift 
Vsit to mak \zxe sacrififr 
To Dame Wasta deuotly, 
That wes }>ar* goddes and lady, 
Thar* hope, }>ar* help, and J>ar* awowe 
Off J?ar* myrthe and J?ar* iolite ; 

2920. at Jraim] )>airat E 2 Au. pans to pe toun E 2 Au. 

2922. gule] myndis EE 2 Au, willis A. 2935. nnnys] rewmys R, row 

2923. al J>an] J>ame all E 2 . E, ? rirmiss E 2 , rumnys L. 

2925. is] now is E 2 Au. 2938. ax CEA, qwyt RE a Au ] 

2926. the Crystyndome R. L. 

2927. And] Al E; has om. E 2 Au. 2941-4. om. E 2 Au. 

2928. alway] mony day E. 2941. J>ai said om. E. 

2933- Wndyr erd RL, Deip in pe 2942. Baith pure and riche 
erde E 2 Au ; a om. C. auenand L. 

2934. fat] And RLE 2 AuA ; re- 2943-4. om. L. 



Reweil til hym, gif ]>at he Laing, 9933 

Walde noucht at ]>aira displeyssit be. 2920 

And qwhen he gaf J?aim leif to say 

Al }>at in J?ar gule lay, 

Ane for al >an spak on hy, 

And said }>at, " Throw )>e nowelry 

Pat is oyssit in to Rome, 

Sen J?at 5he tuk Cristyndome, 

And our falowis has left J?e fay 

pat our elderis helde alway, 

Ilka day is our cite 

Stade in harde perplexite ; 2930 

For, as jhe wate and has herde tel, 

New heyr by a dragon fel 

Depe vndyr erde in [a] coyf lyis, 

pat to }>e towne repayris oft syis, 

And, as he rinnys and he beris, 

Al J?e towne in stynk he steris, 

Qwhil sex thousande on a day 

Throw pestilence [qwyt] dede away 

Now commonly may fundyn be 

Off Jong* and aulde in our* cite. 2940 

Pe maydynnys," }>ai said, " of our lande 

3onge damysellis and awenande, 

Bathe riche and pur* in J>ar degre 

Off)>e lande in )>e cite, 

Ilk jher* on }>ar best wisse 

Oyssit til mak }>ar sacryfyis 

Til Dame Vesta dewotly, 

Pat was bathe goddas and lady, 

Par hope, }>ar helpe, and }>ar awowe 

Off J?ar myrthe and J>ar iolyte ; 2950 

2943. in |»r degre] on pai best 2945. That euerilk Jeir E 2 Au. 
wift E. 2949-50. om. L. 

2944-5. om - E - 2 949- hclpc] heille RE 9 Au, hap E ; 

2944. in] and R. and J>ar] and R ; awowe] avale E. 


For qubom )*i* almnft halely 
And >e rclcif of J*w maniory 
Thai vsit to cast to >at dragoune, 
That now is on ws rycht fdloune. 
Sa, throu >c hdp of >at lady 
And >e releif of }at maniory, 
Ay still in till his den lay he, 
And anoyit nocht }i* cete ; 
Bot ay sen je and thai of Rome 
Off new ]ms has tane Cristmdome, 
And has forsakin our* elderis fey, 
We an anoyit ilka day 
Throu the outragioose violens 
Off 3one testis pestilens. 
For thi, lord, we ask ym haill 
Remeid of \w and coansaU, 
And jour help, at ouw cete 
And we may als vnperist be." 

With |>at] Sanct Siluester, }at wes by 
The emperour, and mast redy 
Off ansuerc , bad Jwri suld tell 
Quhare ]?at dragoun lay sa fell ; 
And quhen )>ai said him J>at }>ai wald 
With him to fecht bestis haid, 
Till his oratory he past, 
And him revest als fast, 
3017. w. j*. 

2952. maungery] maymory £ 3 Au. 2959. And we mycht sauff vi 

2954. sa] rycht RL ; That now till be CEA. 

ws is sa felloun AuE*. 2960. And noucht drede hi 

2955. J* om. R. ribilite C 

2956. J»t] thair RL ; maymory Quhil $e tuk Cristianite 
E^Au. Quhile >ai vsyt }at mai 

2957. Al] Ay RL; in] in till A. 

RE^An. The omission is dug to the sa 

2958. our] the RL. the source of CEA mistaking tJU 
2959-68. only in RLE 9 Au. CEA cite in 11. 2958 and 2967. 

Aov* 0*// to* /fWr — 2962. ilk] Jwis ilk L, ilk a E"j 



Pan J>ar almus hallely Laing, 2966 

And J?e releif of J?ar maungery 
Pai oyssit to cast to J>at dragon, 
pat now is on ws sa fellon. 
Sa, throw )>e mycht of )>at lady 
And }>e releif of }>at maungery, 
Al stil in his den lay he, 
And noucht anoyit our cite ; 
[Bot syne yhe and thai off Rome 
Off newe now has tayne Crystyndome, 2960 

And has lefft oure eldrys fay, 
We are anoyid ilk day 
Throwe owtrage and throw wyolens 
Off yhon best in this pestilens. 
Forthi, lord, we ask yhow hale, 
Off this," thai said, " now yhoure consalle 
And yhowre helpe, at oure cyte 
And we may sauff wnperyst be."] 
Withe }>at Siluester, ]?at was by 
Pe emperourc al mast reddy 2970 

Off ansswen, bad at >ai sulde tel 
Hym qwhar )>at dragon lay sa fel, 
And ]?ai said hym J?ai walde 
Ken hym to J>e bestis halde. 
Til his oratour* he past, 
And hym rawestyt alssa fast, 

2963-4. om. L. 2972. Hym om. LE 9 ; >at] pe EL. 

2963. and throw] and E 9 Au. 2973-4. om. L. 

2964. in this] and E*Au. 2973. And] And quhen RAu, And 

2966. now om. E'Au. l>an E 2 ; hym >ai] him that thai RE, 

2967. And of joure help till oure |» t >ai E a Au, hym sonc >ai A. 

cetce E a Au. 2974. hym] ]»me E 9 ; \t\ that RE 2 . 

2968. And] That E 9 Au ; sauff om. 2975. Than to his oratour cftir he 
L. past L ; Till ane oratour J>an he past 

297a al] and RL. E a Au. 
2971. bad] had L. 



F. 159 *. And with his clerkis syne in hy, 

And )>ai Romanis in cumpany, 

Till J?e cofe of >at dragoune 

He past in till prosessioune ; 

And }>c corse on his body 

He maid oft syft deuotly, 

And in J?e coif syne he 

Wnabasitly maid entre, 

A hundreth greis evin doune 

Wnder* erd to }>e dragoune ; 

And throu his full deuote prayer*? 

That felloune best syne bristit J>ar* ; 

And >at done syne vp he past, 

With jettis of brass he gert close fast 

y Off that deid den J?e entre, 

I That neuer mare sail opinnit be 

j Befor }>e mekle day of dome ; 

/ And ban als fast all thai of Rome, 


y That befor }>at had nocht tane 

Cristindome, }>an trowit ilk ane 

In Ihesu Crist and bapteme tuke, 

And )>ar<r fals mawmentis all forsuke. 

This Constantyne wes of Rome 

The first emperour tuke Cristindome 

Nixt Phillip, >at Dycius fell 

Slew, as 3e befor herd tell. 

This Constantyne wes first gaif land 

That papis 3k haldis in }>ar hand ; 

He feft ]>e kirk on mony wift 

With gret tresoure and fre franchis. 

2977. son] syne RLE a Au. 2984. And unabasitly E. 

2978. ]>e] thai RLE. 2985. ewyn om. E 2 Au ; dip 

2979. of pe] of that RLE 2 . om. L. 

2980. had] yheid RL, held E 2 Au. 2986. J>e om. R; To |at ] 

2982. richt deuoitly E 2 Au. dragoun L. 

2983. to] in RLE 2 AuA ; syne] syne 2988. son om. E a Au. 

come E. 2989. as] quhen E 2 Au, om. I 


And withe his clerkis son in hy, Laing, 2991 

And }>e Romanys in company, 
Til J?e coiff of J?e dragon 

He had in til procession, 2980 

And }>e croysse on his body 
He made oft syis dewotly ; 
And to }>e coiff syne he 
Wnabayssitly made entre, 
A hundyr grecis ewyn dippande doun 
Vndyr J?e erde to J?at dragon ; 
And throw his dewote prayer* 
f. 74 a. Pat fellon best son bristy t )>are ; 

And vp agayne syne as he past, 
WiJ?e jhettis of brasse he closyt fast 2990 

Off ]?at dep den J?e entre, 
Pat neuir mar* sal oppynnyt be 
Befor }>e mekyl day of dome. 
Pan alssa fast al J>a of Rome, 
Pat befor }>at had noucht tane 
Cristyndome, }>an trowit ilkan 
In Ihesu Criste and baptisyne tuk, 
And fals mawmentis qwhit forsuyk. 
Pe Constantyne was of Rome 
Pe fyrst J>at tuk Cristyndome 3000 

Next Philipe, }>at Decyus }>e fel 
Slew, as 3he befor herde tel, 
And to >e kyrk gaf al }>e lande 
Pat papis sen syne had in )?ar hande, 
And feft )>e kyrk on mony wysse 
Withe gret and fayr and fre franchysse. 

2992. sal] J»i suld E^Au. 3000. fyrst] empryour E a Au. 

2994. al cm. RLE 9 Au. 3001. >e om. RL. 

2996. pen] >ai E 9 Au. 3002. as 3he befor] befoir as ;e 

2997. baptisme R. E s AuL. 

2998. fals] all fals E*AuA ; qwhit 3004. had] has EL. 

cm. L. 3006. In gret fere and* fre E, With 

2999. f> e] Thus RAu, This EE a L. greit fre and fair E*Au ; and fre] seir L. 



Off his moder half a Brettoune 

He wes be kynd of natioyne ; 

He wes Sanct Helenys sone, but layne, 

And of his fader half a Roniayne, 

F* 199 & 

And wes in till his begynning 

Bot aner*ly of Brettane king. 



Off pa fell Dioclesiane 

And of bis fallow Maxlmiane. 

TN Rome ]*at tyme wes a tyrand 
A Cruell and felloune J»an regnand, 

That had to name Maxentius. 

He had all tyme a commone vse 

To disherift }>e noble men 

That in to Rome wera wonnand ]>en, 
And dernanyt all ]?e empyrc 

With tyrand ry, fellony and fyre. 

He put to dede Sanct Katharene, 

That glorius and ]?at sueitt virgine, 


Bot ]ns he gert hir thole in Grece 

That is fra Rome a weill gud pece ; 

And Jiai f»at were chasit of ]^at land 

Come to Constantyne to warand T 

And tald him of his tyrand rift, 

And maid him pray ere on all wift 

To pafi with Jmim and wynn ]^ar land* 

And it suld be to him obeyand. 


Off] On R; And throu tils 3010. And half Roman of his fid 

motkr half a Breltmie E* J Au. kyn E 3 Au. 


of naciofl] and natioun p&n 301 l. And he was E^AuL, 


{3013). Chap. XC in 

A = 


til] off RL ; Ely tit AuE 9 . Heading in L 1 Off ane tyrane. 


Off his modyr half a Brettowne Laing, SQtl 

He was be kynde of nacion, 

For he was son til Sancte Elayn ; 

And of his fadyr half a Romayn, 3010 

And was in his begynnyng* 

Bot anerly of Brettan kyng*. 

IN Rome ]?at tyme a terande 
Crewel and auster was regnande, 
pat had to nayme Maxencyus. 
He had al tyme in common oysse 
Til disher }>e nobil men 
Pat in Rome war duellande J?en, 
And demaynyt )>e empyr* 

Withe terandyis, werthe and ire. 3020 

He put to dede Sancte Kateryne, 
Pat gloryus and J>at pure uirgyne ; 
And }>ai )>at chast war of }>ar lande 
"Come til Constantyne til warande, 
And taulde hym of his tyrandyis, 
And made hym prayer* mony wisse 
To cum wi)?e J?aim and wyn J>ar lande, 
And halde J>e empyr in his hande. 

3014. auster] austren E, fell L ; 3018. duellande] wonnand E a Au. 
regnande] wonnand E 3 Au. 30i9-2a am. L. 

3016. He had] And hade E*Au ; al 3020. werthe] and werth R, wreth 
tyme in] all tyme a R, euir ane L, in E, and wraith E 9 Au, wrechis A. 

all tyme E 9 AuA. 3022. >at pure] pure EE*AuL, sueit 

3017. disher] dysheryd R, disheryfl A. 

LE'Au, disese E. 3024-27. cm. L. 




He went wij? ane oste, gret and stout, 
And maid it to Rome vnderlout, 30 

And syne he had J?e monarchy 
Off all )?e braid warld halely. 
Constantyne apon* J?is wift 
Come first to Rome, as I devift, 
And }>ar* in to lepar* fell, 
And helit wes, as }e herd tell. 
His modern and his emys thre 
To Rome J>at tyme with him had he, 
And deputis behind him he left 
To keip Brettane till him eft. 30 

f. x6o «. Bot Octovyus, a gret man syne, 

That cummyn wes of kingis lyne, 
Raift and J>ai deputis has slane, 
And held )?e kinrik sa wi)> raayne, 
And maid him self king of J>at land, 
And chasit his fais throu stalwart hand. 

Quhen Jns to Constantyne wes tald, 
Thre legionis of knychtis bald 
With his moder erne, Trahen, 
In to Brettane send he then. 31 

A legioun is vi. thousand 
Sex hundreth sexty and sex beand, 
Off angellis, of feyndis or of men ; 
And, as I said, }>is Trahen 
Aryvit }>an with mekle macht, 
And with Octouyus sone he facht, 
And vencust him for all his mycht ; 
Bot he eschapit fra }>e ficht, 

3029. He went syne wij> ane oist 3035. And] Past and Au, Past ] 

full stout E 2 Au ; Than went he with in in to] in to the RL, in Au, in i 

ane oist stout L. E 2 , in to A. 

3031. he om. C. 3036. tel] me telle RL. 

3034. came om. E 2 Au ; $ow om. L. 3037. his CEE 2 AAu. 

u- -J* 


He went wij?e ane ost, gret and stout, Laing, S04S 
Tyi Rome and made it wndyrlout, 3030 

And syne [he] had J?e monarchy 
Off al J?e gret warlde hallely. 

Constantyne apon J>is wise 
Til Rome came, as I 30W dewise, 
And J>ar in in to lepyr fel, 
And helit was as }he herde tel. 
Dame Elane and [hir] emys thre 
Withe hym to Rome }>at tyme hade he, 
And deputys behynde hym left 
Til kep Brettane til hym }>ar eft. 3040 

Bot Ottaueus, a gret man syne, 
Pat cummyn was of kyngis lyne, 
Rasse and J>a deputys has slayn, 
And helde J?e kynrik in demayn. 
He made hym kyng* of all J>e land ; 
He chassit his fais wi)?e stalwart hande. 

Qwhen }>is til Constantyne was taulde, 
Thre legionys gret of knychtis baulde 
Withe Dame Elanys erne, Traen, 
In hi til Brettane sende he }?en, 3050 

Pat arywit wi)?e mekyl mycht, 
And witht Ottaueus J>ar can ficht, 
And in to batel faucht sa fast, 
And wyncust Ottaueus at }>e last ; 
And }>ar wilely withe a slycht 
He eschapit fra }>e ficht, 

3039. behynde hym] behynd hym RLE 9 Au. 

he R, he vnder him E*Au. 3052. And Octaveus thare he 

3045. of all] and off RL. fawcht RL ; And syne with Octaveus 

3046. He] And E*. Jwrf faucht E*Au. 

3048. gret of] of his L. 3053-4. not in RLE"Au. 

3050. In hi til] In tyll RL ; sende 3055. And] Bot E ; And wencust 
he] he send E s Au. hym and all hys mycht RLE 2 Au. 

3051. fat] And E ; mycht] mawcht 3056. He] Bot he RLE*Au. 


And fled to moncthii neii* >*rby 
To sauf his self, bot specialy 
He prayit his men J*ai told }aim ma 
* With him slycht Trahen to sla. 
And ane erll of his cumpany 
Waitit Trahcn sa prevely 
That with a huschement he [hat] dane 
Trahcn, Octouyus Jam ague 
Raift, and take till him >e land 
Haill ague in till Ids hand, 
And put the Romania all away, 
And wes king sa till his [end] day. 

And all Jris tyme of >e empyi* 
Constantyne wes lord and syre* 
And Siluester wes pape of Rome, 
And kepai* of all Cristindome. 
f. t6o Jl He maid first with deuotioun 

Solemply dedicatioun 
Off haly kirk in till his dais; 
And be }*at sampill jit alwayis 
It is vsit ilk jeri, 
All }>e tymes fallis seirc. 
He gert ordane altaris of stane, 
In haly kirk befor wes nane ; 
Bot in Sanct Saluiouris kirk he 
Gert keip ane altar* maid of tre 
Be )ris ressoune, for Petyw ay 
His meft vsit on it to say ; 

3115. W. wes. 3120. W. mid. 

3058-61. om. E a . 3064. and Octavyus E*Au. 

3060. sumkyn] sum RL ; J»t Traen 3065. the om. C. 

A ; sla] to sla RLEAu. 3067. He] And E*Au ; al 

3062. Ay watit E a Au. al way EE a . 

3063. he has hym slayn CA, he has 3068. And syne was king 
slayn EE^AuL, he had slayn R. till hys enday R ; end day ! 


And went til mychty men >ar by Laing t S069 

f. 74 b. To seik help ; bot specially 

He prayide his men >ai sulde >aim ma 

Withe sumkyn slicht Traen sla. 3060 

And ane erl of his companny 

Waytit Traen sa besely 

Pat wi)?e a buschement he has [slayn] 

Traen. Ottaueus )>an agane 

Come in Brettan, and tuk [the] lande 

Al hail agayn in til his hande ; 

He chassit J?e Romanys al away, 

And was kynge til his endyngi day. 

Al }>is tyme of ]>e impyre 
Constantyne was lorde and syre, 3070 

And Siluester was pape of Rome, 
And kepar of al Cristyndome. 
He made wi]?e gud deuocion 
Solempne dedicacion 
Off J?e kyrk in til his dayis ; 
Be }>at ensampil 3hit alwayis 
It is oyssit ilka 3her*, 
As )>e tyme fallis annywerseyr ; 
And qwhen ]?at he altaris of stane 
In til ilk kyrk he gert ordane, 3080 

In til Sancte Saluyouris kyrk he 
Pe fyrst alter made of tre 
He gert vphalde, for [Petyr] ay 
On it oyssit his messe to say; 

3071. was] J>an E s Au, om. RLE. 3080. he gert] gert RLA, was gart 

3073. He] Quhilk E 9 Au ; gud] gret E a Au ; fyrst ordane R. 

RL. 3083. vphalde] hald wp R ; bettyr 

3076. Be] To R. CEA; And gart it vphald for bettir 

3077. It] That all; is om. R. ay E a Au. 

3078. fallis] is E 3 Au ; annywerseyr] 3084. And on it EE 9 , And oar it 
scr* RL. Au ; oyssit] he vsit L. 

3079. he] J>e E, hie Au. 


And all vthir*, and in frir* live 

Papis efter him successive, 

Quhill )>is Siluester rysing wes, 

Vsit on it to say )>ar meft. 

Becauft of persecutioun 

That ay wes dreidfull and felloune, 

Thar; wes na steid of steidfastnes 

Quhair in preistis mycht say thar* meft, 

Bot in till honest houssis seir*, 

Quhar* gud Cristin folkis wonnand wew, 

Or vnder erd in coiffis deip, 

That mony vsit ay clene to keip, 

Or betuix houssis as petyft 

That ordanit werc on seir* quayntift, 

Preistis four* vsit to beir* 

With thai four* regnys }>at alter*. 

The comet, as >e story sais, 
Apperit first in to )>ai dais ; 
That [is] a sterne wi)> bemys schyre, 
Rycht as J>e low of fyre, 
And betakinnis pestilens 
Quhen it makis apperens, 
f. 161 a. Deid of lordis or hungyr saiiv, 

And ay it strekis J?e beme mare 
Quhen }>at mysfortoune mon ryft ; 
That J?e comate signyfyis. 

3155. W. till. 

3085-8. om. Au. 3100. j>e] that RLE a Au. 

3087. Qwhen] Quhill REE' 2 A, Till 3101-4. om. L. 

L. 3101. hoi] hail EA, how E a . 

3088. Jxii] }>an E 2 , om. RL. 3102. And at ilk nwk E 2 . 

3089. For] And for E 2 Au. 3107-10. om. L. 

3096. to kepe] of scheip L. 3107. blessis] bemys E^Au. 

3097-8. om. L. 3108. as] as is RE ; of] c 

3098. on] off R, for E a Au. EUuA. 


And al ojrir in >ar lywe L*i*g> WW 

Eftyr hym papis successywe, 

Qwhen Jris Siluester resyn was, 

On it Jrai oyssit to say J?ar messe. 

For |>e persecucion 

Pat ay was doutwise and fellon, 3090 

Par was na plasse of stedfastnes 

Qwhar in prestis mycht synge >ar mesft, 

Bot in til honest houssis seyr, 

Qwhar men of gud fayme duellande wer*, 

Or vndyr erde in cawisse depe, 

Pat men oyssit fra fyltht to kepe, 

Or betweyn houssis or pentysse, 

Pat ordanyt war on seyr qwantysse, 

Prestis four oyssyt to ber 

To swylk stedis J>e alter*, 3100 

Pat withe four nukis hoi was made ; 

In ilka nwk a ryng* it hade, 

And prestis four* oyssit to ber 

Withe )>a four ryngis }?e alter*. 

PE comet, as >e story sayis, 
Fyrst apperit in >a dayis ; 
Pat is a sterri withe blessis schyr*, 
Bricht as }?e law of a fyr*, 
And ay betakynnys pestilence 
Qwhen >at it makis apperence, 31 10 

Ded Of lordis or hungyr sar, 
And ay >e beyme it strekis >ar 
Qwhar J?at inforton sal rysse ; 
Pat }>e comete signyfyis. 

31 1 1. Deid of lord betakynnys or 31 12. And ay sche strikis hir bemys 
hunger tair L. pair L. 

VOL. III. 2 E 


Constantyne J>e emperour 
His lif >an endit with honour. 
In Rome Jam raift discensioun 
About }>e richt successioun 
To >e empyre ; Maximiane 
And >e fell Dioclesiane, 
Off quham befor je haif herd tell, 
Fra \faie estait of >e empyre fell ; 
Off ]>aie counsall and assent, 
And vndeliuerit avisment, 
Thaw estait J>ai renunsit haill ; 
For >ai sustene wald na travale, 
Bot thocht to lif on >are tresore, 
That >ai had gaderit lang befor, 
*' In vse and quyet but travale, 

! [And] lat J>aim tak }>e gouernall 

j That aucht to succeid be lynnage 

l_ To the empyre be heretage. 

v This consent wes done in deid, 

And leit )>e airis be law succeid. 

Bot efter J>at Maximiane 
Agane ]>e empyre wald haif tane ; 
And for J?at cauft ay in till strif 
He wes ]>e maist forft of his lif 
With Constantynis sonnys thre, 
That followit to }?e ryalte. 
Octovyus in to }?ai dais, 
As of }>e [Brute] the story sais, 
Off Brettane haill wes lord and king, 
And had it all in gouernyng. 

3178. W. I. 3190. W. Brace. 

3115-6— 3122. of]of>eRLE 2 Au. 

t>e lif |>an endit wij) honour 3 I2 3- of otn. RL ; ane] haill 

Of Constantyne \>e emperour. E. 3124. wndelyveryde RE?Au 

31 16. fe] Hys RL. deliberait L. 

(3117). Chap. LXXXIX. in E a Au 3125. To] All E«; \»a am. L 

= WA (3013). 3126. trawale] battaill E 2 . 


Constantyne >e emperour* Laing, tirr 

Pe lif >an endit wi>e honour* 
In Rome >an rasse dissencion 
About J>e successiofi 
To J>e impyri; for Maxymyan* 
And >e fel Dioclitiane, 3120 

Off qwham befor jhe herde me tel, 
Fra >ar state of empire fel ; 
Off consail and of ane assent, 
And delyuirit awissment, 
To >ar state >ai renunsit haile ; 
For )?ai susteyne walde na trawale, 
And thoucht to lif of >ar tressour*, 
Pat J>ai had gaderit texige before 
In esse and quiete but trawalle, 
f. 73 «. And thoil >aim to mak gouernaylle 3130 

Pat sulde succede be [lynage] 
To >e empyw of heritage. 
Pis consent was don in deide, 
And leit >e ayris be lauche succede. 

Eftyr al >is Maxymyane 
Agane >e empyrc walde haf tan ; 
And for J?at causse in til gret stryff 
He lede a lang; tyme his lif 
Withe Constantynys sonnys thre, 
Pat anelyde to >at ryalte. 3140 

Ottaueus in )?a dayis, 
As of J>e Brute )>e story sayis, 
Off al Brettane hail was kyngi, 
And had >at lande in gouernyng*. 

3127. of] on EL. 3140. anelyde] anhelit E"Au, fol- 

313a to mak] tak the RLE, to tak lowit A. 

A. 3141. in] in to REA, >an in to 

3131. lynag&C. E 9 Au. 

3138. lede] helde E a Au 9 em. R ; 3143. al cm. R. 

hit] off hys RL ; lif] wyfe E 9 . 3144. )»t lande] it haill E 9 Au. 


F4161 *. He had a dochter ;oung and fair*, 

That of law wes >an his air* ; 
His counsall mast part thocht J«t he 
Suld ger his dochter maryit be 
With sum gret man of gret riches, 
And Conan-Merranduk, J>at wes 
His nevo, neist him suld be king. 
For he wes neist of >are ofspring. 
Bot Barradok, Duke of Cornwall, 
Thocht it suld feri mare availl 
To bring fra Rome Maximiane, 
That of >e emperouris wes ane ; 
And throu Jris cafc it fell >at he 
Come in Brettane with gret menje, 
And that lady to wif has tane. 
Sa wraith at >at wes >an Conane 

T That he assemblit all his mycht, 

i And mellit with him in to fycht, 

And ourcome quhile, and sumquhile he, 
Till at >e last >e haill barne 
Off Brettane knyt )>aim in sauchtnyng, 
Bot Maximiane be left king. 

SYNE quhen v. 3eris wes ourgane, 
Swa prydit him Maximiane 
For his gret tresoure and riches, 
That him thocht Brettane to litill wes 
For to mantene his ryalte, 
Bot he wald ga wyne France all fre. 
Tharfor alhaill the chevalry 
That wes in Brettane halyly 

3215. In the MS. the paragraph begins at L 3217 with a red capital* 

3148. J>at] his EL. 3151-2. om. L* 

3149. gret] ryche R, om, L ; ruches 3 151. hym oni. R. 
C. 3152. his] thare R. 

3150. ]»t] J>at >an E' J Au. 3155. of] at RLE. 


He had a douchtyr 3ongi and fayr, Laing, S1B7 

Pat of lauche >an was his ayr<? ; 

His consal mast part thoucht >at he 

Sulde ger >at douchtyr maryt be 

Withe sum gret man for his [reches], 

And Conane-Meryaduk, ]?at wes 3150 

His newow, next hym sulde be kyngi, 

For he was next of his ospryng; . 

Bot Baraduk, Duk of Cornwalle, 

Thoucht it sulde mar* weil awaile 

To feche of Rome Maxymyane, 

Pat of }>e emperouris was ane. 

Swa it fel hym syne )>at he 

In Brettane coyme wi)?e gret men^he, 

And ]>at lady to wif has tan*. 

Sa wraithe at J?at ]?an was Conan* 3160 

pat he assemblit al his mycht, 

And mellit weil oft in to fecht, 

And ourcoyme qwhile he, qwhile he, 

Qwhil at )?e last )>e hail barn* 

Off Brettane knyt J?aim in sauchtenyng*, 

Bot Maxymyane beleft kyng*. 

QWHEN >at v. 3her* war ourgane, 
Swa pridyt hym Maxymyane 
For his gret siluir and reches, 
Pat hym thoucht Brettan litil wes 3 170 

For to maynteyn his ryalte, 
Bot he walde ga wyn Frawns al fre. 
Parfor al J?e chewalry 
Pat was in Brettane hallely 

3158. gret] his E*Au, a gret A 3165. ]>aim in] sic a E a Au. 

3160. at Jat] thairat E*Au. 3167. ourgane] efftyre gane RL. 

3163. And owrcome quhylle he R ; 3169. gret om. L ; siluir] gold 
And quhillis he ourcome and quhillis E*AuL, tressour* A 

he E*Au. 3170. hym] he E 9 AuA. 

3164. at] that R. 3172. to win France fre E 9 Au. 


He with him to the se has tane, 
And alsua Merradok-Conane 
He take, and maid him a chiftane ; 
And syne of Brettane he [has] tanc 
r. ite m. Off husbandis i c thousand 

Till inhabit and hald that land ; 
And xv. thousand of armyt men 
With him als he leiffit then, 
And Litill Bertane gert it calL 
This Conane and his ofspring all 
Gouerayt it sa wisly ay 
That it hecht Brettane to Jris day. 

And quhen Maximiane wonnyng had 
All France, and till him subiect maid 
Trewerse, he to Rome went syne. 
There he slane wes throu covyne 
Off J>e empyre Graciane, 
And sa endit Maximiane ; 
And the Brettonis at with him wart 
Were slane and chasit here and )»re, 
And J>e few J>at eschapit J«n 
Come in Brettane to Conan. 

OWHEN thai of Dace and of Sythy 
Saw how Brettane wes vtraly 
Leiffit all waist of armyt men, 
At Brettane thai aryvit J>en, 
And castellis and tovnis vp has tane ; 
For with him had Maximiane 


He wi)>e hym to J?e se has tane, Laing* 3187 

And swa Myreaduk-Conane ; 

And Armarik fyrst conquest he, 

Pat Litil Brettane now call we ; 

And al >at gaf he to Conane, 

And syne of Brettane gert be tane 3180 

Off husbandis a hundir thoussande 

Til inhabit and halde J>at lande ; 

And xv. thousande armyt men 

WiJ>e hym als he lewit J>en, 

And Litil Brettane gert it calle. 

Pis Conane and his ospryng* all 

Gouernyt it sa wittely ay 

Pat it hat Brettan to Jris day. 

Qwhen Maxymyane wonnyng* hade 
Al Frawns, and til hym subiet made 3190 

Trewers, he to Rome went syne, 
Qwhar he slayn was be cuwyn 
Off >e emperourc Graciafi. 
Al Jms endit Maxymyane, 
And J>e Brettownys >at wi)?e hym war 
War slayne and chassit her* and J>ar, 
And J>e queyn, >at eschapit >an, 
In Brettan passit til Conane. 


|WHEN >ai of Dace and of Sythi 

Saw how Brettane was wttrely 3200 

r. 75 *. Lewyt [all woyd of] armyt men, 

In Brettane )>ai arywit J>en, 
And townys and castellys wp haf tane ; 
For wi)>e hym had Maxymyan 

3194. Al] And E*L. 3201. and withe C, all woyd off 

3195. peom. RL. RL, all waist of A, pan )>ai wi> 

3198. passit] >an past E 9 Au. AuE 2 ; Lewit wi)x>at armyng of men 

3199. off Dacy and Sythy R ; Dace] £. 

Asy L. 3202. >ai] sone E*Au. 



All the gud fechtaris of the land, 
Na leiffit nane }>at mycht warrand 
The febill small folkis in to fecht, 
To stynt with strenth Jar fais mycht 

Bot sync fra Rome come twa legionis 
To help and succour f e Brett on ys ; 
Graciane Municeps ]mxx wes 
Thar* chiftane, and to se can pafi, 
And with fax* &fa syne met in fycht, 
And vencust thaim with mekle mycht, 3160 

F, ffej. And chasit fcaim all out till Irland. 

Syne of braid Brettane alt fre land 
He tuke till him, and maid him king ; 
Bot jit wes he in mekle thing 
Fell to >e commonis 5 hastely 
Thai raift and slew him dispituously. 

And quhen he dede was, f>ai fled wan? 
Till Irland, and come agane rycht Jaare 
In Brettane, and it waistit wer 
Than >ai did befor be fer. 3270 

The Brettonys than J?at wist na reid 
To help J>aim selfin fra J>e deid, 
Send on to Rome succour to craif, 
And said }>ai wald J>aim all tyme haif 
To fart lordis, gif J>at )>ai 
Wald cum and put }>ar fais away. 
Than J>ai of Rome a legioun send 
That hastely to Brettane wend, 
And put thai alienis away. 

A wall syne efter ordanit J>ai 3280 

3206. Nane lefft that evyr wytht 
strenthe off hand R ; Nane levit that 
worth wes of hand L ; Nane left wij> 
stren> ]»t euer mycht stand E ; And 
nane left )>air wi}> strenth of hand 
E a Au. 

3207-8. om. L. 

3207. Na om. RE'Au; smal] the 
small RE 2 Au; fycht] the fycht R, 
\>e flicht E 9 Au, flicht A. 

3208. to om. R. 

3212. to] the RLE 9 Au. 

3213. he] l>ai E a Au. 
3215. til] in tyll A. 


Al J>e gud feychtaris of J>e lande, Laing, Strr 

Nane left J>at euir withe strenythe mycht stande, 
Na mycht warande smal folk fra fycht, 
Na for to stynt >ar fais mycht. 

Bot fra Rome come twa legionys 
Til help and succoure }?e Brettownys ; 3210 

Mwnyceps Graciane J>an wes 
Par chiftane, >at to se can passe. 
Withe Yslt fais he met in feycht, 
And wyncust )>aim wij?e mekil mycht, 
And chassit }>aim til Irlande. 

Syne of gret Brettane al )>e lande 
He tuk til hym, and made hym kyng* ; 
Bot he was in sumkyn thyngi 
Tyrande, J>at >e commonys hallely 
Rasse and slew hym dispitusly. 3220 

Qwhen he was ded, ]>ai >at flede away war 
Til Irlande agani cummyn ar 
In Brettane, and it wastit marc 
Pan euir >ai had don befor. 

Pe Brettownys J?an ]?at wist na rede 
Til helpe ]>aim selwyn fra J?e dede, 
Sende worde to Rome >ar helpe to crayff, 
And said )>ai walde J^aim al tymys hat' 
To J?ar lordis, gif >at )wti 

Walde put >ar fais witht feicht away. 3230 

Pan >ai of Rome a legion sent 
Pat hastely to Brettane went, 
And put >e alyenys al away. 

A wal )>ar eftyr ordanyt J>ai 

3218. sumkyn] mekyll A. 3226. selwyn] self RL, self >an 

3219. J* om. RL ; Fell to }e com- E 9 Au. 

mownys bot )ai hastely A. 3227. Sende worde] Bot send 

3221. away om. all. E'Au ; to Rome om. R ; Jxlt om. L. 

3222. agan* cummyn ar] ]>ai agane 3228. tymys] tyme RLE'Au. 
come )»ir E 8 , agane )«i come )»ire Au. 3233. J>e] tha RE a Au, om. L; al 

3225. |*t om. E'Au. om. R. 


For to be maid betuix Scotland 
And >aim, sa >at it mycfat stand 
Agane fraim ]*t >aim scaithit had ; 
And it of commone cost >ai maid, 
And ^t is callit Clydis WalL 

Quhen )ris wes done as I say, all 
The Romania to Rome tuke J«r way ; 
Bot, or J>ai went, thai couth >aim say 
That >ai wald cum na mar* agane, 
For, or >ai wald suffer sic pane, 
And for >aim oft be travalit sa, 
Thar* tribut levari thai had forga. 

A N 

k ND quhen J>e Romania passit war*, 
All J>e alienis, J>at chasit ar*, 
p. 163 «. Reparit agane, and all }>e land 

Thai brynt with fyre and felloune hand. 

The wall bot litill help J>aim maid, 

For >i thai it in keping had 

Were drawin wij> cruikis our* the wall ; 

The laif fled and it leiffit all, 

And J?an fais, )>at laiser* had, 

Sloppis in sindry placis maid. 

The Brettonis wist na remeid }>an, 
Bot a bischop, a worthy man, 
In Left Brettane till Audroen 
Thai send, at )>ar* wes regnand then, 
To byd him cum and be }>ar king ; 
For he wes cummyn of )>e ofspring 

3236. Jwtim om. E ; swa om. E' J ; Thirle E 9 , Frechill L, Clidis A. 
|»t om. Au ; wi)>e om. LA. 3244. suflyr waldejsufferit L, s 

3237. skayth R ; Agane Jwtir fays J>ai said E 2 Au ; sic] swylk a 
t»me scaithit had L. grete L. 

3238. common] conannis E ; >ai] 3245. fra C ; trawalyt] troubli 
was E 2 Au. And or )>air oist war trublit sua 

3239. And om. L ; Thril] Thyl R, 3246. leffar] erair L. 


For to be made betweyn Scotlande Laing, stJp 

And ]?aim, swa J?at it mycht wij>estande 
Par fais, ]?at J?aim swa skathit hade ; 
And it of common cost >ai made, 
And 3hit men caiiys it Thril Wal. 

Qwhen Jris was don J?at I say, al 3240 

Pe Romanys to Rome has tan J?ar waye ; 
Bot, or J>ai went, )>ai can J>aim say 
Pat >ai walde cum na mar agayn, 
For, or >ai suffyr walde sic payn, 
And [for] ]?aim oft be trawalyt swa, 
Par tribute leffar J>ai walde forga. 

QWHEN >at >e Romanys passit war, 
Pe alyenys, >at war chassit ar, 
Repayrit, and new al >e lande 
Distroyit wi)?e lyre and fellon hande. 3250 

pat wal bot litil helpe >aim made, 
For \dk )?at it in kepyng* hade 
War drawyn wi)?e crukis our )>e wal, 
Qwhil >ai flede and leffit it al. 
pan J?ar fais, at laser hade, 
Sloppis in syndry placis made. 

Pe Brettownys wist na consail Jaan, 
Bot a bischope, a worthi man, 
In til Brettane til Aldroen 

Pai sende, J>at >ar was regnande }>en, 3260 

To bid [hym] cum and be >ar kyngi; 
For he was of >e kynde ospryng* 

3247. pat cm. E*L. 3257. wist] had L ; consail] remeid 

3248. alienaris E* ; war chassit ar] L. 

chasyd are R. 3259. til] Litil RE 9 . 

3249. and nexe] agane and A. 326a regnande] wonnand E*Au. 
3251. fat] The all. 3261. hym cm. CEA. 

3254. it cm. R. 3262. For] As E 9 Au ; kynde cm. 

3255. laser] lewaris E*Au. RL. 

3256. And sloppis E. 


Off Brutus, }>at all Rrettane wan, 
And in the ferd gre fra Gonan* 

To this he wald na wise consent 
To be t'ar king, hot fur]> he [sent] 
His brother, ^at wes avenand, 
Constantyne, wij> twa thousand 
Off annyt men, batth fut and hand, 
Off braid Brettane to wyn ]?e land* 
Thare J>ai aryvit and syne facht 
With J^ar fais, and with gret roach t 
Wencust and chasit ]mm of £>e land. 
Than all j?e barnage tuke on hand 
To mak fyare king |?is Constantyne, 
That ]*e land weill gouernyt syne. 

Now heir* I suspend of Brettane 
The storyis, till I haue ourtane 
OffJ?e Rom an! s ]?e storyis 
A part, as je herd me devise. 

S3 10 

W w 


Off >e gud Athanasyus 
And of >e erratik Arryns. 

f. 163 b. T^ FTER >e dede of Siluester 

1 \d Mark succedit nixt ; twa 3en? 
Viii. monethis and xx. dais 
Pape he wes, }>e story sais. 
At all solempnyt messis he 
Ordanit at )>e Crede sould be 

331a. W. went. 


3264. fra] fra gret L. 3269-70. om. L. 

3266. his om. R; hym] )>ame E; 3271. That Jwir fays chaissit of ^ 

he om. R. land L. 
3268. Off men annyt all. 


Off Brutus, J>at al Brettan wan, La**g, St76 

And in >e ferde gre fra Conan. 

He walde na wise J?ar til assent, 
Bot his bro)>ir withe hym he sent 
Constantyne, and twa thousande 
Off annyt men bathe fut and hande. 
Pai arrywit and syne faucht, 
And >ar fais wij>e mekyl maucht 3270 

Wyncust, and chassit of J>e lande. 
Pan }>e barnage tuk on hande 
To be )>ar kyng* Jris Constantyne, 
Pat }>e lande weil gouernyt syne. 
f. 76 «. Now I suspende her* of Brettan 

Pe storys, qwhil I haf ourtane 
Off)* Romanys >e storysse 
A part, as jhe herde me dewysse. 

EFTYR >e dede of Siluester 
Mark succedit, and twa jher* 3280 

Audit monethis and twenty dayis 
He pape was, and }>e story sayis 
At solempne messis he 
Ordanyt }>e Crede sulde be 

3273. be] mak RL, om. E'Au. 328a and] |*t E«Au, am. RL. 

3276. story E*AuL. 3281. twenty] twa E 2 Au. 

(3279). Chap. XCI. in A«— 3282. He pape was] Was paip 

Off \x arratyke Arryus E*Au ; and] as EE'AnAL. 

Andofgude Athanasius. 3284. >e] that the RE 9 Au. 


LjpfHB. Emn o<^ter saui to bc^ 

Na fra )?e panys of hell fire. 

That sen^e condempnit halely 

Off Arryus )?e errasy ; 

He held at Goddis Sone wes left 

In Godheid }?an £e Fader wes ; 

Off )>e Fader and }>e Sone he 

Denyit t>e equalite. 

Of )>at fals opinioun 

That sen3e maid condampnatioun. 

3313. W. at. 


3286. wes] woce A. 

3287. fre em, R ; Quhen fcis Mark 
pe pape wes game £. 

3289. of Rome am. E*Au. 
3291-4. ^w. L. 

3291. A] And a E. 
3294. to am. EE*. 

3300. al am. E*Au. 

3301. distynyt] distinguit EL, de- 
clarit E*Au, devysit A ; al halely E. 


Said or songyn, as }>e messe Laing % 3*87 

Don wife note or prewe wes. 

Qwhen Jris Mark }>e dede had tan*, 
Iulyus succedit, a Romane, 
And pape of Rome was ellewyn 3her; 
Twa monethe and viii. dayis cleyr. 3290 

A gret seiche gaderit he 
In til Nycea J?at cite ; 
Thre hundyr bischopis and auchteyn 
In to J?at sen3he solempne war seyn ; 
Sanct* Hyiare and Sanct* Nycholace 
pat tyme in }>ar statis was. 
And mony ojrir bischopis ma. 
Anastace }>at tyme alsua 
Made Quicumque vult in deide, 
Qwhar al \t articulis of \t Crede 3300 

Ar distynyt hallely ; 
Qwha trowis noucht in J?aim stedfastly 
Lippyn he neuir sauff to be 
Fra >e pyne of hel al fre. 
pat seiche condampnyt hallely 
Off Arryus ]>e heresy, 
pat helde >at Goddis [Son] was lesse 
In Godheide [)>an] his Fadyr wes ; 
Off }>e Fadyr and ]>e Son swa he 
[Denyit] >e eqwalite. 33 1 o 

pat sen^he made condampnaciofi 
Off J?at fals opynyon. 

3302. And quha Jame trowis nocht 3307. fat helde] He R; Son*w.C. 
stedtastly E 9 Au ; Quha trowis }ame 3308. ]*t C ; his] the RL. 
noucht fermelie L. 3309. swa am. A. 

3303. Lippynnis nocht sauff to be L. 33x0. Dewidit CE ; pt] pan pc 

3304. al] na L, cm. E 9 . E 9 Au. 

3305. In a sene)e Jan condempnit 331 1-2. reversed in RL; corrected 
wes halely L. in margin of R. 

3306. >e] 1* greit E*Au. 




r.** How onr Ladj gert ad«d 
Inllane the Appoftata. 

THRE hundreth fire and fcnrtj yea 
Eftiw J* birth of our* Lord ddw; 
Off Constantyne >e sonnys thre, 
Off )wunc befor reherfc herd je, 
In this tyme to >e [empire] ni&. 
Constantyne J* eldest was, 
Syne Constantyne and Constantios; 
Thir* thre brewer wen hattin thus. 
Amang Jwion sdf gret wtirr )*i maid, 
Qnhar* throu }e Romania hannys had, 
All throu Jwrir weir* and Jwtfr fechtingt 
That endorit and had testing 
Full four* and twenty serf, 
That >e Romanis neir* waistit wer* 
Bot }>e eldest Constantyne 
Wes fra his twa brewer syne 
Haill ]>e emperour, and wes J»n 
Emperour and gud Cristin man. 
The youngest of ]>t brewer thre, 
That Constantius eenr callit we, 
Had with him men of counsall fell, 
That were in ded wonder cruell ; 
Thai ]>e elder brother slew. 
Constantius J>e empyre drew, 

3365. W. emperour. 

(3313). Chap. XCII. in A, XC. in 
E»Au. A=W. 
Heir it tellis of Constantyne, 
And of >e arratyk Arryus syne. E*Au. 

In RLA the paragraph bcg\ 
Thre hundyr fywe and fonrfr 
Effltyr the byrth off oure L01 


OFF Constantyne ]>e sonnys thre Laing, 33t7 
Pat withe his body gottyn hade he 
In }>is tyme to J>e empyr* rasse. 
Constantyne ]>e eldast was, 
Next Constans, syne Constancyus ; 
pir thre brejrir callit war ]ros. 
Amang* J?aim self gret wer >ai made, 
And J?ai of Rome gret skathis hade ; 3320 

Throw }>ar were and >ar feychtyngi, 
pat enduryt and had lestyng* 
Fully four and twenty 3her, 
pe Romanys al anoyit weyr. 
Bot J>e eldest Constantyne 
Wan fra his twa brejur syne 
Hail >e empire, and was ]>an 
Emperour* and gud Cristyn man. 
Pe congest of >e brejrir thre, 
pat Constancyus ere callit we, 3330 

Had wi]>e hym men of consel fel, 
pat war in dedis richt crewel ; 
Pai >e eldar bro]>ir slew. 
Constancyus to J?e empyr* drew, 

3314. his om, R; Gottin with his richt cruell L. 

body quhilk hade he E^Aa. 3333. And )»i E>Aa. 

33x5. J»s] hys RL. 3334. drew] |*n drew E*Au, grew 

3324. al] sua all E*Au. EA. 
3332. in] of E*Au; And of deid 

VOL. III. 2 F 

; u 




And goueniyt it with grot 1 
Bot a &ls erratik he wes, 
And liffit all in to )>at fcj 
That Arryus tancht in Us day; 
For him in his opinioon 
He maid ay grot defcnsJom, 
At Constantinople, quhaw be had 
His duelling and his prechis maid. 
For his opinion* >e clergy 
r. 1*4*. Gert him be summond ijcht straitly, 
To heir* >e condampoatioan 
Off his fids oponyoune. 
And sa on a certane set day, 
That for J*t caufc assigoyt [thai^ 
Asjris Anyushim sped 
To )«t certane asngnyt steid, 
O neid sa be otu* takin wes 
That him behuffit to do his eift ; 
With harde Jaw he take his set 
All planely )>ar* in to J>e mercat, 
Thaie thrawand throe sa hard he thristit 
Till his bowellis within him bristit, 
His guttis Jaw, baith gret and small, 
And his condittis opinnit all. 
For >e stynk of his foull gar* 
Mony }>at about him war* 
Bristit ]>axe to deid, and J>us 
Endit J?is foull Anyus. 

3398. W. thai **». 

3335- >t] it wcill E*Au. 

3336. foulle] fell E*. 

3337. al] ay E*Au. 

3338. I*t Arryus] That Anryanis 
L, And errouris E'Au. 

3339-42. om. L. 

3339. and his] in R. 
3341. pan om. E'Au. 
3344. Gait summond him 
3348. That to |« ArrennL 
3350. To >at certane set si 


And gouerayt it wij?e gret stoutnes ; Laing, $$49 

Bot a foulle herrotik he wes, 
And liffit al in to )>at faye 
pat Arryus helde in to his day ; 
For hym and his oppynyon 

He made ay gret defension. 3340 

Off Constantyneopil, qwhar J?an he hade 
His duellyng* and his prechynge made, 
For his oppynyon }>e clergy 
Gert hym be sommonde richt straytly, 
f. 76 3. To heyr* ]>e condampnacion 

Off his fals oppynyon. 
Swa on >at certane set day, 
pat for ]>at causse assignyt J?ai, 
As ]ris Erryus hym spede 

Til )>is assignyt certan stede, 3350 

Off neid swa he ourtakyn wes 
Pat hym behuffit to do his esse ; 
Withe hast >arfor he tuk his set 
Opyn and playn in >e market, 
par thrawande thrystis sare hym thristyt 
Qwhil his bowalis wij?e in hym bristyt, 
His guttis raff, bath gret and smalle, 
And hys conditis oppynnyt al. 
For J>e stynk of his foulle gar 
Mony ]?at about hym war 3360 

To ded bristit, and al >us 
Pe ende fel of foulle Erryus. 

3354- Opyn and] Apon R, Apon 3359-°o« **»• I* 
anc L. 3359- And for E*Au ; gar] gor E 9 . 

3355. thriftis E, thrichis L ; thriftit 336a war] war \*.iie Au, war poir 
E. E«. 

3356. That his bowellis al to bristit 3361. he bristit L. 

L. 3362. ende] deid E 9 AaL ; of] one 

335a hys ttn. R. E a Au f 



Dooat[}an] was in his static 
And in }ml tyme Us boko he i 
And now chfldernb it to lent 
And Sanct Ierome in )ai 5cm 
Wes callit >e best of hit tcoleria. 

Off Sanct Audio >e body wee 
Translate that tyme firm Patras 
To Constantynople, and Sanct Lnko 
Tfeandatit Jridder, as sais >e bake 

And Iuliane >e Appoetata, 
That efter wes emperonr abas, 
In ane abbay monk him maid, 
For dreid of Constantms he had 
That he wald him to detd haif done; 
Bot jit he changeit pmpoft tone, 
r.rfi* For all J>e tyme firm land to land 
In moulds habit he wes wannand; 
For he wes to gud Constantyne 
His brother cone and neiw cosyn*, 
He ^arnyt till haue bene emperoure, 
And ay travalit to }>at honour ; 
And forthy, quhar* euer he past, 
At wychis and at spamen fast 
He sperit thraly gif >at he 
Mycht euer optene to \fai degre. 
In liknes ]>an of a spaman 
The deuill apperit and him said than 
That he suld be haill emperour, 
And gert him fall in sic errour 

3413- W. l*t 

3364. libel] bibyll E 9 Au. 3376. dout] dreid L, dome Ai 

3366. At |>e begyning of >air gram- 3377-8. om. L. 

meirE^Au. 3379. For] And fit L; al] 

3371. and] of E*Au, and of A. E*Au. 
3375. a monk Aw, ane monk E 9 . 


Donate )>an was in his state, Laing, SS77 

And in ]>at tyme his libel wrate 
Pat now barnys oyssis to lew 
At }>ar begynnyng* of gramer* ; 
And Sanct* Ierome in J?a 3heris 
Pe best was callit of his scoleris. 

Off SancU Androw }>e body was 
Pat tyme translatit fra Patras 3370 

Til Constantyneopil, and Sanct* Luk 
Pe body als, as sayis ]>e buk, 
Translatit was >at tyme alsua. 

Iulyane ]>e Apostata 
In ane abbay monk hym made, 
For of Constancyus dout he hade 
pat he walde hym to dede haff don ; 
Bot $it he changit purposse son, 
For al tyme fra lande to lande 
In habyt of monk was wauerande ; 33&° 

For he was to gud Constantyne 
BroJ^ir son and new cusyne, 
He jarnyt til haf beyn emperoun?, 
And ay anely t to ]>at honours ; 
And for }>i, qwhar euir he past, 
At wechis and atspa m en fast 
He thraly spent gif }>at he 
Micht euir opteyn and wyn ]>at gre. 
In liknes of a spa man 

Off case >e dewil spak wi> hym >an, 3390 

And said he sulde be emperour ; 
Swa fel he son in swylk errour* 

338a In monkis abyt E a Au£ ; was E'Au ; euir he] euer J»t he E, he 

wauerande] he wes vagand RL, he R. 
was gangand E 9 Au. 3387. Gif J»t be ony way he L. 

3382. new] gude E a . 3388. euir cm. E 9 Au ; and] to E, 

3384. anelyt] anhelit E\ trawalyt or A ; Micht evir cum to >at gre L. 
A. 3389. liknes] lyklyness R, liklynes 

3385. And om. E ; for Jri] for psX >an E'Au. 

454 CHAPTSfc XdL 

That lie away ketf fta. him qoyt 
The inoiiku rewffl aiid )* habit, 
And titam that derillit sqgges tio m 
He maid lenunciatioiin 
Off bapteme and of Cristin lay, 
And liffit finjt in [pagane] lay. 

Than iai& he emperom* in >e steid 
OffConstantius quhenhe wesdeid, 
Bot quhow he gat >at dignite 
Thron similatjoon and robtilitc, 
To tdl it it wenr omv prolizt ; 
Forthy now will I tdl >e tot. 
For iie and fellony >at be had 
TQl Cristin men gret lawis he maid 
Agane Cristindome, that mony 
Wnder him deit throu martery ; 
Iohne and Fanll Jwrir passfoun 
Tholit vnder his persecutioun. 

(The kinrikis of Mede and of Peril* 
And Asy, as I herd reherft, 
He wan till his subiectioun, 
f. 165 b. And tuke \axe contributioun. 

Throu Capadoce syne at he past 
Sanct Basyly he awowit fast, 
That bischop wes of )>at land ]>an, 
And wes of lif a haly man. 
This Iuliane maid in to >at quhile 
Gret manans to Sanct Basile, 
And till vther Cristin men 
That vnder his pouste liffit }>en ; 

3448. W. papane. 

3393- away] all way E^Au. 3397. baptysme R ; and] am 

3395-& reversed in RL, beginning RL. 
with And. 


Pat he away kest fra hym qwyte Luing, 3407 

pe monkis rewlle and J>e habyte ; 

He made renunciation 

Throw J?e dewillis suggestion 

Oflf baptisyne and Cristyn fay, 

And liffit furthe in paganys lay. 

PAN rasse he emperour* in }>e stede 
Off Constancyus qwhen he was dede. 3400 
For lethe and fellony >at he hade 
Til Cristyn men gret lawis he made 
Agane J>ar Cristyndome, and sa mony 
Vndyr hym dede throw martyry ; 
Paulle and Iohun ]>ar passion 
Tholit vndyr his persecution. 

Oflf Mede ]>e kynrik and of Pers, 
And Asy, as I herde rahers, 
He wan til his subieccion, 

And tuk J?ar contribucion. 3410 

Throw Capadoce syne as he past 
Sanct* Basil he anoyit fast, 
Pat bischop was of J?at cite J?an, 
And was of lif a haly man. 
Pus Iulyane made in >at qwhile 
Gret manans to >is Sancti Basile, 
And til ojrir Cristyn men 
Pat vndyr his pouste liffit }>en. 

3398. in]ofi>eA. E 9 . 

After 1400 A has the following extra 3403. and om. R ; And of Crystyn 

lines — men rycht mony Au ; Agane Cristin- 

Bot how he gat \aX dignyte dome that mony L ; om. E 3 . 

Throw symilationc and suttelte 34' i- as om. E 9 Au. 

To tell it ware our* prolixt, 3412. And Sanct E*Au. 

For \i will I now tell >e text. ( = W.) 341 5-8. om. L. 

3401. lethe] ire A. 3415. f>us] This all; in to all 

3402. Till Cristin men richt mony 3416. |>is om. RE 9 . 

4f6 CHAPTER X&X ' 

And )i* Saact Bade ipeciaBy 

Maid his pnye» to ooiv Lady, 

Wn ton i 


That echo sahl sam veMeanc* ta 

Sa ilcpand on a nycht Mni thocht 
All sodandy >at lie wet biocbt 
fTKnm a nnt ot onr Umtf 9 

And torn in 

This half biachop Sanct 
Slepand saw in to }at qnhOe 
Tbeymageof oorLadybtyd* 
Doane fra a tabernakk lycht, 
That ootwtth ane ahai* 
And take her rafltwith 
But in }at kirk, withontin baid, 
Quhai* )>atagraif of new wesmaid; 
Thar* in wes lyand a deid knycht, 
Mercurius to name he hecht, 
Quham Iuliane Jris Appostata 
For Crist a litiU befor gert sla. 
Sanct Basile herd our* Lady say 
To Sanct Mercury that ]?ar lay : 

3419. this saynct Basylc RLE^Ao. 3441* ymagw C 

3421-2. cm. L. 3442. Doan] Done E*Aa ; era 

3423. sum om. E 1 . off RL, one E"Au ; >e] sue R 

3424. J*] that R, om. L. EE*Au, hir L. 

3432-8 om, L. 3443. outht pt] outhe R, 01 

3433. For men suldc] For wys men E 9 AuL. 

sold R, For men suld vse E 9 Au. 3444. mowande] mufand E, m 

3434. Oysse in] Oys ony REA, In R, mur* L* myld E*Au. 

kirkis E 9 Au. 3446. of new was] wes new E*< 

3435. Na $itt in chapell na oratoor 3447. Qwhar laid in was] And 
E s Au. in till it RL, And Jairin }an 

3436. Bot it )«t ordanit Jai ar foir E 9 Au. 

E t Au. 3448. callitwas]wescallitE*Au 


pan ]>is Basile specially Laing, $43$ 

p. 77 «. His prayers made til our* Lady, 3420 

Withe thra and gret dewocion, 
In fastyn and in oryson, 
Pat scho walde sum wengeance ta 
Off Iulyane ]>e Apostata. 
Sa slepande on a nycht hym thoucht 
Al suddandly J?at he was broucht 
In til a kyrk of our Lady, 
Qwhar men and women war mony, 
Sum on kneis in orison, 

And sum in contemplacion, 3430 

Pat thoucht of halynes sulde be 
Callit and haldyn in propyrte ; 
For men sulde on nakyn wysse 
Oysse in o}>ir marchandysse 
In chapil, kyrk or orator, 
Bot ]?at at J?ai ar ordanyt for, 
Pat is contemplacion, 
Or prayer withe deuocion. 
Pis hali bischope Sanct* Basyle 
Slepande saw in to )>at qwhile 3440 

Pe [ymage] of our Lady bricht 
Doun out of }>e tabernacle licht, 
Pat outht J>e alter standande wes, 
And tuk hir rayk wi]>e mowande passe 
But in ]>e kyrk, wij?e outtyn bade, 
Qwhar }>at a graf of new was made, 
Qwhar laid in was a dede knycht, 
Pat Marcuryus callit was richt 
Pan Basile herde )>at [ymage] say 
To >e body >at >ar lay : 3450 

(3449)« Chap. XCI. in E a Au— margin of Au without any break in 

How oore Lady gart a deid knycht sla the text* 

Iulianc >c Apostata, = W. p. 448. 3449. ymagiV C. 

The heading is written in the 3450. om. L. 


w.vmm. M Rjrfi| Meraurius, ijrft tad sU 
Fab Iuliane >e AppostaftaJ 
Revengeance }ov sail tak now tyte 
Off >e defoull and J* despite 
At >at fids erratike has done 
Bafth to me and to my sone/ 1 
With ]*t J* ymage als &st 
Off oui* Lady agane past, 
And in hir taberoakle jeid; 
And J* deid knycht nrift god speid, 
And tuke a speir* in till his hand, 
That by J* graif wes Jan lyand, 
And iakit of >e kirk his way. 
And as J* legend tdlis perky, 
That, as this tyrand Iuliane 
Wes rydand forouth his oste ilkane, 
Maicurius smat him with his spew 
Throu out >e hot, and dew him there. 
Bot Yaxe wes nane >at saw Ms sycht, 
Bot Sanct Basyle, J»t bischop rycht, 

Ij . That wakand efter }>at rycht lay 

Till on J>e morne at it wes day ; 
Than herd he tell that Iuliane 
With sudane dede wes J«n ourtane ; 
Than went he to the kirk in hy, 
And \2xe J>e spew he fand bludy ; 
[Than] wist he weill J>at of Iuliane 
Wengeance throu his prayer* wes tane. 
Sanct Martyne ]>an wes in his flouris, 
And vther* sindry confessouris ; 

! And this Sanct Martyne wes a knycht 

Off }>is Iuliane, bot in ficht 

f, He fauorit euer Cristin men, 

*• Till he came cristinnit, as $e ken. 

'', f. 166*. TiU him J>an wes contemporane 

i 3525. W. That. 


" Rysse, Marcuryus, gang* and sla Laing, 3466 

Iulyane J>e Apostata, 

And wi]>e rewengeans swa Jk>u qwhit 

Pe defoulle and }>e dispyte 

pat )>at heretik has don 

To me," scho said, " and to my son." 

Withe }>at }>e [ymage] alssa fast 

Off our Lady agayne past, 

And in ]>e tabernakyl £heide. 

pe ded body rasse gud spede, 3460 

And tuk a sper* in to his hande, 

pat in ]>e kyrk he saw standande, 

And raykit of J?e kyrk his way. 

pe bischop Basyl qwhar he laye 

pan wakande and [ourdraif ] ]>e nycht 

Qwhil on J>e morn J?at day was licht ; 

Pan herde he tel >at Iulyane 

Ourtakyn was wij?e dede subitam ; 

Pan past he to }>e kyrk in hy, 

And J?ar }>e sper* he fande bludy. 3470 

Pan was Sanct* Martyne in his flowris, 
And oJ)ir syndry confessouris 
Til hym war contemporane. 

3451* gang'] T s R L- E*Au. 

3455. >at fals herrotik A. 3465. wakande] waknyt R ; owrdaif 

3457- ymagir C. C. 

3460. rasse] syne rais E'Au. 3466. day] it E*Au. 

3462. standande] lyand RL. 3468. suddane L. 

3464. Basyl qwhar] Jjair quhair J>at 3470. fande] saw E 3 Au. 



III Scotland Sue* Nrabiie, 
In to K trme Jat Saw* Mcrtjne wes, 
And be oawcorerHSs of Scotland 

EbOTDCt VCS ffglilllO 

King ocnf fyc Pigh tis xL jew. 
Syne, qaben Us dais endrt wrer*, 
Tihige wes king, and led his lif 
In Scotland twenty $eris and five, 
Til] all the |ens werc ouwgane 
Off Constantius and luliane, 
And all the emperouris bedene 
That in baith \Hu rymes had bene. 


Tills chapiter tellls trewly 
Quiia maid first Gloria PatrL 


T IBER, Felix and Damascus, 
L Efter >e dtde of Julius, 

Off Rome wes papis in put live, 

Ukane till o>er successive. 

This Damasyus, 1 herd reherii, 

Couth mak rycht weill in mttyu verft; 
Sanct lerome wraii till him, but weitf, 
Amangis vthenr haly writtis seirc, 
Gloria Patri in twa verfS, 
And bad at he suld ay reherii 

5474, J»nJ fwn was E 3 Au. 

3475-6. <?w. L. 

S47S* W J*« EU11A. 

3476. And **v. R j And Jed] £at 

sett E J Au. 

3477- *■ '- 
3479. J* om. R 


In Scotlande J>an Sanct* Nynyane, Lo*"g, S488 

In til >e tyme J>at Martyne was, 
And led his liff in halynes. 

And [be] our cornykil of Scotlande 
Garnart Riche was J>an regnande 
Kyng* our \>e Peychtis fourty 3her*. 
Syne, qwhen his dayis endyt weyr, 3480 

Talarg was kyngi, and led his lywe 
In Scotlande twenty 3her* and v., 
Til al }>e )heris war our gane 
Off Constantyne and Iulyam, 
And al }>e emperouris bedeyn 
Pat betweyn }>aim twa had beyn. 

LIBER, Felix and Damasyus, 
-/ Eftyr >e dede of Iulyus, 
Off Rome war papis in J>ar lywe, 
Ilkan til oJ>ir successywe. 3490 

pis Damasyus, I herde rehers, 
Couythe mak richt weil a meter werse ; 
Sanct* Ierome wrat til hym, but weyr/, 
Amange al ojrir wryttis seyr, 
Gloria Patri in til twa wersse, 
And bad }>at he sulde ay rehers 

(3487). Chap. XCII. in E^Aa, 3492. a meter] in metyre RE*AuA, 

XCIII. in A, = W. first maid E a Au. in metir and L. 

349°"3554- wonting in E, a folio 3494. al o}ar] othire haly RLA, 

missing. o>ir E'Au. 

463 CHAFTtt xcin. 

Efter ilk psalme )>ai twa, 
As balikirk pt tbs swa. 

Quhen thii Damasyos wes papc of R owe , 
This glorias do c tom Stud Icroaie 
Wes his awne taffit fiunnUen; 
And translate >e psalter* 
At his request and instance. 
This Damasyus maid ordinance 
r.rff* That preistis and clerkis in Jw queer 
Sold stand, as now is }e manert, 
On* ather* syde ordinaly, 
And of J* psahnys destinctly 
The ta part sold Jw first raft say, 
The tojer part >e nixt vcrfc ay 
Sold begin and say, ilk syde 
Sold suffer* and J*i* tyme abyde, 
With Gloria Fatri attend 
Off ilk psalme, as now is kend; 
[And] haly kirk on to >iw dais 
Haldis and kepis the vft alwais* 

Efter >e dede of Iuliane 
Iowyne and Valentynyane 
Emperouris was baith successive ; 
Bot Valentynyane in J>e live 
Off J>e Appostata Iuliane 
As of his knychtis wes chiftane, 
And J»n, as him behuffit of neid 
For to leif Cristindome or knychtheid, 

3575- W. In. 

3498. Al]AndE*AuA. And >e tojir E"Au. 

3505. in >e] in to the R, in pair 351 1. on C. 

E*An. 3512. Thair tyme sold * 

f; 3507. On ilk syde ]>e quere ay L. abyde E'Au. 

f 3508-18. One line only in L— 3513- And were sa efftyr \ 

And ilk syde )>e awne verft say. say R ; And keip fair tyme q 

l -, 3509. syde] part R. suld say E*Au. 

3510. fe toftr] The tothyr syd RA, 


Eftyr ilka psalme J>a twa ; Laing, mi 

Al haly kyrk )hit oyssis swa. 

Qwhen Damasyus was pape of Rome, 
Pe glory ousse doctour Sancti Ierome 3500 

Was his luffit famylyar, 
And translatyt J>e saltaw 
At his raquest and his instance. 
pis Damasyus made ordynance 
Pat prestis and clerkis in J>e qweyr 
Sulde stande, as now is }>e maner, 
On ilka syde ordynaly, 
And of J>e psalmys distyntly 
Pe ta syde sulde J>e fyrst werse say, 
Pe to)>ir J>e next wersse ay 3510 

Sulde begyn, [and] ilk syde 
Sulde wayte }>ar tymys and habyde ; 
Pat maner }>ai sulde halde ay 
Qwhil endyt al \>e psalme had >ai, 
(De institutions versiculi Gloria Patri) 
And Gloria Patri at J>e fyne 
Withe Sicut erat eftyr syne ; 
And halikyrk eftyr }>a dayis 
Sen syne has haldyn }>at oysse al wayis. 

EFTYR >e dede of Iulyane 
Iowyne and Walentynyane 35 20 

Emperouris war successy we ; 
Bot Walentynyane in to \>e lywe 
Off >e Apostata Iulyan 
Off al his knychtis was chiftane, 
And }>an, as hym behuffit of neyde 
To lef Cristyndome or knychtheide, 

(3514). This Latin lint only %nCk\ 3522. Valentyne RL. 
r*i ink in A. 3524. Off] Our* E"Au. 

3517. And] All R. 



He left knychtheid of lib fre will, 

And Cristin treuth he tuke him till ; 

Bot syne, efter ]>at luliane 

Wes end it with dede subitane, 

To that fell persecutor 

Him happinnit to be [suceessour]* $55 

The Saxonis ]>u tyme, £at were wycht, 
Raiil agane Rome with mekte mycht 
With thar* navyne on the se. 
Thar* chiftane wes of gret degre, 
Fair* of fassounf and of face, 
Bot subtill of engyne he was, 
Pert of cherr and eloquent, 
K vhk And sober in to jugisment, 

OfT few word is and my Id of mode, 

And in etTeris sicker and gud. 3600 

His broker Valens held ]?at fay 
That Daryus held in his day; 
All Cristin men he hecht forthy 
For to discess excedandly ; 
Bot this Valentynyane emperour 
Gaynstude and lettit his honour, 

Durst'Erchsone l^an in Scotland 
Wes our* J?e Pightis king regnand, 
And held that stait i e 3 err, 
And did a hundreth bat all is seirc. 5610 

3.590. W. succour. 

3527* knychlys R. 
3528. And Cristindome chesit him 
till L- 

3531. fel] felloun E 3 Au ; And syne 
to luliane persecutor L, 

3533. jai] M E*A 

3534. And agayne Rome mekyll off 
mycht RL; Agane Rome mekiJl of 
mycht E 3 Au. 

3S35< his] l Jarc A ; apon] apon j* 
RE*Au, on J« A, be J* L* 


He left his knychtheide of gud wil, Lai*g, S641 

And Cristyn trowithe he cheyssit hym til ; 

Bot syne, eftyr J>at Iulyane 

Was endit withe dede subitane, 3530 

To J>at fel persecutour 

He hapnyt to be successour*. 

Pe Saxonys, J>at war wicht, 
Agane Rome rasse wi}>e mekyl mycht, 
Withe his nawyne apon se 
And withe his ost habowndonyt he. 
Fayr of fasson and of face, 
And sutil of ingyne he was, 
Pert of vult and eloquent, 

And ewyn elyk in to iugement; 3540 

Off wordis fewe and mylde of mude, 
And in althyng* of haffyng; gude. 

His brojrir Walens helde J>at faye 
Pat Arryus helde in to his day ; 
He thoucht al Cristyn men for }>i 
Til haf dyssesit gretumly ; 
Bot Valentynyane }>e emperour* 
Resistyt ay til his errour*. 

Durst-Hirbson in to Scotlande 
Was our J>e Peychtis kyng; regnande, 3550 

And helde >at state a hundyr jher, 
And did a hundyr batellis seyr. 

3536. aboandit E*Au ; faire chif- for thi R. 

Une was of gret degre A. 3547. ]>e] this REFAu. 

3539-40. of*. L. 3548. til bis] his greit E*Au. 

354a ewyn elyk] ewynlyk RE*Au. 3549. Durst-Erthson A ; in to] in 

3541. mylde] meik E 9 . RL, Jan in E^Au. 

3545-6. om. L. 3550. Oar^ >e Pychtis was regnand 

3545. All Crystyne me he thoucht E a Au. 

VOL. III. 2 G 

466 ckAFra* xenr. 


Off a ftritftdl 
Off lie ane 

EFTER the dedc of Damysyns 
The pape of Rome Cericyus 
XL monethis and xv. jer* 
' And xx. dais thar to detrr 
The ae he held as pape of Rome. 
The clerk in his tyme Sanct Ierome 
Translatit J* Bibfll of Hebrew; 
And baith >e testamentis, aid and new, 
He translatit m Latyne ; 
And in his dais Sanct Angustyne 
Of new resaoit Cristindome. 
Qohen Jns Syrydus wes pape of Rome 
Sanct Ambroft in ]>e awphonere 
Antemmys maid and respondis seir*, 
And versiculis thaw to he can write, 
And ympnis alsua maid in dite, 
And thai antemmys ordanit he 
Amang thai psalmis said to be 
At matinnis and at evinsang, 
F. 168 m. At pryme and houris all amang ; 

And on }>is wise and }>is manerc 
The seruice first begouth in qweirc. 

And in this tyme als J?at I tell 
In Emaus, quharc wes a castell, 

(3553)- Chap. XCIV. in A, XCIII. 3557. seigw] se R, sey L, se 

til E*Au, = W. Off sic] Sic E*A. The sege EA ; as] and E", his tyme a 

first tine of the heading is at the 3558. J»t] in hys RL. 

bottom of the page in An, and the next 356a bathe om. L ; And bait 

folio is wanting (3553-3622). testamentis A ; And Jw testan 

3556. cleyr] sere L. auld and new E 9 . 


EFTYR J>e ded of Damasyus Laing, 3567 

Pe pape of Rome Syricius 
Ellewyn monethe and fifteyn jher* 
And fiwe and twenty dayis cleyr 
Pe seig/V he helde as pape of Rome. 
Pe clerk >at tyme Sanct* Ierome 
Translatid J>e Bibil of Hebrew ; 
Pe testamentis, bathe aulde and new, 3560 

He translatyt >aim in Latyne. 
In til his tyme Sancti Augustyne 
Ressawit of new Cristyndom. 
Qwhil \>\s Syrici was pape of Rome 
Sancte Ambroyse in \>e anffener 
Antamys made and respondis seyr, 
And in it werssikillys als can wryte ; 
Syne ympnis he made in to fayr dyte, 
And J>e antamys ordanyt he 
Amang; J?e psalmys said to be 357° 

At matynnys and at ewynsangi, 
At prime and howris >ar amang;; 
Fyrst on >is wise and }>is manerc 
Begouythe J>ar serwis in J>e queyr. 

And in )ris tyme )he herde me tel 
In Emawse, qwhar was a castel, 

3561. }aim cm. RLA; in] in to 3569. Jw<ww. RL. 

EE 8 . 3571-2* om. L. 

3564. Syryoe RLE 8 A. 3573. and] and in R. 

3565. amphyneir E 9 ; in his ansueir 3574. J»r] oure RL, >e ElA. 
I* 3576. qwhar] Jwur E*. 

3568. he om. LE? ; to om. EAL. 

468 chapter xenr. 

A barne Jar wet J»t tyme y-borne 
That ric ane wes nocht aene befbrne; 
For at >e navill haiH it wet 
And outwith }e naviH dioisioan hat* 
With font* eyne and hedia twa, 
Four* ens and four* browit alsna, 
Twa mouthia and doable chyne, 
Ami doubitt tuthitbaith within; 
Foot* handis it had jit, 
And twenty fyngeris and four* feit, 
And xx. [tais] it had alsna; 
Betuix }e theis jerdis twa; 
And Jros ay doabill in Hknea 
In to >at barne apperand wet, 
For qnhen the ta heid rait to tleip 
The to>er held wald walk and wetp, 
And qnhen J* tane wald vse till etc 
Than wald J* to>er neuer ete ; 
And Jma it liffit neiw twa 30* 
Vpone Jris wift and Jris manere, 
And quhen J>e tane wes dede away 
The to>er liffit to the thrid day. 
Than wes Orosyus in his stait, 
And his buke to Sanct Augustyne wrait 

GALIENE syne and Graciane, 
And ^oungarc Valentynyane, 
Off }>e empyw }>e ryalte 
Four* 5eris held amang >am thre. 

3645. W. dais. 

3577. That in |>at tyme a barne was 3579* Fore at nawyll haile it 
borne E 9 ; Ane barne >at tyme wes 3580. outhe] houche E*; 1 
borne L. neuthe R, neis E 9 ; dewisil 

3578. of swylk] sic EE'AL. dywysyd it was R, divysione 1 
3579-8o. om. L. 3581. Wifre] That L. 


A barn* J»r was J>at tyme born Laing, 3691 

Pat fewe of swylk was seyn befora ; 

For at J>e nawil it was a mas, 

And outhe and neythe dewisit was, 3580 

WiJ>e four* eyne and hewiddis twa, 

Four eris and four browis alsua, 

Twa mouthis, dowbil teythe wij>ein, 

Nesis twa, wij>e dowbil chyn, 

And four* handis it had )het 

Wi]>e twenty fyngeris and four* fete ; 

Twenty tais it bad alsua, 

Betweyne \>e theis )herdis twa; 

And dowbil wittis be lyklynes 

In to J>at barn* apperande was, 3590 

For qwhen \>e ta part oyssit to sleipe 

Pe toJ?ir walde waik or weipe, 

And qwhen }>e tane walde tak J>e mete 

Pan walde ]>e toJ?ir neuir ete. 

Pe barn* was liffande twa 3her* 

On Jris wyse, and Jris maner, 

And qwhen J>e ta part was ded away 

Pe tojrir liffit til >e thryde day. 

Pan was Orosyus in his state, 
And his buk til Sanct* Austyne wrat. 3600 

GALENS syne and Graciane, 
And jongar Walentynyane, 
Off J>e empir* J>e ryalte 
Four* 3her* helde amang* J?aim thre. 

3583. dowbil teythe] dowbill tuthyd 3591. part] hewyd RL; oyssit to] 
R, tuthit L. wald L. 

3584. wi>e] and EL. 3592. walde] than wald RL, wald 
3587-90* om. L. o)rir E. 

3587. alsua] rycht swa R. 3593-98. om. L. 

3589. wittis] wyt R. 3602. jongar] yhong RL 


Sync nift >c second Gcacsane, 
And Ut brojw Valentynyane, And Theodosyua, aU thre 
Sex )eris held )»t ryalt* 
This Grariane efter syne 
Come of web* tin Argentine, 
And xxx. thousand in that ficht 
Off hU fids to deid he dicht, 36) 

Throu Tata of the Cristm fiqr 
That he stedkstry hdd alway ; 
. For in his tyme all Ytaly 
Off Herryus hdd }e enasy, 
Bot jit in till his dais he 
Gert it all conuertit be. 
He wes abill in letterature, 
In meit and drink of gret mesour^ 
All Inst of body he om* come, 
And endit weQl in Cristindome. 368 


Off Theodosyns >e gud emperour 
That Sanct Ambroft brocht fira errour. 

THRE hundreth ^txe four* score and sevin 
Efter >e birgh of God of Hevin, 
Theodosyus past on weir* 
In till Grece with gret power*, 
And wan }>e toune of Thessaly, 
A gret cete and a mychti, 

3671-2. rtvtrud in W. 

3608. Sex] Quhilk sax E 9 . 3619.2a om. L, 

3609. of were CE, \nie eftyw ARL, 3622. And endyd syne alL Aul 
eftir E 9 . add two lines — 

3610. of were] wi)> his power E. Now $e sail heir of Theodose 
3612. f>at EC, Thair RLE*, fan Heir and >e doctonr Sanct Ambros 

A. of] J* E*. 


Syne rasse \t secunde Graciane, £a*w» 9619 

And his brojrir Walentynyane, 
And Theodosius, al thre 
Sex 3her<? helde J?at ryalte. 
Pis Graciane [J>ar eftyr] syne 

Come of wer* til Argentyne, 3610 

And thretty thousande in to feycht 
[Par] of his fais to dede he dycht, 
Throw wertu of J>e Cristyn fay 
Pat stedfastly he helde alway ; 
For in his tyme all Italy 
Off Erryus helde J>e heresy, 
Bot in til his dayis he 
Gert it al conuertit be. 
He was of gret lettratourc, 

In met and drynk of gret mesouri, 3620 

f. 7 8 1. Al lust of body he ourcoyme, 

And syne endyt in Cristyndome. 


Off >e Emperour Theodose 
And ye doctour Sant Ambrose. 

THRE hundyr 3her* four skoyre and sewyn 
Eftyr J>e byrthe of God of Hewyn, 
Theodosyus passit of were 
In to Grece withe gret power*, 
And wan J>e towne of Tessaly, 
A cete gret and a mychty, 

Chap. XII. (XCV. in A, XCIV. in E»Aa). doctour] byschope RL. 
AE*Au=W. gud am. A. 

3623. $here] wintir E 9 . 3626. gret] a E, his A. 

3625. of] in RL, on EA. 3628. A gret cite A ; cete cm. R. 



That bid conspyrit all in ire 

Agane die stait of ]>e empyre, 

And his luftennendis )?as slew J>are, 

And of vther* officiaris, J>at of him bairr 

Stait and cure, thai slew all doune 

In to that cete rycht feltoune. 

This Theodosyus forthy 

Got da all doune without mercy, 

With thai mysdoaris saikles blude, 

That nomerit were in muhiiud 

Fhrc thousand men, but barnis and wiffis. 

That at >at slauchter lossit \>e lifhs ; 

And efter J?at distructioun 

Oat of Je land he maid him bovne. 

And come in Lunibardy agane 

Erin to the cete of Myllane. 

Thai* Sanct Ambrott, }>at haly man 
Wes of Jat cete bischop Jjan, 
Herd tell how |>at saikles blade 
Wes spilt in to sic multitude. 
As Theodosyus on a day 
Fra his palace tuke ]>e way 
Towart J>e kirk, in to fat quhile 
This Sanct Ambroft vtouth J>e stile 
Him met and said : " Quhether art J>ov bovne ? 
I mak J>e inhibitioun 
In Goddis kirk to mak entre 
Till thi trespaft amendit be. 
Thav knawis J>i self as emperour, 
Bot nocht \>i dedis of errour ; 




3634. vpset] cite A ; In till vpsett 
\f&\ war felloun E a Au. 

3635. fi C 5 pan for >i E*Au. 

3636. but] wyth owt R. 
3639. bathe] wi> E 2 , om, L. 

3640. left] lost A ; And weil ma 
|»t he gert loifl >e lyfe L. 

3643. And coyme in] Come syne 
in E. 

3644. Ewyn om. L ; in om, all. 


Pat had conspirit in gret ire Laing % S643 

Agane }>e state of J>e impyre ; 3630 

His lufftennandis j>ai slew J?ar 

And officiaris, J>at of hym bar 

Cur or state, >ai slew al don 

In to Jwtt vpset richt fellon. 

Q)is] Theodosyus for J>i 

Gert sla al doun but mercy, 

Withe J>a mysdoaris sakles blude, 

Pat sowmyt was in multitude 

V. thousande men, bathe barn* and wiff, 

And weil ma }?ar left J>e lif ; 3640 

And eftyr J>at distruction 

Out of J>at lande he made hym bowne, 

And coyme in Lumbardy agayn 

Ewyn in to J>e cite of Myllane. 

Sanct; Ambrose }>e haly man, 
Pat bischope of J>at town was J?an, 
And herde how )>at sacles blude 
Was spylt in to sic multitude. 
As Theodosyus on a day 

Fra his palace tuk J>e way 3650 

Towart J>e kyrk, in to J?at qwhil 
Pis Sanct* Ambrose wij>e out }>e stile 
Hym met and said : " Qwhar art }k>u bown ? 
I mak J>e inhibition 
In Goddis kyrk to mak entre 
Qwhil >i trespasse amendit be. 
Pow kennys J>e as emperourc, 
And noucht Jri dedis of herrour* 

3645. pt] J*t E, J*n pe E*Au. 3654. I maik J* inhibicioafi cleyne 

365a his] the L ; >e] hys R. AuE 9 ; I mak pe here inhibicioun E. 

3651-2. cm. L. 3657-60. a*. L. 

3653. Met him and said quhair has 3658. errour EE'AuA, honour R. 
pow beyne AuE 9 . 


^ • 


Thow kftwi if immtHj %t y ftlkHint» 
Na Recharge of tin preaoiptiou; 
Thor comptis nocht )*t in wodnes 
Gert sla samony>at wes saikles; 33 

Bot J* wdth J«at >ov art in 
Gerris >c Jmsgatia mysknaw >i syne ; 
Forthy it nedis )*t ressoune 
Thyne vnreollis habandotm ; 
For natur, eertis, ay sold be 
Confident in mortalite, 
And of our tyme }e latter day 
We sold haif in memor ay, 
And of our dedis ]mX we haif wrocht, 
Andto quhat end wehaif)*imbfOcht; 3] 

And noo}er in strenth of om* jonthhcid, 
r.rfa* Nain}ecoloiii*ofoiii*faii*heid, 
Na jit in robis of fyne purpura 
Standii >c stait of our* enonr; 
For throu the fcble infinnyte 
Off brukill flcsche, baith >ov and we 
At baith elike as be nature, 
For all )ri hycht and >i honour. 
Thow art bot seruand jit, I wifc, 
Off sic seruandis as J>ov is ; 3; 

A lord is at we God call, 
A king and makanr of ws all. 
How dare J>ov with }rin ene se 
The temple of >e Trinite? 

3659. noucht] noucht ken RE ; £ow 3664. Garris \* mysknaw )ri wic 
kennys noucht \>e felloune A ; Kennis syne A. 

J>ow nocht >e felloun E^Au. 3666. in bawndowne R, enb 

3660. Charge RE 9 . down L. 

3661. of] throw E a Au ; Quhair be 3667. Our natur ay said kn&' 
cans of Jri wodnes L. be L. 

3662. Qwhar om. L ; J>ow has slane 3668. And als our mortalite I*. 
mony sakles AuE 9 ; fow gart sla mony 3669. of our] oft L. 

|>at war* sakles A. 3671. in >ar] wele in L. 

3663. BeC. 3672. ws]weRE 2 Au. 


Can >ow noucht >e fellon Laing, S67S 

Chargis of )ri presumpciofl 3660 

Be causse of \>i gret wodnes, 

Qwhar slayne war mony sacles ? 

[Bot] >e weltht >at J>ou art in 

Gerris ]>e perchans mysknaw J>i syn ; 

Parfor it worthis J?at resson 

Wnrewllyt statis habandoufi. 

Our nature, certis, ay sulde be 

Knawyn, and our mortalite, 

And of our tyme J>e lattyr day ; 

Pe powdyr of our elderis ay, 3670 

Pat liffit in J>ar tyme befor, 

Ay sulde ws draw til our* memory 

And of qwhat thyng* }>at we ar wroucht, 

And til qwhat ende we mon be broucht. 

NouJ?ir in pythe of our )outheide, 

Na in fresche culour of fayrheide, 

Na in to robis of purpura, 

Is of our* statis }>e honour*, 

Pat felis }>e infyrmyte 

Off brukyl flesche, bot 3k ar we 3680 

Ay lyk to men in our* natour 

For al \>e hicht of our honour*. 

Pow art bot serwande jit, I wis, 

Off swilk serwandis as thow is ; 

A lorde is God, J?at we on cal, 

Kyng* and makar of ws all. 

How dar J>ou wij>e Jrine eyne se 

Pe tempil of }>e Trynyte ? 

3674. qwhat am. E^Au. we A. 

3675-84. am.L. 3681. Aw baitht elyk as be nature 

3676. of] off oure RE a A. A. 

3678. As is Au. 3682. For* all )>ine hycht and >ine 

3679. Bot throw )>e febyll infyrmite honours A 

A. 3684-3755. missing- in Au. 

368a bot |it ar we] baitht )x>w and 3685. on am. RLE*. 


How dar >ot think in >tn entent " 

To teed apon hatlowit pathment 

With thi feit at sa fcst jade 

Togcr spill sic saikles blade? 

How may Jot heif Jri handis on hycht 

Tiflhcvin, or till God of mycht, 3750 

Qnhart of >c saikles Mode dropand 

Has fyiit baith ]ri skif and hand? 

How dar Jot think in }in entent 

To ask J>e haly sacrament? 

For >i pafi hame, and prefc >e nocht 

To >at fell syne J»t Jot has wrocht 

For till eik ane, till Jot it mend, 

And thole qnhaft God will on >e send. 

Perchance it may be medicyne 

Offsyne,at)OThaslanginlyne," 3760 

All frinr wordis J>e emperour, 
As connand in till ktteratoor, 
Heid, and thaim consauit weill 
Quhat fell to bischopis ilk deill, 
And went on hame with sair* siching, 
f. 170 «. With repentance and gret murnyng, 

Till aucht monethis weir* neir* past, 
And Jule wes followand als fast, 
Quhen Ihesu Crist Lord wes borne 
To sauf mankynd >at wes forlome. 3770 

Than Rufyne, his famulierc, 
That all tyme wes him with and neir*, 
Spent )>e cauft of his dolour*; 
Than till him ansuerd the emperour, 

369a starope] tramp E* 3704. f> c ] To )w E*. 

3691. Jri] thai RLE 8 . 3707. Held and consavyt richt 

36936. om. L. wcill E*. 

3696. vnhewisA. 3709. And am. RL ; He past 

3702. tboil] that R. hayme with E*